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                          LOTTERY PROTOCOL (SOC)

Each year, Oxford Preparatory Academy (Oxford Prep) establishes a period of
open enrollment for parents who are interested in enrolling their child(ren) for the
next school year. During that time parents are given the opportunity to complete
the application requirements for attendance at Oxford Prep, and to fill out and
submit an Admission Application.

The Oxford Prep Charter Petition, Element 8 states, “Following the open enrollment
period each year, applications will be counted to determine whether any grade level has
received more applications than availability. In the event that this happens, the school
will hold a random public lottery to determine enrollment for the impacted grade levels,
with the exception of existing students who are guaranteed enrollment in the following
school year.”

When we receive more applications than we have openings, a random public
drawing/lottery is conducted to establish Placement, Sibling Priority, and
Waiting lists for each grade level.

In addition to the existing students who are guaranteed enrollment, as stated in
the Oxford Prep petition, the “hierarchy of exemptions and preferences for
enrollment” must also be followed.

Waiting lists priority is based upon the “hierarchy of exemptions and preferences
for enrollment.” The total number of students receiving enrollment exemptions
and preferences, as children of staff and/or founding families’ children shall not
exceed 10% of the total enrollment.

To comply with the Oxford Prep Charter Random Public Drawing/Lottery
process, including the “hierarchy of exemptions and preferences for enrollment,”
the following will take place:

   1. Children of staff members will be placed first in any openings. Children of
      founding families will be placed next (combined, these totals may not
      exceed 10% of total school population). Some openings will be reserved
      for newly hired staff.

   2. Siblings of currently enrolled students will be placed in remaining openings
      according to the existing Sibling Priority List. When there are not enough
      openings to accommodate the siblings, siblings will remain on the Sibling
      Priority List. The order on the Sibling Priority List will be determined by the
      students’ previous lottery numbers; no additional lottery is required for
      those students. Newly enrolled siblings not placed will be added to the
      bottom of the Priority Sibling List.
   3. All other students who enrolled during the Open Enrollment Period,
      whether they reside within Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) or
      outside of CUSD, will be included in the lottery.
        Those students who reside in CUSD will be given a “weighted” preference
        during the lottery. It will be a 3:1 ratio. This is to comply with the
        “hierarchy of exemptions and preferences for enrollment” and with federal
        guidelines of the Public Charter Schools Grant Program (PCSGP) for
        grant funding. The federal government requires that a charter school may
        not have separate lottery pools, but may have weighted lotteries.


    With the exceptions listed above, all students who enrolled during the
     Open Enrollment Period will participate in one lottery.

    Cards containing student names indicating their grade level and their
     siblings will be placed in the “lottery” drum by an Oxford Prep

    As the cards are randomly drawn by the Oxford Prep Representative, the
     announcer will call out the selected student’s name. If there is an opening,
     the student will be placed. Duplicate cards drawn as a result of
     preference weighting shall be discarded.

    If a student is placed in an opening, their sibling(s) will also be placed. If
     there is no opening for the sibling, the sibling will be placed on the Sibling
     Priority List for their grade level.

    Those students whose names are drawn after all spaces on the
     Placement List have been filled will be placed on the Waiting List in the
     order drawn.

    Once the selected students are placed on the Waiting list for their grade
     levels, siblings are no longer eligible for preference placement. This
     process will continue until all grade levels have been completed with all
     names drawn.

    Notification: A Placement List, Sibling Priority List, or Waiting List postcard
     will be mailed to the address on record to each applicant within 2 weeks
     following the lottery, informing them of the lottery results for their children.

Please be advised that grade level student/teacher ratios are estimates only. Oxford
Preparatory Academy reserves the right to alter the ratios while maintaining the total
school population that is agreed upon in the Charter Petition.

Revised 5/10/12

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