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									                                                         Career Planning
The aim of career planning is to help you prepare for your future by enabling you to make well-informed career decisions and
develop strategies for realising them. It will provide you with transferable skills for conducting effective career review at any point in

Career planning involves a number of stages:
    analysing personal strengths, weaknesses and interests
    researching opportunities for employment and further study
    choosing options that suit your personal profile and aspirations
    formulating an action plan and implementing it via job or course search and application

You can enter the process at any stage, depending on whether or not you have already identified your career goals.

If you have not already done so, make sure you familiarise yourself with the services offered on each campus by the University
Careers Service. A broad range of help is available to all Anglia Ruskin University students and you can continue to access this
support after graduation.

Facilities on offer include computer-aided guidance packages; psychometric tests; national job vacancy listings; postgraduate
prospectuses and resources on job search and interview techniques.

You might consider contacting the careers service for an individual interview with a careers adviser or booking a session on
Prospects Planner – an electronic programme that suggests a match between your personal profile and suitable careers.

You may use the template below to keep a record of your career planning activities, and refer back to it in your final year when
completing your PDP.

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Career Planning Diary

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