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					C-10-deacetylase; C-13-deacylase; C1 esterase; C1 esterase inhibitor; C2
kinin; c3 cycle; C3 plant; C3 proactivator; C3 proactivator convertase;
c4 cycle; C4 plant; C5a peptidase; c600; CA; CA-125; CA 15-3; CA 19-9;
caapi; CAAT box; cabbage goiter; cabbage tree; CABG; cable graft; cable
yarding; Cabot-Locke murmur; Cabot, Richard; Cabot's ring bodies; cacao;
cacao oil; CaCC; Cacchione, Aldo; cache; cachectic; cachectic diarrhoea;
cachectic endocarditis; cachectic fever; cachectic oedema; cachectic
pallor; cachectin; cachet; cachexia; cachexia aphthosa; cachexia aquosa;
cachexia hypophyseopriva; cachexia strumipriva; cachexia thyroidea;
cachexia thyropriva; cachexin; cachinnation; caco-; caco-2 cells;
cacodemonomania; cacodyl; cacodylate; cacodylic; cacodylic acid;
cacogeusia; cacomelia; cacoplastic; cacosmia; cactinomycin; cacumen;
cacuminal; cadaver; cadaveric; cadaveric rigidity; cadaveric spasm;
cadaverine; cadaverous; cade oil; cadherin; cadherins; cadmium; cadmium
chloride; cadmium compounds; cadmium poisoning; cadmium radioisotopes;
cadmium translocating ATPase; CaDTe; caduca; caduceus; caducous; CAE;
caeca; caecal; caecal arteries; caecal folds; caecal foramen of frontal
bone; caecal foramen of the tongue; caecal hernia; caecal recess; caecal
volvulus; caecectomy; caecitis; caeco-; caecocentral scotoma;
caecocolostomy; caecofixation; caecoileostomy; caecopexy; caecoplication;
caecorrhaphy; caecosigmoidostomy; caecostomy; caecotomy; caecum; caecum
cupulare; caecum vestibulare; Caenorhabditis; Caenorhabditis elegans;
caenorhabiditis elegans; caerulein; caerulin; caesarian section; caesium
chloride; caespitose; cafe-au-lait spot; caffearine; caffeate O-
methyltransferase; caffeate peroxidase; caffeic acids; caffeine; caffeine
and sodium benzoate; caffeine and sodium salicylate; caffeine citrate;
caffeine hydrate; caffeinism; caffeoyl-CoA O-methyltransferase; caffey
disease; Caffey, John Patrick; Caffey-Kempe syndrome; Caffey's disease;
Caffey-Silverman syndrome; Caffey's syndrome; cage; caged ATP; Cagot ear;
Cain complex; Cairns mechanism; caisson disease; caisson sickness; Cajal,
Santiago; Cajal's astrocyte stain; Cajal's cell; cajeputol; cajuput oil;
cake alum; caked breast; cake kidney; Calabar bean; Calabar swelling;
calabash curare; calamine; calamus; calamus scriptorius; calbindin;
calcaemia; calcaneal; calcaneal arterial network; calcaneal arteries;
calcaneal articular surface of talus; calcaneal bone; calcaneal bursitis;
calcaneal gait; calcaneal petechiae; calcaneal process of cuboid bone;
calcaneal region; calcaneal spur; calcaneal sulcus; calcaneal tuber;
calcaneal tubercle; calcaneal tuberosity; calcanean tendon; calcaneo-;
calcaneoapophysitis; calcaneoastragaloid; calcaneocavus; calcaneocuboid;
calcaneocuboid joint; calcaneocuboid ligament; calcaneodynia;
calcaneofibular ligament; calcaneonavicular; calcaneonavicular ligament;
calcaneoscaphoid; calcaneotibial; calcaneotibial ligament; calcaneous;
calcaneovalgocavus; calcaneovalgus; calcaneovarus; calcaneum; calcaneus;
calcar; calcar avis; calcareous; calcareous conjunctivitis; calcareous
degeneration; calcareous infiltration; calcareous metastasis; calcar
femorale; calcarine; calcarine artery; calcarine branch of medial
occipital artery; calcarine fasciculus; calcarine fissure; calcarine
sulcus; calcariuria; calcar pedis; calcein; calcergy; calces; calcic;
calcicosis; calcic water; calcidiol; calcifediol; calciferol;
calciferous; calcific; calcification; calcification lines of Retzius;
calcification, physiologic; calcific bursitis; calcific nodular aortic
stenosis; calcific pancreatitis; calcified cartilage; calcified liver
metastases; calcify; calcifying and keratinizing odontogenic cyst;
calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumour; calcifying odontogenic cyst;
calcigerous; calcimedins; calcimycin; calcination; calcine; calcined
magnesia; calcineurin; calcinosis; calcinosis circumscripta; calcinosis
cutis; calcinosis intervertebralis; calcinosis universalis; calcinuric
diabetes; calciokinesis; calciokinetic; calciol; calciorrhachia;
calciosome; calciostat; calciotraumatic; calcipectic; calcipenia;
calcipenic; calcipexic; calcipexis; calciphilia; calciphylaxis;
calciprivia; calciprivic; calcite; calcitetrol; calcitonin; calcitonin
gene-related peptide; calcitriol; calcitroic acid; calcium; calcium-45;
calcium-47; calcium alginate; calcium aminosalicylate; calcium
antagonist; calcium ATPase; calcium benzoylpas; calcium-binding protein;
calcium bromide; calcium-calmodulin-activated histone 3 arginine kinase;
calcium-calmodulin-dependent phosphodiesterase; calcium-calmodulin
dependent protein kinase; calcium carbide; calcium carbimide; calcium
carbonate; calcium caseinate; calcium channel; calcium channel agonist;
calcium channel antagonist; calcium channel-blocker; calcium chloride;
calcium citrate; calcium compound; calcium current; calcium cyanamide;
calcium deficiency; calcium-dependent protein kinase; calcium dependent
regulator protein; calcium dependent sulfhydryl protease; calcium,
dietary; calcium dobesilate; calcium excess; calcium fluoride; calcium
folinate; calcium glubionate; calcium gluceptate; calcium glucoheptonate;
calcium gluconate; calcium glycerophosphate; calcium gout; calcium group;
calcium hippurate; calcium hydroxide; calcium hydroxy apatite; calcium
hypophosphite; calcium-independent processing protease; calcium iodate;
calcium iodobehenate; calcium ipodate; calcium isotopes; calcium lactate;
calcium lactophosphate; calcium leucovorin; calcium levulinate; calcium
magnesium-atpase; calcium magnesium dependent endodeoxyribonuclease;
calcium mandelate; calcium metabolism; calcium metabolism disorders;
calcium monohydrogen phosphate; calcium oxalate; calcium oxide; calcium
pantothenate; calcium phosphates; calcium propionate; calcium pump;
calcium pyrophosphate; calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease; calcium
radioisotopes; calcium rigor; calcium saccharate; calcium sign; calcium
stearate; calcium sulfate; calcium sulfite; calcium-transporting atpase;
calcium trisodium pentetate; calcium tungstate; calciuria; calcivirus;
calcodynia; calcophorous; calcospherite; calcspar; calculated mean
organism; calculi; calculosis; calculus; calculus I; calculus II;
Calculus Surface Index; calcyclin; calcyphosin; Caldani, Leopoldo;
Caldani's ligament; caldesmon; caldolase; Caldwell, Eugene; Caldwell,
George; Caldwell-Luc operation; Caldwell-Moloy classification; Caldwell
projection; Caldwell view; Caldwell, William; calefacient; calelectrins;
calf; calf-bone; calf diphtheria; calf pump; calgranulins; caliber;
calibrate; calibration; calibrator; calibre; caliceal; calicectasis;
calicectomy; calices; calices renales majores; calices renales minores;
caliciform; caliciform cell; calicine; caliciviridae; caliciviridae
infections; calicivirus; calicivirus, feline; calicoplasty; calicotomy;
caliculus; caliculus gustatorius; caliculus ophthalmicus; caliectasis;
California encephalitis; california group viruses; California
psychological inventory test; California virus; californium; calioplasty;
caliorrhaphy; caliotomy; caliper micrometer; calipers; calipers, skin;
calisthenics; calix; Calkins, Leroy Adelbert; Calkins' sign; Callahan,
John; Callahan's method; Callander, Latimer; Callander's amputation;
Calleja, Camilo; Call-Exner bodies; Call, Friedrich von; calli;
callimiconinae; Calliphora; Callison, James; Callison's fluid;
callithrix; callitrichinae; Callitroga; callosal; callosal convolution;
callosal gyrus; callosal sulcus; callose; callositas; callosities;
callosity; callosomarginal; callosomarginal artery; callosomarginal
fissure; callosomarginal sulcus; callous; callus; calmative; Calmette-
Guerin bacillus; Calmette-Guerin vaccine; Calmette, Leon; Calmette test;
calmodulin; calmodulin-binding proteins; calmodulin-dependent protein
kinase IV kinase; calomel; calomel electrode; calor; Calori; caloric;
caloric nystagmus; caloric test; caloric tests; caloric value; calorie;
calorific; calorigenic; calorigenic action; calorimeter; calorimetric;
calorimetry; calorimetry, differential scanning; calorimetry, indirect;
Calori's bursa; caloritropic; calory; Calot; Calot's triangle; calpactin;
calpain; calpains; calpastatin; Calpha-dehydrogenase; calphobindins;
calponin; calregulin; calreticulin; calretinin; calsequestrin;
calspectin; caltractin; caltrin; calumba; calumbin; calusterone;
calvaria; calvarial; calvarial hook; calvarium; Calve; Calve-Perthes
disease; Calvin Benson cycle; calvin cycle; calvities; calx; calyceal;
calyces; calyciform; calyciform ending; calycine; calycle; calyculin A;
calymmatobacterium; calyptra; calyx; calyx-tube; CAM; camallanina;
cambendazole; cambium; cambium layer; camelids, new world; cameloid
anaemia; cameloid cell; camelpox; camelpox virus; camera; camera anterior
bulbi; camera oculi anterior; camera oculi major; camera oculi minor;
camera oculi posterior; camera posterior bulbi; camera vitrea bulbi;
cameroon; camerostome; camisole; camomile; cAMP; campanulate; Campbell,
Meredith; Campbell's ligament; Campbell sound; Campbell, William; Camper,
Pieter; Camper's chiasm; Camper's fascia; Camper's ligament; Camper's
line; Camper's plane; CAMP factor; camp fever; camphene; camphor; camphor
5-monooxygenase; camphor-6-exo-hydroxylase; camphoraceous; camphorated;
camphorated oil; camphor liniment; camp hospital; camphotamide;
camphramine; campi foreli; campimeter; camping; camplodactyly; cAMP
phosphodiesterase; cAMP receptor protein; CAMP test; camptocormia;
camptodactyly; camptomelia; camptomelic; camptomelic dwarfism;
camptomelic syndrome; camptospasm; camptothecin; campylobacter;
campylobacter coli; campylobacter enteritis; campylobacter foetus;
Campylobacter foetus jejuni; Campylobacter foetus venerealis;
campylobacter infections; campylobacteriosis; campylobacter jejuni;
Campylobacter pylori; Campylobacter sputorum; campylotropous; camurati-
engelmann disease; camylofine; canada; Canada balsam; Canada snakeroot;
Canada turpentine; Canada, Wilma; canadine; canal; canales; canales
