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									   CAT SAVES OWNER!
   by Kat Lover

Mrs Violet Tripp
aged 68 years
fell down at
home last Friday
13th October and
broke her hip.
Luckily for Mrs
Tripp her pet cat
Harry saved the
day. Harry
managed to use
the phone to
                              Harry the Hero!
contact the
emergency            Mrs Tripp had surgery last
services. PC         Friday evening to repair her
Brown who was        fractured hip and doctors say
first on the scene   she will need to remain in
told me: ‘I found    hospital for at least three
Mrs Tripp on the     weeks. Meanwhile Harry is
floor unconcious     being cared for by a neighbour.
with Harry           The Mayor of London Ken
sitting beside       Livingstone has promised a
her. Amazing as      lifetime’s worth of free food
it seems Harry is    for Harry as a reward for his
the only one who     devotion and quick thinking.
could have used
the phone!’
A spokesperson
from the RSPCA
told me that
there were
dozens of cases
where pets had
saved the lives of
their owners.

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