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Pan-European Consultation on the CBD Strategic Plan and the 2010 Target
28-29 April 2009, Athens, Greece Venue to be confirmed

Tuesday, 28 April 2009 16h00
Welcome and Opening of the Meeting Self-introductions of participants and expectations from the meeting


Introduction: The Strategic Plan: Implementation and Revision (David Cooper, SCBD) Implementation of Strategic Plan and progress towards the 2010 target NBSAPs implementation – lessons learned The 4th National Reports and updating of NBSAPs Revision of the Strategic Plan and Decision IX/9 The why do we need a new Strategic Plan? The roadmap of events leading to COP 9 Discussion, Q&A


How did the current Strategic Plan help the regional / national implementation of the CBD? – Lessons learned

18h30 19h00

Plans for next day


Wednesday, 29 April 2009 09h00
Report back from the “Athens’ Meeting” What are the strategic priorities for the EU post 2010? Q&A


Roundtable discussion (David Cooper, SCBD) What was the role of the SP in the Pan-European region? How did it contribute to biodiversity conservation? What should the review include to provide maximum support to the region? Identifying key elements for the “New Strategic Plan”

11h30 12h30

Coffee break

Thematic discussion on the identified elements and priorities Political target for the new Strategic Plan Measurable target(s) What are the regional / national priorities? Translating the global approach to a regional one

14h00 15h00


Closing – Moving Ahead How can the Pan-European region ensure that its views are included in the process? How will you take the meeting conclusions forward?



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