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									                                                         Liz Cantell Room
                                                         Ealing Town Hall

Ealing Borough Council
Town Hall
New Broadway
London W5 2BY

Committee Administrator
Laurie Lyle
Direct Line: 020 8825 7380
Ext: 7380
Fax: 020 8825 7220

                     Tuesday 12 April, 2005 at 7.00pm
Members:       Councillor Cudmore     (Leader of the Council and Chair)
               Councillor Anand      (Equality, Diversity & Community Cohesion)
               Councillor Beecroft   (Independent Living)
               Councillor Brookes    (Regeneration)
               Councillor Delaney    (Streets and Environment)
               Councillor Manro      (Crime Prevention and Community Safety)
               Councillor Nirwal     (Developing Young People)
               Councillor Thomson    (Customer Engagement & Deputy Leader)
               Councillor Wall       (Transport and Planning)
               Councillor Payne      (Chief Whip) (ex-officio member)

1.     Apologies for Absence

2.     Declarations of Interest

       To note any declarations of interest made by Members.

3.     Matters to be considered in Private (if any)

4.     Urgent Matters
       Any urgent matters arising since despatch of the agenda that the Chair
       has agreed should be considered at the meeting.

5      Minutes
       To approve as a correct record the minutes of the previous meeting of the
       Cabinet held on 15th March, 2005
6      Appointments to Sub-Committees and Outside Bodies
       (Standing Item)

                               ITEMS FOR DECISION

7    Regeneration Spend Proposals : Ealing Town Centre S.106
      Proposals 2005/07
     (Report of the Executive Director of Services to Communities)

8    Ealing Council Social Services Performance Improvement Plan
     (Report of the Head of Information Management)

9    Provision and Delivery of Mobile Meals – Approval to Invite Tenders
     and Delegation of Authority to Award the Contract
      (Report of the Interim Director of Services to Communities)

10   Development and Conservation of Pitzhanger Manor-House and
     Gallery (Report of the Executive Director of Services to Communities)

11   West Ealing (Green Man) Proposed CPZ : Results of Public
     (Report of the Executive Director of Services to Communities)

12   West London Tram : Transport and Works Order : Authority to Issue
     30 Day Notices (Report of the Borough Regeneration Manager)

13   CrossRail Bill – Items to Petition
     (Joint Report of the Head of Legal Services & the Head of Universal

14   Re-Tendering of ICT / Telephony Support Contracts
     (Report of the ICT Director)

15   Integrated Cleaning Contract – Approval to Invite Tenders and
      Delegation of Authority to Award the Contract
      (Report of the Director of Services to Communities)

16   Deletion of Interpreter Roles - Posts
     (Report of the Director of Customer Services)

17   Topics for Scrutiny 2005/06
     (Report of the Head of Performance and Scrutiny)

18   Award of Corporate Contracts for the Supply of Frozen Foods and
     Dried, Tinned and Chilled Food
     (Report of the Head of Strategic Procurement)

19   Outsourcing Estates Management and Valuation Service
     (Report of the Executive Director of Resources)
                             ITEMS FOR INFORMATION

20   Response Programme – Update 18
     (Report of the Director of the Response Programme Director)

21   Social Services Budget Monitoring Report
     (Report of the Interim Executive Director of Social Services)

22   ‘Gershon’ Annual Efficiency Gains Report
      (Report of the Director of Corporate Finance)

23   Strategic Risk Management
     (Report of the Head of Audit and Investigation)

24   Cabinet Member and Special Urgency Decisions
     (Report of the Head of Democratic Services)

                                 GILLIAN GUY
                                Chief Executive
                                 4th April, 2005

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