Product Branding by 3WB757y


									                       Product Branding
Assignment: You and a partner will create your own brand for a
product of your choice. Determine each of the following in order to
plan an effective brand. Type your brand decisions and print when
complete. All drawings need to be in color and included or stapled
to your brand decisions.

1. Name and Logo
   Create a name and design a logo for your brand.

2. Type of Brand
   Determine if your brand is a corporate, product, or private brand.
   Explain how you know this.

3. Brand Strategy
   Explain which brand strategy you will use: simply brand
   positioning, brand extension, brand licensing, or co-branding.
   Explain how you plan to implement this strategy and why you
   chose it.

4. Internet
   Explain how you will use the Internet to increase your web

5. Employees
   Explain how your employees will be the “face” of your company.
   What do they need to do/wear?

6. Trade Character
   Design a trade character to represent your brand.

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