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					Improve Your Writing On Hubpages
This hub is strictly about how to improve writing. Not how to add pictures, or the importance of a
summary and a good title. Just back to basics writing for the internet. Learn, read, write, edit, repeat.
You have to answer all of your other hubpages questions before you should start writing here. This
means answering all those questions about titles and summaries, pictures and links. The Learning
Center is your best friend at hubpages. Everything you could ever want to know is located here ( and
the FAQ). There are also a lot of “secrets” stored here. Things that most writer’s who’ve been here a
while forget about because they don’t think they need to look in the Learning Center.
Now that all of your questions about hubpages have been answered it’s time to answer all of your
writing questions. Read a lot of “How to Write” articles. There are tons of them here as well as
elsewhere on the internet.
Read hubs that are the same topic or genre as yours, look for ones with high hubscores. What are
they doing that appeals to you as a reader? Look at ones with low hubscores. What do you think they
could improve upon? This will help you judge your own articles when you write them.
Write about what interests you. When reading articles online it is always pretty obvious when the
writer cares about the topic at hand. If you care about the topic you’re going to put more effort into the
research and information. Consider class projects in school. If it was a topic you liked you threw
yourself into the research, if you didn’t like it, you dragged and did the bare minimum. Now, with the
opportunity to write whatever you want, the bare minimum isn’t good enough.
Use short sentences, and short paragraphs. Write down only what's relevant and important. This will
ensure you keep your reader all the way to the end of the article.
Not sure if your wording sounds right. Read it out loud to yourself. It sounds silly but it really works.
This is especially a good tool for poetry and pieces with lots of dialogue, but it can really help with
technical articles to make sure they make sense.
If you’re still not sure if your writing makes sense find a friend and let them read it. Someone you trust
to give you good constructive criticism. Don’t ask your mother or girlfriend/boyfriend because they’re
just going to tell you that everything you do is wonderful. This won’t help you at all.
It won’t hurt your writing to let it sit unpublished for a day or two. In fact, this is often good for your
hubpages score. Then come back at it with fresh eyes and read it again. Often this is all it takes to
catch minor errors or holes in your information.
From time to time it is important to go back and rework your articles. Make sure all of the pictures and
information is still relevant. You’ll notice references to a specific point in time. Try to cut these out
because you want your article to be always relevant, not just during one point in time.

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Description: means answering all those questions about titles and summaries, pictures and links.