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					How to Get A 400% Return on Your Investment

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How would you like to get a 400% return on your investment?

How would you like to have a guaranteed return on your investment?

Did you know that this type of investment has only one risk?

What I am about to share with you have been a secret of the most successful investors,
including CEO’s, Doctors, Lawyers, and even people like the late John D. Rockefeller.

The best investment you could ever make actually has Three Key Components. It is a fact
that these three components are so simple that when applied together, the compound
effect is so powerful, even nature could not stop them from continuing to return rich
rewards to their owner.

1 – Giving. Giving, what are you some type of fool? How the heck can “giving” be one
of the key components of a 400% return?

Simple, giving is the most single powerful force on the plant.

I have read stories that people have helped others by giving time, money, gifts, life, and
so many other things. I have read and seen in my own life that what the giver received
back was frequently far more valuable than the thing they gave away.
How can this be real? I have found that through my research that there is a unique force
that operates in the lives of men. Some people call it Karma. Others call it the blessings
of God. The Bible specifically says, “Give and you shall receive.”

Throughout history, many individuals and civilizations have taken this advice to heart. In
every case, the individuals and civilizations make a regular investment of a certain
amount of money, items, and time, to build abundant lifestyles, empires, resources and
education systems. They give, expecting nothing in return, and they are rewarded in
abundance for their charity.

Even today, Americans are the most charitable people on earth. They give and they give.
And yet, they remain one of the most prosperous nations on the planet today.

As with most people, I had to “learn” about the power of giving from personal
experience. As children, we know that we have a toy that our friends or siblings want to
play with. As children, we learn quickly that if we give our toy to someone else, then we
will no longer have a toy for us to play with. As children, we quickly learn that if we give
away something, we lose that something. There is no gain in the process, unless a trade is

What we learned as children goes directly against the concept giving in order to receive.
After all, there is still only one toy and two kids.

As adults, we must relearn the lessons we thought we learned as children. We must learn
from our own experience that giving leads to receiving. We must learn that there is a
force in the universe that ensures that charity will always lead to reward. We must learn
that when we give, we shall receive in abundance.

All of the great religions of the world refer to this force that inhabits the universe. While
the Bible tells story after story providing a multitude of examples about this universal
force, this force actually transcends religion. You don’t have to be a Christian, a Jew, a
Muslim, or a Hindu to reap the rewards of charity. Very literally, anyone who undertakes
activities consistent with “charitable giving” can benefit from this advice. All you have to
do is to believe that it can work, do it, and keep an eye open for the proof of concept.

I have bought dinner for friends, which was followed by a two-week period where I did
not even have to pay for one single meal! I have used time as a gift to people, and shortly
thereafter, I noticed having received more of others people time that I would have
thought possible. In many cases, I felt that I should have paid for the time these kind
folks had given to me, but they would not hear of it! They said that they were “giving”
me their time, and they expected no payment for a gift.

My 5-year-old daughter gave $5 away this past summer and received back $20 the very
next day! Love, I have given so much away and I am just at a state of awe when I see
how much comes back into my own life.
If you have never heard it before, let me be the first to tell you that it really works. Giving
will provide you a huge return on your initial investment.

This concept is taught in all the success books. Even Donald Trump said it in his book,
“Think Big and Kick A**”.

Friend, I challenge you today to apply this concept in your own life, and then let me
know your results. Try it today! Start by giving with the attitude of love; give without the
expectation that it will never generate a return, from the person or thing that you’re
giving it to. But, do expect a return from a One Source that supplies all, God.

You may say that I am a storyteller, but when you apply this one simple technique, even
if you are an unbeliever, you will be shocked by your results!

2 – Education. Come on, how in the world can education give me a return on my

When you read the Bible, you will see that it advises that you should get wisdom, seek it
and get all you can, no matter the cost. For with wisdom, your stock of knowledge
increases. When the wisdom and knowledge are applied to one’s life, rich rewards are

A great author once said “you can have at your disposal the knowledge to accomplish any
task you wish”.

You may be one of those people who wonder exactly how you can find this specialized

Start with an insatiable desire to learn. Then use the tools of our modern age to your best

If you are reading this article, then chances are that you are staring into a computer
monitor in order to be able to read my words. This article is actually one of those pearls
of wisdom that I share with my online friends. I hope that by the time you finish reading
this article that you will also count me among your online friends.