alveolares; canales diploici; canales longitudinales modioli; canales
palatini minores; canales semicirculares anterior; canales semicirculares
lateralis; canales semicirculares ossei; canales semicirculares
posterior; canalicular; canalicular adenoma; canalicular ducts;
canalicular sphincter; canaliculate; canaliculi; canaliculi
caroticotympanici; canaliculi dentales; canaliculitis; canaliculization;
canaliculus; canaliculus chordae tympani; canaliculus cochleae;
canaliculus innominatus; canaliculus lacrimalis; canaliculus mastoideus;
canaliculus reuniens; canaliculus tympanicus; canalis; canalis
adductorius; canalis analis; canalis caroticus; canalis carpi; canalis
centralis medullae spinalis; canalis cervicis uteri; canalis condylaris;
canalis femoralis; canalis gastrici; canalis gastricus; canalis
hyaloideus; canalis hypoglossalis; canalis incisivus; canalis
infraorbitalis; canalis inguinalis; canalis mandibulae; canalis
musculotubarius; canalis nasolacrimalis; canalis nervi facialis; canalis
nervi petrosi superficialis minoris; canalis nutricius; canalis
obturatorius; canalis opticus; canalis palatinus major; canalis
palatovaginalis; canalis pterygoideus; canalis pudendalis; canalis
pyloricus; canalis radicis dentis; canalis reuniens; canalis sacralis;
canalis spiralis cochleae; canalis spiralis modioli; canalis umbilicalis;
canalis vertebralis; canalis vomerorostralis; canalis vomerovaginalis;
canalization; canal of Guyon; canal of Hering; canal of Hovius; canal of
Nuck; canals for lesser palatine nerves; canals of Scarpa; canarypox
virus; canavanase; canavan disease; canavanine; canavanine hydrolase;
canavanine reductase; canavaninosuccinate synthetase; Canavan, Myrtelle;
Canavan's disease; Canavan's sclerosis; Canavan-van Bogaert-Bertrand
disease; cancellate; cancellated; cancellous; cancellous bone; cancellous
tissue; cancellus; cancer; cancer antigen 125 test; canceration; cancer,
bladder; cancer bodies; cancer, bone; cancer, brain; cancer, breast;
cancer, breast, familial; cancer, breast, susceptibility genes; cancer
care facilities; cancer, causes; cancer cell; cancer, cervix; cancer,
colon; cancer, colon: screening and surveillance; cancer detection;
cancer en cuirasse; cancer family; cancer, gastric; cancer, hodgkin's
disease; cancericidal; cancerigenic; cancer juice; cancer, kidney;
cancer, larynx; cancer, leukaemia; cancer, lung; cancer, lymphoma,
hodgkin's; cancer, lymphoma, non-hodgkin's; cancer, malignant melanoma;
cancer, melanoma; cancer, multiple myeloma; cancer, myeloma;
cancerocidal; cancer, oesophagus; cancerophobia; cancer, oral; cancerous;
cancer, ovarian; cancer, ovary; cancer, pancreas; cancer, pancreatic;
cancer, prostate; cancer, prostatic; cancer, rectal; cancer, skin;
cancer, stomach; cancer susceptibility gene; cancer symptoms; cancer,
testicles; cancer, testicular; cancer, thyroid; cancer, uterine; cancer,
uterus; cancer vaccines; cancra; cancriform; cancroid; cancrum; cancrum
oris; candela; candicans; candicidin; Candida; Candida albicans; Candida
albicans producing proteinase; candidal oesophagitis; candida micro-
abscesses; candidate; candidate species; candidemia; candidiasis;
candidiasis, chronic mucocutaneous; candidiasis, cutaneous; candidiasis
of oesophagus; candidiasis, oral; candidiasis, vulvovaginal; candidosis;
candle; candle-meter; candle-power; candy; canefield fever; canes;
canicola fever; Canidae; canine; canine adenovirus 1; canine amoebiasis;
canine babesiosis; canine borreliosis; canine distemper; canine distemper
virus; canine dysautonomia; canine ehrlichiosis; canine eminence; canine
fossa; canine hereditary blindness; canine herpesvirus; canine
herpetovirus; canine hysteria; canine infectious cyclic thrombocytopenia;
canine leishmaniasis; canine malignant lymphoma; canine oral papilloma;
canine panosteitis; canine parvovirus 2; canine parvovirus disease;
canine prominence; canine spasm; canine tooth; canine typhus; canine
venereal granuloma; caniniform; canister; canities; canities
circumscripta; canities poliosis; canities unguium; canker; canker sore;
canker sores; cannabidiol; cannabidiolic acid synthase; cannabinoids;
cannabinol; cannabis; cannabism; cannibalism; Cannizzaro; Cannizzaro's
reaction; Cannon; cannonball pulse; Cannon-Bard theory; cannon bone;
cannon sound; Cannon's point; Cannon's ring; Cannon's theory; cannon
wave; cannula; cannulation; canonical sequence; canopy; canrenoate
potassium; canrenone; Cantelli's sign; cantering rhythm; canthal; canthal
hypertelorism; cantharidal; cantharidal collodion; cantharidate;
cantharides; cantharidic acid; cantharidin; cantharis; cantharis camphor;
canthaxanthin; canthectomy; canthi; canthitis; cantholysis; canthomeatal
plane; canthoplasty; canthorrhaphy; canthotomy; canthus; cantilever beam;
cantilever bridge; cantlie line; Cantor; Cantor tube; cantrell syndrome;
CaOC; CaOCl; caoutchouc pelvis; cap; capacitance; capacitance flicker;
capacitation; capacitor; capacity; capacity factor; capactins; cap
binding protein; CAPD; capeline bandage; Capgras; Capgras' phenomenon;
capgras syndrome; Capgras' syndrome; cap II RNA(nucleoside-2'-
)methyltransferase; capillarectasia; capillaria; Capillaria aerophila;
Capillaria bovis; Capillaria brevipes; Capillaria hepatica; Capillaria
philippinensis; Capillaria plica; capillariasis; capillaries;
capillariomotor; capillarioscopy; capillaritis; capillarity; capillaron;
capillaropathy; capillaroscopy; capillary; capillary action; capillary
angioma; capillary arteriole; capillary attraction; capillary bed;
capillary circulation; capillary drainage; capillary electrophoresis;
capillary fracture; capillary fragility; capillary fragility test;
capillary fringe; capillary haemangioma; capillary lake; capillary leak
syndrome; capillary loops; capillary nevus; capillary pericyte; capillary
permeability; capillary permeability factor; capillary pulse; capillary
resistance; capillary resistance test; capillary vein; capillary vessel;
capillary zone electrophoresis; capillus; Capim viruses; cap I RNA
(nucleoside-2'-)methyltransferase; capistration; capita; capital cost;
capital expenditures; capital financing; capital operation; capital
punishment; capitate; capitate bone; capitation; capitation fee;
capitellate; capitellum; capitium; capitonnage; capitopedal; capitula;
capitular; capitular joint; capitulum; capitulum humeri; capitulum of
humerus; Caplan; Caplan's nodules; caplan's syndrome; caplan syndrome;
Cap(m(7)GpppXm) endonuclease; capnine; capnocytophaga; Capnocytophaga
canimorsus; capnogram; capnograph; capnography; cap of the ampullary
crest; capon-comb-growth test; capon-comb unit; capon unit; capped 5'-
end; capped elbow; capped hock; capped knee; capped uterus; capping;
capping of mRNA; capping proteins; Capps; Capps' reflex; Capra; caprate;
capreomycin N-acetyltransferase; capreomycin O-phosphotransferase;
capreomycin sulfate; capriloquism; caprin; caprine; caprine arthritis-
encephalomyelitis; caprine arthritis-encephalomyelitis virus; caprine
herpesvirus; caprine herpetovirus; capripoxvirus; caprizant; caproate;
caprolactam; caproyl; caproylate; caprylate; caprylic acid; capsaicin;
capsanthin-capsorubin synthase; capsicin; capsicum; capsid; capsomere;
cap splint; cap stage; capsula; capsula adiposa renis; capsula
articularis; capsula articularis cricoarytenoidea; capsula articularis
cricothyroidea; capsula bulbi; capsula cordis; capsula externa; capsula
extrema; capsula fibrosa; capsula fibrosa glandulae thyroideae; capsula
fibrosa perivascularis; capsula fibrosa renis; capsula glomeruli; capsula
interna; capsula lentis; capsula lienis; capsular; capsular advancement;
capsular antigen; capsular branches of renal artery; capsular cataract;
capsular cirrhosis of liver; capsular flap pyeloplasty; capsular
glaucoma; capsular ligament; capsular precipitation reaction; capsular
space; capsulation; capsula vasculosa lentis; capsule; capsule cell;
capsulectomy; capsule forceps; capsules; capsulitis; capsulolenticular;
capsulolenticular cataract; capsuloplasty; capsulorhexis; capsulorrhaphy;
capsulotome; capsulotomy; captan; captopril; captopril renal scan;
capture; capture-recapture method; Capuron; Capuron's points; caput;
caput angulare quadrati labii superioris; caput breve; caput breve
musculi bicipitis brachii; caput breve musculi bicipitis femoris; caput
cornus; caput costae; caput epididymidis; caput epididymis; caput
femoris; caput fibulae; caput gallinaginis; caput humerale; caput
humerale musculi flexoris carpi ulnaris; caput humerale musculi
pronatoris teretis; caput humeri; caput humeroulnare musculi flexoris
digitorum superificialis; caput infraorbitale quadrati labii superioris;
caput laterale; caput laterale musculi gastrocnemii; caput laterale
musculi tricipitis brachii; caput longum; caput longum musculi bicipitis
brachii; caput longum musculi bicipitis femoris; caput longum musculi
tricipitis brachii; caput mallei; caput mandibulae; caput mediale; caput
mediale musculi gastrocnemii; caput mediale musculi tricipitis brachii;
caput medusae; caput nuclei caudati; caput obliquum; caput obliquum
musculi adductoris hallucis; caput obliquum musculi adductoris pollicis;
caput ossis femoris; caput ossis metacarpalis; caput ossis metatarsalis;
caput pancreatis; caput phalangis; caput profundum musculi flexoris
pollicis brevis; caput quadratum; caput radiale; caput radii; caput
stapedis; caput succedaneum; caput superficiale musculi flexoris pollicis
brevis; caput tali; caput transversum; caput transversum musculi
adductoris hallucis; caput transversum musculi adductoris pollicis; caput
ulnae; caput ulnare; caput ulnare musculi flexoris carpi ulnaris; caput
ulnare musculi pronatoris teretis; caput zygomaticum quadrati labii
superioris; capZ; Carabelli, Georg; Carabelli tubercle; caramel;
caramiphen ethanedisulfonate; caramiphen hydrochloride; Caraparu virus;
carate; carb-; carbachol; carbacrylamine resins; carbadox; carbamate;
carbamate hydrolase; carbamate kinase; carbamates; carbamazepine;
carbamic acid; carbamide; carbamino compound; carbaminohemoglobin;
carbamoate; carbamoyl; carbamoylaspartate dehydrase; carbamoylation;
