2012 2013 Student Handbook by 4Tt8737D


									                                  Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents & Students,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to OMS for the 2012-2013 school year.
Hopefully, you have had a great summer and are ready for the challenges and excitement of the
school year ahead. I am delighted to serve you as your Principal.

Please review the information in this handbook to make sure you are fully aware of policies and
procedures as stated herein. Also, the handbook serves as a planner for the year. Students need
to make good use of this handbook for keeping track of assignments and additional information.

I welcome you to Oxford Middle School and hope that you will be involved in making this the
best year ever. Please feel free to contact me with questions and/or concerns throughout the year
as needed. I encourage parents to take an active role in your child’s education. We need your
continued support to make this a rewarding experience for all involved.

Yours truly,
Mr. Kyle McCartney

                               OXFORD MIDDLE SCHOOL
                                 1750 U.S. Hwy 78 West
                                 Oxford, Alabama 36203
                                  Phone: (256) 241-3816
                                   Fax: (256) 241-3831

                                       Dr. Jeff Goodwin

        Principal…………………………………………………..Mr. Kyle McCartney
        Asst. Principal……………………………………………..Mrs. Paula Waits
        Asst. Principal……………………………………………..Mr. Phillip Morrison

Guidance Counselor                                       Office Personnel
Carla Gooden                                             Tammie Cline-Attendance Clerk
                                                         Joyce Jackson- Bookkeeper
                                                         Emily Bradley- Office Assistant
                           OXFORD MIDDLE SCHOOL
                                      OUR VISION

Our vision is to be THE leader in all aspects of education. From the time a child
enters kindergarten until graduation we want to provide the best instruction, extra-
curricular activities, facilities and services enabling our students to become
productive successful citizens

                                MISSION STATEMENT

The mission of the Oxford City School System, the focal point of a growing, diverse
community, is to ensure the academic success of all students through a student-
centered system of individualized instruction, highly qualified staff, exemplary
facilities, and effective use of all resources.

                                  OUR BELIEF
Based on the response of stakeholder groups, the Beliefs of the stakeholders of our
district are as follows:

   1.        Family is a primary influence of a child’s development
   2.        Each child deserves an environment that is safe and conducive to
   3.        Each child has a gift and, afforded the opportunity, is capable of success.
   4.        Learning is a lifelong process.
   5.        Character development is essential.
   6.        Each child deserves equal opportunity.
   7.        Higher expectations yield higher results.
   8.        Youth of today are the portrait of tomorrow.
   9.        Unlocking minds to explore and investigate is the key to learning.
   10.       Knowledge is the key to informed decision-making.


Oxford Middle School is committed to providing a quality education for all students
in an environment characterized by:

         •      Educators committed to young adolescents
         •      A shared vision
         •      High expectations for all
         •      An adult advocate for every student
         •      Family and community partnership
         •      A positive school climate

          Oxford Middle School will provide:

          •       Curriculum that is challenging, integrative, and exploratory
          •       Varied teaching and learning approaches
          •       Assessment and evaluation that promote learning
          •       Flexible organizational structures
          •       Programs and policies that foster health, wellness and safety
          •       Comprehensive guidance and support services

                                  SCHOOL CALENDAR

Holiday                                                     July 4

Teacher In-service (no classes)                             August 1-3

First Day of School                                         August 6

Labor Day (Holiday)                                         September 3

Fall Break                                                  October 8-12

Veterans Day                                                November 12

Thanksgiving Holidays                                       November 21-22

Christmas Break Begins                                      December 20

Teacher In-service                                          January 2

First Day for Students                                      January 7

Martin Luther King Holiday                                  January 21

President’s Day                                             February 18

Spring Break                                                March 25-29

High School Graduation / Last Day for students              May 23

Teacher In-service                                          May 24
**If changes occur, please check the Oxford City School website for details
In the event that days are missed because of weather or other extreme circumstances, school will
be in session on scheduled holidays, extending the system calendar, or by any other means
approved by the ALSDE until required days are made up. These make up days will be announced
by the Superintendent and the Board of Education.

                                 ATTENDANCE POLICY


Regular school attendance paired with good study habits contribute to the
attainment of a good education. On the other hand, poor attendance and inferior
study habits result in low educational achievement. Therefore, Oxford Middle
School encourages exemplary attendance habits.

Oxford Middle School students are subject to the attendance policy of the Oxford
City Board of Education as contained in the Code of Student Conduct.


In accordance with State Law, a parent/legal guardian/custodian MUST explain the
cause of every absence of student under his/her control or charge. Every student
MUST bring a written excuse signed by his/her parent/legal guardian/custodian or a
doctor’s excuse within three (3) days after he/she returns to school following any
absence(s). All excuses MUST include the student’s first and last names and the
reason for the absence. This includes check ins and outs! Failure to present the
signed note or doctor’s excuse within the time noted will result in the absence being

Students on school-approved trips are not counted absent from school while
participating in activities under the supervision of a school system employee. The
student is responsible for making up all classroom work missed while on the
approved trip within the same time frame as other make-up work.

