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									                                        (U.K. Registered Charity No. 286064)

                      Healthcare Infection Society
                            Research Grant
                                          Application Form
Please read the Instructions to Applicants before completing this application (see Page 11).
Please indicate (by circling as appropriate) whether this is a MAJOR or SMALL Research Grant

DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR TRAVEL GRANTS. A separate form is available.

First Applicant
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Title of Project

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Expected Date of Commencement of Project

Summary of Support Requested
   Staff costs                                         Equipment costs

   Consumables costs                                   Total

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Where will the Project be carried out?
Introduction and background
Introduction and background
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Support Requested
(The following section sub-headings should be used as appropriate: Staff - include details of N.I. & superann. costs;
Consumables; Equipment; Other costs. Please include a separate Curriculum Vitae of any (non-applicant)
individual, if known, for whom funding is requested).
Justification for requested level of support
Signature(s) of Applicants
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Other Applicants




Signature of Head of Department
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Signature of Head of Finance
(i.e. Person who will administer the Grant - Please state name, position and address clearly)
(Maximum of 10 or 20 for Small or Major Grant applications, respectively)
Applicant’s mini-Curriculum Vitae
(Do not exceed this space i.e. one side of A4 per applicant)
Please give the names of two referees whom you feel would be suitable for this project.
Colleagues in the same Department or regular research collaborators in the present or recent
past are unacceptable.

Referee 1

Referee 2
Conditions Under Which Grants are Given

1.     The applicant will be expected to produce a final report on the results of the research for
       the Grants Committee of the Society.

2.     Progress reports must be submitted to the Research Grants Committee annually (for
       major grants) or six monthly (for small grants) until completion of the project.

3.     The applicant must acknowledge the financial support of the Society in any publication
       and a reprint of the published paper should be sent to the Grants Committee Secretary.

4.     The Council of the Society reserves the right to consult independent referees about grant

5.     Publications arising from the research will normally be offered to the Journal of Hospital
       Infection in the first instance.

The HIS, as a medical research charity, is under an obligation to ensure that the results of
research which it funds in part or in whole, are published ‘for the public good’. At the same time,
it recognises the pressures which are upon Research Institutions and, therefore, the following
Grant Conditions are intended to pay due note to both of these potentially disparate

All results of research and the intellectual property rights in such results, in relation to which the
HIS has made grant, must be considered for patent protection by the appropriate authority within
the host institution. Agreement should be made between the host institution and HIS on the
apportionment of financial interests in the intellectual property before the patent is applied for.
Publication of the research findings must be delayed until such consideration and until Patenting,
if there is to be such. No unnecessary delay, however, should be allowed to occur before
publication is sought. If the delay in seeking publication of findings is likely to be more than six
months from the termination of the grant, HIS prior written approval must be obtained.

No individual involved in the research, nor the institution, may enter into any arrangements with
any commercial enterprise that will in any way allow the commercial exploitation of any
knowledge gained as a result of the research being funded, without first obtaining the HIS
authority in writing.

The Institution must apply with full rigour all the relevant arrangements, as may from time to time
be mutually agreed between the HIS and the Institution, for the protection of any patentable
intellectual property rights arising from any research funded as a result of the application. If the
Institution, however, decides not to proceed with the protection of any patentable intellectual
property rights, they will fully co-operate (and ensure that their employees co-operate) with the
HIS, so that the Society will have an unreserved and unrestricted right, but not a duty, to seek
patent protection (by its own hand or through its agent).

Occasionally it is necessary for the HIS to require that all copyright and rights of a similar nature
(created as a result of works by individuals and groups of people financially supported by the
Society), capable of being conferred under the laws of the United Kingdom and other countries of
the world, should be assigned to and vest absolutely in, the HIS. At the request of the HIS, the
individuals involved must execute such deeds and documents and do such other acts and things
as may be necessary to achieve the assignment and transfer. When this is the case, there will
be a specific condition in the formal award of grant letter to the host institution.

I agree to abide by the above conditions

Signature of principal applicant:........................................................................................................


                                  (U.K. Registered Charity No. 286064)

                 Healthcare Infection Society
                       Research Grant
                            Instructions to Applicants
1.   The maximum sums available and the two types of funding available are given below:

     Major Research Grant          up to £33, 000 per annum for 1-3 years

     This grant would be suitable to support a PhD studentship, MD or other research worker and
     related consumables / equipment. Grants for longer than one year will be subject to satisfactory
     annual reports.

     Small Research Grant          up to £10, 000

     This grant would be suitable to support the purchase of consumables and/or equipment, or
     possibly the costs associated with the visit of an overseas research fellow. Small grants would
     normally be considered to be non-recurring awards. Small grants will be subject to six monthly
     progress reports.

     Please note that applications for support of travel / meetings attendance alone should not be
     made using the Research Grants Application Form, but instead via the Travel Award Form. This is
     available from the Secretary of the Grants Committee.

2.   Research Grants are for work to be carried out in the U.K. or Eire only, and must be focused on
     the subject of ‘Healthcare infection control’.

3.   Applications will be considered twice per annum with submission deadlines of 1st February and 31st
     July. A decision will normally be made within two months of the deadline in the case of the small
     grants and five months for major grants.

4.   No overheads / add-on charges or advertising costs will be paid (with the exception of National
     Insurance or superannuation costs where applicable).

5.   All applications will be considered by the HIS Research Grants Committee.
     For small and major grants, the top few applications will be shortlisted by the Committee for
     external review by at least two independent referees.

6.   No additional information should be supplied other than specified on the application form.

7.   Grants are awarded under the following conditions:

     a. If required, the protocol will be modified according to recommendations made by the Grants
        Committee or the external referees.
     b. Progress reports must be submitted to the Research Grants Committee annually (for major
        grants) or six monthly (for small grants) until completion of the project.
     c. Wherever possible, publications should be submitted to the Journal of Healthcare Infection.
     d. The grant should be acknowledged in any publication associated with the work.
     e. The Grants Committee should be notified of any publications arising from the work.
     f. Once completed, the project will be presented at a meeting of the Healthcare Infection Society.
8.   Completed application forms and supporting documents must be submitted in PDF or DOC
     (Microsoft Word) format by email only to the current Grants Secretary at

     Applications received after the deadline stated on the HIS website will not be considered.

     Hard copies of Application Forms will not be accepted.

9.   For further information contact:

     Ms S M Hollinshead            Tel: 020 7713 0273
                                   Fax: 020 7713 0255

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