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									                                   SERMON OUTLINE
                                      November 16, 2008
                                     Pastor Lawton Jacobs

We are Witnesses
John 9:1-12

A Brethren In Christ Core Value:
Witnessing to the World
We value an active and loving witness for Christ to all people.

A Message of Hope (v. 1 – 5)

       Anticipate that God is going to work

        Jesus changes the focus from why to what

       We should only give enough of the past to show the difference Christ makes in
        our lives

       We want others to say, “God can do that for me.”

The Experience is Real (5 – 8)

     The man was blind
    – No question about the need

     Jesus is the “Light of the World”
    – No question about the answer
     The experience is personal
    – Cannot be taken away by others disbelief

     A testimony is simple
    – “I was blind but now I see”

The Witness of Others (v. 8 – 12)

     People are watching
    – It is suppose to be that way

     Confirmation of what Christ can do
    – The testimony of his parents

       People are looking for answers

       People will make excuses
    Great combination
   – People are watching and the Holy Spirit is working

Be a Faithful Witness

Show our love for Jesus and people will say, “I need your Jesus”

“This happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.” (v. 3)

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