A student will be excused for official religious holidays when the student’s
parent/legal guardian/custodian notifies the principal in advance for the student to
be absent for this purpose. Students shall be allowed to make up missed work
during such absences.
ALL absences shall be designated as “excused” or “unexcused” in accordance with
the following:

      1.     Excused absence-an absence is excused whenever the school receives a
             documented written doctor’s/legal excuse or documented written
             excuse from the parent/legal guardian/custodian within three days of
             an absence and meets state attendance requirements. Parent excuses
             will be limited to eight (8).

      Arrangements for make-up work are the responsibility of the student and
      must be made up within three (3) days after returning to school from an
      excused absence.

      Normally, arrangements and make-up work must be completed within a
      total of three (3) school days; however, for long-term absences, additional
      days to make up the work may be approved by the principal. Students
      assigned to TE (transition education) may make up tests and class work.
      Work assigned while a student is in TE will be submitted by the TE teacher
      when completed. An assignment to TE counts as an absence from class and
      not from school.

      2.     Unexcused absence-an absence is unexcused when the parent/legal
             guardian/custodian does not send a written note explaining the
             absence within three (3) days following the absence or when the
             nature of the absence is not for legitimate reasons as defined by
             Alabama law. This also includes ALL check-ins and check-outs!
             All student check-ins and check-outs are coded as unexcused until the
             proper excuse is presented within time noted. Stating a reason on the
             check-in or check-out slip is not sufficient and does not substitute for
             a written excuse received within 3 days of any absence whether for a
             full day or individual classes.

      Students will be allowed to make up work/tests missed during unexcused
      absences for ½ credit only, regardless of the circumstances.
      Assignments to out of school suspension constitute an unexcused absence
      from school and from individual classes.

      Students who are absent from school for an unexcused reason shall not
      participate in any school extracurricular or co-curricular activities that day
      (athletic contest, cheerleading, scholar’s bowl. etc).

      Absences not falling in the excusable category involving necessary trips or
      attendance at events that are not part of a school function will only be
excused if a notice is received in writing prior to the absence requesting that
the absence be excused with full details of the reason to the attention of the
principal. Approval needs to be in place prior to the absence and will be
based on regular school attendance records. NO absences will be
administratively excused during state testing dates.

                             EIGHT-DAY RULE

Students should note that any combination of absences; whether excused or
unexcused that total more than eight per semester may result in non-
promotion pending summer school attendance. (extra fee required). Period
attendance in excess of 8 periods missed will count for that individual class
and will be calculated and included in this count and a semester grade of NC
recorded until time is made up.

An absence, for whatever reason, excused or unexcused, is still an absence
and counts toward the limit of eight per semester.

Exceptions: Recommendation for waiver by the principal and approval by
the superintendent or designee.

Students should be aware that checking out of school, regardless of reason,
constitutes an absence for the periods missed.


Adequate time is allowed for class change between periods. Consequently,
tardies will not be allowed unless a teacher or office personnel detain a
student. Students tardy to class for these reasons must have a pass from the
detaining teacher. Late arriving buses will be announced from the office.

Three unexcused tardies to any one class will result in a discipline report
being completed and an assignment to TE.

The school day begins at 7:30 a.m. All students should be in class and ready
to start the day at 7:25 a.m. The building is open beginning at 7:05 a.m. to
receive students. Students should not arrive prior to 7:05 a.m. Students who
arrive at school after 7:30 a.m. must report to the main office accompanied
by a parent. All late arrivals after 7:30 (1st period/block) will spend the
remainder of the 1st period/block in TE.

Although students placed in TE are counted present in school, students and
parents should remember that absences from class due to tardies are
                                 LATE PICK UPS
Car riders should be picked up no later than 3:15p.m. Three (3) late pick
ups will result in a discipline report being completed and an assignment to
T.E. Parents will use the outside circle for picking up students in the
afternoon. Students will not be allowed to walk through traffic for safety
reasons. Parents are asked to be cooperative and patient during this process.
Students will be directed to load when cars are in place near the front of the
building. Cars will be directed out at the same time. If your child failed to
load at the appropriate time, you will need to move with the group and go
around to get back in line.

                               CHECK –IN/OUT

Students who desire to leave school may do so if sign-out procedures have
been properly followed. All check-in/outs will be in the main office and will
be recorded. A check out is defined as leaving school prior to the end of the
respective school’s regular daily activities. Check outs shall be considered
unexcused absences from those class periods missed unless evidence is
presented to the principal or designee by the parent/legal guardian/custodian
establishing an excusable reason. Failure to present a signed note or doctor’s
excuse will result in the absence being marked unexcused. Students desiring
to check out during the school day may do so within the constraints of the
provisions listed below:

1.     A student’s parent/legal guardian/custodian MUST come to the school
       in person to check in/out his/her child out of school. Only persons
       specifically designated by the parent/legal guardian/custodian may
       check a student out of school when the parent is unable to do so. The
       designated person must present a valid driver’s license or other
       picture identification to school officials as verification of their identity
       prior to the student’s release into their care.
2.     Students may not sign out on the basis of notes or phone calls from
       parents or others.
3.     Any class time missed due to checking in or checking out will
       constitute an absence in the class(es) missed.
4.     If time is missed from an academic class for a dentist, doctor, or legal
       appointment, the missed time will be counted as an excused absence if
       the excuse is received within three (3) days. Excuses are needed for
       check outs as well.
5.     Stating a reason at the time of check-in/out will not suffice as an
       excuse. A parent note or doctor excuse must be received within 3 days
       to excuse the absence for classes missed. A parent note may be written
       at the tie of the check out.
                              TRUANCY PROCEDURES

Truancy procedures are as follows for Oxford Middle School:

*1st Truancy/unexcused absence will result in parent notification.
*No earlier than the5th unexcused absence, the student will be referred to Juvenile
*No earlier than the7th unexcused absence, a petition will be filed in Juvenile Court
against the student and parent.


