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									VOLUNTEERS-IN-PARKS UPDATE                          August 2012

Mississippi National River and Recreation Area           111 E. Kellogg Blvd. Suite 105, Saint Paul, MN 55101

To volunteer for any volunteer position, for more information about the VIP Program or to unsubscribe from this
newsletter, contact or Kathy at (651) 293-8424. Please circulate this email to interested

While we are all probably looking forward to relief from the heat, remember that once cool weather sets in summer is
over. Volunteer opportunities are definitely not over even with the approach of Fall. I want to call your attention to a
number of opportunities that will require many volunteers specifically National Public Lands Day at Coldwater, the
Visual Resource Survey and the Volunteer Recognition Event. We do need your help at the State Fair, building a
weather monitoring station, at the St. Paul Classic and on Big River Journey. Have some fun on the river by signing
up for a RAVE or learn about a unique site on the river at the MOVE! As always, volunteers events take place in
cooperation with the park’s friends group, the Mississippi River Fund. I hope to see you at and on the river!

        August 8, 22- Coldwater Greeters
        August 18- MOVE! at Banfil Locke
        August 19- Paddleboat RAVE
        August 24- Mississippi River Forum
        August 25- Habitat Restoration and mussel program
        August 24-Sept. 3- MN State Fair
        By Sept. 4- Woodworker
        Sept. 8- Voyageur Canoe RAVE
        Sept. 7- 8- Help Voyageurs Ntl. Park
        Sept. 9- St. Paul Classic
        Sept. 11- Count trail users in park
        Big River Journey Sign up is open

        Ongoing
        Monday PM and Thursday AM- Coldwater Crew
        IT Volunteer
        Buckthorn Invasive Study
        Best View in the park!
        Group Volunteers Events
        Plan Ahead
        Sept. 18, 20, 25, 27- Dakota Co. Outdoor Day
        Sept. 29- Ntl. Public Lands Day
        Oct. 4- Volunteer Recognition Event
        Oct. 9-12- Journey to the Falls

Coldwater Greeters
Aug 8, 22,
Volunteers needed to help with Coldwater Spring tours. Volunteers may walk with the tour group, or greet visitors and
latecomers at Coldwater’s front gate. Contact Kate Havelin,

MOVE! Banfill Locke Center for the Arts
Saturday, August 18
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Explore the art and history of Banfill Locke Center for the Arts along the river in Fridley. Long before it was a home for
artists, the house was an important link for the Red River Ox Carts. Join Ranger Brian Goodspeed and Banfill-Locke
staff for a house and site tour. The Monthly Opportunity for Volunteer Enrichment is a program sponsored by the
Mississippi River Fund and the National Park Service. All volunteers and friends are welcome.

Paddleboat RAVE (River Action Volunteer Event)
August 19
Boat leaves from Harriet Island
This is your chance to travel the river in style and do some good! Join us Sunday morning to help remove invasive
trash and plants from Pig’s Eye Island. Join the annual shindig to clean up one of the dirtiest spots in the Twin
Cities. Each year we clean up this spot after the floodwaters have subsided and help to reduce the amount of trash
that we send to our friends downstream. River breezes on the paddleboat ride back make the return trip extra
satisfying. Thanks to our partners at the Mississippi River Network for making this possible!

Mississippi River Forum
Friday, August 24
8:00-9:30 a.m.
2117 West River Road, Minneapolis, 55411Minneapolis- Minneapolis Park and Recreation HQ
Join the National Park Service for the Mississippi River Forum--your opportunity to learn about issues impacting the
Mississippi River. Could you tell me where, exactly, your drinking water enters your house, where it comes from,
where your sink water goes and what happens to it when it leaves your house, and what wildlife are living alongside
your "waste water"? A group of preschoolers can! As we think about communicating with the public more effectively
about clean water, here's an opportunity to learn from a unique watershed education project that literally walked
young students through their urban watershed. Come hear how one group of students learned these lessons in a
very comprehensive yet personally meaningful way--then think about how we can all communicate about the urban
water cycle more effectively.
Presented by Jonee Kulman Brigham, a researcher in the area of Green Schools and Environmental Education at the
University of Minnesota's Center for Sustainable Building Research, and an artist at Full Spring Studio. Light
breakfast provided. Free. RSVP to

Habitat Restoration Event at Hidden Falls
August 25
9:00 am – 12:00pm
Saint Paul needs our help!! Join volunteers at Hidden Falls to clear buckthorn brush from the woods along the gorge.
25-30 volunteers are needed to help haul and stack cut brush near Hidden Falls. During the event we will take a
break and explore the river’s ecosystem with seine netting. Expect to net minnows, bugs and more! Hidden Falls is
also a great place to find mussels and learn about mussels.

State Fair
Aug. 24, 25, 26, 30, 31, Sept. 1, 2 and 3 from 5-8pm
Aug. 31 from 10am-1pm
Come join us at “The Great Minnesota Get-Together!” There are still a few volunteer openings at the NPS booth.
Volunteers will interact with booth guests and raise awareness of the Mississippi’s natural and cultural resources.
Shifts are three hours in length, and will involve standing for extended periods of time. Volunteers will receive a State
Fair admission ticket, so come help us for a bit and spend the rest of your day enjoying the fair!
For more information, or to schedule a shift, contact Nick Karasch at

Needed by Sept 4, 2012
A volunteer with cabinetry/woodworking skills is needed to build a box (48” x 18” x 28”) and frame to house weather
monitoring equipment and data sheets for an outdoor location at Fort Snelling State Park. Box must be weather-
ready, with doors that are lockable. Build to specifications of supervisor and Fort Snelling State Park staff (photos of
example will be provided but not exact plans). The box will serve as a weather station to be used by school groups
and others interested in monitoring weather, climate and phenology in the park. Needed materials will be reimbursed.

