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					       2011 Florida Elite                                                                          I/my child hereby acknowledge that I/my child have voluntarily chosen

                                                      Fall Mini-Club
                                                                                                   to use the facilities at any Volusia County School and participate in the

        Fall Mini - Club
                                                                                                   activities of the Florida Elite Volleyball Club League including, but not
                                                                                                   limited to, cardiovascular training, volleyball drills i.e. setting, bumping,
                                                                                                   digging, spiking, and volleyball games (hereinafter called “program”).

                                                        Schedule                                   I/my child recognize that the programs and its activities involve risk of
                                                                                                   injury and choose to voluntarily participate in this program. I/my child
                                                                                                   agree to accept any and all risks associated with including, and not limited
                                                               Twice a week                        to property, damage, or loss, minor bodily injury, severe bodily injury, and
                                                                                                   fullest extent permitted by law. I/my child agree to indemnify, defend and
Our goal is to help young ladies learn the                   Aug. 29-Oct. 26                       hold harmless Florida Elite Volleyball Club, and Volusia County School,
                                                                                                   and the Volusia County School Board, its officers, directors, employees,
sport of volleyball, be competitive, and                      4 tournaments                        agents, volunteers and assigns from and against all claims arising on or of
                                                                                                   resulting from my participation in the program. “Claim” as used in this
become better prepared to play volleyball                        $250.00                           agreement means any financial loss, claim, suit, action, damage, or
                                                                                                   expense, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, attributable to bodily
                                                         3 Step Registration Process:
at a higher level.                                                                                 injury, sickness, disease or death, or injury to or destruction of tangible
                                             1. Become an AAU member by registering online
Fall Mini – Practices will be twice a week
                                                                                                   property including loss of use resulting therefrom. I/my child also
                                                      at on Sept. 1st            understand that Florida Elite Volleyball Club, Spruce Creek High School
for 1 ½ hours each time. Teams will play                                                           Volleyball and the Volusia County School Board, does not provide any
                                             2. Complete pamphlet, have it notarized               medical or dental insurance or other insurance for personal property
4 tournaments throughout the months          3. Bring form,and payment to first                    damage or loss, no insurance for liability arising out any negligent actions
                                                                                                   or omissions; and I/my child acknowledge that I am solely responsible for
of September and October. A uniform t-            practice.                                        my own insurance to cover these expenses.
                                                                 PAYMENT PROCESS
                                                                                                   In the event of an accident, illness, or injury I hereby give permission
shirt will be provided for each player.                                                            for the staff of Florida Elite Volleyball Club to administer appropriate
                                                                 -2 OPTIONS-                       medical attention to me/my child. I will be responsible for
Players are asked to provide their own
                                             1 Payment can be made in one lump sum dated
                                                                                                   any and all cost of medical coverage and treatment provided, even

                                                                                                   those not covered by insurance: I further understand that this
                                             Aug. 29th                                             acknowledgement of risk and hold harmless in intended to be as broad
                      .                      2. Payment can be made in 2 checks post-dated.
                                                                                                   and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Florida and that
                                                                                                   if any portion here is held valid, I agree that the balance shall,
                                             The first will be for Aug. 29th and the second will   notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.
                                             be for Sept 15th. Both checks should be brought       I HAVE READ THIS WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND FULLY
                                             to the first practice.                                UNDERSTAND ITS TERMS, AND SIGN IT FREELY AND
                                                                                                   VOLUNTARILY WITHOUT ANY INDUCEMENT.
                                             3. Please do not sign up for AAU until Aug. 31st      I (WE) ALSO CERTIFY THAT MY (OUR) SON/DAUGHTER,

                                                                                                   _____________________________ IS COVERED BY A MEDICAL
                                                                                                   INSURANCE POLICY AND THEREFORE WILL BE COVERED IN
                                                                                                   CASE OF ANY INJURY INCURRED WHILE PARTICIPATING IN
                                                                                                   THIS LEAGUE

                                                             ALL FORMS                             SIGNATURE OF PARENT(S) OR LEGAL GUARDIAN(S)

                                                             MUST BE                               ____________________________________________________________
                                                                                                   STREET ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE
                                                                                                   SIGNATURE OF NOTARY PUBLIC (AFFIX SEAL)
             Fall Mini-Club
            Registration Form                   FLORIDA ELITE
               Twice a Week                      VOLLEYBALL
              4 Tournaments
              Approx. 8 weeks                       CLUB

NAME: ___________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________

City/State/Zip: _____________________________

Age: _____ Grade in the Fall: _______________

School: __________________________________

Parent Name: _____________________________

Home#: ______________ Cell #: _____________

Parent email: _____________________________
                                                  FALL BALL
Medical Insurance co. : _____________________        2011
Policy#: _________________________________       Aug. 29-Oct. 26
Florida Elite VBC
110 Lincoln Road
Edgewater, Florida

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