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									                                                                                                                                                    JULY 2011
                                                                     Greetings to all A+ Bulldogs!

I hope this newsletter finds everyone healthy and enjoying a relaxing and rejuvenating summer. Even though school is not in
session, there is plenty going on during the summer recess. The campus of Barry Goldwater High School has begun the first
phase of a $25 Million Dollar Modernization project. In just 57 days, all of the classrooms in our academic buildings (100 – 500
halls) will be completely renovated and modernized with new infrastructure, HVAC, windows, cabinetry, technology, paint and
carpet. The hallways will be completely modernized with new way finding designs as well as the addition of carpeting, refinishing
all walls and lockers the addition of new lighting and new paint schemes. There have been approximately 200 construction
workers on site since the last day of the 2010-11 school year working multiple shifts six days a week. It is amazing to see the
scope of this project and the incredible progress being made. The 5 “mock up” classrooms used as a template are almost finished
and look amazing! This massive undertaking will be completed before the start of school. All students and staff will begin the
school year essentially with a “new” school on the inside.

As most everyone knows, BGHS has garnered some distinctive recognitions this past year including; the first and only high school
in Arizona named a “Beat the Odds” school as well as the highly sought after and the pinnacle of recognition, “A+ School of
Excellence”. Our students continue to acquire university scholarships measured in the millions of dollars, and our athletic teams
have improved and are competing at the state level. We’re extremely proud of these honors. With these recognitions comes the
responsibility to live up to the expectations that these successes bring. The A+ committee from the Arizona Education Foundation
had glowing remarks regarding Barry Goldwater High School. Two suggestions for continued improvement stood out and they
are; continue high expectations for student dress code and to make a concerted effort to raise the bar regarding stopping the use
of profanity by students. These are areas that we will address vigorously in an effort to ensure that each student is exhibiting
the highest level of civility in both dress and language. Please be mindful of these two areas as we begin the school year. Let’s
make sure that we look and act like an A+ School of Excellence.

