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Winter White Lake Hills


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									Winter 2007                       www.Whitelakehills.org    Member Fort Worth League of Neighborhood Associations

                                White Lake Hills Neighborhood Assn.
                                   Meeting Will be Monday, January 8

      The White Lake Hills Neighborhood Association. will meet at 7:00 p.m., Monday, January 8, at
the Catholic Renewal Center, 4503 Bridge Street, just east of Nolan Catholic High School. All
residents are urged to attend. There are parking places at the south end of the Catholic Renewal Center.
(Special Request: Please DO NOT park in Fire Lanes.)

                   January Agenda                               NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT
 1. Approve Minutes                                          President: Damon Dockstader
 2. NPO Report                                               Vice President: Randy Toombs
 3. Treasurer’s report                                       Secretary: Robert Burger
 4. Steve Chaney award                                       Treasurer: Mary Henry
 5. Nominating committee report &                            Parliamentarian: Truman Terrell
 6. Nominate two new officers for
                                                             Submitted by Mary Lou Robertson,
    the White Lake Hills Trust &
                                                             Chair; Peggy Terrell, Charles
                                                             Edmonds, Horace Butts, and Bill
 7. Guest Speaker
 8. Announcements / Open floor

                                        PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

      As we prepare to put 2006 behind us, I think it fitting to reflect for a moment on all of our neighborhood’s
accomplishments during the past year. This year we welcomed the return of our parade, came together in
dramatic fashion to speak with one voice and block another attempt at multi-family housing in our area, and we
celebrated once more our Fall Festival & 5k Run. We are fortunate to have so many active people in our
association. For next year, I want to challenge our association to double, if not triple, the number of active
participants. If you don't usually attend meetings and get involved, make it a point to start. If you are one of the
faithful who is always attending, then bring two of your neighbors. Going into 2007, I am excited about building
on the successes experienced in 2006. All of our neighborhood events should be bigger and better in the
coming year!
      Along with the newsletter, you received a new directory for the neighborhood. In addition to the hard copy
that was delivered, you can go to http://whitelakehills.org/directory/ and download an electronic version.
The version on the website will always be the most current. I want to thank all those block captains who helped
update our list of addresses. I also want to thank Randy Toombs for assisting in the design and formatting of the
directory. Most of all I would like to thank our sponsors who contributed to the production of our directory. I
would encourage all of you to show your appreciation to them the next time you shop.
       On behalf of the White Lake Hills Neighborhood Association, have a Merry Christmas, and may God Bless

                                       Damon Dockstader

                        MINUTES OF OCTOBER 9, 2006, MEETING

    The quarterly meeting of           members were nominated and            recycling cart. Some of the
the White Lake Hills                   elected to serve: Mary Lou            rules included: (1) Numbers 1
Neighborhood Association               Robinson, Peggy Terrell,              through 7 can be recycled; (2)
was held Monday, October 9,            Charles Edmonds, Horace               Remove lids. Lids are usually
2006, at the Catholic                  Butts, Bill Schwennsen. They          made of different materials
Renewal Center in Fort                 will present a slate of officers      than the container; (3) Large
Worth, Texas.                          at the January meeting.               pieces of flattened cardboard
    President Damon                         The Bylaws state that an         will be picked up if placed
Dockstader called the                  Auditing Committee is to be           beside the cart.
meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.          elected at the October
A quorum was present.                  meeting. The following were               Neighborhood interests:
    Gene Fowlkes MOVED                 elected to serve: Francis                 (1) There is a concern
that Minutes of the July               Hostetter, David Turnbull,            about the noise and traffic
meeting be approved as                 Dan Campbell. A report from           near the homes backing up to
written. The motion was                the Auditing Committee will           Randol Mill where drilling is
seconded and PASSED.                   be made at the January                taking place.
    Larissa Alford, Treasurer,         meeting.                                  (2) The water running
reported expenditures of                    Bonnie Buell asked for           along the north curb of Bridge
$1,754.00 for the quarter,             any changes or additions to           Street is from a leak at the
leaving a balance of                   the association directory. Her        water tower.
$6,990.00. The report will be          phone number is 817-429-                  (3) The city has asked the
filed for audit.                       1673.                                 Montesorri School to help in
    There was no NPO                        The program for the              eliminating the traffic
report.                                meeting was introduced by             congestion around the school.
    The President asked for            the President. Kathleen                   (4) For news updates on
five nominations of                    Mieke, city environmentalist,         the hike and bike trails, call
association members to serve           gave a detailed explanation           Ross Stevens at 817-429-
on the Nominating                      and demonstration of the              2610.
Committee to choose officers           many kinds of items that are              Gene Fowlkes expressed
for 2007. The following                to be placed in the blue              appreciation for our district
City Council member Danny             motion was seconded and
Scarth, being present.                carried.
Bonnie Buell MOVED that               The Meeting was adjourned
the association pay for the           at 8:00 p.m.                            Dortha Erwin
meat for the Fall Festival                                                    Secretary
Picnic and 5K Run. The                Respectfully submitted,
If YOU have information you want to share with your neighbors, please send it to Newsletter Editor Martha
Kissinger at 913 Green River Trail, or call 817-457-2622, or E-mail kiss23@juno.com

