ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - United Way of the River Cities by wuzhenguang




                              Photo by Kent Sanborn

                                                                                     PRESCRIPTION DRUG TAKE BACK EVENTS — APRIL, JUNE, AUGUST, OCTOBER 2011

                                                     hoped to raise, it is still a reason    served on the Board of Directors,              simple one. Think we before me;
MESSAGE FROM THE                                     to celebrate! It has been said that
                                                     we live in a very giving region, and
                                                                                             committees, helped raise funds,
                                                                                             organized and prepared mailings,
                                                                                                                                            realize that we can accomplish
                                                                                                                                            much more by working together
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                   the funds raised this past year         hauled donated books and even                  than if we work separately; and,
                                                     were a testimony to that fact.          organized our offices. Professionals           understand that when one of us
                                                                                             in the court system donated their              succeeds, we all do.
       LIVE UNITEDTM is a call to action.            A host of people decided to LIVE        time to train youth volunteers who
       In 2011, despite challenging                  UNITEDTM through volunteer service.     participate in Teen Court. The Cabell          Our thanks to all of you who have
       economic conditions, the                      They helped as trained VITA             County Substance Abuse Prevention              given us much to celebrate, and
       communities in our area rallied               volunteers and provided free tax        Partnership relied on youth and                who continue to inspire by LIVING
       to respond to this call. Thanks to            return preparation services for         adult volunteers to implement their            UNITEDTM!
       the generosity of many individuals            hundreds of hard-working                “Sticker Shock” and “Most of Us”
       and organizations, United Way                 individuals and families. They          campaigns, as well as the
       of the River Cities raised more               visited new parents in the hospital     Prescription Drug Take Back events.
       than $1 million dollars! While                to begin to educate them on
       this was a bit less than we had               raising a healthy child. Volunteers     The LIVE UNITEDTM concept is a                 Laura P. Gilliam

2011 BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                                 MESSAGE FROM THE DEVELOPMENT CHAIR
                                                                          On behalf of the Board of Directors of the United Way of the River Cities, I would like to thank the volunteer
                               Officers                                   campaign team and United Way staff for all their hard work and dedication to the 2011 workplace giving
      President         Gerry Sawrey, Cabell County Schools               campaign. I would also like to say thank you to all the Campaign Coordinators who helped organize the
                                                                          fundraising efforts at organizations across the region. We could not do this without you.
      1st Vice PresidentDoug Korstanje, St. Mary’s Medical Center
      2nd Vice President Dr. Michael Prewitt, Marshall University         In 2011, we faced many fundraising challenges, but because of the hard work and dedication of our
      Secretary          Jack Deakin, WSAZ NewsChannel 3                  volunteers, staff, community members and area organizations, we will be able to fund essential needs
                                                                          in the Tri-State area. People gave generously, and I would like to say thank you to all who contributed
      Treasurer          Aaron Heighton, Hayflich & Steinberg             through workplace campaigns, corporate gifts, grants, and other fundraising activities. Through your
                                                                          efforts, we were able to raise more than $1,000,000 in 2011.
      Jeremy Adams, First Sentry Bank
      Ronald Area, Marshall University                                    These funds will be used to help United Way address a variety of pressing issues in our community,
      Harvey Barton, Comprecare Pharmacy Associates, Inc.                 such as high school dropout rates, substance abuse prevention, financial stability and early childhood
      Donna Burton, US Bank, N.A.                                         education. The funds raised will also continue the support of safety net services (food, clothing and
                                                                          shelter) for those in need in Cabell, Lincoln, Mason, Wayne counties in West Virginia and Lawrence
      James Casto, Marshall University                                    County, Ohio.
      James Crouse, Wells Fargo Insurance Services
      Jane Davis, Elder-Beerman                                           2011 was an exciting year, and it was an honor to work with so many wonderful United Way staff and
      Ed Dawson, The Herald-Dispatch                                      volunteers. It is a great feeling to know that the work we accomplished in 2011 will be felt across our
      Kerry Dillard, Bloss & Dillard, Inc.                                communities for years to come.
      Courtney Eastone, Community Volunteer
      Randall May, Southwestern District Labor Council                    As always, thanks for all you do to LIVE UNITEDTM.
      Debra Mays, Walmart
      Chris Michael, Bulldog Creative Services                            Marc E. Williams, 2011 Resource Development Chair
      Timothy Millne, Community Volunteer
      Nona Rimmer, Special Metals Corp.
      Todd Shell, Guyan International
      Dr. Kevin Smith, Wayne County Board of Education
      Rosemary "Bunny" Smith, Cabell Huntington Hospital
                                                                           WORKPLACE CAMPAIGN UNITED WAY AMBASSADORS
      Tony Spiegelberg, Poca Valley Bank                                  Todd Alexander, Cabell County Schools                     Charles Shumaker, Cabell Huntington Hospital
      Sam Vallandingham, First State Bank of Barboursville                Dennis Caldwell, Cabell County Schools                    Dr. Kevin Smith, Wayne County Board of Education
      Monte Ward, Cabell Huntington Hospital, Inc.                        Natalie Corrigan, Campbell, Woods, PLLC                   Angela Swearingen, St. Mary’s Medical Center
      Don Watson, Fyffe Jones & Associates                                Ed Hargro, First State Bank of Barboursville              Tate Tooley, Bloss and Dillard, Inc.
      Christie White, First State Bank of Barboursville                   Taylor Hood, Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough         Ron Vojacek, Cabell Huntington Hospital
      Marc Williams, Esq., Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough           Ben Pewitt, First State Bank of Barboursville             Nancy Williams, Community Volunteer
      Joseph Williams, Basic Supply                                       Randy Saunders, Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough

                                                                                                                                         BIG COVER UP CHECK PRESENTATION (SOUTH
                                                                                                                                         POINT HIGH SCHOOL) — DECEMBER 2011

                                                                              Critical Issues:                                        Recommended Outcomes:
                                                               Issues within each focus area identified as                In order to achieve the community level outcome for
                                                                 most critical to the community’s future:                   the focus area, United Way will fund programs to:

                                                                     Too many students are leaving
                                                                    high school without graduating.                                   Improve graduation rates at
                     Learning and Earning                                                                                                 area high schools.
                                                               Too many adults lack basic life skills that
                                                               promote independence and employment.                                  Improve life preparation skills.

