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					Resume of M. Farhanul Enam, Development Professional
47 Hughes Mansion, Vallance Road, London E1 5BJ, + 44 07721 342525,,

                                       Professional Profile
         “...At work, Farhan had
                                       Eager to contribute to organizational capacity through professional excellence and sheer
   consistently demonstrated strong    steadfastness using a unique combination of academic background coupled with years’ of
  ethics and dedication. His efforts   professional experience in diversified sectors such as Education, Non-Profit, Banking,
                                       FMCG, ICT, Chambers, Pharmaceuticals and Tourism. Enjoy a job that contributes to
 had produced high quality results     socio-economic development of any particular disadvantaged community.
                    successively…”     Education, Certifications and Skills
             Quazi M Ahmed             MSc. Development Studies (Pursuing)
           Founder and CEO             School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
         FutureLeaders Group           University of London
                                       MBA in Marketing and HRM
                                       North South University, Dhaka. 2005, CGPA: 3.40
      “...He has been a competent      Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and MIS
                                       North South University, Dhaka. 2001, CGPA: 3.52
 student and an asset to my classes
     with his zealous thoughts and     Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) in Science
                                       Notre Dame College, Dhaka. 1996, 1st Division
                                       Secondary School Certificate (SSC) in Science
         Golam Mohammad                St. Joseph High School, Dhaka. 1994, 1st Division
  Director, MBA and EMBA
     North South University            Professional Certifications
                                       Monitoring and Evaluation for Development Projects, Prothom-alojobs, Dhaka, 2010
                                       Supply chain Management and Practices, Prothom-alojobs, Dhaka, 2009
      “Farhan is a very dedicated,     Value Chain Development, Action for Enterprise, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2009
                                       Making Service Market Work for Enterprise Competitiveness, Phuket, 2008
 result-oriented and self-motivated
                                       Foundation Course on Banking Operations, BIBM, Mirpur, Dhaka, 2003
person. I see him as a result driven
                                       Network Administration, BUET, 2002
    business professional with deep
                                       Leadership International Congress 2000, Scotland, United Kingdom, 2000
       knowledge in strategies and
                                       International Marketing and Research Cadbury’s, Scotland, United Kingdom, 2000
    solutions and ability to provide   Global Economic Trends, Asia Pacific Exchange Leadership Development Seminar 2000,
additional value for the people and    Manila, Philippines
                 for his clients…”     Leadership and Team Building National Leadership Development Seminar 1999, Calcutta,

 M Shahadat Hossain Russell            Fundamental Abilities
             Team Leader               Proven record on Leadership and Team building abilities
     World Bank, Indonesia
                                       Exposure at working in multi-cultural environment
                                       Technological approach to job specification
   “..I would rank him in the top      Exposure in monitoring and evaluation for development projects
    1% of his class. His ability to    Language Proficiency in English (IELTS band 7.0)
  understand, analyze and present
                                       Computer Skills
   materials was outstanding….”        Web development and Internet Applications
                                       System installations and debugging; hardware setup, networking
Dr. A N M Meshquat Uddin
                                       MS Office Package, SPSS
       Pro Vice Chancellor
      South East University            Database Development
 “…Whenever tasks are assigned         Employment
  to him, Farhan has always done
                                       Experience in Development Sector
     an exemplary job in getting it
                                             Consultant, 2011
                             done.”                Swisscontact, Nias, Indonesia, 2011
           Md. Shahroz Jalil                 Senior Business Consultant, 2010-2011 (
    Director, Services Group                       SwissContact-Katalyst, Baridhara, Dhaka
       Swisscontact-Katalyst                 Business Consultant, 2007-2009
                                                   SwissContact-Katalyst, Baridhara, Dhaka
        “…He used to amaze me                Founder and Chairman, 2009 till date
                                                   JIBIKA Foundation, Dhaka,
    sometimes by his thoughts and            Vice President, Human Resources, 2000 to 2001
works. He is a hard worker and a                   1st National Committee, AIESEC Bangladesh,
                                             Vice President, IT & Communications, 1999 to 2001
              creative thinker….”                  1st National Committee, AIESEC Bangladesh
              Ameer Y. Khan
                                       Experience in Private Sector
            Managing Director
                    FutureEd                 Founder and Chief Patron, 2003 till date (
                                                    STEERWEB, An ICT Consultant Firm, Dhanmondi, Dhaka
                                             Marketing Manager, 2006 (
          “…his business and IT                   bracNet, An ISP at Mahakhali, Dhaka
                                             Territory Officer, 2005 to 2006
                       background                 British American Tobacco, Dhaka
        has made him a competent             Credit Relation Officer, 2003
                                                  Bank Asia Ltd., Scotia Branch, Dhaka
                   professional…”            HR and IT Consultant, 2002 to 2003
                                                  Saimon Group of Companies, Gulshan-1, Dhaka
         M A Muhaimin Saleh                  Research Associate, 2001
                  Chairman                        Aventis Pharma, Dhaka
              Saimon Group
                                       Experience in Education Sector
                                             Adjunct Faculty, IBA at Jahangirnagar University, 2011
          “Mr Enam is a diligent             Lecturer, Business Communication, MBA, University of Liberal Arts, 2010
                                             Lecturer, Strategic Management, EMBA, Islamic International University, 2010
Marketing Manager with a strong
                                             Lecturer, Marketing and MIS, EMBA, South East University, Oct’09- May’10
knowledge of the industry and how            Consultant, Introducing Business Journalism Major at ULAB, Present
                                             Consultant, Introducing Rural MarketingCourse at AIUB & EU, Aug’07-Apr’10
   to push services to the market.”
                                             Lecturer, Services Marketing, World University of Bangladesh, 2008
                                             Guest Faculty, North South University, MIS, 2002
                 Rolf Blomberg               Editor, The Quarterly Newsletter of AIESEC in Bangladesh, 2000-01
                CTO and COO
                       bracNet         Professional Memberships
                                             Member, 2011-present
       “…as a further meaningful                 Nebraska Association for Translators and Interpreters
    contribution he deserves special         Member, 2011 till date
                                                 Bangladesh Marketing & Social Research Society (BMSRS)
 mention for his marketing efforts,
  in exercising analytical judgment    International Exposure
       and exhibiting relationship           Represented Bangladesh in an international conference at Scotland, 2001
                                             Workshop
           management skills….”
                                       Research/Surveys Conducted
             Tanweer Rahim
                                             Bangladesh Rural Haats
Executive Vice President and
                                             Agri Input Distribution System in Bangladesh
                                             Bangladesh Vaccine Market Scenario Analysis
              Bank Asia Ltd.
                                             Study on the prospect of Gas Export from Bangladesh
                                             Research on Mobile Restaurants in Dhaka city
                                             Market performance of Pizofen launched by NAVANA Pharmaceuticals
                                             Service Marketing of AKTEL (GAP model)
Paper/Reports Prepared
     Rural Market Structure in Bangladesh
     Comprehensive Sector Strategy for Rural Distribution
     Establishing One Stop Service at Municipalities for Good Governance
     Promoting Homestead Production through efficient distribution chains

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