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									Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program News:

    The next Tobacco Coordinators Monthly Conference call will be June 5 th at 9:30am EST.
     Topic and call in information will be sent out later this week.

    The Kentucky Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program now has a shorter URL that
     you can use and distribute to make getting to our webpage easier. The URL is:

    Tobacco coordinators: We will be posting the Cooper Clayton schedule to our website
     later today. It can be accessed at . IMPORTANT: Going forward
     as a policy we would like for you to email or if you are adding any new Cooper Clayton or Freedom From
     Smoking classes. We will update the schedule on our website as we receive new class
     information. A link to this schedule will also be added to the Quit Now Kentucky

Local/State News:

    The Smoke-Free Kentucky Coalition will host a meeting on Tuesday June 12, 2012 at
     Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington Kentucky. Please see attached flyer for details and
     who can attend.

National News:

    Only a small percentage of the billions of dollars states take in from tobacco revenues
     goes to anti-smoking efforts, a new federal report finds.

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    The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld the state's smoking ban, rejecting a challenge
     brought by a Columbus bar that faced thousands of dollars in fines for allowing patrons
     to light up.

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Other Items of Interest:

    Camel gained over 20 percent more market share among 12-17 year olds and over 60
     percent among 18-25 year olds in 2010, according to Citi’s decade-long brand-specific
     study of youth smoker trends. While overall cigarette use declined among teens, it is
   believed that Camel gained market share due to their Camel Crush, a cigarette that
   releases menthol flavoring through its filter when pinched.

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 For more than three decades, researchers have warned of the potential health risks
  associated with exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), especially among
  children whose parents smoke. Now a new study conducted by researchers from the
  University of Arizona reports that those health risks persist well beyond childhood,
  independent of whether or not those individuals end up becoming smokers later in life.

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 New lung cancer screening guidelines from three medical groups recommend annual
  scans but only for an older group of current or former heavy smokers. The advice
  applies only to those aged 55 to 74.

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 A “smoking gun” gene may play a role in how many cigarettes certain smokers puff each

 World No Tobacco Day is Thursday May 31st 2012: The World Health Organization
  (WHO) selected "Tobacco Industry Interference" as this year's theme. Follow this link
  for more information: . Also on
  World No Tobacco Day, Legacy is sponsoring a live webcast, "A Hidden Epidemic:
  Tobacco Use and Mental Illness" as part of Kenneth E. Warner Lecture Series at Legacy.
  The webcast will be on May 31, 2012 from 12:30 to 2:00 pm, ET. Register here: .

 7-Eleven has announced it will launch a new technology that will scan the code on the
  back of a customer’s driver license or identification card, in a move to prevent minors
  from purchasing alcohol, tobacco, potential inhalants and lottery tickets.

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   Tobacco manufacturer Altria is introducing a tobacco-free nicotine lozenge called Verve,
    The Wall Street Journal reports. Verve is a chewable, mint-flavored disc, which provides
    nicotine that is extracted from tobacco. It does not dissolve, so users must throw it away
    after use.

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