                                                                  The rate of childhood obesity in our                          Reduce childhood obesity through
                                                                area is high and continues to increase.

                                                                                                                                   diet and increased activity.
                     Health and Wellness
                                                                 Substance abuse in our area impedes                         Reduce substance abuse among youth.
                                                                   independence and employment.

                                                                  Many families do not have access to                        Decrease unemployment rates, improve
                                                                  affordable stabilizing supports that                       child developmental assets for children,
                                                                         allow people to work.                                   reduce substance use and abuse

                     Families and Children                           Many children lack consistent                             Resiliency, improve graduation rate,
                                                                    interaction with a caring adult.                             decrease teen pregnancy, take
                                                                                                                                 responsibility for one’s actions
                                                                  Older adults lack the supports they
                                                                     need to stay in their homes.                            Help older adults age in place, be safe
                                                                                                                             and healthy in their homes and receive
                                                                                                                                   appropriate socialization.

                                                                 A significant number of individuals in                       Help individuals who are chronically
                                                                    our communities are chronically                          dependent upon emergency assistance
                                                                 dependent upon community agencies                              meet their day-to-day needs and
                        Basic Needs /                              and resources to meet their most                                become financially stable.
                    Unforeseen Hardships                         basic needs, thus draining community
                                                                  agencies of the resources needed to
                                                                      respond in the event of true
                                                                      emergencies and disasters.

              Learning and Earning     Families and Children
              Health and Wellness      Safety Net                                                                                    Scott Neill, Director of Resource Development
                                                                           2011 UNITED WAY STAFF                                     Michelle Perdue, CCSAPP Project Coordinator
                                                                                                                                     Amy Stowasser, Administrative Assistant
                                                                                                                                     Melonie Wilcox, Assistant Financial
                                                                                                                                     Stability PartnershipTM Coordinator
                                                                           Laura P. Gilliam, Executive Director
                                                                           Kaylin Adkins, Marketing Coordinator
                                                                           Lena Burdette, Community Initiatives Coordinator
                                                                           David Carter, Director of Finance
                                                                           Ed Davis, Financial Stability PartnershipTM Coordinator
                                                                           Erica Hardesty, Teen Court Coordinator
                                                                           Anne McGee, CCSAPP Project Director
                  Total Amount Distributed: $663,669
Total Amount Distributed: $663,669

                                                                                                                                        UNITED WAY OF THE RIVER CITIES’ ANNUAL REPORT 2011   3
                                                                                                         MYFREETAXES.COM VAN: FREE TAX PREPARATION — MARCH 2011


      The Cabell County Substance Abuse Prevention Partnership (CCSAPP)                 Back events, removing 584 pounds of unwanted prescription drugs from
      will celebrate its sixth anniversary in 2012 and continues its efforts            people’s homes.
      to affect change by reducing and preventing the prevalence of youth
      substance abuse in Cabell County.
                                                                                        Cabell County Teen Court is a voluntary diversion program
      In 2011, CCSAPP implemented five evidence-based prevention                        in which nonviolent and usually first-time juvenile offenders
      programs. CCSAPP also hosted a breakfast for White House Drug Czar                are sentenced by their peers. A youth referred to Teen Court
      Gil Kerlikowski and sponsored the fifth annual Cabell Drug Prevention             has his/her case argued by teenage prosecuting and defense
      Summit, which focused on mental illness and substance abuse. The                  attorneys before a jury of peers, consisting of volunteers from
      inaugural Cabell County Teen Summit brought students from each                    local high schools and returning youth who were previously
      middle and high school together to discuss underage drinking and                  defendants. The teen jury determines each defendant’s
      other key substance abuse topics facing today’s youth.                            sentence.

      CCSAPP also provided technical assistance to newly formed prevention              Cabell County Teen Court is a collaborative effort of United Way
      groups in seven middle and high schools in Cabell County. These groups            of the River Cities, Cabell County Substance Abuse Prevention
      participated in the social norms marketing campaign, Most of                      Partnership, the Cabell County Board of Education, the Cabell
      Us, as well as Red Ribbon Week and Project Sticker Shock events.                  County Circuit Court, the Cabell County Commission, the City
      CCSAPP and its partners conducted five Prescription Drug Take                     of Huntington and volunteers.

      FINANCIAL STABILITY PARTNERSHIPTM OF THE RIVER CITIES                                                               SUCCESS BY 6®
       The Financial Stability Partnership of the River CitiesTM (FSPTM) brings together partners to help                 The United Way Success By 6® (SB6®)
       families and individuals achieve financial independence through the FSPTM Framework which empowers                 initiative is the nation’s largest network of early
       them with the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to maximize their income, build savings, then gain            childhood coalitions, focused on improving school
       and sustain assets. Two key components of the FSPTM Framework are adult financial literacy and the                 readiness through local community change. The
       Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).                                                                                   initiative seeks to ensure that local children are
                                                                                                                          ready physically, mentally, developmentally,
       In 2011, FSPTM successfully partnered with several area organizations to bring adult financial literacy            emotionally and socially to begin school. United
       and education to at-risk members of our community. Utilizing education modules, such as the Federal                Way of the River Cities adopted this national
       Reserve’s “Building Wealth” and the FDIC’s “Money Smart” financial courses, FSPTM was able to reach                initiative beginning in 1999. The local initiative
       more than 150 clients in 2011. Along with Southwestern Community Action Council’s Head Start                       is a collaborative of many community partners,
       program, FSPTM established new relationships with the Veterans’ Homeless Resource Center, The                      including local child care centers; the public school
       Healing Place, the Veterans’ Administration Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center and Lincoln            system; local hospitals; local media; and agencies
       County High School’s Teen Parenting initiative. With the addition of the new Financial Social Work                 that address early childhood education, health and
       curriculum, FSPTM is poised to begin offering employer-based financial literacy education programs.                development.