Oxford Middle School provides state of the art technology for use by students and
faculty. Computer use means the computer itself along with all of the accessories
and peripherals used in connection with the computer such as, but not limited to,
the servers, backup drives, backup disks, network servers, communication servers,
modems. Internet access software, CD ROM, CD drives, printers, software, stored
data, computer hardware, e-mail and any and all data and programs used on the
computers, are all property of the Oxford City Board of Education.

All use of computers must be to further educational goals and objectives. Students
are to adhere to the Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Policies as set by the Oxford
City Board of Education as published in the Student Code of Conduct and
administered by Oxford Middle School Staff.

Students are responsible for acceptable behavior while using technology at OMS.
Violations may result in a loss of access as well as other disciplinary or legal action.

                             SCHOOL OPERATIONS
                           ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS

In order for a new student to enter the Oxford City School System, the student must
be properly registered. Oxford Middle School requires the following:
       1.      Proof of residence in the Oxford City limits
       2.      Copy of Social Security Card
       3.      Proper Immunization Documentation (Blue Form)
       4.      Transfer Form (from other Alabama School System) or other
               Documentation showing proper withdrawal from previous school
       5.      Most recent report card from previous school
       6.      Power bill
       7.      Certified birth certificate-if participation in extra-curricular activities
               is anticipated.
        **Oxford City Schools complies with all requirements of the McKinney-Vento Homeless
       Assistance Act.
                                     SCHOOL HOURS

A minimum of six hours of instruction is scheduled for the school day, not including
lunch. Oxford Middle School will open doors daily at 7:05a.m. for early arrivals to
report to designated rooms within their area. Students participating in the breakfast
program should report directly to the cafeteria upon arrival to school. Students may
disperse to their first period class at 7:20a.m. School begins at 7:25 in first period.
Arrivals after 7:30 are considered tardy and must report to the main office and sign
in. All late students will report to TE for 1st period and will be counted absent for
that academic class. School is dismissed at 3:05p.m. Oxford Middle School office
hours are from 7:00a.m. until 4:00p.m.

Students participating in school endorsed and/or sponsored events and trips should
be aware that all policies/requirements of Oxford Middle School apply regardless of
time of day and/or day of the week.


State owned textbooks are loaned to students for use in various subjects and, as
such, should be treated as borrowed property. It is the responsibility of the student
to take care of the textbooks assigned to him/her and avoid loss or damage.

Any book that is lost or destroyed must be paid for before a replacement is issued to
the student. Damage fees will be assessed for books damaged beyond the reasonable
wear expected during the school year.

                        RETURNED CHECK POLICY

A $30.00 additional charge will be added for any check returned to the school for
insufficient funds. Should two checks drawn on the same account be returned, we
reserve the right to refuse to accept future checks on the account.


The reporting system used at Oxford Middle School is designed to inform students
and parents of test results and other evaluations concerning achievement/growth.
      The following grading system is used at Oxford Middle School:

                                   100-90         A
                                   89- 80         B
                                   79-70          C
                                   69-60          D
                                   59 and below   F
To comply with the system-wide reporting period, report cards will be issued four
times per year on designated dates. In addition, progress reports are issued at the
midpoint of each grading period. Progress reports and report cards must be signed
by parents and returned to the homeroom teacher the following day.

Seventh and Eighth grade students will be promoted to the next grade if they
maintain a yearly academic average of 60 or above in all academic areas. A student
will be retained if they have a yearly average below 60 in either Math or Language
Arts. A student may elect to attend summer school (requires an extra fee) if he/she
receives a failing grade in either Math or Language Arts. Student must pass
summer school satisfactorily, according to grading policy, to be promoted to the
next grade. Maximum grade average attained in summer school will be 70%.

Examinations are administered periodically to students in order to better evaluate
academic progress. During each nine-week grading period, a minimum of three
major tests and six (6) additional assignments/projects will be given. All OMS
students are required to take comprehensive nine-week examinations in each
academic course in which they are enrolled.