carbamoylcarbamic acid; carbamoyl phosphate; carbamoyl-phosphate synthase
(ammonia); carbamoyl-phosphate synthase (glutamine-hydrolyzing);
carbamoyl phosphate synthetase; carbamoylphosphate synthetase deficiency;
carbamoyltransferase; carbamoylurea; carbamyl; carbamylation;
carbamylcholine chloride; carbamyl phosphate; carbanion; carbapenems;
carbaril; carbarsone; carbaryl; carbazides; carbazilquinone;
carbazochrome salicylate; carbazole; carbazole 1,9a-dioxygenase;
carbazotic acid; carbenicillin; carbenicillin disodium; carbenium;
carbenoxolone; carbenoxolone disodium; carbetapentane citrate;
carbhemoglobin; carbide; carbidopa; carbimazole; carbinol; carbinoxamine
maleate; carbo; carbobenzoxy; carbocation; carbocyanines; carbocyclic
compound; carbocysteine; carbofuran; carbohemoglobin; carbohydrase;
carbohydrate; carbohydrate conformation; carbohydrate-deficient
glycoprotein syndrome; carbohydrate dehydrogenases; carbohydrate
epimerases; carbohydrate-induced hyperlipaemia; carbohydrate loading;
carbohydrate metabolism; carbohydrates; carbohydrates and hypoglycaemic
agents; carbohydrate sequence; carbohydrate utilization test;
carbohydraturia; carbohydrazides; carbolate; carbolated; carbol-fuchsin;
carbol-fuchsin paint; carbolic acid; carbolines; carbolise; carbol-
thionin stain; carboluria; carbomer; carbometry; carbomycin; carbomycin
3-O-acetyltransferase; carbon; carbon-11; carbon-12; carbon-13; carbon-
14; carbonate; carbonated beverages; carbonate dehydratase; carbonate
dehydratase inhibitor; carbonated water; carbonate hydro-lyase;
carbonates; carbon bisulfide; carbon-carbon double bond isomerases;
carbon-carbon ligases; carbon-carbon lyases; carbon compounds, inorganic;
carbon dichloride; carbon dioxide; carbon dioxide acidosis; carbon
dioxide blood level; carbon dioxide content; carbon dioxide cycle; carbon
dioxide electrode; carbon dioxide elimination; carbon dioxide-free water;
carbon dioxide reductase; carbon dioxide snow; carbon disulfide; carbon
disulfide poisoning; carbon fixation; carbonic; carbonic acid; carbonic
acid gas; carbonic acid inhibitor; carbonic anhydrase II deficiency
syndrome; carbonic anhydrase inhibitor; carbonic anhydrase inhibitors;
carbonic anhydride; carbon isotopes; carbonium; carbon monoxide; carbon
monoxide dehydrogenase disulfide reductase; carbon monoxide haemoglobin;
carbon monoxide-methylene blue oxidoreductase; carbon monoxide poisoning;
carbon-nitrogen ligases; carbon-nitrogen ligases with glutamine as amide-
n-donor; carbon-nitrogen lyases; carbonometer; carbonometry; carbon-
oxygen ligases; carbon-oxygen lyases; carbon-phosphorus lyase; carbon
radioisotopes; carbon source; carbon-sulfur ligases; carbon-sulfur
lyases; carbon tetrachloride; carbonuria; carbonyl; carbonyl cyanide m-
chlorophenyl hydrazone; carbonyl cyanide p-
trifluoromethoxyphenylhydrazone; carbonyl group; carboplatin; carboprost;
carboprost tromethamine; carboxamide; carboxamidopeptidase; carboximide;
carboxin; carboxy-; carboxycathepsin; carboxydismutase;
carboxyhaemoglobin; carboxyhemoglobin; carboxyhemoglobinaemia; carboxyl;
carboxyl and carbamoyl transferases; carboxylase; carboxylate reductase;
carboxylation; carboxylesterase; carboxyl group; carboxylic acid;
carboxylic acid ester; carboxylic acid reductase; carboxylic acids;
carboxylic ester hydrolases; carboxyl terminal; carboxyl-terminal
residue; carboxyltransferases; carboxy-lyases; carboxymethylcellulose;
carboxynorspermidine decarboxylase; carboxynorspermidine synthase;
carboxypeptidase; carboxypeptidase A; carboxypeptidase B;
carboxypeptidase C; carboxypeptidase G; carboxypeptidases;
carboxyphosphonoenolpyruvate phosphonomutase;
carboxyphosphonoenolpyruvate synthase; carboxysome; carboxy terminal;
carboxy-terminal domain kinase; carbromal; carbuncle; carbuncles;
carbuncular; carbunculosis; carburet; carbutamide; carbuterol
hydrochloride; carcass; carcinaemia; carcinine synthetase; carcino-;
carcinoembryonic; carcinoembryonic antigen; carcinogen; carcinogenesis;
carcinogenic; carcinogenicity tests; carcinogens; carcinogens,
environmental; carcinoid; carcinoid flush; carcinoid heart disease;
carcinoid syndrome; carcinoid tumour; carcinolysis; carcinolytic;
carcinoma; carcinoma 256, walker; carcinoma, acinar cell; carcinoma,
adenoid cystic; carcinoma, adenosquamous; carcinoma, adrenal cortical;
carcinoma, basal cell; carcinoma, basosquamous; carcinoma, bronchogenic;
carcinoma, ehrlich tumour; carcinoma, embryonal; carcinoma, endometrioid;
carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma; carcinoma, giant cell; carcinoma,
hepatocellular; carcinoma, infiltrating duct; carcinoma in situ;
carcinoma, intraductal, noninfiltrating; carcinoma, islet cell;
carcinoma, large cell; carcinoma, lewis lung; carcinoma, lobular;
carcinoma, medullary; carcinoma, merkel cell; carcinoma, mucoepidermoid;
carcinoma myxomatodes; carcinoma, neuroendocrine; carcinoma, non-small-
cell lung; carcinoma, papillary; carcinoma, papillary, follicular;
carcinoma, renal cell; carcinoma, signet ring cell; carcinoma simplex;
carcinoma, skin appendage; carcinoma, small cell; carcinoma, squamous
cell; carcinomata; carcinomatosis; carcinomatous; carcinomatous
encephalomyelopathy; carcinomatous implants; carcinomatous myelopathy;
carcinomatous myopathy; carcinomatous neuromyopathy; carcinomatous
pericarditis; carcinoma, transitional cell; carcinoma, verrucous;
carcinophobia; carcinosarcoma; carcinosis; carcinostatic; carcoma;
cardamom; cardanolides; Carden, Henry; cardenolide; cardenolides;
Carden's amputation; cardia; cardiac; cardiac accident; cardiac
albuminuria; cardiac alternation; cardiac aneurysm; cardiac arrest;
cardiac arrhythmia; cardiac asthma; cardiac ballet; cardiac blood pool
imaging; cardiac care facilities; cardiac catheter; cardiac
catheterisation; cardiac cell; cardiac cirrhosis; cardiac competence;
cardiac complexes, premature; cardiac contractility; cardiac cycle;
cardiac decompression; cardiac depressor reflex; cardiac diuretic;
cardiac dropsy; cardiac dyspnea; cardiac dysrhythmia; cardiac
enlargement; cardiac enzyme; cardiac failure; cardiac fibrous skeleton;
cardiac ganglia; cardiac gating; cardiac gland; cardiac glands of
oesophagus; cardiac glycoside; cardiac glycosides; cardiac haemoptysis;
cardiac heterotaxia; cardiac histiocyte; cardiac hormone; cardiac
impression of liver; cardiac impression of lung; cardiac impulse; cardiac
incompetence; cardiac index; cardiac infarction; cardiac insufficiency;
cardiac jelly; cardiac liver; cardiac lung; cardiac lymphatic ring;
cardiac mapping; cardiac massage; cardiac murmur; cardiac muscle; cardiac
muscle tissue; cardiac muscle wrap; cardiac neurosis; cardiac notch;
cardiac notch of left lung; cardiac oedema; cardiac opening; cardiac
orifice; cardiac output; cardiac output, high; cardiac output, low;
cardiac pacemaker; cardiac pacing, artificial; cardiac part of stomach;
cardiac plexus; cardiac polyp; cardiac prominence; cardiac reserve;
cardiac rhabdomyoma; cardiac risk; cardiac segment; cardiac shock;
cardiac skeleton; cardiac souffle; cardiac sound; cardiac standstill;
cardiac surgical procedures; cardiac symphysis; cardiac syncope; cardiac
tamponade; cardiac tube; cardiac valve prosthesis; cardiac valvular
incompetence; cardiac veins; cardiac volume; cardialgia; cardiataxia;
cardiatelia; cardiectasia; cardiectomy; cardiectopia; cardinal; cardinal
ligament; cardinal ocular movements; cardinal points; cardinal veins;
carding; cardio-; cardioaccelerator; cardioactive; cardioangiography;
cardioaortic; cardioarterial; cardioarterial interval; Cardiobacterium;
cardiocele; cardiochalasia; cardiodiaphragmatic angle; cardiodiosis;
cardiodynamics; cardiodynia; cardioesophageal; cardioesophageal junction;
cardioesophageal relaxation; cardiofacial syndrome; cardiogenesis;
cardiogenic; cardiogenic plate; cardiogenic shock; cardiogram;
cardiograph; cardiography; cardiography, impedance; cardiohemothrombus;
cardiohepatic; cardiohepatic angle; cardiohepatic triangle;
cardiohepatomegaly; cardioid; cardioid condenser; cardioid dark field
condenser; cardioinhibitory; cardiokinetic; cardiokymogram;
cardiokymograph; cardiokymography; cardiolipin; cardiolipins; cardiolipin
synthetase; cardiological; cardiologist; cardiology; cardiology service,
hospital; cardiolysis; cardiomalacia; cardiomegaly; cardiometry;
cardiomotility; cardiomuscular; cardiomyoliposis; cardiomyopathy;
cardiomyopathy, alcoholic; cardiomyopathy, congestive; cardiomyopathy,
hypertrophic; cardiomyopathy, restrictive; cardiomyoplasty;
cardiomyotomy; cardionatrin; cardionecrosis; cardionector; cardionephric;
cardioneural; cardioneurosis; cardio-omentopexy; cardiopaludism;
cardiopath; cardiopathia nigra; cardiopathy; cardiopericardiopexy;
cardiophobia; cardiophone; cardiophony; cardiophrenia; cardiophrenic
angle; cardioplasty; cardioplegia; cardioplegic; cardioplegic arrest;
cardioplegic solutions; cardioptosia; cardiopulmonary; cardiopulmonary
arrest; cardiopulmonary bypass; cardiopulmonary murmur; cardiopulmonary
obstructive shock; cardiopulmonary resuscitation; cardiopulmonary
splanchnic nerves; cardiopulmonary transplantation; cardiopyloric;
cardiorenal; cardiorespiratory; cardiorespiratory murmur; cardiorrhaphy;
cardiorrhexis; cardioscope; cardioselective; cardioselectivity;
cardiospasm; cardiosphygmograph; cardiotachometer; cardiothoracic ratio;
cardiothrombus; cardiothyrotoxicosis; cardiotocography; cardiotomy;
cardiotonic; cardiotonic agent; cardiotoxic; cardiotoxic myolysis;
cardiotoxin; cardiovalvulitis; cardiovascular; cardiovascular
abnormalities; cardiovascular agents; cardiovascular deconditioning;
cardiovascular physiology; cardiovascular radiology; cardiovascular
surgery; cardiovascular surgical procedures; cardiovascular syphilis;
cardiovascular system; cardiovasculorenal; cardioversion; cardiovert;
cardioverter; Cardiovirus; cardiovirus infections; carditis; care; care,
ambulatory; career choice; career mobility; caregiver; care, managed;
care proxy, health; Carey Coombs murmur; carfecillin; caribbean region;
caribi; carica; Carica candamarencis glycosylated cysteine proteinase;
