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					                                                            Agenda Item No.:__E.2.c. C________

Winter 2001 – 2002 Corporate Wins                                                                E
That the Winter 2001-2002 Corporate Wins
report be received for information.                                                              C
Report Summary
City Council receives quarterly the
Corporate Wins report, a collection of
initiatives selected by City staff that
demonstrates ongoing commitment to
providing value to Edmonton citizens.
Previous Council/Committee Action
The quarterly reporting of corporate
“success” stories was initiated in response to
a need identified in a November 1999 report
to Executive Committee entitled Initiatives
to Provide Cost Effective Services.
   The report includes examples of
    innovations, cost savings, service
    improvements, partnerships and external
    recognition. These examples are useful
    for speeches, letters, reports and other
    City Council communication activities.
   A selection of Corporate Wins are
    included in the quarterly report to
    citizens, Edmonton This Quarter. Wins
    also appear in other corporate reports,
    such as the City of Edmonton’s Annual
    Financial Statements, are posted to the
    City’s Internet site and are frequently
    picked up by local media.

Background Information Attached
1. Winter 2001-02 Wins

Routing:               Executive Committee  City Council
Delegation:            Randy Garvey, Val Stevens
Written By:            Val Stevens
January 17, 2002       Corporate Services Department
File: 2002COC006       (Page 1 of 1)
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Winter 2000-01 Wins


Corporate Wins are initiatives selected by staff to demonstrate ongoing commitment toward achieving
corporate goals and providing value to Edmonton citizens. The Winter 2001-02 list includes examples of
innovations, cost savings, service improvements, partnerships and external recognition.
The report is organized into three sections: the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Public Library and Winnings
Ways (awards).

The report is also available on the City’s web site:
                                         Or call (780) 496-8196

The City of Edmonton

GOAL: Planned growth
Manage land use and development in mature neighbourhoods, business areas and new
suburban areas, and maintain quality of environment.

1. 2001 record year for new single-family homes in Edmonton
Planning and Development issues a total of 3,179 new single-family house permits in 2001, a 42 per cent
increase over 2000. Department staff handled this increased demand as well as increased development
activity in the commercial and industrial sectors.
             Contact: Mark Garrett, Manager, Development Compliance Branch, Planning and Development
                                                                                 Department, 496-8465

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Winter 2000-01 Wins

GOAL: Economic development
Take a leadership role in creating a positive, dynamic business climate and expanding
the business base within Edmonton and the Edmonton Capital region.

2. Drainage exceeds previous service volumes
Drainage Services provided review, inspection and acceptance of $24 million worth of developer-built
sanitary and storms sewers in 2001. This business volume is 45 per cent higher than in the previous
three years and twice the average for the past 10 years.
                                 Contact: Kurt Sawatzky, Branch Manager, Drainage Services, 496-5593

GOAL: Services to people
Provide quality, best value services that contribute to the safety, security, well being and
enjoyment of Edmonton’s citizens.

3. Drainage exceeds previous lot grading record
Drainage Services undertook 7,000 lot-grading inspections during 2001, up 15 per cent from the previous
record set in 2000. These inspections addressed the backlog of lot grading approvals which had
occurred over the prior three years. Proper lot grading helps reduce basement flooding risk and conflicts
with neighbors.
                                  Contact: Kurt Sawatzky, Branch Manager, Drainage Services, 496-5593,

4. A model for success
Drainage Services’ recently developed a 1:500 scale physical model of the Gold Bar Wastewater
Treatment Plant, complete with interactive features, following on the success of its popular sewer model.
The model will be used as an educational tool for various audiences to simulate how wastewater passes
through different stages of treatment.
                                                   Contact: Gene Emanuel, Drainage Services, 496-4320

5. Compost workshop attendance increases
Enrollment in three educational compost workshops increased by 85 per cent in 2001 to 228 people.
Held at the John Janzen Backyard Composting Education Centre (next to Fort Edmonton Park), these
workshops teach residents how to get started in backyard and worm composting, and contribute to
Edmonton’s overall waste reduction goals.
                                                  Contact: Connie Boyce, Waste Management, 496-5407

