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									         Michael John DeFranco
       104 Franklin                   (315) 788-6168
    Watertown, NY 13601               (315) 778-0509

                               Summary of Qualifications:

 I currently Own and have operated a local computer business for the past 10 years that I
  will gradually be winding down in the near future in order to pursue other options &

 I am detail oriented, thorough, resourceful, self -motivated; an individual who adapts
  easily to new and changing professional situations.

 I am an Excellent communicator: Able to convey concepts with clarity to people at all
  levels and from diverse backgrounds.

 I am experienced in Web design: familiar with flash, dream weaver, Photoshop,
  Microsoft Office products, & html in notepad.

 I have ten years management experience, seven years full and part time experience in
  Human Service, Youth Administration, & Recreation along with approximately five
  years experience (temp., volunteer, and contract) with mentally/emotionally disturbed,
  physically disabled and homeless.

 I am Knowledgeable and familiar with repairing/servicing/ virus & spy-ware removal &
  teaching IBM Compatible Computers & programs.

 I have Five years teaching computer classes at both Community College level and Adult
  Education for a local Technical School.

          Arizona State University           Bachelor of Science 1985
          Phoenix College                    Associate in Arts 1984
          Phoenix College                    Associate in Gen. Studies 1983
                                     Technical Work Experience:

OWNER, The COMPUTER DOCTORS (komputerdoktors.com), Watertown, N.Y. & Scottsdale, AZ

The COMPUTER DOCTORS-Responsibilities include general repair of IBM based computers
including repairing and replacing motherboards, hard disk drives, video card, ram, power supplies and all
other peripherals in both desktops and laptops. I am also very experienced in assembling new PC systems
and software, along with, troubleshooting blue-screen, boot-up, and dos errors. Networking and setup of
networks along with assembling, configuring and setting up networking systems,. wire-less routers,
switches, modems, and cabling. Most recently, troubleshooting of viruses, mal-ware, foist-ware, spy-ware
and other malicious software have been a major priority. I am Fluent in all IBM platform operating
systems from DOS 1.0 through the Beta of Windows 8. I also have managed staff, and their repairs,
service, customer and employee relations, and trouble shooting and programming of various types of
other computer systems. I am also responsible for advertising, marketing, training, public relations and I
also 'tutor' individuals on a variety of different programs within the IBM compatible format, both in-
group & individual settings.
DeFranco Enterprises ( ADSL Technician/Dispatch/Demo Site)-I assisted & assigned outside
technicians with DSL router issues. I personally programed both the Intel 2100 & the Cisco 675 through
the CBOS. Setting up networks for individuals, tracing lines through the Central office to the ATM & the
ISP to solve problems for both the tech & the end user. Use of multiple databases including but not
limited to WFA, & testing tools such as MLT, DSLAM, TURKS & reading & understanding items such
as design (Word Doc) & other various tools. A merger between USWEST & QUEST communications
ended in a cancellation of this program.
Web page Designer-Design and maintain websites for both http://www.internetannouncements.com/ and
http://www.komputerdoktors.com . Programs used range from MS Office-FrontPage, Flash, Page Mill,
Dream weaver, Java scripting, Real Producer ( for streaming audio & video presentations ) and straight
html / css coding and editing in notepad.

Period of employment: Scottsdale AZ                  September 2000-August 2002
Period of employment: Watertown NY                   September 2002-Present

Second Level Resource Tech, MCI WorldCom, Chandler Az.

As a Second Level Resource Tech for the Hewlett-Packard project; I assist customers with their
computers and programs when a problem arises. General trouble shooting/repair/ & installation of
software & hardware are the main duties. Education of the customer along with quality customer service
& public relation skills are utilized to ensure that each customer receives prompt/courteous/&
professional service. Follow up calls back to the customer ensures the meeting of these goals & objectives
for the parent project.

Period of employment:                                December 1998-August 2000

Operations Manager, Advanced Technology Products, Watertown, N.Y.

Responsibilities included management of staff, repairs, service, customer and employee relations, and
trouble shooting and programming of various types of computers. I was also responsible for advertising,
marketing, training, and public relations.

Period of employment:                                June 1992-August 1993
                                        Teaching Experience:

Adjunct Instructor, Maricopa Community Colleges, Phoenix & Scottsdale,

I was an adjunct instructor at both Scottsdale & Phoenix Colleges, where I have taught ; Word 2000,
Access2000, Excel 2000, PowerPoint 2000, Visual Basic 2000 & other programming classes, internet,
and various workshops/training classes.

*Period of employment:                              September 2000-October 2002

Adult Education Instructor, Jefferson/Lewis Technical Center, Watertown N. Y.

Classes taught:

   Office 95                                   2 classes                      9/97-6/98
   Web Design                                   1 class                       9/97-6/98
   Beg. Internet Workshops                     3 classes                      9/97-6/98
   Int. Internet Workshops                     3 classes                      9/97-6/98
   Windows 95                                  5 classes                      5/97-6/98
   Dos / Windows                               2 classes                      1/97-5/97
   Ms Works 3.0                                 1 class                       1/97-5/97
   Intro to PC's                               6 classes                      8/96-5/97
   Dos                                          3 class                       8/96-6/97

Adjunct Instructor, Mater Dei College, Ogdensburg, N.Y.

