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Launch of World’s First Business Blog Directory Draws International Attention; Triggers Directory Enhancements
Minnetonka, MN, Auagust 8, 2006 -- The international attention received by last month’s launch of www.iblogbusiness.com has spurred its growth with numerous business blog postings and increased the number of business categories by more than six times. New enhancements to the site directory now include RSS syndication.

iBlogBusiness Directory is the world’s first business blog directory especially created for business and corporate blogs. Since its inception, the directory has expanded from 32 to 123 categories, now has 189 business blog listings, and is still growing.

“With the addition of RSS syndication, author names, and a public mission, I think the business blog community is getting the message that we really mean business, ” said Christian Del Monte, vice president of operations at TMA E-Marketing. “Since iBlog’s inception, we’ve been overwhelmed by the support of bloggers around the world who show their appreciation and support every day.”

Australian Internet marketing guru, Michael Bloch, who operates the marketing blog, Taming the Beast, recently commented on iblogbusiness.com. “As a business blogger, I certainly recognize the importance of having business owners visit my blog versus the everyday surfer. iBlogBusiness is a valuable, unique resource for bloggers and blog readers alike, and I look forward to watching it grow — it definitely has great potential.”

Enhancements to the site now include RSS syndication, author names, a public mission, a page on Frequently Asked Questions, how to Link To Us, Contact Us and Learn More About Us. Internet Marketing That Means Business Page 1 of 3

TMA E-Marketing 5509 Eden Prairie Road Minnetonka, MN 55345

P: 952-931-9960 F: 952-931-9964 www.tmaemarketing.com

“We expect these enhancements will continue to make the site easy to use, and keep it current and comprehensive for today’s time-deprived business bloggers, says Del Monte, “Our goal is to keep finding new ways to make this one-of-a-kind central business blog even better.”

“Not only is this directory a great way to reach to a specific audience, but it can be a resource for researching businesses for networking and collaboration. As more companies begin blogging - whether large corporations or small business owners – the iBlogBusiness Directory will continue to be a site I recommend,” said Mike Sansone of Converstations.com, who coaches business leaders on using blogs to build business relationships.

“Although there are literally thousands of directories and search engines on the Web, iBlogBusinesses’ unique model of attracting business-only blog publishers and frequent readers certainly has merit,” says Technorati, the search-engine authority on Weblogs.

Blogs, short for weblogs, can offer commentary on a particular subject such as technology, entertainment, and the marketplace. A typical blog contains text, images and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media. Blogs are becoming increasingly popular because they offer time savings by consolidating information in a central location that people can access. The new iBlogBusiness Directory was designed to take the work out of finding business blogs through an easy to use format and comprehensive (and growing) list of business categories.

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TMA E-Marketing 5509 Eden Prairie Road Minnetonka, MN 55345

P: 952-931-9960 F: 952-931-9964 www.tmaemarketing.com

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