School biodiversity manifesto 2010 by thevo


									School Grounds Biodiversity Action Plan Manifesto
This School is working towards taking the following steps to conserve and increase biodiversity within our grounds assisted by the Brighton & Hove BAP Steering Group: 1. Identify a teaching post with specific responsibility for furthering biodiversity conservation in the school and ensure this is written into the job description. 2. Prepare a School Biodiversity Action Plan, involving pupils, teachers, Governors, parents and local businesses. 3. Identify specific nature conservation objectives in our School Development Plan, to include the aim of conserving whenever possible all existing areas of wildlife habitat. 4. Identify and map areas of wildlife habitat in the school. 5. Seek to ensure existing wildlife habitat is suitably managed and opportunities are taken for creating new habitat, using local materials wherever possible. 6. Ensure children are actively involved in conserving wildlife habitat in our school by: • Including them in the production of the School Biodiversity Action Plan. • Using our school’s wildlife habitat as a teaching tool and integrating it into our teaching methods and curriculum. • Setting up an extra-curricular environment club (e.g. a gardening club) to conserve important habitats. • Recording the species found in our school on the CityWildlife web site ( 7. Aiming to recycle organic waste material from our school grounds.

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