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									AiM – Assessment-in-Medicine
Research and Consulting

           Our Knowledge
                 Your Success
AiM - An Introduction

AiM is a health economic consulting agency
founded in 2007.

The team of ten scientists is dedicated to
reimbursement programs.

Health technology assessment dossiers are built
on qualitative, robust scientific methodologies.

AiM - Our Portfolio

                              Product Value

         Evaluate                Generate            Communicate
     • Unit Costs & Tariffs   • Systematic
                                Literature Reviews   • Manuscripts &
     • Reimbursement
       Codes                  • Values Dossiers &
     • Clinical Guidelines      HTA Reports          • Conference Posters
     • Clinical Evidence      • Economic Models      • Oral Presentations
     • Health Economic        • Payer Submission     • Initiation of Payer
       Evidence                 Dossiers               Negotiations
     • Coherent Literature    • Reimbursement
                                Applications         • Symposia &
       Findings                                        Advisory Boards
     • Epidemiological        • Coding Guidelines
                              • Strategic Advice/    • Training Courses

AiM - Our Value Proposition

                                    We know
                                    health care
                                    and the
                                    specifics of
                                    the market
           We understand the
           lifecycle of a product

                                           We understand
                     We are                payers and their
                     experts in            needs and interests

  A Variety of > 60 Customers

Plus > 20 customers still in the background.
All clients gave their approval for disclosure. Logos may be reformatted and therefore differ from the originals.

Success in > 200 Completed Projects

• Development of over 80 product value strategies and reimbursement reports
• Over 10 qualitative payer research projects
• Over 15 evidence assessments including product value dossiers
• Support for over 20 OPS, 4 DRG, 20 NUB and 4 Swiss applications
• Development of over 20 health economic models
• Delivery of several market specific interactive cost models to demonstrate product
  value in a local environment
• Medical writing of over 30 scientific publications
• Over 25 oral conference presentations
• Development and implementation of over 10 training programs in reimbursement
  strategy, health economics and health technology assessment

Your Primary Contact
               • CEO and Founder
               • 16 years consultancy experience primarily for medical devices
               • Key strengths: Medical Devices, German Health Care System,
                 Medical Assessment
               • PhD in Health Economics; Dipl. Kfm. (FH) – (equals Master
                 of Hospital Business Administration); Master of Public Health

               •   Research Consultant
               •   3 years consultancy experience
               •   Key strengths: Medical Device Reimbursement, HTA
               •   Diplom-Volkswirt (equals Master of Economics)

               • Senior Research Consultant
               • 5 years medical device industry and 3 years academic research
               • Key strengths: Decision Modelling, Messaging Development,
                 Comparative Effectiveness
               • Diplom Ökonom (equals Master of Healthcare Management
                 and Economics)

AiM Team

           • Research Analyst
           • 10 years consultancy experience; 5 years experience in
             experimental research
           • Key strengths: Systematic Reviews, HTA, Medical Writing,
           • Diplom-Biochemikerin (equals Master of Biochemistry)

           •   Research Consultant
           •   5 years consultancy experience; 5 years diagnostic sonographer
           •   Key strengths: Modelling, Medical Writing
           •   Master of Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy;
               Bachelor of Technology: Radiography Ultrasound

           • Research Consultant
           • 2 years scientific health care assistant experience
           • Key strengths: Medical Device Reimbursement, Systematic
           • Diplom-Betriebswirt (equals Master of Healthcare
             Management & Economics); Bachelor of Science in Accounting

AiM Team

           •   Research Analyst
           •   10 years clinical research industry, CRA and Clinical Safety Officer
           •   Key strengths: Medical Report Writing, Systematic Literature Review
           •   Doctorate in Medicine, Specialist in General Medicine

           • Medical Consultant
           • 20 years medical experience in university hospitals and regional
           • Key strengths: Practicing Physician, HTA
           • Doctorate in Medicine, Specialist in Surgery & General Medicine,
             Certificate for Emergency Medicine

AiM Team

           • Project Assistant
           • 10 years language validation for life science industry
           • Key strengths: Translations (English mother tongue, German and
             three additional languages)
           • Bachelor of Arts in German language & literature

           •   Technical Assistant
           •   2 years experience in accounting
           •   Key strengths: Controlling, Business Administration
           •   Certified Accountant

Co-operation with DHBW

AiM and the Cooperative State University Loerrach
(DHBW) collaborate on:

      • Tutoring Students
      • Exchange of Knowledge
      • Project Cooperation

Contact Us

             Dr. Hubertus Rosery MPH
             CEO and Founder
             +49 7621 705 105 10

             Alison Rushworth
             Project Assistant
             +49 7621 705 105 11


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