WIGGINTON PARISH COUNCIL
               (Draft) Minutes of the meeting held on 27 June 2012
                           at 7.00pm in the Village Hall
Present:    Councillors: Ian Malcolm in the Chair, Maureen Gray, Patricia Long, Hilary Stratton,
            Ray Fazey
            With the Clerk (Velda Grobler) in attendance.

1. Code of Conduct
   The Chairman explained the calling of this additional meeting to the year’s plan – owing to
   need to address CDC’s request concerning the new Code of Conduct by end of June. After
   assessment, it was resolved that (1) the Code of Conduct adopted by Cherwell District
   Council be adopted as the code for members of the Wigginton Parish Council with effect
   from 1 July 2012, and (2) the Clerk be requested to notify the Monitoring Officer of the
   Cherwell District Council of the passing of the above resolution.

2. New Clerk
   Since receiving letter of resignation from current Clerk, applicants for the post had been
   sought by advertisement on notice boards and website, and by personal approaches. No
   local had been found, but an Oxford-based applicant had been located through a
   parishioner. Her CV was first discussed, and the Chairman closed the meeting once she
   had arrived for interview. When the meeting re-opened Councillors decided to assess the
   situation over the coming days before coming to a mutual decision.

3. Website assessment
   R. Fazey requested a photo and brief notes from each Councillor, to be inserted onto the
   website, to aid recognition by parishioners. Wigginton Village Hall Committee had now
   submitted information, and it was agreed that they would not be charged for this, in the
   same way that the PC was not charged for use of the Village Hall. Classified adverts would
   be free, to encourage use of website, but business advertisement would be chargeable.
   There was much gratitude for all Ray’s work; he stated that no payment was owed yet.

4. Winter Preparedness Response
   M Gray had attended the Parish Liaison meeting at CDC on 13 June, and had completed
   and submitted the 2011/12 Winter Weather Feedback form. She had expressed PC’s
   frustration over the changed policy and inadequacy of OCC response, during the
   challenging winter weather conditions. It was now agreed that request be made to OCC
   for “Road Closed” signs for PC to display when appropriate at foot of the hill on road to
   A361 (and at junction on A361) in order to prevent vehicles becoming stuck there. A salt
   bin was needed on the hill, but this was not in Wigginton parish. The priority route out of
   village was from pub to the Hook Norton road, then from the Mill to South Newington.
   Maureen to pursue possibilities with OCC. B Coleman could be requested to clear priority
   roads, at cost to PC funds.

5. Any Other Business
   Standing Orders. Need for PC to adopt Standing Orders, as explained in the Parish
   Liaison meeting, in order to address vulnerabilities in PX procedures. M Gray had
   identified relevant examples
   Electricity supply. Enterprise currently replacing electric poles and transformers around
   village, with supply interrupted on occasion.
   Jubilee celebrations had been highly successful and enjoyable. Thanks expressed to
   H Stratton for arranging the marquee, and to M Gray and others for arranging The Big

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.50pm

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