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周日, 十一 4, 2012

Android tablet news
Terminal peripheral version
IPS screen, 1280×800 mainstreaming resolution, 2 dual-core processor configurations to build
ThinkPadTablet, or open will become Lenovo Tablet business marketing tool.
ThinkPad Pad? It may seem like jokes, but association with commercial Tablet market, and ThinkPad
brand unveiled a commercial real Android Tablet–ThinkPad Tablet. This commercial tablet computers
and different from consumer tablet, what unique design? Recently, this reporter got a ThinkPad Tablet
and had the privilege of experiencing in person.
Configure pursuit of high-end
First of all, as a commercial tablet computers should have the higher-end configuration and stable
performance. View ThinkPad Tablet parameters, we found the tablet with dual-core NVIDIA Tegra2
(1.0GHz) processors, the operating system Android Android 3.1; graphics controllers integrate ULP
GeForce chips, display 1GB DDR2 memory, screen size is 10.1 inches, resolution 1280×800; storage
32GB storage and expandable SD card maximum support 64GB. Border and the back surface of the
fuselage using a type of skin treatment, can actually provide a very friendly feel, and has excellent
anti-skid effect.
Because dual-core configuration and graphics displayed on a large chip, the machine in the
high-definition movie playback with pretty good results. Journalists use the 1080p movie in the test as a
source, play without apparent Caton. From the perspective of consumer tablet, ThinkPad Tablet
properties not inferior to mainstream products such as iPad and as a commercial tablet computers, while
its high-end performance, also have a very good performance in stability. During the evaluation process,
press ThinkPad Tablet running large programs and take non-normal exit, press the physical keys,
sudden drops or link PC non-test in the normal way, the system remains stable, do not panic.
At the same time, journalists also tested the surface temperature-control effect. Test standard:
environment running under various programs 1 hour at room temperature, use the GPS module, such as,
file transfers, voice and video, and its surface temperature with infrared temperature testing instrument
for testing. Results show both positive and negative temperature-control effect of the ThinkPad Tablet
very well, even a long time under high load working pressure, maximum temperature remains below 30
degrees Celsius.
As a high-end tablet, ThinkPad Tablet screen is different from ordinary Pad products, Lenovo IPS are
configured specifically for the product rigid screens, while broadening the perspective. Lenovo said this a
technology for “no Community Diamond screen”, can effective strengthening screen surface of
anti-scraping and wear capacity, and has more pure of surface and excellent of light degrees; while, IPS
Panel of using is makes the machine screen has very wide of Visual angle, from following in dark light
environment Xia of actual test photos in the can see, regardless of is is are front of upper and lower
around which direction, actual Visual angle are reached has 60 degrees above. While
In addition, ThinkPad Tablet uses front post 500W 200W pixels, pixel dual camera configuration for easy
video conferencing application. Worthy of note is in front and back of the camera next to the light sensor
and tone holes are placed separately, adjust video Visual effects help at the time.
The main commercial market
As a commercial business from the market for high-end business tablet, ThinkPad Tablet hardware also
has a lot of unique design, custom done a depths in the software business.
From the appearance point of view, the ThinkPad Tablet with entertainment such as Apple’s iPad,
Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet computer-the big difference is that a lot of external excuses. Journalists
statistics, for evaluation of this paragraph ThinkPad Tablet configuration has 1 a multimedia card slot
(support SD, and SDHC, and MMC storage card), and 1 a mini HDMI interface, and 1 a USB interface,
and 1 a Micro-USB interface, and 1 a microphone headset II unity interface, and 1 a Dock interface,
these interface easy user links mouse, various add-ins equipment, easy precise operation software and
the application, great convenient has Office needs. At the same time, ThinkPad Tablet also comes with a
set of optional add-ins, including external keyboards, docking station, in-car power supply, which also
has built-in wireless connection features of printing equipment, televisions and other display devices.
ThinkPad Tablet–is another iconic character of the product is a two-touch mobile and multi-touch tablet,
dual-screen design for ThinkPad Tablet has multi-touch experience with high sensitivity at the same time,
also can be done through a high sensitivity electromagnetic stylus flexible precision.4 a-1.5V of the pen
with built-in lithium batteries independent power supply, usually placed in the pen slot in the fuselage to
carry conveniently, barrel sizes are similar to common ballpoint pens in everyday life, in line with usual
habit. By using the built-in Notes Mobile software, use the stylus to save to achieve real handwriting, in
actual testing, you can feel the positioning precision, writing fluency, which can also be achieved through
software automatically converted to electronic text by handwriting. Even using the electromagnetic stylus
different handwriting thickness will vary, this spot in a production system, industrial design, education,
and other fields have a wide range of application spaces.
More important of is, as a paragraph commercial flat computer, Lenovo for ThinkPad Tablet built-in large
Office software and service, as Docs To Go software, can on Word, and Excel and PowerPoint file for
created, and edit and save change, operation, while also can as PC version of Office as in operation in
the achieved cut, and copy and paste text, even view chart and using footnote, and tail note, insert
bookmarks, and comments and Super links, features. ThinkPad Tablet can also synchronize computer
files or folders in Windows system, supports wireless printing, and built-in contact tools, such as Sina,
Tencent QQ, and stock software and the software of navigation, making effective use of fragments of
time to deal with the vast majority of business users demand.Moreover, the Association also released a
mobile cloud strategy, based on a ThinkPad mobile devices such as Tablet, for all types of users
provides a variety of customized development services in the industry.
In addition, in the area of security, Tablet supports power on password, access the SD card password
disabled, I/O ports, and VPN applications, which for a Tablet PC is a high security standard.

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