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                  Characteristics and Needs of Living Organisms Quiz-Answer KEY!
                                          Wednesday October 24, 2012
*This guide is a basic OVERVIEW of the ideas we have learned, and what you should be studying.*

Format of Quiz: Multiple Choice, Fill in the blank

Topics on Quiz: Characteristics of Living Organisms, Needs of Living Organisms, Mealworm Experiment,
Experimental Parts (Hypothesis, Variables, Error)

Materials to study: Study guide, Notes on Characteristics and Needs, HW on Characteristics, HW on
                Mealworm lab, Spontaneous generation NOLT Vocabulary

Characteristics of Living Organisms
Characteristics of Living Organisms
What are the 6 characteristics?
   1. made of 1 or more cells                              4. _reproduce either sexually or asexually
   2. adapt to the environment                             5. _use energy (4 steps)
   3. respond to the environment (stimulus)                6. _grow and develop

What is the mnemonic device to remember the 6 characteristics?          CARRUG

What is a stimulus? _Something that causes a reaction_

What is a response? _How the living organism reacts to the stimulus.

Name an example of an animal with a particular response to a certain stimulus: ___When a dog is afraid of
something (another dog) it will raise the fur on its back to appear larger.___

Name an example of a plant with a particular response to a certain stimulus:
__An amaryllis plant will grow towards the direction of sunlight.

Name an example of a certain response the YOU have to a particular stimulus:
_When humans are hot they turn red and sweat.

What are the two types of reproduction? _Asexual and Sexual Reproduction

What is a species that reproduces asexually? __Bacteria

What is a species that reproduces sexually? _dolphins_

What is the difference between a multicellular specie and a unicellular specie?
_A unicellular specie is a single celled organism that reproduces asexually. A multicellular organism is made of
many types of cells that are all specialized in their function.

When a cell has a specific job, we call that cell ___specialized.

Name the 4 steps for a living organism to get and use energy:
   1. Ingestion-take in or make own food
   2. digestion-to break down food into what our body can use
   3. respiration-process of combining nutrients and oxygen together to create energy
   4. excretion-removal of all excess waste
Need of Living Organisms
What are the 6 Needs?
   1. Food                                            4. _oxygen
   2. Water                                           5. proper living space
   3. energy                                          6. proper temperature

What is homeostasis?
_The ability of an organism to maintain stable internal body conditions. (ex. Body temperature stays at 98.6°F)

The type of organism that needs to consume food is called a(n) ___heterotroph__(animals and humans)

The type of organism that can make its own food is called a(n) __autotroph (plants)

Why do living organisms need to consume oxygen? __To mix with nutrients in order to create energy_

What is the process called when organisms combine food and oxygen to produce energy? Respiration

What is Spontaneous Generation? The theory that living organisms can come from non-living organisms

What scientist proved the Theory of SG to be wrong? _Francesco Redi

What is the difference between a characteristic of living organisms and a need of living organisms?
A characteristic is a quality or trait a living organism has that determines if it is living or not. A need is something
that keeps a living organism alive.

Experiment Parts
   a. Irene and her brother always compete to see who can blow the biggest bubble with bubble gum. Irene
       won the first contest, and now they have decided to see which brand of bubble gum will create the
       biggest bubbles. Irene buys 3 brands of gum: Dubble Bubble®, Hubba Bubba®, and Trident Bubble Gum®.
       Irene sits in her kitchen and chews 1 stick at a time of each kind of gum. She chews each brand for 1
       minute, and then blows a bubble that her brother uses a meter stick to measure. He measures from her
       mouth out to the farthest point on the bubble.

What is the independent variable? ____Types of Gum_______________________

What is the dependent variable? __Size of the bubble that is blown (cm)__________________

What is the control group? _________None_______________________

What are the constants? _1. Person blowing bubble, 2. Person measuring bubble, 3. Blows for 1 minute___

What are some possible errors? ___1. She might chew faster or slower each time, 2. Gums might be newer or
older than one another, 3. Bubbles might pop before they can be measured

    b. Think back to your mealworm lab design:
       1. What was your IV ___________________________ 2. DV ______________________________
       3. Possible Errors in lab (3):_______________________________________________________________

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