This newsletter contains all of the information needed to begin the 2011-12 school year. Please feel free to contact us with any
questions or concerns you may have. While the entire campus is closed due to construction, the administrative building is open all
summer long, Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. to serve you. We look forward to seeing everyone on
Monday, August 15, 2011 for the start of the 2011-12 school year. Enjoy the rest of your summer!
                                                                                                                                               Barry Goldwater
Dr. Mike Andersen, Principal                                                                                                                     High School
                                                                                                                                          “An A+ School of Excellence”
                                                                                                                                            2820 W Rose Garden Ln.
     Please Welcome Our New Assistant Principals!                                                                                            Phoenix, AZ 85027
Assistant Principal—Curriculum
My name is Kathryn Borgesen. I am a fourth generation native of Arizona who graduated from Washington High School and then
pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University. I also earned a Masters of Education in Secondary                     Mark Your Calendar
Education and a Masters of Education in Administrative Leadership and Supervision from Arizona State University — Go
Sundevils! I have been a part of the Deer Valley School District for the past twenty-five years, earning a DVUSD Teacher of the
Year award in 2003. I began my teaching career at Barry Goldwater High School the year it opened (1986) and then moved to
Mountain Ridge High School when it opened its doors. For the past five years, I have served as an assistant principal at Boulder
Creek High School. My husband and I are very proud of our daughter who just graduated from ASU, son who attends Paradise
Valley Community College, and daughter who is a sophomore in high school this year. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, shopping,
travel, live theater, and spending time with family and friends. I am thrilled to return to BGHS! Once a bulldog, always a bulldog!                 August 5th
                                                                                                                                                8:00 am to 9:30 am
Assistant Principal—Activities and Discipline                                                                                                        Freshman
Hello, I am Brian Jacobs. After being in the Deer Valley district for ten years, I am happy to be a Bulldog! My first four years in the             Orientation
district were spent at Mountain Ridge in Athletics, Attendance and Discipline. For the past six years, I have worked at O’Connor                    August 8th
High School. While there, my areas of focus were primarily Discipline and Curriculum. Prior to administration, I spent 12 years in             1st day of Fall Sports
the classroom at Paradise Valley High School and Central High School where I taught Social Studies and coached multiple sports. I               Practices & Tryouts
earned my Bachelors Degree from the University of Indiana and my Masters Degree from Northern Arizona University.                                   August 15th         1
All of this does not define who I am. I am the proud father of two daughters, a stepson, and a stepdaughter. My wife and I have                First day of School!!
been married over four years, and have a four legged child together, Maya, our 100 pound Great Dane. I look forward to getting to                   August 18th
know everyone in the Bulldog family, and building upon our A + School of Excellence.                                                           Meet the teacher night
                                                          BGHS Curriculum
                                                 New Student Registration
                                                 Students who are new to Barry Goldwater High School and have not
                                                 registered yet may schedule an appointment with the counseling department
                                                 by calling 623-445-3016. Parents will need to provide the following:
                                                     Birth Certificate
                                                     Proof of Residency (eg: utility bill, lease agreement, etc)
        Meet The Teacher Night                       Immunization Records
                                                     Transcripts from previous school
Barry Goldwater High School’s annual
Meet The Teacher Night is scheduled              Schedule Changes
for Thursday, August 18th from 6pm-              After students register for classes during the previous spring
8:00pm. This event will provide parents          semester, staffing numbers are then determined. Teachers are assigned,
the opportunity to be introduced to              scheduled, and hired based upon the student course requests. For this
each teacher, see each classroom                 reason, schedule changes are very difficult to accommodate when the fall
environment, hear about academic and             semester begins. Please understand that schedule changes will only be
behavioral expectations, and gain a              approved for the following situations:
brief overview of the curriculum.
                                                 1. Course needed to fulfill graduation requirements
                                                 2. Course completed in summer school or at another approved institution
                                                 3. Computer Error
                 ACT/SAT                         4. Health Concerns
Test Information
You can apply on-line!                           Students needing a schedule change for one of the above reasons will be able
ACT -                                to come to the office on the following day during the listed class:
Tests should be taken at the end                        Seniors                 August 17th              Gov/Econ Class
of your Junior Year!                                    Juniors                 August 18th              Am History Class
Tests can be retaken!
                                                        Sophomores              August 19th              World Hist. Class
You must register approximately 1 month before          Freshmen                August 19th              Bio/Earth Science
the test date.:t sc
                                                     NO CHANGES PERMITTED AFTER THE 10TH DAY OF THE SEMESTER
            School Code # 030270

                                                                                AIMS RETAKES
                                                  Juniors and seniors who have not passed one or more of the AIMS tests will be
     Summer Reading Lists                         re-taking the tests on October 25 (Writing), October 26 (Reading), and
 Be sure to complete your summer                  October 27 (Math). Tests will be automatically ordered for juniors and seniors
   reading and assignments prior to               who have not passed one or more of the AIMS tests.
 the first day of school. For summer              Juniors or seniors who have met the standard on one the AIMS tests may retake
  reading lists and math packets, go              the test(s) to attempt to “exceed” the standards. Please note: one of the
                                                  current requirements for the AIMS Tuition Waiver is that students “Exceed” on
  to: (IB tab)             all three AIMS tests by the spring of their Junior year. Please call 623-445-3035
                                                  or stop by Mrs. Riedel’s desk in the front office to sign up by August 26th if you
                                                  are interested in retaking AIMS test(s) to “Exceed” so that we can order a test
                                                  for you. More information will be coming!

                                                      IMPORTANT NOTICE
 Beginning on July 1st, 2011, no credit will be accepted from tuition-free, online institutions for DVUSD students. This change
 will have no impact on students who already have earned credit(s) from free online schools. Any other out-of-district
 course credit, including charter schools and paid online courses, must be approved by a counselor prior to enrolling 2 thein
 course. A maximum of two credits may be accepted.
                     FRESHMAN INFORMATION
                               FRESHMAN ORIENTATION
                                  Friday, August 5, 2011
                        8:00 am to 9:30 am in the BGHS Auditorium

        Get your class schedule draft
        Meet the athletic coaches
        Get athletic information & pick up your sports clearance packets
        Put money on your lunch accounts and/or fill out Free & Reduced Lunch forms
        Buy yearbooks, student athletic passes and family athletic passes
        Say HI to old friends and make some new friends!