                         ACADEMIC STRUCTURE

The Oxford Middle School Staff includes faculty members, support personnel and
cafeteria staff. The school consists of five academic teams. Teams are situated in
wings according to grade level and team. Each academic team consists of four to six
academic teachers to allow for interdisciplinary planning. Lead teams of teachers
operate within each grade, developing inter-disciplinary and cross-curriculum
projects. Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading Enrichment, P.E.
and an Elective are taught in each grade. Math and Language Arts are 90 minute
blocks, Science and Social studies are 45 minutes each during one block of time,
Elective and P.E. share a block of time with 45 minutes each. Enrichment is a 45
minute block. The following Electives are offered:

7th Grade
Computer Applications/Teen Discoveries
Exploratory French Culture
Creative Writing
Digital Piano
Broadcast Journalism
Scholars Bowl
8th Grade
Computer Applications/Teen Connections
Spanish I
Exploratory French Culture
Creative Writing
Digital Piano
Broadcast Journalism
Scholars Bowl

Administrative costs are as follows:
Locker - $15.00
Elective - $15.00
P.E. Locker - $5.00
(Student must provide a combination lock for P.E. locker.)


The objective of the Guidance Department is to assist each student in social and
school adjustment. The counselor attempts to achieve this objective through
individual and group conferences.
Students: You are encouraged to seek help from the school counselor whenever
needed. If you arrive in the Guidance Office to see the counselor and she is
unavailable at that time, sign the visitor sheet (name, time and date) and report to
class immediately. The guidance counselor will send for you at the earliest possible
Teachers: Do not release any student from your class to see a guidance counselor
unless you receive a written request from the guidance office. (Exception: Obvious
emergency) Do send an email or referral form so the student can be seen as quickly
as possible.
Counselor: Each student leaving the Guidance Office should have a pass clearly
stating the date and time.
Parents: If you have any questions or concerns for your child’s guidance counselor,
please call the office and schedule an appointment. This will allow the guidance
office to prepare for your appointment and ensure a productive meeting.
Referral Forms: A guidance referral form should be completed by the teacher or
student when counseling is needed. This form can be sent with the student or placed
in the guidance mailbox.

Parents and teachers are encouraged to communicate often to discuss student
progress, problems, or concerns. Conferences will be arranged at the request of a
parent, teacher, or administrator. Conferences are scheduled through the
counselor’s office. Conferences are generally scheduled during team planning time
to accommodate teachers of all academic areas. This allows the parent to meet with
the entire team of teachers at one time.


The school telephone system is for business only. Students are not permitted to send
or receive telephone messages. Should it become necessary to contact a parent
because of student illness, school personnel will call. Parents are asked not to call to
leave messages for students except in cases of emergency. Messages for
transportation changes for students will be by parental note only to the principal.
This cannot be done by phone for the safety of the student.

Parents or guardians wishing to speak to a teacher are asked to call the school office
and leave a message for the teacher to return the call. Teachers do not leave classes
unattended to return a call; however, they will return the call at a time not assigned
for teaching.

Guidance counselors and principals are available to receive calls from a
parent/guardian as they are placed; however, should they not be free to speak to the
parent/guardian at the time of the call, they will return the call as soon as possible.

                               SCHOOL CLOSING

When in the opinion of the superintendent, weather conditions are too hazardous
for safe operations, school will not be open. This judgment will be made before
6:30a.m.; the decision will be released to the news media by the superintendent’s
office. Students/parents should listen to the radio for announcements. Please tune
your radios to local media outlets. Reminder: Please listen for Oxford City Schools.

The school system also has an automatic calling system that will allow you to receive
updates on any school closings or school delays at your primary phone number. You
will need to keep the school fully informed on any changes in current address or
phone information in order to assure that you will receive this service.
If conditions become hazardous during the school day, the superintendent will
consider the best interest of the students in deciding whether the schools should stay
open or close. Attempts to notify parents will be made using the local media.
NOTE: Parents and students should plan for the possibility of early release due to
weather. Please inform your child where to go should buses have to run early.


For the security of our students and to minimize interruptions to the instructional
program, all visitors must report to the school office upon their arrival, sign in and
receive a school visitor badge. A new system (CCSS) has been installed to help
process this information and print a badge. Please ask one of the ladies in the front
office for assistance if needed. If a conference with a teacher is desired, an
appointment should be scheduled in advance through the school counselor. This
will help avoid conflicts and assure timely assistance.

                       FLOWER OR GIFT DELIVERY

The delivery of flowers, balloons, teddy bears or other gifts for Valentine’s Day, a
student’s birthday or for any other reason is not permitted. The office will NOT
accept these deliveries.


No student should be in the hallways other than class changes without a pass. The
pass should have the student’s name, date, time, destination, and signature of
teacher issuing permission. No student is allowed in the hallway other than during
class changes without a pass. It must be filled out completely and legibly, and be
signed by a faculty member. No student may use the log in another student’s
planner as his/her pass. Teachers reserve the right to refuse passage to any student
for any non-emergency matter.
                              STUDENT CONCERNS


Oxford Middle School students are expected to conduct themselves with the highest
standards of behavior and self discipline. The following rules will be enforced
throughout the school day.

                                  Oxford Middle School

1.   Be prepared for class daily.
2.   Follow instructions the first time given.
3.   Be respectful to others.
4.   Keep hands and feet to yourself at all times.
5.   Be responsible.

Teachers are responsible for managing the behavior in their classrooms. Whenever
behavior problems become repetitive or severe, students are sent, with proper
documentation, to the assistant principal. Any time a student is referred to the office
for a discipline problem, a copy of the discipline form will be sent to the parents. It
is the responsibility of the student to deliver the copy to his/her parents. An effort to
contact the parent by phone will be made.

