Media Advisory Wearers of Braces Beware-Many Orthodontists See More Emergency Visits at Halloween than any Other Holiday

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                Media Advisory: Wearers of Braces Beware-Many Orthodontists
                Emergency Visits at Halloween than any Other Holiday
                Leading Orthodontist Offers ‘Tips or Treats’ for Happy Halloween Haunting – Ho
                and Costly Damage to Orthodontic Appliances; Importance of Orthodontic Healt

                10.21.2009 – Media Advisory
                                                                                                     Twitter Pitc
                WHAT: With October brings National Orthodontic Health Month and Halloween,           Wearers of B
                                                                                                     Halloween s
                the scariest time of year for many orthodontists and a nightmare for kids that
                wear metal braces…especially when they have to tell mom and dad (who may
                have invested between $4,500 -$7,000 on treatment) that they broke a wire, bent
                a bracket, or worse.                                                                 News Facts
                                                                                                       Many Orth
                Every Halloween, orthodontists see a significant increase in the number of             Emergenc
                emergency visits. Among the worst offenders are sugary, stick-to-your-teeth           than any Ot

                candies and gum, but Halloween party favorites like bobbing for apples and crust      With Octob
                from pizza also can wreak havoc on braces.
                Orthodontist Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling is available to offer “sink your teeth
                                                                                                      year for m
                into” advice for Happy Halloween haunting. She can comment and elaborate on
                the following:
                                                                                                       metal brac
                                                                                                       Leading Or
                • Candy and treats orthodontists fear most and why; examples of the worst and          or Treats’ f
                the most-surprising offenders                                                          Haunting –
                • Tips or treats, including suggestions for orthodontic-friendly options               and Costly

                • Tips for staying out of the orthodontist chair in between scheduled                 Appliances
                appointments – one of the easiest ways is with removable braces, like new
                Invisalign Teen, that lets patients enjoy foods and activities, and makes
                                                                                                     Resource Li
                maintaining oral health easier than with other braces options                        Orthodontist
                • Graphic details of the frightening damage Halloween treats can cause to the        Goodling
                different types of braces                                                            Invisalign Te
                • Horror stories about what happens when kids that wear braces neglect their         Orthodontist
                oral health...with the increased candy consumption during Halloween, patients        Incentives f

                need to be extra vigilant about brushing, rinsing, and flossing as well as making    Treats
                sure they remove pieces of candy or treats that can get stuck in braces and
                                                                                                     BUYING BAC
                between teeth, leading to tooth decay and gum disease
                                                                                                     BENEFIT TEE
                WHO: Orthodontist Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling completed her DMD degree and
                                                                                                     Halloween r
                orthodontic residency at Boston University School of Dental Medicine in 1996, she    Orthodontist
                assumed a professorship at her alma mater becoming the first female Director         Incentives f
                of the Predoctoral Orthodontic Department.                                           Treats
                She has taught over 5,000 dental students, residents, dentists and their teams in    NOHM - Outs

                multiple areas of orthodontics throughout the world. Dr. Fulop-Goodling’s practice
                caters to children, teens and adults and uses the latest digital computer imaging
                                                                                                     Halloween, B
                systems and digital radiographic equipment to show her patients their cases
                                                                                                     Invisalign Te
                along with similar completed ones.                                                   Orthodontic
She has several U.S. and International patents issued of which two are dentally
related. After presenting a four year double blind study on identical twins treated
with conventional orthodontic versus Invisalign orthodontic treatment, Dr. Fulop-
Goodling was asked to join Invisalign’s National Speaker’s Bureau, which she is
an active member.

HOW: To schedule an interview with Dr. Jacqueline Fulop- Goodling, contact:
Shari Gold


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