                                                          Student Success List
                                                    1. Come prepared every day. Have your books
                                                    and a system that organizes your learning. Have
                                                    all materials you need daily. Leave items that
 Parents of 9th Graders                             keep you from learning outside of the classroom.
                                                    2. Know where your classes are, the restrooms,
Welcome to our Bulldog family! BGHS believes        your locker and how to get around campus and to
 in our “parents as partners”. We’re happy to       get to class on time.
present a special presentation for all parents of
 our freshman class as well as parents of any       3. Be where you are supposed to be when you
new students to Barry Goldwater High School.        are supposed to be there. If your friends ask
  There will be two opportunities for you. The      you to join them for lunch and it is not your lunch
content will be the same at both sessions. You      period, politely decline. If asked to share
are welcome to choose either or both sessions!      lockers, politely decline this offer as well,
Thursday, August 4th, 2011 at 6:00 p.m.             everyone has their own locker assigned.
     BGHS Performing Arts Building
                                                    4. Get involved and find your academic
  Friday, August 5th, 2011 at 8:00 a.m.             tradition. Know what you enjoy doing and what
      (during Freshman Orientation)                 you are passionate about learning. Find the
                                                    teachers at school who will support you in grow-
 There will be opportunities for you to             ing your academic passions.
 ask questions and get the information              5. Give as much as you get. Students who give
 you need to help your student off to a             create a spirit at Goldwater that we are most
 great start in their high school career.           proud of. Our school of excellence has students
   We look forward to meeting you!!                 with a spirit of service beyond themselves.
                                  COUNSELING DEPARTMENT
           In order to best serve our students,
  the counselors will be working with freshmen to
                                                                                      Schedule Distribution
develop individual four-year plans. This individual
                                                                                 Students will be able to access their schedule via
            plan is used to register each
                                                                                 Power Schools beginning the first week of August.
       student for classes. Sophomores and
                                                                                  Class leveling will still be occurring and all class
       Juniors are encouraged to revise their
 individual four-year plans with their counselor as                                           schedules are DRAFTS.
                 needed each year.
                                                                               Students will pick up their “Gold” schedule on the first
                                                                                         day of school, August 15, 2011.
    Counselors serve students 9-12th grades based on
            the student’s last name or IEP.
                                                                                 Those students meeting the criteria of a schedule
 Mrs. Laura Permenter                 623-445-3067
                                                                                     change, will meet with Assistant Principal
 Last name A – E                                                               Mrs. Borgesen, in the Lecture Hall during the Drop/Add
                                                                                 Days. All changes must meet the following criteria:
 Mrs. Katherine Coleman               623-445-3018
 Last name G - J                                                                    Computer error
 Ms. Beth Arnold                      623-445-3017
                                                                                    Graduation requirement
 Last name K - Q                                                                    Change is required due to health
                                                                                    Completion of summer school,
 Mr. Eddie Rodriguez                  623-445-3066                                   correspondence or evening course
 Last name R - W