Examples of disciplinary measures by the classroom teacher include warnings,
conferences, parent contact, discipline assignments, withholding of privileges, and
detention (with proper parent notification). Examples of administrative disciplinary
measures, in addition to the above list, include required parent conferences,
corporal punishment, in-school suspension, or out of school suspension. In extreme
or continuous situations, students may be referred to the superintendent for
recommendation of a disciplinary hearing.

                       Gifted Program and Referral for Services

Gifted students are those who perform at or who have demonstrated the potential to
perform at high levels in academic or creative fields when compared to others of
their age, experience, or environment. These students require services not ordinarily
provided by the regular school program. Students possessing these abilities can be
found in all populations, across all economic strata, and in all areas of human

Teachers, counselors, administrators, parents, guardians, peers, self, or any other
individuals with knowledge of the student's abilities may refer a student for gifted
screening. Additionally, all second grade students will be screened for gifted
referral. This screening process will analyze gifted behaviors, creative and
academic talents. Students will be taught a series of lessons which will produce work
samples and products that will be used in the screening process.

For each student referred, information is gathered in areas of Aptitude,
Characteristics, and Performance. The information is entered on a matrix where
points are assigned according to established state criteria. The total number of
points determines if the student qualifies for gifted serviced.

To make a referral for screening, contact the school’s guidance counselor.

All transportation programs shall be operated in accordance with provisions of The
Code of Alabama and State Board of Education rules and regulations. The primary
consideration of the transportation program shall be the safety and welfare of the
The policies listed below shall be followed by students when being transported via
Board-owned vehicles, including the activity buses:

   1.     Students should observe classroom conduct (except for ordinary
          conversation) at all times when getting on, off, or riding the bus shall be
          subject to all school rules and regulations applicable during regular
          school hours.
   2.     Students will board and leave the bus only at an approved stop.
   3.     Students should not attempt to talk to the bus driver while the bus is in
   4.     Students will not throw objects from the bus at any time.
   5.     Students are not to get off the bus at any time from the point of departure
          until they reach their destination, except in cases of emergency and upon
          notification of the bus driver by written note, signed by the student’s
          parent(s) legal guardian(s)/custodian(s) and school principal.
   6.     Students should not have their arms or any parts of their bodies out of
          the windows at any time.
   7.     Students should remain seated until the bus comes to a full stop. Do not
          move around while the bus is in motion.
   8.     The bus driver has full authority over the students while they are riding
          the bus; he/she will be firm but fair with each student. Failure to obey a
          driver can result in suspension from riding the bus by the school
          principal. Violations will be reported promptly to the local principal by
          the driver.
   9.     Profane, indecent, or abusive language will not be permitted.
   10.    Students must exercise proper care and treatment of the bus and bus
          equipment at all times. Abuse and damage to the bus must be paid for by
          the student or his/her parent/legal guardian/custodian.
   11.    No food, candy, drinks, etc. are allowed on the bus.
   12.     Students are not allowed to bring hand-held electronic games or CD
           players on the bus.
   13.     The principal is authorized to suspend a student’s transportation
           privilege to whom transportation is provided by the Board due to
           misconduct or misbehavior while in route to and from school.

   Student transportation for selected activities is provided by the Board as a
   service to the students of the School System. The Board reserves the right to
   deny a student or students the privilege of being transported at public expense,
   provided the policies and school rules and regulations outlined above are not
   followed. Regular procedures are as follows: 1st Notice- note home; 2nd Notice-
   Phone call from office; 3rd Notice- 3 day bus suspension; 4th Notice-1 week bus
   suspension; 5th Notice- 2 week bus suspension; 6th Notice- bus suspension for the
   remainder of the year. Fighting and other Class II infractions which interfere
   with the safe operation of the bus may warrant immediate bus suspension on the
   1st occurrence.

                      DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION

Parents and students must immediately notify Oxford Middle School of any changes
that occur with their demographic information. This includes all changes of address
and all phone numbers (home, work, cell, etc.). Also, parents must update their
student’s medical information whenever necessary. This information is critical
because of a parent-school communication about the student’s academic and
emergency welfare.


If a student is required to take any prescription or nonprescription medication
during school hours and the parent cannot be at school to administer the
medication, only the school nurse or the principal’s designee will administer the
medication in compliance with the guidelines for administering medication to
students as contained in the Oxford City School’s Code of Student Conduct.

A School Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization form must be completed by a
parent/legal guardian/custodian and registered with a designated school official for
each medication given at school. At the beginning of the school year and/or before
any medication is given at school, written authorization to the school administrator
or designee to administer or assist in the administration of the medication must be
given. Students who need medication, first aid, or other medical services should
report to the nurse.
NOTE: No student is allowed to have any type of medication, prescription or non-
prescription, in his/her possession while on the campus of Oxford Middle School.

Participation in athletics and cheerleading requires responsibility on the part of the
student to maintain certain academic standards. All students participating in the
above-noted extracurricular activities shall meet the eligibility requirements as set
by the Alabama High School Athletic Association and the Alabama State
Department of Education.