Voyageur Canoe RAVE
Sept. 8
For our September RAVE, we will be exploring the river in South Saint Paul aboard Wilderness Inquiry's 24 foot
Voyageur Canoes. We will launch our day from Lion's Levee Park. We will then paddle downriver to a river island
where we will do shoreline clean-up and remove some invasive species. Finally, we will paddle up the beautiful
backwaters of the Mississippi back to Lion's Levee Park where we will wrap up and see all of the great work we've
accomplished. This stretch of the river is home to many bald eagle nests and is one of the more rural stretches of our
National Park. Thanks to REI, this event is free!

Help a fellow MN National Park
September 7-8
Join Voyageurs National Park Association and the National Park Service for two days of volunteering, planting and
fun. Plant trees along the park’s new bike trail. See Voyageurs in a whole new way and become a national park
steward. Explore Voyageurs in your free time - canoes and activities will be made available. Celebrate our hard work
Saturday with a free dinner for volunteers and partners. People of all ages and skills are welcome – no experience
necessary. Contact, 612.333.5424 with questions. Details and registration online at

Saint Paul Classic Bike Ride
Date: Sunday, September 9th
Time: 6am - 12pm (approx)
Location: Access road to Crosby Farm Regional Park, in Saint Paul
Parking: Free, off-street
Help staff the first rest stop of the St. Paul Classic bike ride. Volunteers will help with the recycling area, provide
directions to services at rest stop, and most importantly, and help keep the food table full. The rest stops on this ride
are legendary! Reward: Invitation to SP Classic volunteer thank you party (free dinner and beer)

Count Trail Users within park
September 11
Various locations
Grab a lawn chair and a friend and help the park conduct its first year of pedestrian and bicyclist counts along the
river. Volunteers will be provided training, assigned a location within the park, and will record the number of bicyclists
and pedestrians traveling in both directions. The park will then compile the results to enhance our knowledge of how
many non-motorized users travel within our park. In case of rain the survey will take place Thursday, September 13.
Contact to volunteer.

Big River Journey Sign-up is open
Help rangers and other staff as they lead stations on board a riverboat. Big River Journey takes place September 24-
28 and Oct. 1-4 from 8:30am – 2pm each day on a paddleboat which leaves from Harriet Island in St. Paul.
Volunteers are asked to volunteer two days within the two week period. Sign up on-line (for returning volunteers) or
Brian Goodspeed at 651-293-8414 or e-mail him at

To volunteer for any volunteer position or for more information about the VIP Program, contact or (651) 293-8424 or contact person listed.

Coldwater Crew
Join the Coldwater Crew of Super Volunteers. Join a group of dedicated volunteers once or twice a week to help
restore the land around Coldwater Spring. Volunteers will help to remove invasive plants, plant new prairies and
trees, and participate in the transformation of Coldwater Spring. Volunteers who join the Coldwater Crew commit to
volunteering 2-4 times a month for 3 month periods. They are trained in various methods of invasive species control
and may serve in a leadership capacity with other volunteer groups. The Crew is currently meeting on Monday
evening from 6:00-8:00pm and Thursday morning from 9:00-11:00.

IT Volunteer
The Mississippi River Fund, the park’s charitable partner, seeks a knowledgeable, professional IT person to do an
analysis of their current IT system, including website, internet, phone, and computers. This person would work on
their own time and would evaluate the current system and make suggestions for updates or improvements. This
project would probably take about 4 hours for the right person.

Buckthorn Invasive Study
Tuesday, August 21
5 pm -6:30 pm
Coldwater Spring
Volunteers are needed to monitor plant diversity as part of an invasive plant study. In July, MISS rangers finally
identified plots and dedicated staff to begin studying the impact of buckthorn removal on plant diversity. Volunteers
will identify and record plant species in select study plots several times a year for two years at Coldwater Spring and
partner lands. Join National Park Service Rangers for an introduction to the project and associated volunteer

Best View in the Park!
In September at your convenience
Help the public provide feedback to identify significant views within the park. Volunteers will be stationed at beautiful
scenic spots within the park and will ask the public visiting those sites to fill out a short form or will provide information
on how the public can provide input on-line. Volunteers will also be provided with handouts explaining the purpose of
the project. The form will ask people to identify significant views they enjoy within the park, as well as a few
questions about how they access and use those viewpoints. Volunteers will work in teams of two or three and can
expect to work in four hour shifts. Scenic views along the Mississippi River are some of the most highly valued and
threatened resources within the park due to increasing pressures from land uses associated with urban

Group Volunteer Events
Sign up with your company or group soon – summer is half over! Restore native prairies and oak woodlands
throughout the Twin Cities. We need large groups of volunteers to help us remove invasive species, plant native
plants and remove trash in locations all along the river in the Twin Cities. Call 651-291-9119 or email to set up an opportunity to work in our National Park with your group this summer or fall.

Plan Ahead
To volunteer for any volunteer position or for more information about the VIP Program, contact or (651) 293-8424 or contact person listed.

Dakota County Outdoor Education Day
September 18, 20, 25, 27
Roughly 8:30am – 3pm
                                            th th
Help rangers as they present a program to 4 -6 grade students about how native plants benefit the Mississippi
River. The 20 minute program will be presented 8 times throughout the day. Students attend a number of stations
throughout the day. Lunch will be provided.

National Public Lands Day
September 29
Volunteers will plant trees, wetlands, and acorns, and will help with other restoration activities. NPS rangers will offer
public tours in the afterno

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