 Mrs. Jenny Markham            623-445-3068
 Last name F,X,Y,Z and Students with IEP’s                                          DROP/ADD DAYS SCHEDULE:
      New Students & Summer Enrollment                                                        Wednesday, August 17th
     Please let your family, friends and neighbors know                                      Government or Economics
  that they may come to our campus and register anytime
                     throughout the year.                                                           Juniors
 Please contact the front office for registration times during                                Thursday, August 18yh
                         the summer.
  Students need to enroll ONLY if they are new to our area.
                                                                                            American or Arizona History
You DO NOT need to re-enroll students that finished the school year with
us in May, nor do you need to enroll incoming Freshman from our feeder                               Sophomores
                         schools that include:
                Deer Valley Middle School, Paseo Hills,
                                                                                                 Friday, August 19th
                  Sunset Ridge and Norterra Canyon.                                                 World History
 You must have the following documentation with you in order to complete
   the registration process. In order to expedite the process, you are wel-
    come to pick up a registration packet and bring it back once you have                        Friday, August 19th
filled out all of the forms and gathered all of the necessary documentation.                  Biology or Earth Science
             Photo ID of Parent/Guardian
             Proof of Current Residency (APS or Water bill)
                                                                               Students will get a pass during their designated period
             Unofficial Transcript                                                 from their Social Studies or Science teacher.
             Proof of Promotion
             Withdrawal Form from Previous School
             Certified Copy of Student’s Birth Certificate
             Current & Complete Immunizations
             Any Custody/Guardianship Documents
             Any Special Education Records
             Any AIMS/Standardized Test Scores                                                                                   4
                        IMPORTANT ITEMS TO NOTE:
       BGHS Bookstore                                CAFETERIA NEWS 2011-2012
           Summer Hours                        Meal prices for K-8 and middle schools are $2.25 and
                                               high school pricing is $2.50, and up, per meal,. The cost
                                               for an 8 oz. carton of milk is $.35.

                Monday-Thursday                Breakfast prices are $1.25 for K-8 and $1.50 for 9-12.
               6:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.             Reduced meal prices will remain $.30 for breakfast and
               Thru JULY 28, 2011              $.40 for lunch.
                                               You can use your debit or credit card to put money on
                                               your student’s account at
                                               You can also find Free & Reduced lunch applications on
                                               the website under Our Schools; School
     Welcome Back Bulldogs!                    Menus, or ask for a form from the front office or your
My name is Janet Harvey; I am your book-
store manager. I look forward to meeting For families previously approved for Free and Reduced
                                          Lunches, in order for your benefits to continue unin-
our new students and seeing our returning
                                          terrupted, your applications must be received in your
                                               school cafeteria prior to September 2, 2011.
 The bookstore is now open to purchase an      We accept Free and Reduced lunch applications all year
  athletic pass, parking pass, and yearbook.   long. Processing takes up to ten days. Please turn your
     Please remember these items are not       applications in early. We look forward to serving you in
required to start the school year. Come into   the 2011 - 2012 school year.
 the bookstore anytime over the summer to
   say hello. Let’s have a great school year
 **Regular Bookstore Hours will resume
       Monday, August 1, 2011
         ** Regular hours are:
Monday thru Friday 7:00 a.m.— 3:00 p.m.

                        Main Office : 623-445-3000          Fax: 623-445-3080

   Attendance Line          623-445-3090       Attendance Clerk      623-445-3007
   Athletics                623-445-3036       Activities            623-445-3037
   Bookstore                623-445-3070       Counseling            623-443-3016
   Curriculum               623-445-3035       Nurse            623-445-3010
   Principal’s Office       623-445-3004
              Meet Your Teacher Night
                     Thursday, August 18th                                           Calling all Parents!
                                                                                   Join us for our Parent Communication
                      6:00 PM – 8:00 PM                                                Council Meetings each quarter.
 Come join us for an evening of “getting to know you”! Our annual “Meet the
                                                                                 We will meet in the Career Center located
 Teacher” night is an opportunity for parents and students to spend some time
 with our Barry Goldwater High School teachers in their classrooms. There will   in the Administrative Office from 6:00 pm
 be both formal and informal presentations about the curriculum, expectations,       to 7:00 pm on the following dates:
 processes, procedures from each teacher that is on your students’ schedule.
 This is a great moment to connect a name to a face and a personality to the      * September 12 * November 14 *
 content. We want to welcome you to our campus and spend some informal                 * February 13 * April 9 *
 time developing those important relationships so we can get to know you and
 your student. We look forward to seeing you on the 18th.