                       This newsletter is printed on recycled paper using soy-based ink.

White Lake Hills Neighborhood Association            www.Whitelakehills.org                  Winter 2007, Page 3


                                          From Your 2006

              White Lake Hills Neighborhood Association

                                       Board of Directors

                            Damon Dockstader, President

                               Lana Ramig, Vice-President

                                  Dortha Erwin, Secretary

                                  Larissa Alford, Treasurer
                        Truman Terrell, Parliamentarian

                                            COPS REPORT
        Be advised there has been a significant number of BMV's (Burglary of Motor Vehicle) in
our neighborhood recently . Multiple occurrences during the night time hours have happened to
cars parked in driveways and on the street. Residents who have any thing of value that is visible
are at risk. In at least one case, as little as two dollars was taken. You are encouraged to be
vigilant and report suspicious activity to the police.

                                                 Eugene Fowlkes

                                          GOOD NEIGHBORS
Congratulations to the winners of the Good Neighbor awards:

October: Howard and Wilma Stephens                       December - Justin Liptrot
                505 Emerald Lake Dr.                                     5000 Boulder Lake Rd.
Nominated by Horace and Mary Alice Butts.                Nominated by Marian Works
        If you know someone who should be honored as a Good Neighbor, send your nomination to Marian
Works, 5001 Boulder Lake, phone 817-496-6921, or msworks@swbell.net
        Copies of the nomination form should be available from your Block Captain, or you can get one at
the White Lake Hills Neighborhood Assn. Meeting January 8.

                                       YARD OF THE MONTH

        This year has been extremely dry and very hard to maintain a beautiful yard. As usual,
White Lake Hills residents have done a superb job. Because of the beautiful yards in our
neighborhood, you have to go over and beyond beautiful. THE FOLLOWING YARDS WERE

 June : Randy and Carol Toombs, 716 Lake Louise

                 July:Ty and Debbie Head, 1108 Emeral Lake Court

                          August.........Ted and Joann Gober, 408 Cedar Creek Court

                                 September....Nabil and Marilyn Khaldi, 400 Lake Charles North

Congratulations to each of these residents!

                                                          Willy Anderson
                                   SUNSHINE COMMITTEE REPORT

        Sunshine Chair Patsy Cooper has sent six get well cards and two sympathy cards since the last
newsletter. If you know of a neighbor whose family needs to receive a Get Well, Congratulations, or
Sympathy card, please call her at 817-496-1531.

                                               IN MEMORIAM

                                              Celesta Anderson
                                             Former Residents:
                                        Police Chief Herbert Hopkins
                               Naval Commander Wencil Walbert, Jr. (Retired)

Page 2, Winter 2007              www.Whitelakehills.org            White Lake Hills Neighborhood Association

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