Because you are sitting in front of a computer reading my story, I know that you already
have access to my favorite tool for learning – Google. Google remains one of the best
tools for finding the most appropriate information on any topic.

If you want to learn about the history of man, Google will light your path and lead you to
the most fascinating stories of history. If you want to learn how to build your own electric
wind generator, schematics and plans can be found in many places on the Internet, and
Google will light your path and lead you to the resources to make your education on this
topic complete. If you want to learn how to identify and remove toxic-mold from your
home, Google will light your path and lead you to the education you desire.

I don’t own any stock in Google, so it is not to my benefit for you to use it, but it is to
your benefit to use the resources they make available to the public for free. Even Google
gives in order to receive. When you stop to realize that Google is always looking for new
ways to give the general public the stuff they want for free, then you will start to see the
giving concept in play on a mass scale. Google gives stuff to you and me, with no
expectation of receiving anything from you or me, and advertisers are knocking down
Google’s back door trying to give them money. Google gives, and they receive in

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As you start gaining new knowledge and learning new skills, you are actually starting the
process necessary for using your new education to gain a nice return on your investment.
As you learn new stuff, you are enhancing the value you can give to others. The more
value you can give to others, the more return you will receive for the value you have

I can tell you that in one case, I spent $350 to go to some events. When I applied what I
had been taught at those events, I quickly generated a return of $5,000 to my pocket. I
have heard of other people making returns of upwards as $200,000 or more.

Before I learned the most important part of education is application, I lost money
regularly! Yes, without application, your newfound knowledge is as worthless as the very
air you are breathing out of your lungs this very moment.

Apply what you are learning today; watch how it will transform your life, and learn this
most important lesson, so that you can continue to reap rewards from it for the remainder
of your life on this planet.

In the next section of this article, I am going to put all of this into a mixing bowl and stir
it up, so that you can get what you want from life much more quickly.

3- Meditation. My friend, don’t be put off by the word “meditation”. You are not going
to have to sit on the floor, nor cross your arms and legs. You are not going to have to hum
or burn incense. If this is the way you currently meditate, don’t let me stop you from
doing what works for you. But for the rest of us, we don’t have to do these things to
meditate in our own lives.

The concept of meditation as I am describing it here has some similarities to the
previously mentioned meditation, but not much. You can sit on the floor if you want, but
you can also sit in your chair, on the couch, in your front yard, or even lay on your bed.

The similarities to which I spoke are in clearing distractions from your task. Turn off the
television. Turn off the radio and computer. Eliminate those things from your
surroundings that could pose a distraction to your meditation.

Meditation as I speak of it is only a matter of clearing your world of distractions, clearing
your mind of extraneous thoughts, and focusing on your inner relaxation. You should
give 20 minutes of your day, every day, to proper meditation. The very process will
enhance your life considerably.

When you take away those things that can cloud your mind and your thoughts, you will
have set up the process of clearing your mind and strengthening your ability to focus on a
task, and best of all, you are enabling yourself to draw yourself closer to God.

Mediation when used correctly helps the mind become clear and balanced. It’s like
having a massage for the brain. In my own life, it provides clear thinking. It enables me
to balance the different callings in my life. And it helps me to draw from the wellspring
of creativity in my life and business.

In Summary…

What I have learned in my own personal experience is that the combination of giving,
education, and meditation provide a catapult for success that I had never before dreamed

The combination of these Three Key Components (giving, education and mediation) in
my own life has given me the power to attract the things that I want in my life, with little
or no delay.

Let me apply one more twist to this story, before I let you go on to the start of your new
and more prosperous life.

As you can see told time and again through this story, the greatest force amongst all these
things is you!

You are in total control of your own destiny in this life. You must learn to have a
charitable heart. You must bring an insatiable desire to learn from others. And you must
commit yourself to the meditation that will help you bring everything together into a
powerful, single element.

The proven concepts and ideas I have shared with you do work, and until you have
realized their power for yourself, you must always keep an eye to validation of the
concepts. It will be the validations that you see that will power your belief and desire to
repeat these steps over and again.

Try out my advice now, for yourself, and see what happens. For you now have the
knowledge of what my advice can do for you, the question is: will you apply this
knowledge in your life?

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