       FSPTM once again successfully partnered with the Internal Revenue Service and the West Virginia Alliance           SB6® developed the Brain Under
       for Sustainable Families to offer the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program in 2011 to bring free         Construction ZoneSM in 2005 as a system
       tax preparation to the hard-working families of the River Cities. IRS-certified VITA volunteers completed          designed to educate the community about
       more than 1,000 tax returns for individuals and families with household incomes below $50,000, with an             SB6®’s “12 Tips for Raising a Healthy Child.” The
       emphasis on identifying essential tax credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit.       BUCZSM sites are active at Cabell Huntington
       The 1,000 returns more than doubled the number of returns completed by VITA in 2010. The volunteers                Hospital and St. Mary’s Medical Center, where
       were able to generate more than $1 million in federal tax refunds and save our                                     new parents receive a packet of information about
       community nearly a quarter of a million dollars in filing and preparation fees. This                               early brain development and other healthy child
       work would not be possible without the continued help of the Walmart Foundation,                                   information. Other BUCZSM sites can be found at
       United Way Worldwide and the IRS VITA Grant Program.                                                               child care centers and health care facilities.

                                                                                                                          BUCZSM projects in areas outside United Way’s
                                                    Huntington High, Lincoln County, Rock Hill, South Point               service area are receiving ongoing training and
       THE BIG COVER UP                             and Symmes Valley high schools planned, fundraised and
                                                    promoted their projects within their schools and local
                                                                                                                          support from Success By 6® and United Way
                                                                                                                          of the River Cities. The initiative hosts two major
                                                    communities. United Way provided grants ranging from                  events each year, which are free and open to
       The Big Cover Up is a youth-led              $500 to $2,000.                                                       the public. Super Kids, Super Families, Super
       initiative that engages high school                                                                                Saturday and Celebrate Children’s Day provide
       students in projects to ensure               The youth volunteers experienced the value of giving back and         activities for children and valuable resource
       that youth in need receive warm              managing money, while approximately                                   material for parents and caregivers.
       clothing during winter months.               321 students in need received items to
       Students from Cabell County Career           help keep them warm and comfortable
       Technology Center, Dawson-Bryant,            throughout the winter.

                                                                                                                                       WEST VIRGINIA 5K CHAMPIONSHIP — JUNE 2011

                                                                                                                                                                  EVENTS AND
●                                                                                                                                                                 RECOGNITION
                                                                                                                                            Individuals and families in the River
     POWER OF THE PURSE                                                                 FAMILY WIZE                  ®                      Cities saved a total of $197,373 on
                                                                                                                                            prescriptions in 2011. Savings from
                                                                                                                                            2005 to 2011 total $774,331. In 2011,
    Power of the Purse is a women’s affinity group that was started in                 In 2005, FamilyWize® was created with two            West Virginia residents saved $2,287,186
    2011. This group is affiliated with United Way of the River Cities and is          founding principles. First, to lower the cost of     in 2011, and $124,646,652 was saved
    modeled after other women’s leadership councils in other United Ways’              medicine as much as possible so people can           nationally.
    communities. Seven million women participate in women’s leadership                 get the medication they need. Second, to get
    councils across the nation. These women invest in resources that will              this assistance to everyone who needs it.            The FamilyWize® prescription drug
    pay dividends and improve community conditions.                                                                                         discount cards are distributed free of
                                                                                       United Ways across the nation are                    charge.
    Power of the Purse’s mission is to create a powerful, passionate                   reaching more at-risk families faster and
    network of women who strengthen our community through                              delivering higher savings than ever before.
    focused investment of their time, talent and resources. The focus                  Almost 1,000 United Ways partner with
    is to improve and enhance the lives of women and children in the                   FamilyWize®, and savings are greater
    community.                                                                         than $123 million. The average savings per

                                                                                       prescription is approximately 35 percent,
    In 2011, the group hosted a recruitment event,        ower                         and savings are up to $20 per prescription.
    Sandals and Sangria, at Huntington’s Kitchen.
    Power of the Purse has 17 active members
    and plans to add more community-changing
    projects in 2012.
                                                                     of the            This program helps with medications not
                                                                                       covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.
                                                                                       No membership is required, and there are no
                                                                                       income restrictions.

        WEST VIRGINIA 5K CHAMPIONSHIP                                             The Herald-Dispatch (Presenting Sponsor), First
                                                                                  Presbyterian Church, Special Metals, Moses                  STUFF THE BUS
                                                                                  Auto Mall, HIMG, AEP, Highland Insurance
    A record-breaking 680 runners/walkers completed the third annual                                                                         United Way of the River Cities, Cabell and
    2011 West Virginia 5K Championship. This remained the largest race            Other Partners                                             Wayne County Schools and St. Mary’s Medical
                                                                                  Huntington Roadrunners Club, New York Bagel                Center joined to help curb the weekend meal
    in Huntington and raised $7,000 for United Way of the River Cities.                                                                      gap during the summer months.
    The WV 5K Championship promoted United Way’s health and                       Café and Deli, The Pita Pit,Pullman Square, River
                                                                                  and Rail Bakery, Robert’s Running and Walking
    wellness focus area by highlighting fitness on a community scale.             Shop, The Salvation                                        This collaborative was created to supplement
                                                                                  Army, Schlotzsky’s                                         existing summer food programs in Cabell and
    This competitive and fun race showcases the city and generates                Deli, Third and                                            Wayne counties. The programs ensure food
    excitement and enthusiasm in the community for fitness as a lifestyle         Ninth Deli Market,                                         for students Monday through Friday, but the
    and showcases sponsors as organizations that are focused on fitness.          Uno Chicago Grill                                          programs do not have enough resources to
                                                                                                                                             provide food for students during weekends.
                                                                                                                                             The collaborative also provided bedding items
                                                                                                                                             to students in Cabell County.

