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					               Right to Read
• Imagine another person denying your right to
  read just as you were discovering the power of
• If you were enslaved and had no choice but to
  submit to your owner’s wishes, would you risk
  continuing your learning?
              Love and War
• All’s Fair in Love and War: This phrase has
  been used to excuse everything from trivial
  lies to wide-scale atrocities. Do you think
  there are times when the rules of the game
  involve no rules at all?
Topic: Extreme Activities
Some people enjoy pushing themselves to
their limits through sports such as rock
climbing and sky diving.

What is an activity that is too extreme for
you? What is an extreme sport/activity that
you would consider trying?
          Life Changing Events
• Often, life-changing events-a chance
  encounter with someone who becomes
  important in our lives, the loss of a loved one,
  a sudden move to a new place-sneak up on us
• Describe a time when this happened to you.
         Divorce Rate Trends
     Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”
• In 1900 the divorce rate was .7 percent.
• In 2008 the divorce rate was 3.6 percent.
• Why do you think this number has risen so
  dramatically over the years?
             Extended Time
        “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”
• Have you ever experienced “bending of time”
  (moments seem extraordinarily long or drawn
  out; time seems to stand still)?
• Think about times where you were very
  nervous or anxious for something to happen
  or times that contained extreme emotions.

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