A student must maintain satisfactory citizenship if he/she is to represent Oxford
Middle School. A student will not be allowed to participate in any extra-curricular
activity if suspended (in-school or out-of-school) on the day of the activity. Also, a
student must be present in excess of ½ day in order to participate in after school
activities (games, meetings, practices, etc.).

                           PHYSICAL EDUCATION

Students will be required to participate in physical education each day. Lockers are
furnished in the P.E. dressing area. A fee of $5 will be charged for use of a P.E.
locker. Students are to provide their own combination locks. Lockers are to be kept
locked at all times and are not to be shared. P.E. teachers will provide information
to students on the type and style of dress required for P.E. classes. Students will
dress out and be required to wear appropriate shoes. A physician’s statement will
be required if a student is unable to participate in physical activity or dress out for
extended periods. In these cases, alternate assignments will be provided to earn
credits based on content covered in the regular classroom.

                            APPROPRIATE DRESS

It is the policy of Oxford Middle School for students to dress sensibly, neatly and
reasonably. Dress and appearance must not cause health or safety problems or
cause disruption/distraction from the learning environment as determined by the
classroom teacher. Guidelines to be followed are the Grooming and Dress Code as
contained in the Oxford City Schools’ Code of Student Conduct as well as the local
school guidelines that follow. The principal or assistant principal will make the
final judgment as to the appropriateness of a student’s dress.

Should a student wear inappropriate clothing, the principal or assistant principal has
the authority to withhold the student from classes until acceptable standards are met.
The student will be considered unexcused from class for whatever time it takes to
conform to the dress code. Continued violations of the dress code will be viewed as
unfavorable and will result in disciplinary action.
Good grooming and personal appearance are essential elements in the teaching and
learning process. Therefore, it is expected that students dress in such a manner that
will ensure health and safety, and not detract from the learning environment.
Furthermore, dress and personal appearance are not to be disruptive or interfere
with the educational interest and welfare of the students or the purposes of public

   1.     Students must be neatly dressed, clean and well-groomed while at school.
   2.     Shoes must be worn at all times by all students. Open-toed shoes are
          permitted BUT no spiked heels may be worn.
   3.     Shirts and blouses should have modest and appropriate necklines, arm
          openings, and closures. Bare midriff tops, open backs, halters and
          transparent garments should not be worn. (Sleeveless shirts must have a
          width of at least the width of a credit card.)
   4.     Clothing or paraphernalia related to or associated with gang affiliation or
          activity are prohibited. Belongings and garments must be void of
          controversial writings, drawings and decals. This includes, but is not
          limited to, those which show alcoholic beverages or tobacco products,
          have obscene or suggestive statements and/or extremist groups, show fire
          arms, or which otherwise create a hostile and/or offensive learning
   5.     Dresses or skirts may be no shorter than 4 inches above the middle of the
          kneecap and 4 inches above the bend of the knee in the back. Shorts shall
          be no shorter than 17 inches in length along the outside seam beginning at
          the waistband or no shorter than 5 inches from the middle of the kneecap.
          Cut-off garments are not permitted and undergarments must be worn.
   6.     Pants must cover the pelvic girdle (hip bones). “Slacking” will not be
          permitted and belts must be worn if pants/shorts have belt loops. Form
          fitting garments and any type of underwear are not permitted as
          outerwear. Sweat pants, pajama pants, and wind pants are not
          permitted. No oversized and/or undersized pants and shirts are allowed.
   7.     Sunglasses, hats, caps, bandannas, or any other head covering may not be
          worn or brought on campus. Consideration will be given to extenuating
   8.     Garments with holes, rips, or tears must be properly repaired at all
          points above dress/short length.
   9.     Physical education and lab classes may develop additional dress codes to
          promote safety for all students or to allow for mobility for specific
   10.    With approval of the principal and superintendent, activity sponsors may
          establish more restrictive rules for dress and grooming as a prerequisite
          for membership or participation in specific activities.
   11.    The principal or his/her designee will make the final judgment as to
          whether or not a student’s clothing is appropriate for school wear. Attire
            for special days and after school activities must be pre-approved by the
   12.      Facial jewelry is prohibited (this includes tongue and nasal piercings, etc.)
            Visible tattoos, grills, and anything that draws attention to oneself in a
            manner that may be disruptive to the educational process is prohibited.
   13.      Shirts, t-shirts and blouses must remain tucked in pants or skirts when
            seated or standing. Shirts will be considered too short if they do not
            remain tucked in when a student’s hands are raised above their head, or
            if an appropriate garment is not present underneath and tucked.
   14.      Hair shall be clean and well groomed. No fluorescent or unduly
            distracting hair colors are allowed. Hair styles or accessories that draw
            undue attention or distract from the educational process are prohibited.
            Dyes and paints are not to be placed on any part of a student’s body.
   15.      Students are prohibited from wearing any items which could be used as a
            weapon. This includes but is not limited to chains, metal spiked apparel
            or any other ornamental jewelry that could inflict potential injury on the
            wearer or another student.
   16.      Only sweaters and sweatshirts that do not cover the pants pockets may be
            worn during the school day.
   17.      Any coats heavier than a sweater-type jacket worn to school must be
            placed in lockers as students arrive at school and picked up at the end of
            the day. Light-weight jackets may be worn but must remain unzipped at
            all times.
   18.      No purses larger than 8 ½ X 11 in. will be allowed. Oxford Middle
            School is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
   19.      Game day apparel purchased in spirit packs may be worn by athletes on
            game days only.