                                                                                                                                             The 2011 United Way Stuff the Bus event was
                                                                                                                                             on June 21 at Walmart stores on Route 60 in
                                                                                                                                             Huntington and in Wayne. This event was on
                                                                                                                                             United Way’s National Day of Action.
    Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. They make          ●   Children’s Hospital at Cabell Huntington Hospital
                                                                        ●   Foodfair, Huntington
    up the Board of Directors, serve on committees, help plan           ●   Goodwill Industries
    and execute events, provide general office support and much         ●   Heiner’s Bakery, Inc.
    more. They include community members, as well as students           ●   Ironton Workforce Development Resource Center
    from middle school through college.                                 ●   Marilyn Murdock
                                                                                                                                            PUTT AND PLAY FOR UNITED WAY
                                                                            Marshall University Honors College Student Organization
    For four years in a row, employees from have             ●   Neighborgall Construction
    volunteered their time with United Way, through their               ●   The Dawg 93.7 FM
    employer sponsored program, “Amazon Cares.” In 2011,                ●   The Herald-Dispatch
    more than 25 volunteers helped for five days in October.            ●   Ohio University Proctorville Center                             Presenting Sponsor               Community Trust Bank
    Additionally, some R.J. Reynolds Company employees                  ●   Pepsi Cola, Inc.                                                Ohio University Southern Campus Dr. Kyle and Kathy Hegg
    spent a full day volunteering. These volunteers worked              ●   Second Presbyterian Church                                                                       The Fyffe Jones Group
                                                                                                                                            Media Sponsor
                                                                        ●   Southwestern Community Action Council                                                            Huntington Federal Savings Bank
    diligently preparing bulk mailings, packing campaign                ●   Special Metals
                                                                                                                                            The Herald-Dispatch
                                                                                                                                                                             Huntington Junior College
    supplies, organizing our office and storage, preparing              ●   Wal-Mart, Rt. 60
                                                                                                                                            Armstrong Utilities
                                                                                                                                                                             IPF Finance
    hundreds of materials for Success By 6® to be                       ●   Wells Fargo                                                     Course Sponsors                  JABO Supply
    distributed in the hospitals, and organizing thousands of           ●   Westmoreland Foodland                                           First State Bank                 JDA Construction
    books for the Huntington Harvest of Books.                          ●   Woodlands Retirement Community Outreach Program                 Wooten Machine Shop    
                                                                                                                                            Southwestern Dist. Labor Council Somerville & Company, PLLC
    We are grateful for their support over the past year. We                                                                                                                 Stanley and Anne Tao
                                                                        2011 VITA Sites:
    extend our thanks to them, as well as to those individuals          ● Ironton Workforce Development Resource Center
                                                                                                                                            Hole-In-One Sponsor
    and organizations listed below and in this report for helping       ● OU Proctorville Center
                                                                                                                                            Bloss & Dillard Insurance
    us fulfill our mission.                                             ● Goodwill Industries, Inc.                                         Hole Sponsors
    ●   AmeriCorps Vista                                                ● Southwestern Community Action Council (Cabell & Mason Counties)   84 Lumber
    ●   Cabell County Public Library                                    ● Cabell County Public Library                                      Alan and Catherine Morrison
    ●   Cabell County Schools                                           ● Weed & Seed at the Barnett Center                                 Armstrong Utilities
    ●   Cabell Huntington Hospital                                      ● Marshall University Beta Alpha Psi                                BB&T
                                                                                                                                                                                       Presented By

                                                                                                                                               UNITED WAY OF THE RIVER CITIES’ ANNUAL REPORT 2011              5
                                                                                                                                                           MOST OF US CAMPAIGN — 2011

       2011LEADERSHIP SOCIETY LEVELS                                                          All individuals listed below pledged $500 or more to United Way of the River Cities in 2012.

                                                                                     Alexis de Tocqueville Society
                                                                                      Ordre de Liberté $10,000+
                                                                    Eddie and Betty Barrett               Alan and Catherine Morrison
                                                                    Mr. Philip E. Cline                   Doug and Maria Reynolds
                                                                    Larry and Evelyn LaFon                Anonymous