6. Waste collectors receive kudos from citizen
The Waste Management Branch received an unsolicited accolade of the highest degree. Mr. Doug
Tomlinson, a 93-year-old citizen living in a veteran’s housing complex, recently called to pass along his

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Winter 2000-01 Wins

commendation for the continued good work he has received from waste collectors over the years. “I have
no complaint over the years with garbage collection in the City; it’s been excellent,” said Tomlinson.
                                               Contact: Garry Spotowski, Waste Management, 496-5681

7. “Where-to-vote” card a first in Canada
Each of the 278,778 households in the City received a “where-to-vote” card as part of Edmonton’s 2001
municipal election. The card indicated the location of the household’s voting station, as well as a list of
the candidates people would see on their ballot. The intended purpose of the cards was to minimize voter
confusion concerning which candidates they should expect to see on their ballots, considering the 2001
election involved five different races (Mayoralty, Councillor, Public School Board, Catholic School Board,
Capital Health Authority) and three different sets of boundaries. This is the first time (as far as we know),
any municipality has mailed out where-to-vote cards that includes candidate information.
                                                   Contact: Teresa Atterbury, Corporate Services, 496-4114

8. Countdown devices assist pedestrians
Downtown Edmonton (102 Ave. and 100 St.) and Whyte Avenue (109 St.) have new countdown devices
on pedestrian signals. The devices count down the amount of time left to cross the street before the
signal changes to assist seniors and disabled persons. The pilot project will be assessed, with customer
feedback, and more could be installed in the future.
                                          Contact: Don MacDonald, Transportation and Streets, 496-2664

9. Pilot test for traffic-responsive system
Traffic Operations implemented a responsive traffic signals system in the Northlands area as part of the
City of Edmonton’s intelligent transportation system. Forty traffic-monitoring sensors have been placed at
11 different locations in the area. The sensors detect sharp increases in the volume of traffic, and a
computer checks predefined volumes with current volumes and adjusts the timing of signals for increased
traffic flow. Northlands was chosen for the pilot project because of the large number of special events and
fluctuations in traffic volumes.
                                            Contact: Don MacDonald, Transportation and Streets, 496-2664

10. City open for business online
Citizens can connect directly to City services from their home, office or public computer any time, day or
night, with the fall launch of standard interactive forms on the City Web site. Forms are now available for
reporting fire safety concerns and potholes, making general service inquiries and submitting offers to
purchase real estate. The next series set for release includes job applications, transit trip planning and
public hearing requests-to-speak. More interactive forms and e-business options will be introduced in
                                                    Contact: Doug Woodward, Corporate Services, 496-6457

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Winter 2000-01 Wins

11. Fewer stray cats marks positive results for bylaw
The cat licensing bylaw’s purpose to reduce unwanted litters and encourage responsible pet ownership is
being met. To the end of October this year, 1,957 fewer cats were brought to the ESPCA and City Pound
than in the same period last year. As a result, 2,016 fewer cats have been euthanized. There are now
37,000 licensed cats in Edmonton and, since most of these are neutered, there are far fewer litters of
unwanted kittens born.
                                               Contact: David Leeb, Planning and Development, 496-8880

12. City’s election Web site records 146,000 hits on election day
Increasingly, Edmonton’s citizens are embracing new computer technology to get the election information
they need. In the recent municipal election, citizens and candidates alike flocked to the Election Web site For citizens it meant a quick way to find out where they voted, who
the candidates were, and -on Election Night- accurate, timely results. Candidates used the Web site to
familiarize themselves with election regulations and rules and to download information they needed to
conduct effective campaigns. On election day, Oct. 15 , the City broke its own record, experiencing more
than 146,000 hits to the election Web site.
                                                  Contact: Colin Winchester, Corporate Services, 496-8114

13. City pilots sub-voting station at Bissell Centre
Homeless Edmontonians had an easier opportunity to vote during the last municipal election.
Edmonton’s City Council supported an innovative move by the municipal election team, amending the
election bylaw to allow a sub-voting station at the Bissell Centre in Edmonton’s inner city. Fifty-four
people voted at the centre, a three-fold increase over the number of people who previously took
advantage of the centre’s offers to drive interested voters to their designated voting station in provincial
and federal elections.
                                              Contact: Jacqueline Roblin, Office of the City Clerk, 496-8165