August 4                Freshman Parent Information Meeting, 6:00 p.m. Performing Arts Building
August 5                Freshman Orientation, 8:00-9:30 a.m., Performing Arts Building
August 8                Fall Sports Practice and Tryouts begin
August 15               First Day of School
August 18               Meet the Teacher Night, 6-8 p.m.
August 25               Freshman Family Night, 6-8 p.m.
August 26               Early Release 11:00a.m. (Staff Development)
September 5             No School ~ Labor Day Holiday
September 12            Parent Communication Council Mtg, 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Career Center
October 10              No School ~ Fall Recess Day
October 20              Early Release 11:00 am ~ Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 21              Early Release 11:00 am ~ Parent/Teacher Conferences–upon request
October 25              AIMS Retake Writing Grades 11 & 12
October 26              AIMS Retake Reading Grades 11 & 12
October 27              AIMS Retake Math Grades 11 & 12
October 28              Early Release 11:00 am (Staff Development)
November 11             No School-Veterans Day Observed
November 18             Early Release 11:00 a.m. (Staff Development)
November 24-25          No School-Thanksgiving Recess
December 9              Early Release 11:00 a.m. (Staff Development)

                               FRESHMAN FAMILY NIGHT
                                                August 25, 2011
                                                6:00 PM-8:00 PM

Bring the family to learn about powerschools, sports, clubs, habits of minds,
            expectations and the great things bghs has to offer!

                See what it means to be part of an A+ school of Excellence!
                                        SAFETY NEWS
School safety at Barry Goldwater High School is an area that we take seriously. Deer Valley Unified School District and BGHS is on
the forefront of school safety with emergency plans, reunification plans, and training from FEMA. The Administration and staff are
constantly reviewing our procedures and making changes to work towards making BGHS a safe environment for all stakeholders. We
have listed a few of the procedures that we have in place.

Campus Visitation We love to have parents visit the campus, but please keep in mind that we do have check-in procedures to ensure
the safety of our students and staff. The entrance for our visitors and parents is from our visitors parking, through the northeast gate di-
rectly to the front office doors located on the north end of our administration building. Please be prepared to state the nature of your
visit, sign in, and show photo identification and sign out when leaving campus. Our procedures help ensure the safety of our students
and staff.

Emergency Plan. This would include fire drills, bus evacuation training, lock down training, to name a few. Practice is the name of the
game. BGHS will continue to work with Phoenix Police and Phoenix Fire to review and make changes to improve our practices.

In Case of an Evacuation. The Deer Valley Unified School District will be providing information to radio and television stations, Con-
nect-ED, (our new telephone calling system), district web site and school websites explaining where and when to pick up students and/
or if the students will be moved to another location. Please remember to have your identification ready for student release.

Our school environment is constantly being evaluated by our staff to provide a hazard free experience.
BGHS uses a number of strategies to help ensure a safe climate by providing the following:
        A nurse and counselors are available during the day
        Specific procedures for supervision are in place
        Visitor check-in/out
        BGHS staff members are required to wear identification badges
        Students are required have identification badges at all times
        Phoenix Police Officers are present on campus
        Coaches and certain staff have CPR training
        Peer Mediation and Conflict Resolution is available to students
        An antiviolence curriculum is taught
        The Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook is enforced

Deer Valley Unified School District and Barry Goldwater High School are dedicated to provide all involved a safe educational environ-
ment. Remember that parents, students and the entire community are encouraged to be involved in the safety of our Barry Goldwater
High School educational community.