       John Campbell $5000+                              Shawn Maynard                                    Sharon E. Jones                          Lorilee Laber
       Timothy Duke                                      Mr. and Mrs. J. Grant McGuire                    Ms. Theresa Gilmore Kee                  Dennis J. Lee
                                                         Arnold R. Miller                                 Mr. Virgil L. Kelly                      Richard and Judy Lewis
       Eli Thayer $2,500+                                Chris and Cassie Miller                          Dr. Shelia M. Kyle                       Kevin D. Linville
       Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bazemore                        Mr. Sam Miller                                   Darryl Lancaster                         Dr. Joseph A. Locascio, III
       Dr. R. Lawrence Dunworth                          Adelle C. Morrison                               Ms. Kimberly B. Lewis                    Mr. and Mrs. Kermit E. McGinnis
       Dr. David and Mrs. Darlene Humphreys              Thomas J. Murray                                 Michael McGarry                          Mr. Isaac J. Mead, Jr.
       James M. Lewis, M.D.                              Lynn Ormiston                                    Mr. John P. McHale                       Mr. Fred Merlino, Jr.
       Ms. Doreen C. Luke                                Ms. Sally B. Oxley                               Keith McLeod                             Jan and Floyd Metzger
       Mr. and Mrs. Brent Marsteller                     Timothy M. Parnell                               Beverly A. Miller                        Mr. and Mrs. Chris Michael
       Matt and Carol Miller                             Linda Peake                                      Robert Murcko                            Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Morgan
       Edward Morrison                                   Michael D. Roberts                               Mr. Wade Newell                          Ashley Morris
       A. Michael Perry, Esq.                            Mr. and Mrs. R.O. Robertson, Jr.                 Norrie and Dain Price                    Mr. and Mrs. R. Kemp Morton
       Don and Becky Ray                                 Kent Semelroth                                   Gary Queen                               Carolyn S. Mount
       Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Sellards                  Geoffrey S. Sheils                               Donald Primerano                         Bob and Nancy Palmer
       Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Smith                        St. Clair Family Charitable Fund of the          Aaron Richards                           Mr. Raymond Parks
       Mr. and Mrs. Marc Williams, Esq.                      Foundation for the Tri-State Community       Laura Richardson                         Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Patton
       4 Anonymous                                       Richard M. Stewart                               Stephanie L. Rigsby                      Linda J. Pleasants
                                                         Angie Swearingen                                 Susan Robinson                           Robert F. Powers
       Jacob Proctor $1,500+                             Stanley and Ann Tao                              Larry Saunders                           Amy L. Price
       Tom and Cindy Bailey                              Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Turner                       Randy and Ashley Saunders                Ms. Marilyn B. Polan
       Harvey and Jennifer Barton                        Mr. Kevin F. Wall                                Craig Slater                             Jonathan E. Pullen
       Dr. Rodger A. Blake                               S. Michael Webb                                  Jeff and Susie Smith                     Phillip D. Queen
       Mr. Jim Cumbow                                    Mr. and Mrs. Luther E. Woods                     Mr. Kirby J. Taylor                      Lyle and Barbara Ramsey
       Jane and Sam Davis                                Dr. and Mrs. Michael Vega                        Toby Taylor                              Nicholas W. Reynolds, Esq.
       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gilpin                        15 Anonymous                                     Mr. Michael Thompson II                  Jane B. Roberts
       Stephen J. Golder                                                                                  Kathy Tygart                             Charles and Phyllis Romine
       Cal and Nita Sue Kent                             Dr. Henry Drury Hatfield $800+                   Andrew Wagner                            Mrs. Jodi A. Rowe-Collins
       Mrs. Agnes McCaskey                               Drs. Jeffrey and Marie Archambault               Mr. Ed Warnick                           Randy and Ashley Saunders
       Anne and Bill McGee                               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bosley                       Donald and Angela Watson                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Sellards
       Lake and Louise Polan                             Mr. Jim Cook                                     Shari and Steve Wiley                    Timothy D. Sizemore
       Andrea Preston                                    Mr. John E. Dolin                                Daniel Wolfe                             Timothy Smith
       Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. Ratcliff, Jr.             Daniel M. Gilliam                                Kenneth Dean Wright                      Marc and Susan Sprouse
       Dr. and Mrs. Tully S. Roisman                     Mr. Gregory W. McKnight                          Jack Vanhoose                            Emily L. Stacy
       Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sawrey                        John P. O’Connor                                 14 Anonymous                             Bill and Dean Stark
       Mr. and Mrs. Madison Sayre                        Shailesh Patel                                                                            Dr. and Mrs. Marc A. Subik
       Dr. David Monte Ward                              Christopher J. Plybon, Esq.                      Leadership $500+                         David M. Taylor
       Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Vanhorn                    Ms. Judy K. Rule                                 Mr. Joseph B. Amsbary, Sr.               Mr. Gregory Wageman
       2 Anonymous                                       Tom and Jeanne Scott                             Alex Austin                              Sally Willis
                                                         Bob Snyder                                       Jim and Judy Bailes                      Dortha M. Williamson
       Carter Woodson $1,000+                                                                             Ford and Janet Blair                     Jason Williamson
       W.B. “Bart” and Doris Andrews                     Claudia Peyton $600+                             Franklin S. Boggs                        Russell Wills
       Mr. Jim Baden                                     Charles F. Abbott                                Richard J. Bolen                         Richard K. Wilson
       Jay and Kesha Bazemore                            Delores Atkinson                                 W.G. and Tracy Bunch                     Lisa Winters
       Jefferey and Amber Biederman                      Michael R. Babcock                               Rodney and Stephanie Burcham             Jim Withers
       Anthony Belinotti                                 Mr. Darrin L. Bird                               Barry L. Burgess, CPA                    Dr. and Mrs. S. Kenneth Wolfe
       Mr. and Mrs. William C. Campbell                  Rick and Lou Ann Blake                           Lea Ellen Burton                         Dr. and Mrs. William Zitter
       Ms. Jamina T. Carder                              Mr. Todd A. Boggs                                Mrs. Liza Caldwell                       14 Anonymous
       Nick Carter                                       R. B. Bookwalter                                 Annette J. Cartwright
       James M. Clark                                    Mr. Carl E. Bowen                                James and Norma Casto                    Power of the Purse
       Chris and Diana Curry                             Charlie and Mary Ann Brown                       Billy K. Chapman                         Mrs. Neva Baldwin
       Mr. Richard Daniel                                Mark and Patti Bugher                            Frank Layton Cottrill, Jr.               Mrs. Jimelle Bowen
       Ed and Cindy Dawson                               Jerry L. Chapman                                 James and Jennifer Crouse                Mrs. Shelia Brownfield
       Jane and Sam Davis                                Mr. Randy Cheetham                               Ed and Rhonda Davis                      Mrs. Patricia Crews
       Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Dillard                        Mr. R. Dexter Childers Jr.                       Mr. Martin Dunford                       Mrs. Jane Davis
       Ms. Naomi Dillard                                 Mr. and Mrs. J. Merle Core                       Terry and Lisa Ellis                     Mrs. Courtney Eastone
       Bill and Donna Dingus                             Mr. Carl F. Darling                              Rita Fisher                              Ms. Miranda B. Heaberlin
       Mr. and Mrs. William Dotson                       Mr. Jack DeBarbadillo                            Patricia A. Garren                       Mrs. Kathy M. Hegg
       Curtis and Gloria Drown                           David D. Delimpo                                 David A. Graley                          Dr. Margaret Lavery
       Mr. and Mrs. David Fox, III                       Mr. Paul D. Dillon II                            Mr. and Mrs. Larry Green                 Mrs. Anne McGee
       Dr. and Mrs. Frank Gilliam                        Mr. John E. Dolin                                Rocky and Ann Harris                     Ms. Marilyn M. Murdock
       Mr. Richard A. Hammer                             Curtis and Gloria Drown                          Vicki Hemlepp                            Mrs. Valerie P. Sellards
       Mary and Steve Hanrahan                           Ms. Dorothy J. Fike                              Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hettlinger          Mrs. Anna M. Steadman
       Mr. Douglas Hardman                               Stephen Michael Grose                            Chris and Amy Howat                      Mrs. Patty Steel
       Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hatten                         Elizabeth M. Gross                               John L. and Jeanne D. Hubbard            Mrs. Ann B. Tao
       John and Jane Hess                                Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Hanshaw, Jr.               B. Jayachandran                          Dr. Omayma Touma
       Dr. and Mrs. J. Churchill Hodges                  Floyd and Kelly Harlow                           Terry Jeffrey                            Ms. Crystal P. Welch
       Mary H. Hodges                                    Robert and Anita Hay                             Rob and Mary Johnson                     Ms. Danyiela Woodyard
       Joe Holley                                        John and Mandy Hill                              Sheila Johnson
       Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Jones                     Jonna Hughes                                     Dallas and Yvonne Jones
       Tim and Christie Kinsey                           Ms. Alisa Ann Hunter                             Cinda W. Kahl
       Stanton Kirk                                      James Hyatt                                      Kenneth Kennedy
       Mr. Robert Lamont                                 Ms. Lynn E. Jarrell                              Mr. and Mrs. Doug Korstanje

