Outsource vs Inhouse by AXbj69P


									IT In-house or Outsource: Pros and Cons

    Do you ever wonder if it is fine outsourcing your web or IT infrastructure
    maintenance to a 3rd party vendor. Here are a few factors which may help you
    decide about it.

      In-House Maintenance vs. Maintenance by outsourced vendor

      (In-house) How much training is required? How much does it cost in dollars and lost
      (Outsourced) No training required

      (In-house) What happens when your staff leaves your company or change jobs? What
      does hiring, retention, training, and management cost?
      (Outsourced) The 3rd party vendor takes care of the staff augmentation & retention.

      (In-house) Who covers for your staff on sick days and Vacation?
      (Outsourced) No sick days as outsourced team will be having multiple resources.

      (In-house) What if needs increase or decrease? Can you add a few hours each week if you
      need to? Reduce a few?
      (Outsourced) Starts immediately. Easy to adjust hours as needed in any increment.

      (In-house) Does your company own the necessary equipment and software? How much is
      that costing you?
      (Outsourced) Outsourced vendor is responsible to invest in the necessary software

      (In-house) Does your daily routine occupies most of your time and you are not able to
      concentrate on your business growth?
      (Outsourced) You will be able to concentrate more on your business growth and
      enhancing that.

      (In-house) Do you think IT is not your competency?
      (Outsourced) IT outsourced company work on their IT competency.

      (In-house) You want to enhance your IT solution but you are not assisted by your
      (Outsourced) The 3rd party vendor will assist you in managing nearly all of your IT
      needs and at much lower costs to company.

      (In-house) Do you want to enhance your website by implementing new tools into it
      without effecting its day to day operations?
      (Outsourced) Outsourcing helps you to accomplish this.

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