Classes taught:

 Word Perfect 6                                 1 class                         3/97-4/97

Adjunct Instructor, Jefferson Community College, Watertown, N.Y.

Classes taught:

 Intro to PC's                                 5 classes                       8/94-12/95
 Dos                                            3 class                         8/93-6/94
                                HUMAN SERVICE EXPERIENCE:


My responsibilities included but were not limited to: Crisis Intervention and Mediation in which I.
Provided services and needs assessments along with face to face crisis intervention as needed for
adolescents and their families. Coordinated short-term emergency care (volunteer foster homes) for
adolescents as needed. Arranged and provided employment and Educational services as needed and
required. Case Management in which I maintained a case-load of adolescents and families in need of
Runaway program services. Provided, as dictated by assessment: short-term individual and/or family
counseling, collaboration with schools or other community agencies, referrals for emergency services
housing, food, clothing medical care, etc. Provided follow-up services for at least three months, and
coordinated recommendations for other services along with maintaining detailed case records. Volunteer
Coordinator in which I organized and managed recruitment, support and recognition activities for
program volunteers. Developed, coordinated and implemented volunteer training events. Maintained
communication with volunteers and coordinated program schedules. Community Outreach and Program
Marketing in which I, utilized Public speaking to adolescents, parents, community resources and service
agencies to provide: education regarding issues facing adolescents, reasons why youth runaway, as well
as resources and assets that benefited adolescents and increased awareness of Runaway Program and
services offered. Established contact and maintained effective collaborative working relationships with
community agencies and individuals such as DSS,CPS,ASAC, PINS (JEFFERSON COUNTY
PROBATION) along with other local agencies.

Period of employment:                               November 1994-October 1995

George Jr. Republic, Freeville, N.Y

Awake Overnight Residential Counselor
My responsibilities were to know the whereabouts of children assigned to the cottage at all times.
Conducted bed checks and facility through out the night. Provided input to treatment team
meetings for the planning of each child's treatment goal(s) and techniques. Helped implement
individual treatment plans with each child. Helped children develop trusting relationships by
actively engaging in activities with them and by expression of caring through role modeling, life
space interviews, and constructive discipline. Provided support to children in crises through the
use of therapeutic crisis intervention techniques, including the use of physical restraint and life
space interviews. Supervised and assisted children in the performance of house jobs. Helped
evaluate children's performance on the daily level system evaluation sheets according to the
guidelines and individual goals, and reviewed them with the children to encourage progress.
Prepared written incident reports on critical incidents . Provided pertinent observations and
assessment of children to the unit/cottage meeting. Transported children to off campus
appointments and for travel home as assigned. Operated the overnight campus switchboard.
Completed unit log census form when required.

Period of employment:                               November 1991-June 1992
                          YOUTH and RECREATION ADMINISTRATION:

Boys & Girls Club, Fullerton, Ca.

I oversaw staffing, including recruiting, selecting, training, supervising, and evaluation of both
paid and volunteer staff of Boys & Girls. Directed and participated in public relations and
fundraising activities. Provided professional leadership to the Board of Directors by motivating
board, including identification, recruitment, training and involvement of members Assisted in
managing club site financial resources in accordance with established budget. I coordinated
efforts with staff and volunteers on special events in an effort to carry out programs in all
departments. Trained, reviewed and measured the performance of program department heads.
Conducted and regularly scheduled staff meetings. I scheduled members of our program staff to
visit local schools on a routine basis to promote and recruit volunteers. Created a monthly
narrative of highlights and challenges and reviewed program materials going to the public and
provided updates to the Executive Director. I Developed Specialty Programs such as a
“Traveling Circus” in an effort to utilize members to TEACH other Clubs a variety of items
including tolerance of others, patience, understanding of other diverse cultures and Ethnic

Period of employment:                                 December 1985-December 1986

Wesley Community Center, Phoenix, AZ.

Duties included supervising and training paid and unpaid staff including court assigned community
service workers. Coordinating, planning, and implementing programs, fund raisers, and other activities.
Collection of fees, evaluating programs and staff were paramount to this position. Developing various
leagues, groups, and paths to citizenship. Trained umpires and referees in attempt to build a life goal for
both the center and youths involved and coordinated this with AZ Umpires Assoc. so that youth could
have paying jobs upon completion of program. Emotionally impaired, homeless youth, and non-citizens
were also a prime focus in all programs in an effort to integrate them into the community.

Period of employment:                                 December 1983-December 1985

Phoenix College, Phoenix, AZ.
Primary duties were supervising, training, and evaluating volunteer and paid staff for recreational
activities at a Phoenix College. I was generally responsible for no less than 40 work study and volunteers
at any one time which included CETA / JTPA, VISTA / ACTION, coaches, refs, trainers, score keepers,
along with utilizing physical and non-physical workers. I was also a substitute teacher for all P.E.
Classes, including Atypical classes for emotionally and physically handicapped, Track Meet Coordinator
for Special Olympics, gym supervisor, and trainer for AZ Outlaws and AZ Wranglers based at the

Period of employment:                                 December 1980-December 1983

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