How To Catch A Wild Rabbit

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					How to Catch a Wild Rabbit
Ste ps to catch a wil d rabbit 1. Get a piece of wire. 2. Make a loop in one end of it. 3. Feed the other end through the loop. 4. Repeat step 2. 5. Pull one end; it should make the loop smaller, then making it slacker as you release. This is called a snare. 6. Get a thicker piece of wire and bend until it's in a V sort of shape. 7. Hammer the V shaped wire into the ground making sure that it's inside the loop. 8. Make sure it's very tightly placed in the ground. 9. Before you hammer it to the ground look for rabbit tracks do this by finding grass the has been flattened. That's were you will put your trap. This will work because rabbits usually always go the same way. 10. 11. Keep checking your trap at least once a day; a fox could easily steal your prize. Pick up the rabbit once your trap has caught it.

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