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    COC  P        UUUU      CCC      N    N EEEEE W       W   SSS
              California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue, Room 5301             San Francisco, CA 94102
CONTACT: Armando Rendon            July 17, 1996          CPUC-060
          415-703-1366                                (I94-12-010)


     The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) today
placed Ambassador Limousine Service under a two-year probation,
including suspension of its license for several days and a fine
of $24,000 for violations of the Public Utilities Code.
     The limo service, based in San Diego, is owned and operated
by Joseph Perez. CPUC Safety and Enforcement Division
investigators found that Perez had operated without a permit,
liability and property damage insurance, or workers' compensation
insurance; that he had not enrolled his drivers in the DMV pull
notice program, had allowed a driver to operate a limo without a
valid license, and continued to employ a driver whose license was
suspended for driving negligently.
     Perez' misdeeds came to the attention of the CPUC when a
customer complained to the Commission that Perez had failed to
pay him $600 in damages to his car; the customer had been a
passenger in an Ambassador limo and watched as it crashed into
his car which was parked in front of his house.
     The Commission reached a settlement with Perez that allows
the limo owner to earn a living and yet protect the public.
Under the settlement, Perez must suspend operations for 152 days
during the next two years, but 141 of them can be waived if he
otherwise complies with the Commission order. Also, if he
complies with the settlement, Perez may pay only half the fine
levied against him; the rest will be excused. If he fails, Perez
stands to have his permit revoked for good.

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