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					Author interviews are great; it’s a perfect way to get to know the
author behind the books you read. I love doing author interviews
because I can share a little about myself without feeling like I’m trying
to show-off or sell myself—oh man, I hate that feeling. Haha.

One of my favorite interview questions asked, “What do your family
and friends think about your books?” I had a blast answering this
question, and I thought it would be fun to share it with you today. So
here is how I responded:
Here are a few short accounts on what my family and friends think about my

While writing Reflection, every time my brother saw me he would ask, “How’s
Heather doing?” (Heather is the female lead in Reflection). It really motivated
me to keep writing!

After finishing the first draft of Reflection, I asked my well read, English-
majoring, critical-eyed, honest and blunt, and very intelligent sister-in-law to
read it and she told me I was a talented writer (which meant the world coming
from her).

Picture this: My husband and I are at Chili’s for dinner, an 8-10 female-
membered book group sits at the table next to ours, my husband randomly
interrupts their conversation to plug an awesome new YA book called
Reflection, and I and my beet-red face want nothing more than to hide under
the table. I made him promise to never do that again (unless I wasn’t in the
same city!).

When Reflection made it on the top 100 list on Amazon my mom cried.

So I guess you could say my family is very supportive!

I feel this same support from book bloggers. Thanks for the love and
your utter dedication to the world of make-believe! We authors
worship you!!

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