Middle School Musical Contract by 3WB757y


									             WCMS Middle School Musical 2012 - Once Upon a Mattress
                              Student Contract
Congratulations on choosing the musical as one of your co-curricular experiences at Waunakee Community Middle
    School. The musical provides an opportunity to explore a love of singing, acting, public speaking, building,
designing, creating, lighting, sound, and more! A contract has been developed in order to ensure a safe, productive,
                                        successful, and enjoyable experience.

Students who participate in the Middle School Musical will:
            be a credit to yourself, your parents/guardians, your school & community.
            display high standards of social behavior.
            demonstrate respect for, and acceptance of the rules of participation.
            demonstrate respect for those in authority, including advisors and guests.
            display a strong spirit of cooperation.
            use language which is socially acceptable.

Conduct Code: All students are expected to know, understand, and follow the Co-Curricular rules and regulations outlined in the Middle
        School Family Handbook. Students participating in school activities shall at no time, off or on school grounds, smoke, chew
        tobacco, or use alcoholic beverages, or other drugs of an unlawful nature, or look-alike drugs/alcohol, or act in a manner
        detrimental to one’s self or the image of Waunakee Community Middle School.

Co-Curricular Academic Eligibility: Students participating in Musical are to maintain a passing grade in all classes. A student
        receiving an “F” shall continue to rehearse with the group, but cannot participate in performances. This may significantly affect the
        student’s role in the musical, as we cannot have someone that is “on the fence of eligibility” to be one of our leading roles.
        Students will take an academic eligibility form to their teachers. Specific details are outlined in the Middle School Family

Student Expectations:
       Make a commitment to attending rehearsals each evening from March until the performance in May.
       Follow all chorus room rules and expectations.
       Follow the school policy regarding cell phone use, they should be secured in your backpack during all rehearsals.
       Students are expected to PRACTICE music and speaking lines on their own. We have limited time together, so your individual
        practice is essential to our success!
       Notify Ms. Roberts in advance, in writing, if he/she knows they will be unable to attend rehearsal OR if you will be late for
        rehearsal, preferably by email. Students who need academic help after school WILL NOT be penalized.
       The more committed you are to working together, the more fun we will have, and the more we can do!!!
       Enter the HS through the pyramid entrance to the small auditorium and not wander through the High School.

Rehearsals and Performances:
               Performance dates are Friday, May 11th at 7:00 and Saturday, May 12th at 2:00.
            Dress rehearsals are Wednesday, May 8th during school and Thursday, May 9th at 4:15.
                            Students are expected to be at ALL Performances!

       Directors will notify students by 3:20 if a rehearsal will be canceled due to weather or illness.
Remember, all students participating in the Musical must also sign a “Consent to Treatment Form” and “Consent for
Emergency Medical Treatment Form.” These forms are included in the co-curricular handbook.
Students participating in co-curricular activities pay one $40.00 Activities fee prior to the start of the activity per
year. Families who have difficulty paying the fees should contact the Middle School guidance counselor @ 849-2070
or Middle School social worker @ 849-2071.
             WCMS Middle School Musical 2012 - Once Upon a Mattress
                              Student Contract
            Performance dates are Friday, May 11th at 7:00 and Saturday, May 12th at 2:00.
        Dress rehearsals are Wednesday, May 8th during school and Thursday, May 9th at 4:15.

Name: _____________________________________ Team: ________________________________

Parent Email Address(es): ____________________________________________________________
        *Parent/Guardian – if you wish to receive any updates or communication from directors via email, you must provide
        your email address on the line above.

Telephone Number(s) (in order to reach someone during rehearsal time in case of an emergency – please provide at least

        Contact person: ____________________________ Phone number: _____________________

        Contact person: ____________________________ Phone number: _____________________

What other after school and weekend activities are you involved in, and when do these activities meet? (school and
community sports, religious activities, other co-curriculars)

        Activity                                            When activity meets

We have read this contract and agree to meet the expectations for participation in the Middle School Musical:
Signature:___________________________________________                             Date: _______________________

Signature:___________________________________________                           Date: _______________________

Signatures___________________________________________                           Date: _______________________

             __________________________________________                         Date: _______________________

             __________________________________________                         Date: _______________________
                                                             th                             th
                      Performance dates are Friday, May 11 at 7:00 and Saturday, May 12 at 2:00
                                                         th                               th
                   Dress rehearsals are Wednesday, May 8 during school and Thursday, May 9 at 4:15.

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