caricatures; caries; carina; carinactivase; carina fornicis; carinal
lymph nodes; carina of trachea; carinate; carinate abdomen; carina
tracheae; carina urethralis vaginae; carina vaginae; cario-;
cariogenesis; cariogenic; cariogenic agent; cariogenicity; cariology;
cariostatic; cariostatic agent; carious; carisoprodate; carisoprodol;
carissin; CAR kinase; carlavirus; Carlen; Carlen's tube; Carl Gauss;
carmalum; Carman; carman meniscus sign; Carman's sign; carminate;
carminative; carmine; carminic acid; carminomycin 4-O-methyltransferase;
carminophil; Carmody; Carmody-Batson operation; carmovirus; carmustine;
carnassial; carnassial tooth; carnauba wax; carneous; carneous
degeneration; carneous mole; carnes; Carnett; Carnett's sign; carney
syndrome; carnification; carnitine; carnitine acyltransferases; carnitine
amidase; carnitine coenzyme A ligase; carnitine dehydratase; carnitine o-
acetyltransferase; carnitine o-palmitoyltransferase; carnitine
palmitoyltransferase; carnitine racemase; Carnivora; carnivore;
carnivorous; carnivory; carnosinaemia; carnosinase; carnosine; carnosine
synthetase; carnosity; carnot efficiency; Carnoy; Carnoy's fixative;
caro; carob; carob flour; Caroli; caroli disease; caroli's disease;
Caroli's syndrome; caro quadrata sylvii; carotenaemia; carotenase;
carotene; carotene, beta; carotene oxidase; carotenoderma; carotenoid;
carotenoids; carotenoprotein; carotenosis cutis; carotic; caroticoclinoid
ligament; caroticotympanic; caroticotympanic arteries; caroticotympanic
canaliculi; caroticotympanic nerve; carotid; carotid arteries; carotid
artery; carotid artery bruit; carotid artery, common; carotid artery,
external; carotid artery, internal; carotid artery occlusive syndrome;
carotid artery thrombosis; carotid body; carotid body cell; carotid body
tumour; carotid bruit; carotid bulb; carotid canal; carotid-cavernous
fistula; carotid-cavernous sinus fistula; carotid doppler; carotid duct;
carotid duplex; carotid endarterectomy; carotid foramen; carotid
ganglion; carotid groove; carotid pulse; carotid sheath; carotid sinus;
carotid sinus branch; carotid sinus nerve; carotid sinus reflex; carotid
sinus syncope; carotid sinus syndrome; carotid sinus test; carotid
stenosis; carotid sulcus; carotid triangle; carotid tubercle; carotid
ultrasound; carotid-vertebral artery anastomoses; carotid wall of middle
ear; carotidynia; carotin; carotinaemia; carotinase; carotinoid;
carotinosis cutis; carotodynia; carpal; carpal arches; carpal artery;
carpal articular surface of radius; carpal articulation; carpal bones;
carpal canal; carpal groove; carpal joints; carpals; carpal tunnel;
carpal tunnel release; carpal tunnel syndrome; carpamidase; carpectomy;
carpel; Carpenter, Charles; Carpenter, George; Carpenter's syndrome;
Carpentier-Edwards valve; carphenazine maleate; carphology; carpi;
carpitis; carp mouth; carpocarpal; Carpoglyptus; carpometacarpal;
carpometacarpal joint of thumb; carpometacarpal joints; carpometacarpal
ligaments; carpopedal; carpopedal contraction; carpopedal spasm;
carpophore; carpoptosis; Carpue, Joseph; Carpue's method; carpus; carpus,
animal; carpus curvus; carrageenan; carre-four sensitif; Carrel, Alexis;
Carrel-Lindbergh pump; Carrel's treatment; Carr, Francis; carrier;
carrier cell; carrier electrophoresis; carrier-free; carrier protein;
carrier proteins; carrier screening; carrier state; carrier strain;
carrier test; Carrington's disease; Carrion, Daniel; Carrion's disease;
carrots; Carr-Price reaction; Carr-Price test; Carr-Purcell experiment;
carrying angle; carrying capacity; car sickness; Carteaud, Alexandre;
carteolol; Carter, Henry; Carter's black mycetoma; Carter's fever;
cartesian; cartesian nomogram; carthamus; carticaine; cartilage;
cartilage bone; cartilage capsule; cartilage cell; cartilage-hair
hypoplasia; cartilage knife; cartilage lacuna; cartilage matrix;
cartilage of acoustic meatus; cartilage of auditory tube; cartilage of
ear; cartilage of nasal septum; cartilage of pharyngotympanic tube;
cartilages of larynx; cartilages of nose; cartilage space; cartilagines;
cartilagines alares minores; cartilagines laryngis; cartilagines nasales
accessoriae; cartilagines nasi; cartilagines tracheales; cartilaginoid;
cartilaginous; cartilaginous articulation; cartilaginous joint;
cartilaginous neurocranium; cartilaginous part of auditory tube;
cartilaginous part of external acoustic meatus; cartilaginous part of
skeletal system; cartilaginous septum; cartilaginous tissue; cartilago;
cartilago alaris major; cartilago articularis; cartilago arytenoidea;
cartilago auriculae; cartilago corniculata; cartilago costalis; cartilago
cricoidea; cartilago cuneiformis; cartilago epiglottica; cartilago
epiphysialis; cartilago meatus acustici; cartilago nasi lateralis;
cartilago septi nasi; cartilago sesamoidea laryngis; cartilago thyroidea;
cartilago triticea; cartilago tubae auditivae; cartilago vomeronasalis;
cartoons; carubicin; carubinose; caruncle; caruncula; caruncula
hymenalis; caruncula lacrimalis; caruncula myrtiformis; caruncula
salivaris; caruncula sublingualis; Carus' circle; Carus' curve; Carus,
Karl; carvacrol; Carvallo's sign; carvedilol; carver; caryophyllene
cyclase; caryophyllus; caryopsis; caryotheca; Casal, Gasper; Casal's
necklace; casamino acid; casamino acids; casbene synthetase; cascade;
cascade aeration; cascara; cascara amara; cascara sagrada; case;
caseation; case-control study; case fatality rate; case fatality ratio;
casein; caseinase; caseinate; casein hydrolysate; casein kinase;
caseinogen; caseins; case management; caseo-iodine; caseose; caseous;
caseous abscess; caseous degeneration; caseous lymphadenitis; caseous
necrosis; caseous osteitis; caseous pneumonia; caseous rhinitis; caseous
tubercle; casiation; Caslick; Caslick's operation; Casoni; Casoni
intradermal test; Casoni skin test; Casparian band; caspase-activated
deoxyribonuclease; cassava; cassava starch; Cassegrainian darkfield
condenser; Casselberry; Casselberry position; Casser; casserian; Casser's
fontanel; Casser's perforated muscle; cassette; cassette mechanism;
cassette mutagenesis; cassia; cassia bark; cassia cinnamon; cassia
fistula; cassia oil; cast; castanea; castaneous; castanospermine; cast
brace; Castellani; Castellani-Low sign; Castellani's bronchitis;
Castellani's paint; Castile soap; casting; casting flask; casting ring;
casting wax; Castleman, Benjamin; castleman disease; Castleman's disease;
Castle's intrinsic factor; Castle, William; castor bean; castor oil;
castrate; castration; castration anxiety; castration cells; castration
complex; casts, surgical; casualty; CAT; cata-; catabasial; catabiosis;
catabiotic; catabolic; catabolic pathway; catabolin; catabolism;
catabolite; catabolite gene activator; catabolite gene activator protein;
catabolite (gene) activator protein; catabolite repression;
catachronobiology; catacrotic; catacrotic pulse; catacrotism;
catadicrotic; catadicrotic pulse; catadicrotism; catadidymus;
catadioptric; catagen; catagenesis; catalase; catalatic reaction;
catalepsy; cataleptic; cataleptoid; catalogia; catalogs; catalyse;
catalysis; catalyst; catalytic; catalytic antibody; catalytic centre;
catalytic model; catalytic site; catalyze; catalyzer; catamenia;
catamenial; catamenial pneumothorax; catamenogenic; catamnesis;
catamnestic; catapasm; cataphasia; cataphora; cataphoresis; cataphoretic;
cataphyll; cataphyllary leave; cataplasia; cataplasm; cataplectic;
cataplexy; cataract; cataracta; cataracta adiposa; cataracta brunescens;
cataracta cerulea; cataracta electrica; cataracta fibrosa; cataracta
nigra; cataracta ossea; cataract extraction; cataract lens; cataract
needle; cataractogenesis; cataractogenic; cataract-oligophrenia syndrome;
cataractous; cataract spoon; cataria; catarrh; catarrhal; catarrhal
asthma; catarrhal fever; catarrhal gastritis; catarrhal inflammation;
catarrhal jaundice; catarrhal ophthalmia; Catarrhina; catarrhine;
catastalsis; catastaltic; catastasis; catastrophe theory; catastrophic
illness; catastrophic reaction; catatonia; catatonic; catatonic dementia;
catatonic excitement; catatonic pupil; catatonic rigidity; catatonic
schizophrenia; catatonic stupor; catatrichy; catatricrotic;
catatricrotism; catatropic image; cat-bite disease; cat-bite fever;
catchment area; catch muscle; cat diseases; cat distemper virus;
catechase; catechin; catechinic acid; catechol; catechol 1,2-dioxygenase;
catechol 2,3-dioxygenase; catecholamine; catechol oestrogen; catechol o-
methyltransferase; catechol oxidase; catechols; catechuic acid; catechu
nigrum; categorical trait; catelectrotonus; Catenabacterium;
catenabacterium contortum; catenate; catenating; catenation; catenins;
catenoid; catenulate; caterpillar cell; caterpillar dermatitis;
caterpillar flap; caterpillar-hair ophthalmia; caterpillar rash; catfish;
catgut; Catha edulis; Catharanthus alkaloids; catharsis; cathartic;
cathectic; cathemoglobin; cathenamine reductase; cathepsin; cathepsin b;
cathepsin d; cathepsins; catheter; catheter ablation; catheter a demeure;
catheter coude; catheter fever; catheter gauge; catheter guide;
catheterisation; catheterise; catheterization; catheterization, central
venous; catheterization, peripheral; catheterization, swan-ganz;
catheterostat; catheters, indwelling; cathexis; cathodal; cathodal
closure contraction; cathodal closure tetanus; cathodal duration tetanus;
cathodal opening clonus; cathodal opening contraction; cathodal opening
tetanus; cathode; cathode ray; cathode rays; cathode ray tube; cathodic;
cathodic protection; catholicism; catholysis; cation; cation-anion
difference; cation exchange; cation exchanger; cation-exchange resin;
cation exchange resins; cation exhange resin; cationic; cationic
detergents; cationic protein; cationised ferritin; cationogen; cations;
cations, divalent; cations, monovalent; catkin; catling; catnip;
catochus; catoptric; catroxase; cats; cat scan; cat-scratch disease; cat-
scratch fever; cat's cry syndrome; cat's-eye pupil; cat's-eye syndrome;
Cattell Infant Intelligence Scale; cattell personality factor
questionnaire; cattle; cattle diseases; cattle plague; cattle plague
