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					Registration Form
Countdown 2010 Partners Assembly - 22 May 2008 Yes, I will take part in the Countdown 2010 Partners Assembly Unfortunately, I cannot take part in the meeting. Name Position Organization Address Country Telephone/Fax Email Arrival date, time Departure date, time

Additional information I would like to give a short presentation on how my organisation is implementing the Countdown 2010 commitments. I attach an abstract of my proposed presentation. I will also participate in the CoP9 meeting

Thematic Groups My preferred theme for Session 1 is the following: Business and Biodiversity , OR ready to meet the 2010 target 2010 Readiness Assessment - Measuring progress on how countries are

My preferred theme for Session 2 is the following: Local and Regional Authorities, OR beyond Food Please consider that I have the following special food needs: _______________________________________________________________________ Yes, please sign me up to participate in the Evening Reception Countdown in the European policy setting – towards 2010 and

Participation in the meeting is free of charge. Please arrange your own transport and accommodation. Please return to Ms. Liza Drius, Countdown 2010 Secretariat e-mail: or fax +32 2 732 94 99 no later than Monday 12th May 2008