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									Урок английского языка в 11 классе
  по теме «What helps you to enjoy
   (по учебнику В.П. Кузовлева)

                         Ерёмина Н.В.
                         учитель англ. яз.
                         МОУ «Гимназия»
                         г. Александровск
                         Пермский край
     Тема: What Helps You to Enjoy Yourselves?
     Проблемный вопрос: Cinema: an art or an entertainment?
     Цель: оценка приобретенных знаний и степени владения учебным материалом,
понимание смыслового содержания изученного в творческом переносе знаний.
     Задачи: 1. обобщить и систематизировать знания по истории кинематографии;
              2. активизировать речевую деятельность учащихся через различные виды
                  творческих заданий;
               3. воспитывать чувство сопричастности к мировому искусству.
      Форма: экскурсия по Голливуду.

                                              Ход урока
        Good morning, my dear friends! I am very glad to see you here at our lesson today which
is devoted to the topic “What helps you to enjoy yourselves?” The aim of our lesson is to sum
all the material up and just have fun communicating with each other and answering the question
“Cinema an art or an entertainment?”
        It would be no exaggeration to say that TV is one of the best inventions the man has ever
made. We are beginning to forget what the world was without TV. Everybody knows what a
great force of TV is in the world today. Thanks to TV we get a great amount of information, it
gives wonderful possibilities for education. TV gives an opportunity to see the best actors and
actresses to meet famous people of our country and of other lands, we learn about their customs,
traditions, life. So today I would like to invite you to one of the famous cities of the USA, the
most splendid factory of stars, a paradise of sun and palms, the most astonishing centre of
cinematography – Hollywood.
        Now we are at the “alley of stars” (учитель раскладывает звезды на полу) where two
excellent and good-looking guides are meeting us (две ученицы из другого 11-го класса)
Guide 1: Good morning! We are glad to see you here in the city, Hollywood. Let us first tell
you a few words about the history of cinematography.
        Can you imagine life without films or television, cinema’s sister? Today we can watch
television 24 hours a day; we can go to the cinema or put a cassette into our video when we
want. We can even make films ourselves.
        But imagine the surprise and the shock that people felt when they saw the first films in
1895! There was no sound, no colour and the films were very shot: they lasted from 60 to 90
seconds! Besides they did not tell stories. They were just glimpses of real life: a military
parade, a running horse, a boxing match… One of the first films showed a train coming towards
the camera. It was short by brothers Lumeres. The audience panicked and ran away! The
frightened people were sure that the train was coming into the theatre (идет заставка на
Guide 2: The early films were shown in music halls, theatres, cafes and even shops.
        The cinema was the perfect popular entertainment. It was not expensive and at first the
audience consisted of workers. The rich and intellectual classes ignored it. They didn’t think it
was art.
        Gradually films became longer and started to tell stories. Edwin Porter was one of the
first directors who made such a film in 1903. It was “The Great Train Robbery”, the first
western in the history of the cinema. This 11-minute film became a sensational hit.
Guide 1: As soon as the films learnt to tell stories they began to film classics. Silent films had
orchestras or pianists. Later, printed titles were invented.
        Film-makers soon learnt how to use special effects. In 1911 the first studio appeared in
Hollywood, Los Angeles. Film-makers realized that the place was perfect for shooting nearly
any film – it had mountains, desert and ocean. Soon nearly all important American studios were
in Hollywood. The next thirty years became Hollywood’s greatest years.
Guide 2: The era of the talking film began in 1927 with the enormous success of Warner
Brothers’ “The Jazz Singer”. The first colour films were made in the 1930s, but it’s introduction
was less revolutionary than the sound films (“Gone with the Wind” with Vivien Leigh and Clark
Gable in leading roles).
Teacher: Oh, thank you very much; you gave us a real hand. It was educational and informative.
And now I want you to work in Hollywood’s studios. The name of our first studio is “Training
Studio” where you will be given a lot of cards on lexical and grammar material.

          Try to guess/give synonyms (фронтально)

      splendid (astonishing, magnificent)
      be full of violence (cruel)
      without a sound (silent)
      without colour (black and white)
      to make a film (to shoot)
      moving (touching)
      stage (scene)
      love / passion (fondness)
      a kind / type of a film (genre)
      grown-up
      dreadful (lousy, terrible)
      a plan of a film (plot)
      people don’t like the film and begin to (yawn)
      main (basic, essential)
      play in the film (to star)
      to grap (to catch)
      make an advertisement (to announce)
      a place where actors prepare for performances (backstage)

                    Work in groups of 2.
1. Add one word to make proper word combinations.

      be stuffed with….. (events, special effects)
      true to…..(life)
      keep in……..(suspense)
      defend……..(justice)
      nothing to write home………(about)
      grab one’s……..(attention)
      romantic………(story line)
      full of…………(tears)
      unreal…………(events)