virus; cattle warts; cat unit; Catu virus; caucasoid race; cauda; caudad;
cauda epididymidis; cauda epididymis; cauda equina; cauda equina
syndrome; cauda fasciae dentatae; cauda helicis; caudal; caudal
anaesthesia; caudal canal; caudal flexure; caudalis; caudal ligament;
caudal neuropore; caudal neurosecretory system; caudal pancreatic artery;
caudal pharyngeal complex; caudal retinaculum; caudal sheath; caudal
transtentorial herniation; caudal transverse fissure; caudal vertebrae;
cauda nuclei caudati; cauda pancreatis; cauda striati; caudate; caudate
branches; caudate lobe; caudate nucleus; caudate process;
caudatolenticular; caudatum; caudex; caudicle; caudocephalad;
caudolenticular; caudovirales; caul; caulescent; cauliflower ear;
cauliflower-ear deformity; caulimovirus; cauline; caulobacter;
caulobacter crescentus; caumesthesia; causal; causal additivity;
causalgia; causal independence; causality; causal treatment; cause; cause
of death; causes of cancer; caustic; caustic alkali; caustic potash;
caustics; caustic soda; cauterant; cauterisation; cauterise;
cauterization; cauterize; cautery; cautery knife; cava; cavagram; caval;
caval fold; cavalry bone; caval valve; cavascope; cave; caveola; cavern;
caverna; cavernae corporis spongiosi; cavernae corporum cavernosorum;
caverniloquy; cavernitis; cavernoscope; cavernoscopy; cavernositis;
cavernostomy; cavernous; cavernous angioma; cavernous arteries; cavernous
body of clitoris; cavernous body of penis; cavernous branch of internal
carotid artery; cavernous groove; cavernous haemangioma; cavernous
haemangioma of liver; cavernous lymphangiectasis; cavernous nerves of
clitoris; cavernous nerves of penis; cavernous part of internal carotid
artery; cavernous plexus of clitoris; cavernous plexus of conchae;
cavernous plexus of penis; cavernous rale; cavernous resonance; cavernous
respiration; cavernous rhonchus; cavernous sinus; cavernous sinus branch
of internal carotid artery; cavernous sinus syndrome; cavernous sinus
thrombosis; cavernous tissue; cavernous transfer of portal vein;
cavernous veins of penis; cavernous voice; cavernous voice sound; caverns
of corpora cavernosa; caverns of corpus spongiosum; cave sickness; Cavia;
Cavia porcellus; caviar lesion; CA virus; cavitary; cavitary lung
nodules; cavitas; cavitas abdominalis; cavitas articularis; cavitas
coronalis; cavitas dentis; cavitas glenoidalis; cavitas infraglotticum;
cavitas laryngis; cavitas medullaris; cavitas nasi; cavitas oris; cavitas
oris propria; cavitas pelvis; cavitas pericardialis; cavitas
peritonealis; cavitas pharyngis; cavitas pleuralis; cavitas thoracis;
cavitas tympanica; cavitas uteri; cavitation; cavities; cavities of
corpora cavernosa; cavities of corpus spongiosum; cavitis; cavity;
cavity, abdominal; cavity line angle; cavity liner; cavity margin; cavity
of concha; cavity of larynx; cavity of middle ear; cavity of pharynx;
cavity of septum pellucidum; cavity of tooth; cavity preparation; cavity
preparation base; cavity preparation form; cavity wall; cavogram;
cavography; cavopulmonary anastomosis; cavopulmonary shunt; cavosurface;
cavosurface angle; cavosurface bevel; cavum; cavum abdominis; cavum
articulare; cavum conchae; cavum coronale; cavum dentis; cavum douglasi;
cavum epidurale; cavum infraglotticum; cavum laryngis; cavum
mediastinale; cavum medullare; cavum nasi; cavum oris; cavum pelvis;
cavum pericardii; cavum peritonei; cavum pharyngis; cavum pleurae; cavum
psalterii; cavum retzii; cavum septi pellucidi; cavum subarachnoideum;
cavum subdurale; cavum thoracis; cavum trigeminale; cavum tympani; cavum
uteri; cavum vergae; cavum vesicouterinum; cavy; Cazenave, Pierre;
Cazenave's vitiligo; Cb; C banding; C-banding stain; CBC; CBED; CBF; CBG;
cbl; CB lead; CBPP; Cbz; cc; CCA; CCAAT box; C carbohydrate antigen; CCC;
cc-ckr-5 gene; CCDM; C cell; C chain; CCK; CCNU; CCR1 protein kinase;
CCTe; CCU; cd; CD1; CD11; CD13; CD14; CD15; CD18; CD19; CD2; CD20; CD26;
CD27; CD28; CD29; CD3; CD30; CD31; CD34; CD36; CD4; CD40; CD44; CD45;
CD45 phosphatase; CD4/CD8 count; CD4:CD8 ratio; CD4 cell; CD4 cell count;
CD4 count, absolute; CD4 immunoadhesins; CD4 lymphocyte; CD4 lymphocyte
count; CD4-positive T-lymphocytes; CD5; CD50; CD 54; CD55; CD56; CD57;
CD58; CD59; CD7; CD8; CD80; CD8 cell; CD8-positive T-lymphocytes; CD95;
CD antigen; CDC; cdc28 protein kinase; cdc2+CDC28-related protein kinase;
Cdc42Hs-associated kinase; CDC5 protein kinase; CDC7 protein kinase; cdc
gene; CDE antigens; CDE blood group; cd-I; cDNA; cDNA clone; cDNA
library; CDP; CDP-4-keto-6-deoxy-D-glucose-3-dehydrase; CDP-6-deoxy-4-
hexulose-3-dehydrase reductase; CDP-6-deoxy-delta(3,4)-glucoseen
reductase; CDP-choline; cdpdiacylglycerol-serine o-
phosphatidyltransferase; CDP-glucose oxidoreductase; CDP-glyceride; CDP
glycerol glycerophosphotransferase; CDP reductase; CDP-sugar; CDP
tyvelose-2-epimerase; CD-rom; Cds1 kinase; Ce; CEA; ceasmic teratosis;
cebidae; cebinae; cebocephaly; cebus; Cecil; cecropin; cecum; cedar leaf
oil; cedar wood oil; ced mutant; Ceelen-Gellerstedt syndrome; Ceelen,
Wilhelm; cefaclor; cefadroxil; cefamandole; cefamandole nafate;
cefatrizine; cefazolin; cefmenoxime; cefmetazole; cefonicid; cefonicid
disodium; cefoperazone; cefoperazone sodium; ceforanide; cefotaxime;
cefotaxime sodium; cefotetan; cefotetan disodium; cefotiam; cefoxitin;
cefoxitin sodium; cefsulodin; ceftazidime; ceftazidime sodium;
ceftizoxime; ceftizoxime sodium; ceftriaxone; ceftriaxone disodium;
cefuroxime; cefuroxime axetil esterase; ceiling value; Cek4 receptor
protein-tyrosine kinase; cel; celB endoglucanase; celectome; celenteron;
celery seed; celery stalk metaphyses; Celestin; celestine blue B;
Celestin tube; celiac sprue; celiectomy; celio-; celiocentesis;
celioenterotomy; celiogastrostomy; celiogastrotomy; celiohysterectomy;
celiohysterotomy; celiomyalgia; celiomyomectomy; celiomyomotomy;
celiomyositis; celioparacentesis; celiopathy; celiorrhaphy;
celiosalpingectomy; celiosalpingotomy; celioscopy; celiotomy; celiotomy
incision; celiprolol; celitis; cell; cella; cell adhesion; cell adhesion
kinase; cell adhesion molecule; cell adhesion molecules; cell adhesion
molecules, neuronal; cell adhesion molecules, neuron-glia; cell
aggregation; cell aging; cella media; cell behaviour; cell biology; cell
body; cell-bound antibody; cell bridges; cell centre; cell cloning; cell
communication; cell compartmentation; cell count; cell culture; cell
cycle; cell cycle proteins; cell cycle restriction point; cell death;
cell degranulation; cell determination; cell differentiation; cell
disruption; cell division; cell division cycle gene; cell division cycle
mutant; cell division phases; cell electrophoresis; cell extracts; cell
fate; cell fractionation; cell-free extract; cell-free protein synthesis;
cell-free system; cell fusion; cell growth; cell hybridization; cell
hypoxia; cellicolous; cell inclusions; cell junction; cell line; cell
lineage; cell line rights; cell line, transformed; cell locomotion; cell
marker; cell matrix; cell-mediated immunity; cell-mediated reaction; cell
membrane; cell membrane permeability; cell migration; cell migration
inhibition; cell movement; cell nucleolus; cell nucleus; cellobiase;
cellobiose; cellobiose oxidase; cellobiosidase; cellodextrin
phosphorylase; cellohexose; celloidin; cellon; cellona; cellophane; cell
organelle; cellose; cell physiology; cell plate; cell polarity; cell
potential; cell proliferation; cell recognition; cell renewal; cell
respiration; cells; cell sap; cells, cultured; cell signalling; cells,
immobilised; cell size; cell sorter; cell sorting; cells, reproductive;
cell strain; cell surface marker; cell survival; cell synchronisation;
cell theory; cell transformation; cell transformation, neoplastic; cell
transformation, viral; cell transplantation; cellubrevin; cellula;
cellulae anteriores; cellulae coli; cellulae ethmoidales; cellulae
mastoideae; cellulae mediae; cellulae pneumaticae tubae auditivae;
cellulae posteriores; cellulae tympanicae; cellular; cellular biology;
cellular biophysics; cellular blue nevus; cellular cartilage; cellular
embolism; cellular engineering; cellular immune theory; cellular
immunity; cellular immunity deficiency syndrome; cellular
immunodeficiency with abnormal immunoglobulin synthesis; cellular
infiltration; cellularity; cellular microbiology; cellular mosaicism;
cellular oncogene; cellular pathology; cellular polyp; cellular
respiration; cellular retinoic acid binding protein; cellular slime
mould; cellular tumour; cellulase; cellule; cellulicidal; cellulifugal;
cellulin; cellulipetal; cellulite; cellulitic phlegmasia; cellulitis;
cellulocutaneous flap; celluloid strip; cellulosan; cellulose; cellulose
acetate; cellulose acetate phthalate; cellulose, oxidised; cellulose
synthase; cellulose tape technique; cellulosic acid; cellulosome;
cellusome; cell wall; cell wall skeleton; celo-; celom; celomic; celomic
bay; celomic metaplasia theory of endometriosis; celomic pouches;
celonychia; celophlebitis; celoscope; celoscopy; celosomia; CELO virus;
celozoic; Celsius; Celsius, Anders; Celsius scale; Celsus' area; Celsus,
Aulus Cornelius; Celsus kerion; Celsus' papules; Celsus' vitiligo;
cement; cemental caries; cementation; cement base; cement corpuscle;
cementicle; cementification; cement line; cementoblast; cementoblastoma;
cementoclasia; cementoclast; cementocyte; cementodentinal;
cementodentinal junction; cementoenamel junction; cementogenesis;
cementoma; cementum; cementum hyperplasia; cenesthesia; cenesthesic;
cenesthopathy; ceno-; cenocyte; cenocytic; cenosite; cenotrope; CENP
antigens; censor; census; censuses; centchroman; centering force; Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention; centers of origin; centesis; centi-;
centibar; centigrade; centigrade scale; centigram; centile; centiliter;
centimeter; centimeter-gram-second system; centimeter-gram-second unit;
centimorgan; centinormal; centipede; centipoise; centra; centractin;
centrad; centrage; central africa; central amputation; central and
lateral intermediate substance; central angiospastic retinitis; central
angiospastic retinopathy; central apnea; central apparatus; central