14. Expanded hours for advance voting in 2001 municipal election
Advance vote polling stations operated from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the 2001 Municipal election.
Previously, the advance vote stations opened at 4:00 p.m. The increased hours were more convenient
for voters and meant shorter line-ups.
                                            Contact: Steve Thompson, Office of the City Clerk, 496-8153

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Winter 2000-01 Wins

15. Planning and Development Department begins e-business
Thanks to an innovative initiative of Edmonton civic staff and the award-winning information system
POSSE, heating and ventilation contractors can now fill out an application for any heating and ventilating
proposal on their computer and submit it through the City’s Web page. Joint working groups in Edmonton
and Calgary have also aligned computer screens for permit applications so customers will feel
comfortable in both cities. The Plumbing and Gas applications will be rolled out in the early spring. If
future funding is approved, applicants will be able to submit drawings and e-business will be available for
all permit applications.
            Contact: Mark Garrett, Manager, Development Compliance Branch, Planning and Development
                                                                                      Department, 496-8465

16. City again hosts World Cup Swimming
In November 2001, Edmonton once again played host to the World Cup of Swimming, short course circuit
swim meet. This was the fourth and final year for the event to be held in our city. To host this event, the
main competition pool at the Kinsmen Sports Centre was expanded in 1998 to 25 metres by 50 metres
through the collaboration of the local World Cup of Swimming Society and the City of Edmonton. The
expansion has proven beneficial to the local swimming community, and the Kinsmen Sports Centre has
since experienced a large increase in the number of bookings for short course swim meets from the local
and provincial swim community.
                                                Contact: Doug McLennan, Community Services, 944-7444

17. Victoria Golf Course improvements
Customer input initiated numerous improvements to Victoria Golf Course to be complete early spring.
Work is being done on five grass tees. A protective fence was installed adjacent to the #13 ladies tee. A
re-grading project to alleviate drainage problems and a major tree removal project are also complete.
                                                     Contact: Joe Craven, Community Services, 496-4916

18. Demolition of derelict housing
The City demolished a total of 150 vacant and unsafe buildings in the inner city, including the
International Hotel, since derelict housing inspections began in 1999. Vacant buildings often attract
transients and criminal activities, adversely affecting property owners and tenants in the surrounding
area. The Court of Queens Bench confirmed the authority of inspectors and the City’s right to demolish
derelict properties under the mandate of the Safety Codes Act.
                                                       Contact: Mike Brown, Community Services, 496-6024

19. Transitional housing for individuals leaving prostitution
The City moved two homes, donated by the Department of National Defense Griesbach base, to the inner
city to be used as transitional housing. They accommodate eight bed units and provide shelter for 15
women leaving prostitution, and the trans-gender community. The move was assisted by EPCOR.
Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) funding will be used for approximately 30 per cent
of the construction costs and the Edmonton City Centre Church Corporation will operate the project.
                                                 Contact: Howard Schultz, Community Services, 496-6032

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Winter 2000-01 Wins

GOAL: Infrastructure and physical environment
Develop and maintain infrastructure, maintain the quality of the environment, develop
and use communications and information technology.

20. Gold Bar completes tertiary treatment upgrade
The conversion of the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant’s aeration tanks to nutrient (phosphorus and
ammonia-nitrogen) removing bioreactors is racing toward a conclusion. Initially expected to take until the
end of 2002, and cost $28 million, the project will wrap up by the end of 2001 at a cost of just under $20
                                Contact: Gene Emanuel, Asset Management and Public Works, 496-4320

21. Northeast Edmonton benefits from new transit centre
Northeast Edmonton and the surrounding communities are benefiting from the new Clareview Transit
Centre, which now includes a LRT station, two bus terminals with heated buildings and three expanded
parking lots. The centre was designed for future population growth. The LRT platform increased in
length to accommodate five car trains, parking increased to 1,400 stalls from 650 and bus capacity
increased. The new centre adds value to the community, as ridership has increased noticeably since
opening. Funding was shared 20 per cent by the City of Edmonton and 80 per cent by the Government of
                               Contact: Brent Pickering, Asset Management and Public Works, 496-6609

