Canadian Oxford School Atlas -7th Edition by 3WB757y


									                           Canadian Oxford School Atlas -7th Edition

1. When was the atlas published? Why is it important to check the date an atlas was published?

2. Using the Table of Contents (p.2), locate the following maps and record the corresponding page

   Canadian Thematic: Natural Vegetation, Forestry __________
   Asia: Population and Communications ___________
   World: Climate regions ___________

3. Turn to p. 120-121. List the 5 major headings that identify the information to be found on these

4. Turn to p.144. What language is the most widely spoken?

5. How many people speak English?

6. Turn to p.140. What 2 continents have the largest energy consumption?

7. Turn to p. 131. What country has the highest population density?

8. Turn to p. 126. What two types of info are shown by the circle graphs?

9. Turn to p. 185. What was the population of Canada in 1996?

10. Turn to p. 62. How much rain does Recife receive in June? What is the average temperature at
    this time?
11. Turn to p. 158. Why does this atlas have 2 gazateer?

12. Look up Edmonton, Alberta in the Gazeteer of Canada. What page do you find it on? What is the
    latitude and longitude?

13. Look up Dalhousie, New Brunswick. What is the latitude and longitude?

14. Look up Johannesburg, South Africa. What is the latitude and longitude?

15. On what page of the atlas would you find the Dominican Republic. What is its capital city?

16. Turn to p. 110-111. What cities are located at the following locations.

   35˚S 140˚E     ________________________________

   49˚N 122˚W ________________________________

   36˚N 140˚E     ________________________________

17. What two types of scale does this map have?

18. What does one centimeter represent on this map?

19. Flip through the atlas. Why are some maps brightly colored and others have only browns and

20. Turn to p. 36. What kinds of information can you gather from satellite images?

21. When might you need to use an atlas?

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