areolar choroidal atrophy; central areolar choroidal sclerosis; central
artery; central artery of retina; central atom; central bearing; central-
bearing device; central-bearing point; central-bearing tracing device;
central body; central bone; central bone of ankle; central bradycardia;
central callus; central canal; central canal of spinal cord; central
canal of the vitreous; central canals of cochlea; central cataract;
central cementifying fibroma; central complex; central cord syndrome;
central core disease; central core disease of muscle; central deafness;
central dogma; Central European tick-borne encephalitis virus; Central
European tick-borne fever; central excitatory state; central fibrous
body; central ganglioneuroma; central gray substance; central group of
axillary lymph nodes; central gyri; central illumination; central
implantation; central incisor; central inhibition; centralis; centralised
hospital services; centralised sewage treatment; central lacteal; central
lateral nucleus of thalamus; central limit theorem; central line; central
lobule; central lobule of cerebellum; central mesenteric lymph nodes;
central metal ion; central necrosis; central nervous system; central
nervous system agents; central nervous system depressants; central
nervous system infections; central nervous system neoplasms; central
nervous system stimulants; central neuritis; central obesity; central
ossifying fibroma; central osteitis; central palmar space; central
paralysis; central pit; central placenta previa; central pneumonia;
central pontine myelinolysis; central Recklinghausen's disease type II;
central retinal artery occlusion; central retinal fovea; central retinal
vein occlusion; central scotoma; central serous choroidopathy; central
serous retinopathy; central sleep apnoea; central spindle; central stop;
central sulcal artery; central sulcus; central supply, hospital; central
tegmental fasciculus; central tegmental tract; central tendon of
diaphragm; central terminal electrode; central thalamic radiations;
central transactional core; central type neurofibromatosis; central vein
of retina; central vein of suprarenal gland; central veins of liver;
central venous catheter; central venous line; central venous pressure;
central vision; centre; centre median de Luys; centrencephalic;
centrencephalic epilepsy; centre of ossification; centre of ridge; centre
of rotation; Centres for Disease Control; centres for disease control and
prevention; centri-; centri-acinar emphysema; centric; centric contact;
centric fusion; centric interocclusal record; centriciput; centric jaw
relation; centric occlusion; centric position; centric relation;
centrifugal; centrifugal casting; centrifugal current; centrifugal fast
analyser; centrifugal force; centrifugalisation; centrifugalise;
centrifugal nerve; centrifugation; centrifugation, density gradient;
centrifugation, isopycnic; centrifugation, zonal; centrifuge;
centrilobular; centrilobular emphysema; centrin; centriolar region;
centriole; centripetal; centripetal current; centripetal nerve; centro-;
centroacinar cell; centroblast; Centrocestus; centrocyte; centrokinesia;
centrokinetic; centrolecithal; centrolecithal egg; centrolecithal ovum;
centromedian nucleus; centromere; centromere banding stain; centromeric
index; centromeric sequence; centronuclear myopathy; centrophilin;
centroplasm; centrosome; centrosphere; centrostaltic; centrum; centrum
medianum; centrum medullare; centrum of a vertebra; centrum ovale;
centrum semiovale; centrum tendineum diaphragmatis; centrum tendineum
perinei; Centruroides; centum; cenuris; cenurosis; CePAK kinase; CEPH;
cephacetrile; cephaeline; Cephaelis; cephal-; cephalad; cephalaemia;
cephalalgia; cephalea; cephalea agitata; cephalexin; cephalgia;
cephalhematocele; cephalhematoma; cephalhydrocele; cephalic; cephalic
angle; cephalic arterial rami; cephalic flexure; cephalic index; cephalic
pole; cephalic presentation; cephalic reflexes; cephalic tetanus;
cephalic triangle; cephalic vein; cephalic version; cephalin; cephaline;
cephalitis; cephalization; cephalo-; cephalocaudal; cephalocaudal axis;
cephalocele; cephalocentesis; cephalochord; cephalodidymus;
cephalodiprosopus; cephalodynia; cephaloedema; cephalogenesis;
cephaloglycin; cephalogram; cephalogyric; cephalohaematoma;
cephalohematocele; cephalohematoma; cephalohemometer; cephalomedullary
angle; cephalomegaly; cephalomelus; cephalomeningitis; cephalometer;
cephalometric analysis; cephalometric radiograph; cephalometrics;
cephalometric tracing; cephalometric viewer; cephalometric X-rays;
cephalometry; cephalomotor; Cephalomyia; cephalont; cephalo-
oculocutaneous telangiectasia; cephalo-orbital index; cephalopagus;
cephalopalpebral reflex; cephalopathy; cephalopelvic; cephalopelvimetry;
cephalopharyngeus; cephaloridine; cephalorrhachidian; cephalorrhachidian
index; cephalosporanic acid; cephalosporanic acids; cephalosporin;
cephalosporin 7-alpha-hydroxylase; cephalosporinase; cephalosporin C
transaminase; cephalosporin resistance; Cephalosporium; cephalostat;
cephalothin; cephalothoracic; cephalothoracopagus; cephalothoracopagus
asymmetros; cephalothoracopagus disymmetros; cephalothoracopagus
monosymmetros; cephalotome; cephalotomy; cephalotoxin; cephalotribe;
cephalotrigeminal angiomatosis; cephamycins; cephapirin; cephapirin
sodium; cephradine; cera; ceraceous; ceramics; ceramidase; ceramide;
ceramide 1-phosphorylcholine; ceramide-activated protein kinase;
ceramide-activated protein phosphatase; ceramide
cholinephosphotransferase; ceramide dihexoside; ceramide glycanase;
ceramide kinase; ceramide lactosidase; ceramide lactoside; ceramide
lactoside lipidosis; ceramide saccharide; ceramide trihexosidase; ceramo-
metal casting; cerasin; cerate; ceratin; cerato-; ceratocricoid;
ceratocricoid ligament; ceratocricoid muscle; ceratoglossus; ceratohyal;
ceratopharyngeal part of middle pharyngeal constrictor; Ceratophyllidae;
Ceratophyllus; ceratopogonidae; cercaria; cerci; cercidosome; cerclage;
cercocebus; cercocebus atys; cercocystis; cercomer; cercomonad;
Cercomonas; cercopithecidae; cercopithecinae; Cercopithecoidea;
cercopithecus; cercopithecus aethiops; cercus; cerea flexibilitas;
cereal; cerebellar; cerebellar arteries; cerebellar astrocytoma;
cerebellar ataxia; cerebellar atrophy; cerebellar cortex; cerebellar
cyst; cerebellar dyssynergia; cerebellar fissures; cerebellar fossa;
cerebellar frenulum; cerebellar gait; cerebellar hemisphere; cerebellar
herniation; cerebellar neoplasms; cerebellar nuclei; cerebellar pyramid;
cerebellar rigidity; cerebellar speech; cerebellar sulci; cerebellar
syndrome; cerebellar tonsil; cerebellar veins; cerebellin; cerebellitis;
cerebello-; cerebellohypothalamic fibres; cerebellolental;
cerebellomedullary; cerebellomedullary cistern; cerebellomedullary
malformation syndrome; cerebello-olivary; cerebellopontile angle;
cerebellopontine; cerebellopontine angle; cerebellopontine angle
syndrome; cerebellopontine angle tumour; cerebellopontine cisternography;
cerebellopontine recess; cerebellorubral; cerebellorubral tract;
cerebellospinal fibres; cerebellothalamic tract; cerebellum; cerebr-;
cerebra; cerebral; cerebral agraphia; cerebral amyloid angiopathy;
cerebral amyloidosis; cerebral aneurysm; cerebral angiography; cerebral
anoxia; cerebral anthrax; cerebral aqueduct; cerebral arterial circle;
cerebral arteries; cerebral arteriography; cerebral arteriovenous
malformations; cerebral calculus; cerebral cladosporiosis; cerebral
compression; cerebral contusion; cerebral cortex; cerebral death;
cerebral decompression; cerebral decortication; cerebral dominance;
cerebral dysplasia; cerebral embolism and thrombosis; cerebral fissures;
cerebral flexure; cerebralgia; cerebral gigantism; cerebral haematoma;
cerebral haemorrhage; cerebral hemisphere; cerebral hemispheres; cerebral
hernia; cerebral herniation; cerebral hypoxia; cerebral index; cerebral
infarction; cerebral ischemia; cerebral ischemia, transient; cerebral
lacuna; cerebral layer of retina; cerebral lipidosis; cerebral
localization; cerebral malaria; cerebral oedema; cerebral palsy; cerebral
part of arachnoid; cerebral part of dura mater; cerebral part of internal
carotid artery; cerebral peduncle; cerebral porosis; cerebral
revascularization; cerebral rheumatism; cerebral sclerosis, diffuse;
cerebral sinuses; cerebral sphingolipidosis; cerebral sulci; cerebral
surface; cerebral tetanus; cerebral thrombosis; cerebral trigone;
cerebral tuberculosis; cerebral veins; cerebral ventricle neoplasms;
cerebral ventricles; cerebral ventriculography; cerebral vesicle;
cerebral vomiting; cerebration; cerebri-; cerebriform; cerebritis;
cerebro-; cerebrocortical necrosis; cerebrocuprein; cerebrogalactose;
cerebrogalactoside; cerebrohepatorenal syndrome; cerebroma;
cerebromalacia; cerebromeningitis; cerebron; cerebronic acid;
cerebropathia; cerebropathy; cerebrophysiology; cerebroretinal
angiomatosis; cerebrosclerosis; cerebrose; cerebroside; cerebroside
lipidosis; cerebroside-sulfatase; cerebrosidosis; cerebrospinal;
cerebrospinal axis; cerebrospinal fever; cerebrospinal fluid;
cerebrospinal fluid pressure; cerebrospinal fluid proteins; cerebrospinal
fluid rhinorrhoea; cerebrospinal fluid shunts; cerebrospinal index;
cerebrospinal meningitis; cerebrospinal nematodiasis; cerebrospinal
otorrhoea; cerebrospinal pressure; cerebrospinal rhinorrhoea;
cerebrospinal system; cerebrospinant; cerebrosterol; cerebrotendinous
cholesterinosis; cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis; cerebrotomy;
cerebrotonia; cerebrovascular; cerebrovascular accident; cerebrovascular
accident prevention; cerebrovascular circulation; cerebrovascular
disease; cerebrum; cerecloth; ceremonial behaviour; Cerenkov; Cerenkov
radiation; cereolysin; ceresin; cerin; Cerithidea; cerium; cerium
isotopes; cerium radioisotopes; cermet cements; cero-; ceroid;
ceroidosis; ceroplasty; cerosin; cerotinic acid; certifiable; certificate
of need; certification; certified milk; certified nurse-midwife;
certified pasteurised milk; certified registered nurse anaesthetist;