                                                                                                                                                   CELEBRATION OF EXCELLENCE — MARCH 2011

    2011 COMMUNITY GIVING                                      The organizations listed below are categorized by total pledges to United Way of the River Cities in 2011
                                                               (includes employee giving, special events and organization gifts).

                                                     Largest Total Pledge: Steel of WV/USWA Local 37: $ 98,254.24

   $65,000+                                      Scott Orthopedic Center, Inc.                Wayne County Board of Education                                        $700+
   Steel of WV/USWA Local 37                     Norfolk Southern Foundation                  Wells Fargo Insurance Services                                         Liberty Federal Savings Bank
   St. Mary’s Medical Center                                                                  Huntington Physical Therapy Services                                   IBM Corporation
                                                 $2,000+                                      Peoples Bank                                                           American Babbitt Bearing
   $30,000+                                      Hess, Stewart & Campbell                     Goldsmit-Sydnor, Inc.                                                  CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
   Special Metals Corporation                    Huddleston Bolen, LLP                        Chamber of Commerce GLCA                                               Johnson & Johnson
                                                 Somerville & Company, PLLC                   Bank of America                                                        Huntington Housing Authority
   Alcon Manufacturing, Ltd.
                                                 Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough, LLP    Dow Chemical U.S.A. Hanging Rock                                       FedEx
   Cabell Huntington Hospital, Inc.                                                                                                                                  Comcast
                                                 Huntington Wholesale Furniture Co., Inc.     YMCA
   Marshall University                                                                                                                                               Huntington Museum of Art
                                                 Dutch Miller Chevrolet, Inc.                 Walmart #2792
   The C. I. Thornburg Company, Inc.                                                                                                                                 Ohio American Water Company
                                                 Ohio River Bank                              The Housing Development Corporation
                                                                                              United Health Professionals, Inc.                                      WV Electric Supply Company
   $10,000+                                      Elder-Beerman #0202
                                                 Duke Energy-Hanging Rock, LLC.               Hayflich & Steinberg, CPA’s, PLLC
   CSX Locomotive Shops                                                                       Walmart #1478                                                          $500+
   JABO Supply Corporation                       Campbell, Woods, PLLC                                                                                               Walmart #2244
                                                                                              Ebenezer Medical Outreach, Inc.
   The-Herald Dispatch                           JP Morgan/Chase                                                                                                     Lawrence County Employees
                                                                                              Huntington Steel & Supply Co.
   Liebert Precision Cooling                     Enterprise Rent-A-Car                                                                                               Huntington Middle School
                                                                                              Southwestern District Labor Council
   Huntington Federal Savings Bank               AT&T                                                                                                                BB&T/BB&T West Virginia Foundation
                                                                                              Huntington Junior College of Business                                  HADCO
   Appalachian Power                             Ironton Publications, Inc.
                                                                                              Tri-State Literacy Council                                             Bulldog Creative Services
   United Way of the River Cities, Inc.          INCO-SMC                                     Insurance Systems, Inc.
                                                 Steptoe & Johnson                                                                                                   Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce
   Nationwide Insurance                                                                       Huntington Realty Corporation
                                                 WV American Water Company                                                                                           Bailes, Craig & Yon
   United Parcel Service                                                                      Cabell County Public Library                                           Frontier Communications
   ACF Industries                                Ohio University Southern Campus              Logan Corporation                                                      Cammack Children’s Center
   J. H. Fletcher & Company                      River Park Hospital                          Harris, Hardin & Company, CPAs                                         Strictly Business Computer Systems
   WSAZ NewsChannel 3                            Cabell County Schools                        Aramark                                                                AEP Ohio
   First Sentry Bank                             Farrell, White & Legg, PLLC                  Mildred Mitchell Bateman Hospital                                      EQT Corporation
   HIMG Huntington Internal Medicine Group       First State Bank of Barboursville            Creative Kitchens, Inc.                                                Prudential Bunch Company
   Fifth Third Bank                              Ashland, Inc.                                Greif, Inc.                                                            Joe Hurley Insurance Agency
   City National Bank                            Smith Barney/Morgan Stanley                  Becker Mining America                                                  Sterling Supply Company
   Advantage Toyota                              US Bank, N.A.                                J.J.B. Hilliard, W.L. Lyons, Inc.                                      Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs of Huntington
   Reynolds & Associates                         Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance           Advance Auto Parts                                                     Dingess-Rum Properties, Inc.
                                                 Neighborgall Construction
   $5,000+                                       Chesapeake Energy
   Stationers, Inc.                              Target #1478

