Instructions for installing the Wacom Bamboo Tablet

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					                     Instructions for the Wacom Tablet users
Hardware: Wacom Bamboo tablet

      Windows PC or Mac - Do not connect the tablet without installing the drivers first. Go to for instructions on where to get the drivers and
       how to install and use the tablet.

      Linux PC - If using a department Linux PC, the tablet should already have drivers installed. If
       using a non-department PC, you may have to get drivers from


      Windows - PDF Annotator
       My webpage listed above also has links to the software necessary for using the tablet to grade
       student homework under Windows. You can download and install PDF Annotator from the
       manufacturers website and it will be fully functional for 30 days in trial mode. During or after that
       time, if you have not already received a license key from me to unlock the trial mode, send email
       to to request one.

       I have instructions on how to unlock PDF Annotator at

      Mac – Preview
       Apparently Macs have a program called Preview that can do annotations on PDFs. See this
       webpage for some info about it:

      Linux – Xournal
       Xournal is a free, open-source application for using writing tablets. Math Department Linux PCs
       already have it installed. For other Linux PCs, you can get the software from:
       To run it, press the <Alt> + <F2>keys and type in: Xournal. Then click on Xournal to run it.

       To open a PDF for annotations:
            o In the File Manager, right-click on a PDF file and choose Open With… Then choose
            o From within Xournal, got to the File menu and choose Annotate PDF. Then choose the
              file you want.
            o To save as PDF, from the file menu, use the Export to PDF.

Last updated: 4 November 2012

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