 In an effort to comply with the Oxford City Board Policy and ensure the safety of
the students Oxford Middle School, the following procedures will be followed when
students are found in possession of a cell phone or other electronic device on school
campus. If a student is found to be using a cell phone/electronic device in any way
during school hours, disciplinary action (in addition to the consequences listed
below) will be enforced.

         1st offense-Device will be confiscated, and the parent of the offending student
                     can sign a release form to pick up the phone from the office the
                     following school day after 7:30 AM.
         2nd offense-Device will be confiscated and returned to parent after 4 weeks.
         3rd offense-Device will be confiscated and returned to the parent after 9
                     weeks or student will be suspended out of school for no less than
                     two days and parent may pick device up in office.
         4th offense-Device will be confiscated and returned to the parent at the end of
                  the current school year.

       Lockers may be obtained at orientation on a first come, first served basis.
       When a student is assigned a locker, he/she shares the locker with the school
       as a co-tenant and the school has the right to conduct periodic searches in
       order to look for contraband items and/or overdue library books. Students
       who are found abusing the lockers, tampering with lockers, or attempting to
       open lockers in any manner that bypasses the combination will lose locker
       privileges and be subject to disciplinary action. Students ARE NOT to share
       their locker combinations. Contact paper must not be applied to any part of
       the locker. Lockers are not to be shared with another student!


The purpose of Transitional Education is to discipline students by depriving them of
the social aspects of school while allowing them to continue their academic progress.
Students assigned to T.E. will remain there under supervision for a specified length
of time. The students will perform class work all day. This procedure is in effect
every day of the T.E. assignment. The students’ teachers will provide work.
An administrator and/or classroom teachers will monitor those students operating
under an IEP periodically.

       1.     Students must report each day assigned by 7:30 a.m. with all
              textbooks, paper, pencils and any other necessary materials.
       2.     Students who check out during the day will not receive credit for that
              day and will have an additional day assigned.
       3.     Students who arrive late to Transition Education will have an
              additional day assigned.
       4.     If a student is truant from Transition Education, additional days
              days will be assigned.
       5.     Students will be assigned to an individual/desk study area. Student
              cannot leave the desk/study area without permission.
       6.     There will be no talking, writing or passing of notes, books, or
              periodicals from one student to another.
       7.     Students will not be allowed to talk, chew gum, sleep, or move about
              for any purpose.
       8.     Students must satisfactorily complete assignments daily. Additional
              days may be assigned if the work is not satisfactorily completed.
       9.     Students are responsible for having their homework completed upon
              return to the regular classroom.
       10.    Students are scheduled to go to the restroom twice daily; once in the
              morning and once in the afternoon.
       11.    Lunch is served in the T.E. classroom. Students stay at their
              desk and eat alone.
       12.    Any misbehavior or failure to follow the above rules may result in
              additional days or out of school suspension.

NOTE:         Students will be limited to a maximum of 6 days per
              semester of transition education. After the 6 days, offenses
              warranting transition education may result in out of school

                           HEALTH AND SAFETY

                                 FOOD SERVICE

Children need healthy meals to learn. Oxford City Schools offers healthy meals
every school day. Your child may qualify for free or reduced price meals. The Free
and Reduced Price Meals Application may be printed off the internet
(www.oxford.k12.al.us) under CHILD NUTRITION PROGRAM or is available in
the school’s main office. A parent needs to complete one application per household
regardless of which schools their children attend.

Each student may purchase a meal with cash or on a personal meal account. A meal
account may be credited by cash, personal check, money orders, or using on-line
payment (www.EZSchoolPay.com) with a Visa or Mastercard. The parent will need
their child’s lunch account number before any money can be credited to the
accounts using EZSchoolPay. To access this, go to the system website:
www.oxfordcityschools.com and Click on: Resources for Parents & Students, then
Click on: Pay for school lunches (EZ School Pay), New Account? – Go to “parents
sign up Now” and follow prompts. Already Signed Up? – Go to “log-In” using your
email address and password. Once logged in, you can go to: My accounts: View
personal information and payment methods, My Students: Add or edit student
accounts and view account balances, On-line Credits: Add money to student’s
account. If a parent needs more information or needs to obtain the child’s lunch
account number, feel free to call the Oxford Middle Cafeteria at 241-3827, Judy
Pearce, Manager.