                                                                                               FUNDED PARTNERS BY FOCUS AREA
   Natural Resource Partners, L.P.               Comprecare
   Pritchard Electric Company, Inc.              Goodwill Industries/Family Services
   Bloss & Dillard, Inc.                         AEP Philip Sporn Plant
   Supervalu WV Division                         Huntington Bank West Virginia
                                                 Jim’s Steak & Spaghetti House                 Families and Children                                                  ● Residents receive homework tutoring and educational
   Americas Styrenics                                                                          ● Children are matched with adult mentors. — Big Brothers,             software to improve grades. — Golden Girl Group Home
   JCPenney Company #1674                                                                      Big Sisters of the Tri-State                                           ● Helps individuals make good choices personally and
   United Bank                                   $1,000+                                       ● Young children are provided with warm clothing during                professionally. — Goodwill Industries, Life Skills
                                                 AK Steel Company                              winter. — The Big Cover Up                                             ● Tracks financial hardships and provides free tax
   Macy’s #79                                                                                  ● Helps children with special needs, developmental milestones          preparation for hard-working families. — Financial Stability
   Allied Logistics                              Fyffe Jones & Associates                      are addressed, affordable child care. — Children’s Place               Partnership of the River CitiesTM
   Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC                    Walmart #8152                                 ● Screenings of children with disabilities. — Developmental            ● Gives individuals employable skills and life-saving
   Guyan International                           WV Division of Banking                        Therapy Center                                                         training. — American Red Cross, CPR
                                                                                               ● Teaches parents appropriate parenting skills. — Goodwill             ● Teaches school staff, parents and students bullying
                                                                                               Industries/Family Services                                             signs. — Step By Step (Lincoln County)
                                                                                               ● Provides quality child care services. — Kiwanis Day Care Center      ● Students will improve their reading and math skills.

                                                                                               ● Teaches seniors disaster prevention and preparation. —               — Tri-State Literacy Council
                                                                                               American Red Cross, Senior Services
                                                                                               ● Early childhood educators receive scholarships to further            Safety Net/Unforeseen Hardships
                                                                                               their education. — T.E.A.C.H                                           ● Provides temporary shelter, food, clothing, etc.
United Way of the River Cities distributes funds to the community through an annual            ● Works to ensure that children are ready to begin kindergarten.       — American Red Cross, Disaster Services
                                                                                               — Success By 6®                                                        ● Provides medical assistance for homeless individuals.
grants process. Eligible 501 (c) (3) nonprofits begin the application process by submitting                                                                           — Cabell Huntington Coalition for the Homeless
a Letter of Intent in February. The organization must demonstrate that the funds requested     Health and Wellness                                                    ● Emergency food supply for individuals/families, infant
                                                                                               ● Works to help reduce youth substance abuse. — Cabell                 essentials, etc. — Christian Associates/Cridlin Food Pantry
will be used to address one of the critical issues United Way seeks to address.                County Substance Abuse Prevention Partnership                          ● Free medical care for qualifying individuals. — Ebenezer
                                                                                               ● Substance abuse recovery made available to individuals               Medical Outreach
                                                                                               without cost. — The Healing Place of Huntington                        ● Supplies food for homeless individuals/families.
Letters of Intent, and subsequently applications, are reviewed by community                    ● Improves overall fitness of child participants. — YMCA, Kids’ Fit    — Ironton City Welfare Mission
volunteers who make final recommendations to the Board of Directors. Agencies                  ● Scholarships for individuals/families in order to provide            ● Gives food baskets/hygiene kits to families. — Mason
                                                                                               safe, healthy place to exercise. — YMCA, Scholarship Program           County Homeless Shelter, SCAC
that receive grant awards are notified in June, and the funding year begins July 1.                                                                                   ● Provides food for individuals/families. — New Baptist
Funded partners provide quarterly reports on their outcomes. This helps assure                 Learning and Earning                                                   Church Food Pantry
                                                                                               ● Provides daily after-school homework help. — Boys’ and               ● Assists with utility payments. — West End Ministerial
United Way and our donors that the funds are being used to create the greatest                 Girls’ Clubs of Huntington                                             Alliance
impact in the community.
                                                                                                                                                               UNITED WAY OF THE RIVER CITIES’ ANNUAL REPORT 2011                    7
                                                                                                                                                        NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION: STUFF THE BUS — JUNE 2011

     Each year, United Way of the River Cities recognizes organizations that raise the most in pledges during the workplace campaign. We acknowledge and thank these organizations because their employees and the organizations
     themselves are committing to financial support for the coming funding cycle. As important as these pledges are, equally as important is following through on those promised financial commitments. This year, we would like to
     recognize the organizations and their employees that honor those pledges through their payments. When this happens, it means that we have the cash needed to honor our grant commitments to funded partners, and it helps
     reduce our uncollectible, or “bad debt,” expense. The organizations below paid at least 95 percent of the 2010 corporate and employee pledges during 2011. Thank you for your continued support!

       Abbott Laboratories                                     Creative Kitchens, Inc.                                 Huntington Internal Medicine Group                               Natural Resource Partners, L.P.
       AEP Ohio                                                Dingess-Rum Properties, Inc.                            Huntington Federal Savings Bank                                  Neighborgall Construction
       AK Steel Company                                        Dow Chemical U.S.A. Hanging Rock                        Huntington Junior College of Business                            Peoples Bank
       Allied Logistics                                        Duke Energy-Hanging Rock, LLC                           Huntington Steel and Supply, Co.                                 Special Metals Corporation
       America’s Styrenics                                     Dutch Miller Chevrolet, Inc.                            Insurance Systems, Inc.                                          Stationers, Inc.
       Appalachian Power                                       Eli Lilly and Company                                   JCPenney Company #1674                                           Steel of WV/USWA Local 37
       BB&T/BB&T West Virginia Foundation                      Enterprise Rent-A-Car                                   Jim’s Steak and Spaghetti House                                  The Herald-Dispatch
       Best Buy                                                Farrell, White and Legg, PLLC                           Liberty Federal Savings Bank                                     Tri-Data, Inc.
       Bloss and Dillard, Inc.                                 FedEx                                                   Liebert Precision Cooling                                        United Bank
       C. F. Reuschlein, Inc.                                  First Sentry Bank                                       Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse #454                           United Parcel Service
       City National Bank                                      Gordon Food Service                                     Nationwide Insurance                                             WSAZ NewsChannel 3

