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									PEGASUS FLIGHT TRAINING (OXFORD)                                           Microlight School

Pegasus Flight Training (Oxford)                        Learning to fly a Microlight.

Pegasus Flight Training is a microlight pilot           The Aircraft
training school and microlight aircraft sales centre
based on Enstone Airfield near Oxford.                  Before starting to learn to fly a microlight you
                                                        should understand just what a microlight aircraft
Geoff Weighell established Group D Aviation, the        is.
operating company, in 1983. The company moved
to Enstone in July 1986 and now enjoys the use          Microlights are powered aircraft which may have
of one of the finest ex-service runways in the          one or two seats but no more. The maximum take
country. Set in the beautiful surroundings of the       off weight is limited to 300 kilograms for a single
Cotswolds, Enstone offers a superb base for local       seat microlight and 450 kilograms for two seat
and cross-country flying.                               aircraft. To ensure a low inertia microlights must
                                                        by design either have a wing loading not
Weightshift microlight flight training is conducted     exceeding 25 kilograms per square metre or be
by Geoff Weighell. Geoff started flying microlights     able to demonstrate a stalling speed at maximum
in 1981 and became a microlight flying instructor       weight not exceeding 65 kilometres per hour (35
in 1983. As well as holding C.A.A. Instructor and       knots) calibrated airspeed.
Examiner ratings covering Private Pilot Licence
training, Geoff is also qualified to instruct and       Within these design parameters there are many
examine Microlight Flying Instructors.                  different makes and models of microlight. There
                                                        are two main categories of aircraft which are
Outside training Geoff has also been a successful       defined by the flight control system which they
competition pilot winning outright the 1986 British     employ. The largest number of microlights flying
Microlight Championships as well as being a             in the UK, about 65%, belong to the Weightshift
member of the British team that won the 1985            control group. These aircraft have developed from
World Microlight Championships.                         hang gliders over the past 25 years. The desire to
                                                        find a way to go hang gliding without first carrying
Three axis microlight training is conducted by Phil     the glider up a hill led to the development of
Reed. Phil is a fully qualified microlight instructor   initially glider mounted engines and then later the
and examiner able to conduct training for the           dedicated trike undercarriage suspended from the
NPPL microlights and the Microlight Assistant           glider wing that is most common today. Although
Flying Instructor rating.                               still controlled using the same basic weightshift
                                                        system that hang gliders use the aircraft now
Pegasus Flight Training at Enstone offers               have dedicated power wings with much greater
Licence training by hourly or block bookings. All       performance and lifting potential than hang
dual tuition may by flown using the school two          gliders.
seat aircraft before going on to your own or the
school aircraft for your solo flying. You may if you    The second group of aircraft are the 3 Axis
wish fly dual tuition periods on your own aircraft      controlled microlights which are fundamentally
resulting in lower tuition costs.                       conventional aircraft with conventional stick and
                                                        rudder type controls but designed and built to be
Pegasus Flight Training sells microlight aircraft       light weight and fall within the microlight definition.
and will be able to advise you on models available      3 Axis, or fixed wing, microlights have developed
and their suitability for your needs. Some high         rapidly over the past few years and now many
quality pre owned aircraft are available                have the performance to rival basic conventional
occasionally through PFT.                               light aircraft. Early fixed wing microlights were
                                                        more limited in performance but never the less
Pegasus Flight Training are able to offer aircraft      gave, and still do give, the pilot the enjoyment and
inspections and check flights for Permit to Fly         thrill of seat of the pants flying.
renewals as well as routine maintenance for both
engine and aircraft.                                    Whatever your choice microlights are meant to
                                                        provide fun flying for the pilot. Whilst some aircraft
Pegasus Flight Training provides a                      are not particularly fast and may be quite weather
comprehensive tuition, sales and service facility       dependant the thrill of flying in a microlight makes
giving its customers a quality of attention second      the trip at least as much fun as arriving.
to none.
                                                        Flight Training
                                                        Whichever type of microlight you finally choose to
                                                        fly, and I strongly suggest that you try both before
                                                        making a choice, the licence requirements are the
                                                        same. Come along to our school and ask for a
                                                        basic lesson in each type of aircraft. You may find
PEGASUS FLIGHT TRAINING (OXFORD)                                            Microlight School

that one type is more what you want to fly than          subjects are the same as those for students
the other. The first lesson forms part of the            learning to fly other types of aircraft but the
training and can count towards the licence. It is        content is tailored towards flying microlights. All
logged as Exercise 3 Air Experience.                     the exams are multiple choice.

Before starting serious training you should go to        There is, peculiar to microlights, a licence with
your doctor (GP) and ask him to countersign your         Operational Limitations. The licence minimum
medical declaration. You do not need the medical         times are 15 hours total with 7 solo. There are no
before you start to train but you will need it before    cross country training requirements. All the
you are allowed to fly solo. It makes sense to get       examinations are identical to the unrestricted
the medical before you continue training.                licence as is the flight test (GST).

