The Shapemaster Product: by 5p52sHv1


									  The fourth decision is “do I open a centre under my
       own name or a Sophia Wellness Centre?”
Fitness Direct S.L.:
Fitness Direct S.L. (the distributor) owns the Sophia Wellness Centre brand (the brand) and is the sole Shapemaster
(the product) distributor in Spain, Canaries & Balearic Islands. The distributor will supply, included in the price:
     Full ongoing operational, sales and technical training, with certificates issued in English or Spanish
     Delivery and installation of 6 or more Shapemaster machines on mainland Spain
     2 years guarantee on Shapemaster equipment (6 months on upholstery)
     Service and technical support during and after the 2 year guarantee period.
     6 months supply of operational literature
     Start-up accessories incl. posters, weighing scales, height measure, blood pressure monitor, measuring
        tapes, body fat monitor etc.
     Access to all promotional & display templates incl. signs, leaflets, business cards, newspaper & radio ads
     Operational manual and sales & marketing manual in English or Spanish
     Help and advice on all aspects of centre set-up including design and layout.

      Design, manufacture and distribute of Power Assisted Exercise systems worldwide.
      Global market leaders for over 30 years
      Build with quality materials thereby providing a high quality, long life, low maintenance product.
      Systems have minimal running costs, as each machine uses only 3 amps of power.

Own Brand Centres:
      The distributor will supply the product to any person wishing to open an own brand centre in Spain. When a
       person uses their own name or branding the distributor cannot and will not dictate in any way how to centre
       owner runs their business.
      All the services above are included in the price.

Sophia Wellness Centre:
   At this time the use of the Sophia Wellness Centre Brand is available at no cost. Those adopting the Sophia
   Wellness Centre name, logo and programmes are recognized as building a national brand and will not have to
   pay a premium in the future for using the name. The Sophia Wellness Centre corporate image will add value to
   your centre and in addition the cost of marketing and even advertising can be reduced. The conditions for use
   of the Sophia Wellness Centre name are:
    The equipment must be bought new from the distributor
    The equipment colour schemes must conform to those used by the Sophia Wellness Centre.
    Membership must be annual and in limited circumstances half yearly
    All staff must be fully trained by the distributor and certificates displayed in the centre.
    Special offers (e.g. 2 x 1 or € 200 off) may be advertised but should never include the actual annual price.
    The recommended annual price should be at least € 695, less whatever offer (if any) is applicable.
    Centres must be fitted out to a good standard and be kept clean and tidy at all times.
    Management and staff must be helpful and pleasant at all times.
    Opening hours, staffing levels, prices, promotions, marketing are all decided by individual centre owners
    Needs analysis forms must be completed by an instructor with each prospective member
    Members should be measured every 6 weeks or 13 sessions (whichever is more).

Contact details of each Sophia Wellness Centre will be published on the Sophia Wellness Centre website. With the
Sophia Wellness Centre there are no monthly royalties, giving you all the benefits of a franchise without the costs.

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