22. Edmonton Housing Trust Fund
Working with the three orders of government and the community, the Edmonton Housing Trust Fund
(EHTF) serves as the funding vehicle for affordable housing in Edmonton, consolidating public, not-for-
profit and private sector funding in one place to effectively meet the city’s highest priority needs. The City
of Edmonton contributes approximately $1.2 million to the trust annually. Some recent projects funded
through the EHTF include:
                 Amisk Housing Association’s purchase of eight duplex units to provide housing for
        homeless Aboriginal families (36 parents and children)
                 WINGS of Providence will construct a three-storey apartment building for women and
        children fleeing violence
                 The Urban Manor Housing Society is constructing a new emergency shelter for 75 of
        Edmonton’s hardest-to-house individuals
                 Boyle Street Co-Op and the Bissell Centre received funding to manage the Family
        Shelter Network to provide families secure, safe and adequate long-term housing
                 The Greater Edmonton Foundation and SKILLS received capital funding to renovate an
        underutilized floor in Kiwanis Place to adequately house 17 seniors with developmental
                 The Greater Edmonton Foundation and the Capital Health Authority will receive capital
        funding for renovations required at the original Ottewell Lodge to provide housing and health care

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Winter 2000-01 Wins

        services, round-the-clock, to low-income seniors with mild to moderate dementia. This pilot
        project uses a vacant building in an innovative way to address a housing and health care issue.
                                              Contact: J. Dennis Freeman, Community Services, 496-6026

GOAL: Leadership, regional cooperation and planning
Focus on leadership and regional cooperation; intermunicipal planning, development
and service delivery.

23. Edmonton leads nation in road salt management
The federal government recently announced that road salt would be placed on the Priority Substance List
under the Federal Environmental Protection Act. New federal standards are being developed based on
the guidelines of the City of Edmonton, a Canada-wide leader in road salt management practices.
                                            Contact: Barry Belcourt, Transportation and Streets, 496-4688

GOAL: Organizational effectiveness
Achieve excellence in management of the City’s resources: financial, people and assets.

24. Drainage Services receives ISO certification
The Quality Certification Bureau Inc., an external auditor, certified the Quality Management System
(QMS) for Drainage Services’ Design and Construction section to the ISO 9000:1994 International
Standard. The auditors reviewed QMS for effectiveness and commended Drainage’s efforts to maintain a
consistent commitment to quality assured services. Special mention was also made of the branch’s
continuous improvement processes, the handling of non-conformances and internal auditing practices.
                                  Contact: Siri Fernando, Asset Management and Public Works, 496-6858

25. City saves millions with computer lease deal
The City will save close to $2.8 million over the next 13 years through a long-term agreement with
Election Systems and Software. This lease is for equipment to read the ballots and calculate election
results for the next five civic elections.
                                                  Contact: Colin Winchester, Corporate Services, 496-8114

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Winter 2000-01 Wins

Edmonton Public Library
Living the vision
             Edmonton Public Library connects the people of Edmonton to the knowledge and
             cultures of the world.

26. Generous donation helps final library renovations
Mr. Stanley A. Milner, a long time patron and supporter of the Library, presented a cheque of $500,000 to
the Library in support of renovations to the main floor of the downtown library that bears his name. At a
fund raising gala, Carnival Ex Libris, held Nov. 3, Mr. Milner offered to match fund raising for the project
up to $500,000, and this was accomplished by the end of Oct. 2001.
Successful fund raising also guaranteed that renovations and refurbishment to the main floor of the Milner
Library will start early in 2002 for completion by the end of the year. Access to library services such as
talking books, large print books, literacy and English as a Second Language materials, fine arts, fiction
collections will be enhanced and relocated to the main floor. A new Centre for Reading and the Arts will
be established to promote the Stanley A. Milner Library as an anchor member of the downtown Arts
                       Contact: Keith Turnbull, Community Relations and Corporate Development, 496-7060