certify; cerulean; cerulean cataract; cerulein; cerulenin; ceruleus
nucleus; ceruloplasmin; cerumen; ceruminal; ceruminolytic; ceruminoma;
ceruminosis; ceruminous; ceruminous glands; ceruse; cerveau isole;
cervical; cervical amputation; cervical anaesthesia; cervical anchorage;
cervical aortic knuckle; cervical auricle; cervical axillary canal;
cervical branch of facial nerve; cervical canal; cervical cancer;
cervical cap; cervical cerclage; cervical compression syndrome; cervical
conisation; cervical cyst; cervical disc herniation; cervical disc
syndrome; cervical diverticulum; cervical duct; cervical dysplasia;
cervical dystocia; cervical enlargement; cervical enlargement of spinal
cord; cervical erosion; cervical fibrositis; cervical flexure; cervical
fusion syndrome; cervical glands; cervical glands of uterus; cervical
hydrocele; cervical hygroma; cervical hyperesthesia; cervical iliocostal
muscle; cervical interspinales muscles; cervical interspinal muscle;
cervical intraepithelial neoplasia; cervicalis; cervicalis ascendens;
cervical laminectomy; cervical ligament of uterus; cervical line;
cervical longissimus muscle; cervical loop; cervical lymphadenitis;
cervical margin; cervical margin of tooth; cervical myositis; cervical
myospasm; cervical nerves; cervical nystagmus; cervical oesophageal web;
cervical oesophagus; cervical osteoarthritis; cervical part of internal
carotid artery; cervical part of oesophagus; cervical part of spinal
cord; cervical part of thoracic duct; cervical pleura; cervical plexus;
cervical polyps; cervical pregnancy; cervical radiculopathy; cervical
rib; cervical rib and band syndrome; cervical rib syndrome; cervical
rotator muscles; cervical segments of spinal cord; cervical sinus;
cervical smear; cervical spine fractures; cervical spine fusion; cervical
splanchnic nerves; cervical spondylosis; cervical tension syndrome;
cervical triangle; cervical ulceration; cervical vertebrae; cervical
vesicle; cervical zone; cervical zone of tooth; cervicectomy; cervices;
cervicitis; cervico-; cervicoaxillary canal; cervicobrachial; cervico-
brachial neuralgia; cervicobuccal; cervicodynia; cervicofacial;
cervicography; cervicolabial; cervicolingual; cervicolinguoaxial;
cervicolumbar phenomenon; cervico-occipital; cervico-oculo-acoustic
syndrome; cervicoplasty; cervicothoracic; cervicothoracic ganglion;
cervicothoracic transition; cervicotomy; cervicovaginal artery;
cervicovesical; cervilaxin; cervix; cervix columnae posterioris; cervix
dentis; cervix dysplasia; cervix, incompetant; cervix incompetence;
cervix mucus; cervix of the axon; cervix of uterus; cervix uteri; cervix
vesicae urinariae; ceryl; cesarean; cesarean hysterectomy; cesarean
operation; cesarean section; cesarean section, repeat; cesarian section;
cesarian section, lower segment; cesarian section, vaginal birth after;
cesium; cesium 137; cesium chloride; cesium chloride gradient
cesium isotopes; cesium radioisotopes; cespitose; Cestan-Chenais
syndrome; Cestan, Raymond; cestoda; Cestodaria; cestode; cestode
infections; cestodes; cestodiasis; Cestoidea; cetacea; cetaceum;
cetalkonium chloride; cethexonium bromide; cetirizine; cetomacrogol;
cetostearyl alcohol; cetraria; cetrimonium bromide; cetrimonium
compounds; cetyl; cetyl alcohol; cetyl palmitate; cetylpyridinium;
cetylpyridinium chloride; cetyltrimethylammonium bromide; cevadilla;
cevadine; cevitamic acid; Ceylon cinnamon; Ceylon moss; Cf; C factors; CF
antibody; CFF; C fibres; CF lead; CF test; CG; CGA; CGD; C gene; CGL-1-
CSP-B protease; cGMP; CGP; C group viruses; CGRP; cgs; CH; Ch1; ch3
choline; Chabertia; chad; Chaddock, Charles; Chaddock reflex; Chaddock
sign; Chadwick, James; Chadwick's sign; chaeta; chaetomium; chafe; chaff;
chagas cardiomyopathy; Chagas, Carlos; Chagas-Cruz disease; Chagas
disease; Chagas' disease; chagasic myocardiopathy; chagoma; Chagres
virus; chain; chain-compensated spirometer; chaining; chain isomer;
chain, orthodontic chain; chain reaction; chain reflex; chair form;
chalasia; chalaza; chalazion; chalcogen; chalcogens; chalcone; chalcone
isomerase; chalcone michael allen; chalcone reductase; chalcosis; chalice
cell; chalice sign; chalicosis; chalinoplasty; chalk; chalkitis;
challenge diet; chalone; chalybeate; chalybeate water; chamazulene;
chamber; Chamberlain procedure; chamberlain's line; Chamberlain, W;
Chamberlen forceps; Chamberlen, Peter; chamecephalic; chamecephalous;
chameprosopic; chamfer; chamomile; CHAMPUS; Champy; Champy's fixative;
Chanarin; Chance; chance fracture; chancre; chancre redux; chancriform;
chancriform pyoderma; chancriform syndrome; chancroid; chancroidal;
chancrous; chandelier sign; Chandler; Chandler syndrome; change; change
of life; Changeux, Jean-Pierre; channel; channeled; channel forming
ionophore; channel gating; channeling; channel islands; channel protein;
channel transport; chanoclavin-I-cyclase; Chantemesse, Andre; Chantemesse
reaction; chaos; chaos theory; chaotic heart; chaotropic; chaotropism;
CHAP; chaparral; chaperone; chaperonin; chaperonin 10; chaperonin 60;
chaperonins; chaplaincy service, hospital; chappa; chapped; char; Chara;
Characean algae; character; character analysis; character armor;
character disorder; characteristic; characteristic curve; characteristic
emission; characteristic radiation; characteristic X-ray;
characterization; characterizing group; character neurosis; charas;
charbon; charcoal; Charcot-Bottcher crystalloids; Charcot-Bouchard
aneurysm; Charcot, Jean; Charcot-Leyden crystals; charcot-marie disease;
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease; Charcot-Neumann crystals; Charcot-Robin
crystals; Charcot's arteries; Charcot's disease; charcot's foot;
Charcot's gait; Charcot's intermittent fever; charcot's joint; Charcot's
syndrome; Charcot's triad; Charcot's vertigo; Charcot-Weiss-Baker
syndrome; Chargaff, Erwin; Chargaff's rule; charge; charged particle;
charge exchange; charge nurse; charge transfer; charge transfer complex;
charge transfer system; charities; charlatan; charlatanism; Charles
Darwin; Charles, Jacques; Charles law; Charles's law; charley horse;
Charlouis; Charlouis' disease; Charlton; Charnley; Charnley hip
arthroplasty; charon phage; Charriere; Charriere scale; chart;
chartaceous; Charters' method; Charters, W; charting; chartins;
charybdotoxin; chasmogamy; Chassaignac, Edouard; Chassaignac's space;
Chassaignac's tubercle; Chastek; Chastek paralysis; Chaudhry; Chauffard;
Chauffard's syndrome; chauffer's fracture; chauffeur's fracture;
chaulmoogra oil; Chaussier; Chaussier's areola; Chaussier's line;
Chaussier's sign; Chauveau; Chauveau's bacterium; Chayes; Chayes' method;
Ch B; Ch D; Cheadle's disease; Cheadle, Walter; Cheatle, Sir George;
Cheatle slit; checkbite; checkerberry oil; checkerboard assay; check
ligaments of eyeball; check ligaments of odontoid; Chediak-Higashi
disease; Chediak-Higashi syndrome; Chediak, Moises; Chediak-Steinbrinck-
Higashi anomaly; Chediak-Steinbrinck-Higashi syndrome; cheek; cheek bone;
cheek muscle; cheek retractor; cheek retractors; cheek tooth; cheese;
cheese maggot; cheese worker's lung; cheesy abscess; cheesy pus;
cheetahs; cheil-; cheilalgia; cheilectomy; cheilectropion; cheilion;
cheilitis; cheilitis exfoliativa; cheilitis glandularis; cheilitis
granulomatosa; cheilitis venenata; cheilo-; cheilognathoglossoschisis;
cheilognathopalatoschisis; cheilognathouranoschisis; cheilophagia;
cheiloplasty; cheilorrhaphy; cheilosis; cheilostomatoplasty; cheilotomy;
cheirarthritis; cheiro-; cheirobrachialgia; cheirogaleidae;
cheirognostic; cheirokinesthesia; cheirokinesthetic; cheirology;
cheiromegaly; cheiroplasty; cheiropodalgia; cheiropompholyx; cheirospasm;
chelate; chelating agents; chelation; chelation therapy; chelator;
chelicera; chelidon; cheloid; cheloid scar; Chelonia; chelonian; chem-;
chemexfoliation; chemiatry; chemical; chemical and pharmacologic
phenomena; chemical antidote; chemical attraction; chemical bond;
chemical burn; chemical cautery; chemical ceptor; chemical change;
chemical complexity; chemical conjunctivitis; chemical dermatitis;
chemical diabetes; chemical energy; chemical equation; chemical
equilibrium; chemical evolution; chemical eye injuries; chemical formula;
chemical industry; chemical knife; chemically cured resin; chemical
oxygen demand; chemical peel; chemical peeling; chemical peritonitis;
chemical pneumonia; chemical potential; chemical prophylaxis; chemical
ray; chemical reaction; chemical repair; chemical sampling; chemical
sequencing; chemical shift; chemical shift artifact; chemical solution;
chemical sympathectomy; chemical synapse; chemical synergism; chemical
taxonomy; chemical warfare; chemical warfare agents; chemiclave;
chemicocautery; chemiluminescence; chemiluminescence assays;
chemiluminescent labeling; chemiosmosis; chemiosmotic coupling;
chemiosmotic hypothesis; chemiosmotic theory; chemiotaxis; chemise;
chemist; chemistry; chemistry, analytical; chemistry, bioinorganic;
chemistry, clinical; chemistry, inorganic; chemistry, pharmaceutical;
chemo-; chemoattractant; chemoattraction; chemoautotroph;
chemoautotrophic; chemobiodynamics; chemocautery; chemoceptor;
chemodectoma; chemodectomatosis; chemodifferentiation; chemodynesis;
chemoembolization, therapeutic; chemoheterotroph; chemoheterotrophic;
chemoimmunology; chemokine; chemokine receptor; chemokines; chemokines,
c; chemokines, cc; chemokines, cxc; chemokinesis; chemokinetic;
chemolithotroph; chemolithotrophic; chemolithotrophy; chemoluminescence;
chemolysis; chemonucleolysis; chemoorganotroph; chemoorganotrophic;
chemopallidectomy; chemopallidothalamectomy; chemopallidotomy;
chemoprevention; chemoprophylaxis; chemoreceptor; chemoreceptors;
chemoreceptor tumour; chemoreflex; chemorepellant; chemoresistance;
chemo-responsive; chemosensitive; chemosensitizer; chemoserotherapy;
chemosis; chemosmosis; chemostat; chemosterilant; chemosterilants;
chemosurgery; chemosynthesis; chemotactic; chemotactic factors;
chemotactic factors, eosinophil; chemotactic factors, macrophage;
chemotactic protein methylesterase; chemotaxis; chemotaxis, leukocyte;
chemotaxis methyltransferase; chemothalamectomy; chemothalamotomy;
