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					What's So Attractive About Affiliate Internet Marketing?

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Affiliate internet marketing is a great way to earn money at home. With a wide variety of products and
services that you can select from, it's easy to find a product or service that is useful, beneficial and in
demand; but before you get started, let's take a quick look at what affiliate internet marketing is.

Affiliate internet marketing is a simply a way of making money selling products on the internet when
you do not have a product of your own to sell. Rather than creating a product of your own, with
services like Click Booth you are able to choose a product or service that already exists to market on
your own. As an affiliate, you serve as a referrer; with internet marketing, you drive traffic to the
product or service online.

In other words, affiliate internet marketing isn't about products. It isn't about selling. To a very large
extent, if you hope to have a successful home based business with affiliate internet marketing, you also
need to understand that it isn't simply about advertising.

That's going to confuse some people. After all, isn't advertising part of marketing - a term that is
obviously relevant in that it's in the name affiliate internet marketing?

Yes, advertising is a form of marketing; however, there's a lot more to it. The reason some succeed at
affiliate internet marketing while others fail is simply that they understand the goals of marketing. They
know that, in order to reach out to a lead (or prospective customer) they need to:

1. Have a product that is worthwhile to that lead;

2. Work with a product that fulfills a need - whether it's a physical need, an emotional need or a
psychological need;

3. Approach their prospects in a way that addresses and appeals to their needs; and,

4. Meet their prospects where they are.

This is why is possible to make money with affiliate internet marketing even if you do not have a
website. Pay per click advertising campaigns can help to get your affiliate link in front of those who are
already searching for the product or service that you're promoting - even if you don't have your own
website. Article marketing - submitting articles about the product or service to internet article
directories - can serve to provide more information for those who are looking for it, even if you don't
have a website of your own. Participating in forums where your prospects already go to find products
or services that are related to one of their hobbies or that will help them to achieve one goal or another
is also an option for marketing an affiliate product when you do not have a website.

That's why many people look at affiliate internet marketing as a way of making easy money: with so
many products and services available and with the ability to promote an affiliate product or service
online even if you don't have a website of your own, all you need is a commitment to making it work.

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