Students are not allowed to bring competitive foods (McDonald’s, Taco Bell, etc.)
into the cafeteria during the school day. Food may only be eaten in the cafeteria
during the lunch period. Snacks are not permitted at Oxford Middle School except
as sold on Tuesday and Thursday of each week and meet state health guidelines.
It is the responsibility of the student and parent to provide lunch money. The school
cannot loan lunch money or give credit.
                              CAFETERIA RULES

   1.      All students must report quietly and orderly to the cafeteria with their
           teacher at the assigned time. Do not “go ahead” or “trail behind” your
           class. Students will move to the lunchroom in a single file line. There will
           be no talking in the hallway. Once dismissed from the lunchroom, the
           students will return to class in a straight line, with no talking.
   2.      Students are not allowed to go to their locker or restroom while going to
           and from the cafeteria unless it is a set time for that team approved by
   3.      No student should leave the cafeteria unsupervised.
   4.      No breaking in line. Remain in single file.
   5.      Sit at your assigned table(s) throughout your lunch session. No
           wandering around or visiting with others. No student should get out of
           his/her seat except to dispose of trash and trays and should follow routes
           as designated to avoid traffic jams.
   6.      Keep noise level to a minimum
   7.      No trash should be left at your table.
   8.      Remain at your assigned table until dismissed. Teachers will dismiss
           students from lunch only after tables have been inspected for cleanliness.

   Water can be purchased for $.15 if desired (a cup of ice will be the same cost).
   Milk comes with the meal. If a medical note is on file with the school nurse, a
   juice meeting certain specifications can be substituted for the milk.


   Oxford Middle School has formulated a protection plan for meeting various
   disaster possibilities in a manner considered to offer the greatest protection for
   the students. Each such plan includes the following provisions:

        ** Procedures to follow for the immediate physical safety and sheltering of
           of students in an emergency.
        ** Manner of operation for continuing the care of students until they can be
           released to family members.

                         FIRE DRILL PROCEDURES

Fire drills will be conducted regularly. The procedures listed will evacuate the
building quickly and safely. Procedures and routes are posted in each classroom.
        1.       Signal to evacuate the building in the event of a fire will be
                 announced. When announced, students should be quiet and attentive,
                 listening for and following the teacher’s directions.
        2.       Teacher/Students will immediately exit the building in single file.
        3.       Students will move calmly

                            SEVERE WEATHER PROCEDURES

        In the event of extreme weather conditions, the following protective measures
        will be followed:
                1.     Map detailing “safe areas” in the event of severe weather is
                       posted in each classroom.
                2.     Movement to protected area will be initiated by voice
                3.     Students will move, under teacher direction, orderly and
                       quietly, to the designated “safe area”.
                4.     Teachers will carry grade book to assembly area and see that
                       classroom door is closed.
                5.     Students are to sit with their backs to the wall and remain
                       quiet. If warned by voice command of imminent danger,
                       students will face the wall, using books and coats to cover their
                       head, arms and legs.
                6.     Return to classroom will be an “all clear” signal by voice

NOTE: When the school is placed under a tornado warning,
administrators will use their judgment in making decisions which affect
the safety of the students.

                                       POLICY STATEMENT

Oxford Middle School students are subject to the policies of the Oxford City Board of Education as
contained in Code of Student Conduct and to the rules and regulations of Oxford Middle School as
detailed in the Oxford Middle School Student Handbook or as communicated by the Administration.

Inquiries or complaints regarding compliance with federal regulations may be directed to Title IX
and Title VI coordinator, Mrs. Debbie Nothdurft, or Section 504, Mrs. Merry Albright, Oxford City
Board of Education, 310 East Second Street, Oxford, Alabama 36203; Phone 256-241-3140.

                            STATEMENT OF NON-DISCRIMINATION

It is the policy of the Oxford City Board of Education that no person shall, on the grounds of race,
color, disability, sex, religion, creed, national origin or age, be excluded from participation in, be
denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program, activity or employment.
I, ______________________________________ (student), enrolled in Oxford Middle School
verify that I have received a copy of the Oxford Middle School Student Handbook and
realize that it is my responsibility to review the contents of this document with my

Student Signature: ______________________________________________________


I, ____________________________________________ (student), enrolled in Oxford Middle
  School and my parents(s)/guardian hereby acknowledge by our signatures that we have
 received and read, or had read to us, and understand the following Oxford Middle School
                                    Student Handbook.

(Parent/Guardian Signature)_______________________________________________

(Student Signature)    _____________________________________________________

(Date) __________________________________________________________________

Note: Please detach this page after signing and have the student return it to their first
period teacher. This acknowledgement will become part of the student’s cumulative file.


Yo, ______________________________________ (estudiante), inscrito en Oxford Middle
School verifico que he recibido una copia del Manual de Estudiante de Oxford Middle
School y me doy cuenta que es mi responsabilidad de reviser los contenido de este
documento con mi(s) padres(s)/guardian.
Firma de Estudiante: __________________________________________________

__________________________________________ (estudiante), inscrito en Oxford Middle
School y mi(s) padre(s)/guardian por la presente reconocemos por nuestras firmas que
hemos recibido y hemos leido o nosh an leido, y entendemos el siguiente Manual de
Estudiante de Oxford Middle School.

(Firma del Padre/Guardian) _____________________________________________

(Firma del Estudiante) __________________________________________________

(Fecha) _______________________________________________________________

Nota: Por favor separe esta pagina despues de firmar y haga que el estudiante lo devuelva a
su maestro de primer periodo. Este reconocimiento se hara parte del archive del estudiante.
                  HALL PASS
Date   Depart   Destination   Return   Teacher

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