            Zero Tolerance for Bullying                                                              Personal Property
At BGHS, we are committed to providing a safe learning                  Electronic devices including cell phones and I-Pods, along with other valuable
environment for all. Bullying, in all forms, will not be                items, including cash, should not be brought to school. Barry Goldwater High
tolerated on our campus or allowed to interfere with the                School is not responsible for the safety of these items and DVUSD does not
                                                                        assume any responsibility for student personal items that are lost, stolen or
learning of any student.                                                broken on school property or at school events.
Bullying is verbal, physical, or psychological behavior
intending to harm or disturb one or more individuals carried                Please be aware that misuse of electronic devices may result in discipline
                                                                                    procedures in addition to the confiscation of the device.
out repeatedly and over time creating an imbalance of real or
perceived power both physically or psychologically.
Bullying that takes place via text messaging, instant                                        Barry Goldwater Block Watch
messaging, and through social media websites is considered
Cyberbullying and can carry the same discipline and
                                                                        We are delighted to be partnering with the Goldwater Neighborhood Block
consequences as bullying that happens in person.                        Watch. It is important that we all work together to keep our students and families
Bullying is not tolerated on the BGHS campus. We are an                 safe.
A+ School of Excellence and deem all students and staff on              Our community is an enjoyable place for business to prosper, families to relax
our campus worthy of that status.                                       and students to excel. We will work together to do all we can to make this
                                                                        Bulldog community a wonderful place for everyone.
                            BULLDOG ATHLETICS

               The Athletic office will be open after August 1st from
 7:00 am to 3:30 pm for sport clearance. The Athletic Clearance Packet must be
 filled out completely each year in order to participate. During the summer, the
       packet can be picked up Mon.-Thurs., 6:30 am. – 5 p.m. in the BGHS
     Administration Office or the packet may be found online at

           Sports Tryouts and/or Practices officially begin according to the following schedule:
      Fall ~ August 8th                Winter ~ October 31st                     Spring ~ February 6th

                                Athletic Programs Available to Students
Fall:   Football ~ Boys & Girls Cross Country ~ Boys & Girls Golf ~ Girls Volleyball ~ Swimming
Winter: Boys & Girls Basketball ~ Boys & Girls Soccer ~ Wrestling
Spring: Boys Volleyball ~ Baseball ~ Softball ~ Boys & Girls Tennis ~ Boys & Girls Track ~ Girls Badmiton

                        Barry Goldwater High School
                           “Victory with Honor”
       The Deer Valley Unified School District Athletic Programs
are committed to providing an enjoyable experience in a safe environment
   where student athletes promote “Pursuing Victory With Honor”
          through the “Six Pillars of Character” which are:

                                Citizenship                                                          8
         BGHS has over 40 clubs
       and activities to choose from!

 ART CLUB          TBA
 BASEBALL          TBA
                   MAGGIE PETTIGREW
                   GARY ANDERSON
                                                  We’re Latex Free!
 DANCE CLUB        SUSAN MORICI                  The community of Barry Goldwater
 DECA              DEB KIDWELL                   High School is comprised of an ever
 FCA               GINA ENDRESEN                   changing population of students,
                                                 teachers and community members.
 FRENCH CLUB       LEIGH COLDREN                Several of our teachers and students
 GIRL’S BASKETBALL STACY SPENCER                have a severe latex allergy and must
 GIRL’S GOLF       EDDIE RODRIGUEZ             avoid contact with products containing
 GIRLS SWIMMING LARRY PAGE                    latex. Those with severe latex allergies
 GIRL’S TENNIS     SCOTT DESSENBERGER            that touch or breathe air born latex
 GIRL’S TRACK      TBA                             particles can go into anaphylactic
                                                shock—a swelling of the airways that
 HH SOCIETY        TBA                            can be fatal. Barry Goldwater High
 INTERACT          MIKE BARRERA                 School is a “latex free” environment.
 MARCHING BAND     GARY ANDERSON                  For the protection of our students,
                                               teachers and staff, please be aware of
 NEWSPAPER         ROBYN KREITL                               the following:
 NHS               L.TRAINOR & M. SAVOIA
 PEER FACILITATORS LAURA PERMENTER              No Balloons of any type are allowed
                                                on campus
 SPEECH/DEBATE     RONDA MCWHORTER              No Latex Gloves are allowed on
 SPIRITLINE        RICHARD DEVRIENDT            campus
 WRESTLING         JASON MONIZ                The following items must be latex-free
 YEARBOOK          ROBYN KREITL                 Rubber Bands
                                                Pencils, Pens
Visit our website at      Paint                            9
          for contact information

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