27. Library web site re-design welcomed by users
Usability was the driving factor behind the redesign of the Library Web site, launched Oct. 15,
during Alberta Library Week. The web site was given new colours and images and now features different
sections on the home page for easy and fast searching: hours, what’s new, featured events, library
catalogue, services, and includes pages specially created for kids, teens, seniors, teachers, persons with
disabilities, businesses, and other languages. Topics can be searched more easily by format, subject
and even databases. Feedback from users is overwhelmingly positive. The Library’s Web site gets more
than one million visits a year, with more than 10,000 items renewed, 10,000 items requested and 50,000
searches of the catalogue weekly. There were more than nine million hits in a three-month period, not
counting the use of the library catalogue.
                                           Contact: Peter Schoenberg, Manager, Virtual Services, 496-1855

28. Partnership to organize READ IN to promote literacy
The Library, a partner in the READ IN campaign (Oct. 1–6) to promote literacy, presented two art
exhibitions and talks by book illustrators to highlight this year’s theme, “Picture the Word,” with a focus on
how art enhanced the understanding and appreciation of the printed text. Thousands of Edmontonians
took time out to read to students, adults, and to each other. The opening ceremony was held in City Hall,
with Mayor Bill Smith declaring READ IN week in Edmonton and performances from various community
groups. Partners in the READ IN 2001 campaign included Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord, the City of
Edmonton, Edmonton Community Adult Learning Association, Edmonton Catholic Schools, Edmonton
Public Library, Edmonton Public Schools, Grant MacEwan College, NorQuest College, the King’s
University College, and University of Alberta. Media sponsors were CFRN Television, the Edmonton
Journal, and Power 92 Radio.
                                                         Contact: Iolani Domingo, Communications, 496-7056

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Winter 2000-01 Wins

29. Library hosts readings by famous authors
The Stanley A. Milner Library hosted readings, in conjunction with book publishers and retailers, to
promote recent publications by authors such as Pierre Berton (Marching as to War), Dennis Lee (The Cat
and the Wizard), national librarian of Canada Roch Carrier (Our Life with the Rocket), former deputy
prime minister of Canada Paul Hellyer (Goodbye Canada), and George Szanto (The Condesa of M).
These programs were designed to promote the Library’s readers’ services and are part of the strategy to
energize the downtown Arts District.
                    Contact: Keith Turnbull, Community Relations and Corporate Development, 496-7060


30. Computer traffic control model wins award
The City used the VISSIM computer model to plan the alignment for the South LRT, and recently won a
major award for best micro simulation at a VISSIM users group conference. The model shows an
animated LRT travelling from University Station to the Neil Crawford Centre, and is based on actual real
time travel patterns. The VISSIM model can be programmed to simulate actual traffic conditions, including
vehicles and pedestrians.
                                          Contact: Gordon Menzies, Transportation and Streets, 496-2895

31. Cloverbar bridge replacement earns environmental recognition
The Clover Bar Bridge replacement in east Edmonton earned the 2001 environmental award from the
Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association. Millar Western Industries and Millennium
EMS Solutions, contractors on the City-managed project, used many unique methods to preserve the
environment and to protect the North Saskatchewan River.
                                            Contact: Mike Marlow, Transportation and Streets, 944-7703

32. Land and Buildings wins national award
A Workplace Needs Assessment undertaken by the Land and Buildings Branch for its staff in the Parking
Operations and Custodial Services unit received the 2001 National Award of Excellence from the
Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA). The award recognizes the City’s outstanding
contribution and commitment to municipal workplace literacy programs, and acknowledges the important
role management and labour jointly played to plan and implement this employee education initiative.
                               Contact: Bohdan Maslo, Asset Management and Public Works, 496-6580

33. Waste Management wins prestigious award
The Waste Management Branch received the prestigious Management Innovation Award from the
American Public Works Association (APWA). The award recognizes Edmonton's Integrated Waste
Management System. APWA is an international association, which promotes professional excellence
and awareness through education, advocacy and the exchange of knowledge.
                               Contact: Connie Boyce, Asset Management and Public Works, 496-5407

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Winter 2000-01 Wins

34. Waste Management recognized for environmental excellence
The Waste Management Branch received an Environmental Excellence Award from the Association of
Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA). The award recognizes the
Edmonton Composting Facility for its role in the preservation of the environment by providing innovative
and environmentally sound solutions to waste management.
                                Contact: Connie Boyce, Asset Management and Public Works, 496-5407

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