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) require               The Limitations of the licence restrict the pilot to
microlight pilots to hold a Pilot’s Licence. The         local solo flights in a higher weather minimum that
licence that you will train for is called the National   the unrestricted licence. The restrictions can be
Private Pilot’s Licence and it will include a            removed by completing the full syllabus.
Microlight Aircraft rating.
                                                         Once the licence has been awarded the holder is
To obtain the Licence and Rating the student pilot       free to fly their microlight without an instructor’s
must undergo tuition with a qualified instructor.        authorisation. This is where the fun really starts.
The instructor qualification is awarded by the
CAA. The instructor must train the student in            Maintaining your licence
accordance with an approved syllabus. There is
currently only one approved syllabus, the NPPL           To maintain the privileges of your licence you will
Microlight Syllabus designed by the British              have to keep in current flying practice. This is
Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) and               achieved by flying for at least 5 hours every 13
approved by the CAA.                                     months or if that is not possible flying a
                                                         revalidation flight test with an examiner. You must
The syllabus requires a minimum of 25 hours of           also maintain the currency of your medical
flight instruction in microlights of which 10 hours      declaration.
must be flown solo. The 25 hour minimum is very
minimum but allows the talented student to obtain        Owning a microlight
the licence without having to undergo needless
training time and expense. When starting out to fly      Once you have your licence you will most likely
microlights be prepared to spend a little more time      want to own your own aircraft. Microlights can
then the minimum before obtaining your licence.          cost from as little as £2000 up to £50,000. Whilst
                                                         you are training take the time to look around and
Many schools do not offer the availability of a          assess just what is right for you before diving in.
school aircraft for solo flying which is part of the     You may consider it wise to buy a share initially
required training. At Enstone you can complete           until you have flown for a year or so and seen
your training on the school aircraft so do not need      just how much use the aircraft will get and what
to purchase you own to achieve your licence.             performance characteristics you need from the
                                                         machine. Whatever you decide we can help you
Included in the training is navigation training to a     choose and purchase your own microlight when
minimum of 5 hours, 3 of which must be flown             the time is right for you.
solo. The solo cross country time will include two
flights away from the home airfield with a landing       Instructor Courses
away. These flights are the qualifying cross
country flights.                                         For licensed pilots wishing to take their
                                                         microlighting a little further Assistant Flying
When the student has completed the required              Instructor courses are available at Enstone using
training they will undertake a General Skills Test       both weightshift and three axis aircraft.
(GST) with a flight examiner. The test will ensure
that the candidate has reached the standard              The instructor courses are run to suit the student’s
required to hold a NPPL Microlight. The examiner         availability throughout the year. Instructor courses
will also conduct a ground oral exam testing the         comprise a minimum of 15 hours flight time and
candidate’s knowledge of the operation of the            40 hours ground school.
particular aircraft used in the test.
                                                         Refresher training is also available for PPL
Whilst undergoing flight training the student will       holders and Instructors.
also complete a ground instruction syllabus. The
syllabus covers the subjects of Aviation Law,
Navigation, Meteorology, Aircraft Technical and
Human Performance and Limitations. The
PEGASUS FLIGHT TRAINING (OXFORD)                                                               Microlight School

                                                                             Microlight Storage
                                                                             Club members and students may store their
Enstone Microlight Club                                                      microlight aircraft at Enstone. There are various
                                                                             options available for storage subject to availability.
When you have completed your training you can
become a full member of the Enstone Microlight                               British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA)
Club and fly from Enstone Airfield.
                                                                             The BMAA is the only group dedicated solely to
The airfield is available for club members to use                            progressing and protecting the activity of
every day of the year from eight o’clock in the                              microlight flying. All microlighters should join the
morning until sunset.                                                        BMAA to ensure that they will be able to continue
                                                                             their pastime long into the future. Contact the
Club membership gives unlimited use of the                                   BMAA on 01869 338888 or through the web site
airfield without any additional fees being required.                         at

                                                                                      How to find the school
TUITION PRICES 1st October 2005                      Time        £

Dual Tuition

Air Experience Flight                                half hour   55.00

Air Experience Flight                                per hour    95.00

School Aircraft dual tuition                         per hour    95.00

School Pegasus Quik dual tuition                     per hour    100.00

Students Aircraft dual tuition (all aircraft)        per hour    60.00

Solo Tuition

Solo flight in school aircraft                       per hour    95.00

Solo supervision own aircraft (all aircraft)         per hour    30.00

Ground School

Minimum session 1.5 hours                            per hour    20.00
Courses                                                          500.00
Written/Oral                                                     25.00
Flying tests. Examiner fee                           per test    25.00
                                                                                       Postal address:
Flying tests. Flight fee                             normal training rates

Booking deposit
                                                                 30.00                 Microlight School
                                                     lesson                            Enstone Airfield
Instructor Course          15 hrs flight / 40 hrs ground         2475.00               Church Enstone
Club                                                                                   Oxford OX7 4NP
Fee for licensed pilot per year                                  132.00                Telephone:
                                                                                       Office:                 01608 678741
Fully rigged flexwing per month                                  74.50
                                                                                       Mobile: Geoff Weighell: 07860 864445
Semi rigged flexwing per month                                   52.50                 Mobile: Phil Reed:      07831 467458
De-rigged flexwing per month                                     39.50
Permit inspection                                    from        120.00                Web:

Workshop per hour                                    from        20.00                 Shop:

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