       Advantage Toyota                                        CJ Hughes/Energy Services America                       Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce                          Smith Barney/Morgan Stanley
       American Babbitt Bearing                                Collins Career Center, Lawrence County                  Ironton Lawrence County Area CAO                                 State Electric Supply Co., Inc
       American Red Cross Huntington Office                    Columbia Gas Transmission                               J. H. Fletcher and Company                                       Steptoe and Johnson
       AMIS Systems                                            Comprecare                                              John F. Dascoli, PLLC                                            Sterling Supply Company
       Aramark                                                 Con-Way Central Express                                 Jordan-Smith Electric                                            Strictly Business Computer Systems
       Associated Physical Therapists, Inc.                    CSX Locomotive Shops                                    Keefe Commissionary Network, LLC                                 Stryker Instruments
       AT&T West Virginia                                      First State Bank of Barboursville                       Kiwanis Day Care Center                                          Stryker Medical
       Bailes, Craig and Yon                                   Ford Motor Credit Company                               Kroger #781                                                      Sun Coke
       Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Tri-State              Frontier Communciations                                 Kroger #792                                                      Suntrust Bank
       Boy Scouts, Simon Kenton Council                        Fyffe Jones and Associates                              Kroger #782                                                      TEAM for West Virginia Children
       Boy Scouts, Tri-State Area Council                      Girl Scouts, Wilderness Road                            Lamp, O’Dell, Bartram, Levy and Trautwein                        The Hershey Company
       Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Huntington                    Goodwill Industries/Family Services                     Lawrence County Employees                                        Torch Drive
       Bulldog Creative Services                               HADCO                                                   Marshall University                                              Tri-State Literacy Council
       Cabell County Public Library                            Hayflich and Steinberg, CPAs, PLLC                      McCorkle Machine and Steelworkers 4014                           United Health Group
       Cammack Children’s Center                               Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital                     Mildred Mitchell Bateman Hospital                                United Way of the River Cities
       Campbell, Woods, PLLC                                   Hess, Stewart and Campbell                              Monro Muller Brake and Service                                   Wayne County Board of Education
       Central OH/WV Combined Federal Campaign                 Home Depot                                              Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance                               Wells Fargo Insurance Services
       Chamber of Commerce GLCA                                Hospira Employee Giving Campaign                        Ohio University Southern Campus                                  Workforce West Virginia
       Champion Printing Company                               HSBC                                                    Radiology, Inc.                                                  WV Chamber of Commerce
       Children’s Place                                        Huddleston Bolen, LLP                                   Reynolds and Associates                                          WV Division of Banking
       City of Huntington                                      Huntington Housing Authority                            River Park Hospital                                              WV Environmental Protection
       City of Ironton                                         Huntington Museum of Art                                Safelite Autoglass                                               YMCA
       City Welfare Mission, Ironton                           Huntington Physical Therapy Services                    Scott Orthopedic Center, Inc.

       ACF Industries                                      Deseret Trust Company                                        Ironton Publications, Inc.                                      Richard’s Hallmark
       Adams Trucking and Supply, Inc.                     Glaser Furniture Co., Inc                                    J. S. Latta, Inc.                                               State Farm Foundation
       Aero-Fab, Inc.                                      Glenn’s Sporting Goods                                       J. B. Hilliard, W. L. Lyons, Inc.                               T. K. Dodrill Jewelers
       Archers Flowers                                     Greif, Inc.                                                  Joe Hurley Insurance Agency                                     The UPS Store
       Baskin Robbins                                      Hughes Family Foundation                                     Lavalette Nursery and Garden Center                             Turning Point Consulting
       Champion Industries, Inc.                           Huntington Hall of Frames                                    Marathon Petroleum Company                                      Walker Machinery
       Community Service Roundtable                        Huntington Mental Health Associates, Inc.                    Millwright Welding and Fabrication                              WV Electric Supply Company
       Dawson-Thompson Oil Co.                             Huntington Quarterly                                         Motion Industries

    STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION                                                                                         STATEMENT OF ACTIVITY
                                                                                                                           REVENUES, GAINS AND OTHER SUPPORT                                           2010                   2009
         ASSETS                                                    2010                         2009                         Campaign Contributions                                                    1,248,755              1,102,377
                                                                                                                                                                                                 $                        $
         Cash and Cash Equivalents                         $        1,321,822          $         1,191,190                   Grant proceeds                                                      $         72,582         $     60,908
         Accounts Receivable                               $          150,922          $           270,483                   Program proceeds                                                    $         10,925         $     24,514
         Pledges receivable (net of allowance)             $        1,020,587          $           974,806                   Interest and other                                                  $         15,992         $      27,742
         Property and equipment, net                                  690,283                      703,526                                    Total Revenues, Gains and Other Support            $      1,348,254         $   1,215,541
                                                           $                           $
         Other Assets                                      $          512,099          $           505,369                   Temporarily Restricted Net Assets
                       Total Assets                        $       3,695,713           $        3,645,374                                    released from restriction                           $        63,772          $     39,664

         LIABILITIES                                                                                                         EXPENSES
         Accounts Payable                                              15,565                       9,126                    Program expenses                                                    $      1,140,519         $   1,105,518
                                                           $                           $                                     Supporting services
         Pledges Payable                                   $         998,894           $          958,088                                    Management & general                                $        162,612         $     141,059
         Accrued Liabilities                               $              249          $            1,147                                    Fundraising                                         $        232,661         $     147,387
         Other Liabilities                                 $           70,788          $           19,730                    Other expenses                                                      $          ----          $       ----
                        Total Liabilities                  $        1,085,496          $          988,091                                    Total Expenses                                      $      1,535,792         $   1,393,964

                                                                                                                             Unrealized (loss) gain on Investment                                $        12,824          $     33,074
         NET ASSETS
         Permanently Restricted                            $          434,386          $          405,738                    Change in Unrestricted Net Assets                                   $       (110,942)        $    (105,685)
         Temporarily Restricted                            $          203,156          $           167,928                   Change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets                         $         35,228         $      15,314
         Unrestricted                                      $        1,972,675          $        2,083,617                    Change in Permanently Restricted Net Assets                         $         28,648         $      41,538
                       Total Net Assets                    $        2,610,217          $        2,657,283
                                                                                                                                             Net Assets at beginning of year                     $      2,657,283         $   2,706,116

                        Total Liabilities and Net Assets   $        3,695,713          $        3,645,374                                    Net Assets at end of year                           $      2,610,217         $   2,657,283


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