Chapter 3 NOTES OUTLINE: by HC121105011243


									Chapter 3 NOTES OUTLINE:
   • Atoms are the smallest building blocks of matter, that cannot be broken down by
       chemical means:
Subatomic Particles:

   •   Nucleus: Center of the atom. Contains protons and neutrons. Has a positive

   •   Large area that surrounds the nucleus and contains the electrons.
          – Divided into different energy levels or orbitals.
          – Valence electrons are in the outermost level.

   •   Chemical bonds are formed when atoms share or exchange electrons.

   •   Compounds are formed when elements bond.
         – Covalent Compounds are formed when 2 elements share a covalent bond.
•   Molecules with a partial electric charge on one side are called Polar molecules

•   When bonded to oxygen, nitrogen, or flourine, hydrogen maintains a slight
    positive charge.

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