2. Translate from R → E

       Когда у нас есть свободное время, мы можем посмотреть телевизор, послушать
        музыку, сходить в театр, на дискотеку; что касается меня, я люблю ходить в кино.
     Трогательные сентиментальные фильмы развлекают меня.
     Я люблю смотреть исторические фильмы, т.к. они образовывают меня.
     Новый цветной художественный фильм «Маска» - это комедия, захватывающая и
All the rest please let’s work together with me.
       Make emphatic sentences from neutral ones: (in pairs)

P.1 — He liked to go to the cinema.
P.2 — He did like to go to the cinema.
P.3 — It was magnificent.
P.4 — It was magnificent.
Teacher: In the process of making films there are many necessary people who do different tasks.
Now I’ll give you a crossword and you’ll try to guess people of what professions take part in this

                                               1. a person who writes scripts
                                               2. a person who is at the head of the film
                                               3. a man playing roles
                                               4. a man making actor’s image
                                               5. a person who makes dangerous actions instead of
                                               real actors
   10                   4                                     9             6. a person who is in
 5 s t       u n      t m a n   7              a c t r e s s charge of the money of
   o                    a                          2          l             the film
   u                    k   6 p r              o d u c e r                  7. a woman or a girl
   n         3          e                          i          c             playing a role
   d 1       a          u                          r          t             8. a man choosing the
   m s       c    r   i p t w r i              t e r          r             best bits of the shooting
    i        t          a                          c          i             film, cuts films and puts
                                                                            the bits together
   x         o          r                          t          c
                                                                            9. a man who is
   e         r          t                          o          i
                                                                            connected with lights
    r                   i                          r          a             10. a man who is linked
                        s                                     n             with the sound of the
         8   e   d    i t o r                                                film.
Good for you. Thank you.
Teacher: The second studio is named “Thriller or Horror?” Here you will be show some parts of
different films and you are to guess to prove why you think so (учитель включает
        (I think/guess/suppose/believe…)
     comedy
     tragedy
     action film
     melodrama
     western
     historical film
     fiction
P.1 – I think that it is an action film because it has a dynamic story, full of special effects, stuffed
with fights and killings. What a bore! и т.д.
Teacher: The name of third studio is “The Index of Popularity”. I am completely sure that in
your country many American films are transmitted and you, of course, heard about outstanding
actors and actresses. So I’d like to show you some pictures and you are to guess who they are
(мальчики угадывают актрис, девочки –актеров) - с помощью компьютера:
     Николь Кидман                                     Николас Кейдж
     Дженифер Лопес                                    Стивен Сигал
     Сара Баффолк                                      Рассел Кроу
     Кира Найтли                              Брюс Уиллис
     Джулия Робертс                                    Эдди Мерфи
Pupils give answers on sheets of paper. The teacher takes these sheets and analyses them but
pupils do some other tasks: usually well-known actors work with famous directors, producers
who offer them suitable conditions for work and big suns of money. And of course, you heard
about them, didn’t you?
(Прием «Найди пару») – на карточках.

       Match the names of directors with the titles of the films.

Steven Spielberg — “Jurassic Park”
James Cameron — “Titanic”
Chris Carter — “The X-files”
Francis Ford Coppola — “The Godfather”
Kventeen Tarantino — “To Kill Bill”
Reedly Scott — “Gladiator”
(Объявить результаты анализа).

       Pronounce these sentences using which/who

       e.g. “Jurassic Park is a frightful film which was made by Steven Spielberg. It was good.
Thank you.
       The fourth studio is named “Actors and actresses in practice”. It goes without saying that
every boy and girl dreamt of becoming an actor or an actress in his childhood. And I am sure
you are not an exception, are you? You wanted to cope these people in appearance, in character,
in manners. That’s why today I would like to give you a chance to make your dreams come true.
Your task is to sound and act some parts of popular Russian films (при помощи компьютера;
кадр идет без звука; дети озвучивают).
       1. “Gentlemen of Luck”
       2. “A Man from Capuzchin’s Avenue”
       3. “The Caucasian Prisoner”
       Thank you for your participation and creative abilities; you really did you best in acting
and of course you deserve to have your own star at the “alley of stars” in Hollywood. (учитель
крепит звезду «11 «а» класс» на «аллею звезд»).
       Let’s return to the question on the blackboard. Try to answer it:
Is cinema an art or an entertainment?
       Pupils prove their points of view.
Рефлексия: Did you like our lesson? Why? What marks can you give to each other?
Thank you very much for your work, I am satisfied with it completely.

                               Учебники, литература
   1. Подгорская О.Н., Черничкина Е.К. Предметные недели в школе. Английский язык.
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                               Дидактические материалы
   Проекты учащихся (на стенах), кроссворд, карточки с заданиями.
                                     Средства ТСО
   Видеодвойка, компьютер, проектор, экран, диски с кассеты с отрывками фильмов.
   «Аллея звёзд», атрибуты для озвучивания фильмов (шляпы, пистолеты, халаты,
   шприцы, платки, шаль), таблички с названиями студий.

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