chemotherapeutic; chemotherapeutic agent; chemotherapeutic index;
chemotherapeutics; chemotherapy; chemotherapy, adjuvant; chemotherapy
drug sensitivity test; chemotic; chemotransmitter; chemotroph;
chemotrophy; chemotropism; Chenais, Louis; Cheney syndrome; Cheney,
William; chenodeoxycholic acid; chenodeoxycholoyltaurine hydrolase;
chenodeoxycholyltaurine hydrolase; chenodiol; chenopodiaceae;
chenopodium; cherry angioma; cherry juice; cherry-red spot; cherry-red
spot myoclonus syndrome; cherubic facies; cherubism; chessboard grafts;
chest; chest film; chest index; chest leads; chest metastases with
pneumothorax; chestnut; chestnut blight; chest pain; chest physician;
chest radiology; chest tubes; chest tube thoracostomy; chest wall; chest
wall pain; chest X-ray; Chevalier-Jackson dilator; chevron incision;
chewing cycle; chewing force; chewing gum; Cheyne, John; Cheyne-Stokes
psychosis; cheyne-stokes respiration; CHF; chi; ch'I; Chian turpentine;
Chiari-Budd syndrome; chiari-frommel syndrome; Chiari, Hans; Chiari II
syndrome; Chiari, Johann; Chiari's disease; Chiari's net; Chiari's
syndrome; chiasm; chiasma; chiasma opticum; chiasmapexy; chiasma
syndrome; chiasma tendinum; chiasmatic; chiasmatic cistern; chiasmatic
groove; chiasmatic sulcus; chiastobasidial; Chicago disease; chicken
anaemia virus; chicken breast; chicken embryo lethal orphan virus;
chicken fat clot; chickenpox; chickenpox immune globulin; chickenpox
immunization; chickenpox immunoglobulin; chickenpox vaccine; chickenpox
virus; chick heart fibroblast; Chick-Martin test; chick nutritional
dermatosis; chicle; chiclero ulcer; chicory; chief agglutinin; chief
artery of thumb; chief cell; chief cell of corpus pineale; chief cell of
parathyroid gland; chief cell of stomach; chief cells, gastric; chief
complaint; chief executive officers, hospital; Chievitz, Johan; Chievitz'
layer; Chievitz' organ; chigger; chiggers; chigoe; chikungunya virus;
chil-; Chilaiditi; Chilaiditi's syndrome; chilaiditi syndrome; chilblain;
chilblain lupus; chilblain lupus erythematosus; chilblains; child; child,
abandoned; child abuse; child abuse, sexual; child advocacy;
childbearing; childbearing age; childbed fever; child behaviour; child
behaviour disorders; childbirth; child care; child custody; child day
care centres; child development; child development disorders, pervasive;
child, exceptional; child, gifted; child guidance; child guidance
clinics; child health services; childhood; childhood absence epilepsy;
childhood epilepsy with occipital paroxysms; childhood muscular
dystrophy; childhood schizophrenia; childhood tuberculosis; childhood
type tuberculosis; child, hospitalised; child, institutionalised; child
language; child nutrition; child nutrition disorders; child of impaired
parents; child, preschool; child psychiatry; child psychology; child
reactive disorders; child rearing; children's immunizations; CHILD
syndrome; child, unwanted; child welfare; Chilean saltpeter; chill;
chilo-; chilomastigiasis; Chilomastix; chilomastosis; chiloplasty;
Chilopoda; chilopodiasis; chilorrhaphy; chilostomatoplasty; chilotomy;
chimera; chimeraplast; chimeric; chimeric antibodies; chimeric antibody;
chimeric DNA; chimeric/humanised antibody; chimeric molecule; chimeric
proteins; chimerism; chimney sweep's cancer; chimpanzee; chimpanzee
coryza agent; chin; china; China syndrome; chin cap; chinchilla; Chinese
cinnamon; Chinese ginger; chinese hamster ovary cell; chinese restaurant
syndrome; Chinese wax; chinic acid; chiniofon; chin jerk; chin muscle;
chinoleine; chin reflex; chip; chip-blower; chip graft; chipper; chips;
chip syringe; chiral; chiral centre; chiral compound; chiral crystal;
chirality; chiral synthesis; chirarthritis; chiro-; chirobrachialgia;
chirognostic; chirokinesthesia; chirology; chironomidae; chiroplasty;
chiropodalgia; chiropodist; chiropody; chiropompholyx; chiropractic;
chiropractic manual manipulation; chiropractic physician; chiropractics;
chiropractor; Chiroptera; chiroscope; chirospasm; chirurgeon; chirurgery;
chirurgical; chisel; chisel fracture; chi sequence; chi-sequences; chi
site; chi-square; chi squared; chi-square distribution; chi-square test;
chi structure; chitin; chitinase; chitinolytic; chitinous; chitin
synthase; chitobiose; chitobiosyldiphosphodolichol beta-
mannosyltransferase; chitobiosylpyrophosphoryldolichol synthase;
chitodextrinase; chitosamine; chitosan; chitosome; chitotriosidase;
chiufa; chk1 protein kinase; CHL; Chlamydia; chlamydiaceae; chlamydiaceae
infections; chlamydia infections; chlamydial; chlamydial arthritis;
chlamydiales; chlamydia pneumonia; chlamydia pneumoniae; chlamydia
psittaci; chlamydia trachomatis; chlamydiosis; chlamydoconidium;
Chlamydomonas; chlamydomonas reinhardtii; Chlamydophrys; Chlamydozoon;
chloasma; chloasma bronzinum; chlophedianol hydrochloride; chlor-;
chloracetic acid; chloracne; chloraemia; chloragosome; chloral; chloral
alcoholate; chloral betaine; chloral hydrate; chloralism; chloralose;
chlorambucil; chloramine B; chloramine T; chloraminophene; chloramiphene;
chloramphenicol; chloramphenicol 3'-O-phosphotransferase; chloramphenicol
acetyltransferase; chloramphenicol acetyltransferase assay;
chloramphenicol acetyltransferase gene; chloramphenicol amidase;
chloramphenicol o-acetyltransferase; chloramphenicol palmitate;
chloramphenicol resistance; chloramphenicol sodium succinate; chloranil;
chlorate; chlorates; chlorazanil; chlorazene; chlorazol black E;
chlorbenzoxamine; chlorbenzoxyethamine; chlorbetamide; chlorbutol;
chlorcyclizine hydrochloride; chlordan; chlordane; chlordantoin;
chlordecone; chlordecone reductase; chlordiazepoxide; chlordiazepoxide
hydrochloride; chlorella; chlorenchyma; chlorethene homopolymer;
chlorfenvinphos; chlorguanide hydrochloride; chlorhexidine; chlorhexidine
hydrochloride; chlorhydria; chloric acid; chloridazondihydrodiol
dehydrogenase; chloride; chloride channel; chloride channels; chloride
current; chloride depletion; chloride peroxidase; chlorides; chloride
shift; chloridimetry; chloridometer; chloriduria; chlorin; chlorinated;
chlorinated hydrocarbon; chlorinated lime; chlorinated paraffin;
chlorination; chlorindanol; chlorine; chlorine acne; chlorine compounds;
chlorine group; chlorine water; chloriodised; chloriodised oil;
chloriodoquin; chlorisondamine; chlorisondamine chloride; chlorite;
chlormadinone acetate; chlormequat; chlormerodrin; chlormethiazole;
chlormezanone; chloro-; chloroacetate esterase; chloroacetic acid;
chloroacetophenone; chloroambucil; chloroanaemia; chloroazodin;
chlorobenzene dehydrogenase; chlorobenzene dioxygenase; chlorobenzoates;
chlorobutanol; chlorocatechol 1,2-dioxygenase; chlorocresol;
chlorocruorin; chloroethane; chloroethylene; chlorofluorocarbon;
chlorofluorocarbons; chloroform; chloroformism; chlorofucin; chlorogenic
acid; chloroguanide; chloroguanide hydrochloride; chlorohemin;
chlorohemin crystals; chlorohydrins; chloroleukaemia; chloroma;
chloromercuribenzoates; chloromercurinitrophenols; chloromethane;
chlorometry; chloromuconate cycloisomerase; chloromyeloma; chloropenia;
chloropercha; chloropercha method; chlorophenol; chlorophenol 4-
monooxygenase; chlorophenols; chlorophenothane; chlorophyll; chlorophyll
a; chlorophyllase; chlorophyll b; chlorophyll b reductase; chlorophyll c;
chlorophyll d; chlorophyll esterase; chlorophyllide; chlorophyllides;
chlorophyll synthetase; chlorophyll unit; Chlorophyta; chloropicrin;
chloroplast; chloroplast DNA; chloroplasts; chloroprednisone;
chloroprene; chloroprocaine hydrochloride; chloroprocaine penicillin O;
chloropropamide; chloropsia; chloropyramine; chloroquine;
chloroquinolinols; chlorosis; chlorosome; chlorothen citrate;
chlorothiazide; chlorothymol; chlorotic; chlorotic anaemia;
chlorotrianisene; chlorotriazine dyes; chlorous; chlorous acid;
chlorozotocin; chlorphenamidine; chlorphenesin; chlorphenindione;
chlorpheniramine; chlorpheniramine maleate; chlorphenol red;
chlorphenoxamine; chlorphentermine; chlorphentermine hydrochloride;
chlorproethazine hydrochloride; chlorproguanil hydrochloride;
chlorpromazine; chlorpropamide; chlorpropham; chlorprothixene;
chlorpyrifos; chlorpyrifos-oxonase; chlorquinaldol; chlorsulfuron-5-
hydroxylase; chlortetracycline; chlorthalidone; chlorthenoxazin;
chlorthymol; chloruresis; chloruretic; chloruria; chlorzoxazone; CHO
aldo-keto reductase; choana; choanal; choanal atresia; choanal polyp;
choanate; choanoflagellate; choanoid; choanomastigote; Choanotaenia
infundibulum; CHO cell; cho cells; chocolate agar; chocolate cyst;
chocolate poisoning; Chodzko's reflex; choice behaviour; choke; choked
disk; choker; chokes; chol-; cholaemia; cholaemic; cholaemic nephrosis;
cholagogic; cholagogue; cholagogues and choleretics; cholaic acid;
cholalic acid; cholane; cholaneresis; cholangeitis; cholangiectasis;
cholangiocarcinoma; cholangiocarcinomarcinoma; cholangioenterostomy;
cholangiofibrosis; cholangiogastrostomy; cholangiogram; cholangiography;
cholangiole; cholangiolitic cirrhosis; cholangiolitic hepatitis;
cholangiolitis; cholangioma; cholangiopancreatography;
cholangiopancreatography, endoscopic retrograde; cholangioscopy;
cholangiostomy; cholangiotomy; cholangitic abscess; cholangitis;
cholangitis lenta; cholangitis, sclerosing; cholanic acid;
cholanopoiesis; cholanopoietic; cholanthrene; cholascos; cholate; chole-;
cholecalciferol; cholecalcin; cholechromopoiesis; cholecyst;
cholecystagogic; cholecystagogue; cholecystatony; cholecystectasia;
cholecystectomy; cholecystectomy, laparoscopic; cholecystenterostomy;
cholecystenterotomy; cholecystic; cholecystis; cholecystitis;
cholecystocolostomy; cholecystoduodenal fistula; cholecystoduodenostomy;
cholecystogastrostomy; cholecystogram; cholecystography;
cholecystoileostomy; cholecystojejunostomy; cholecystokinase;
cholecystokinetic; cholecystokinin; cholecystolithiasis;
cholecystolithotripsy; cholecystomy; cholecystopaque; cholecystopathy;
cholecystopexy; cholecystorrhaphy; cholecystosonography; cholecystostomy;
cholecystotomy; choledoch; choledochal; choledochal cyst; choledochal
sphincter; choledoch duct; choledochectomy; choledochendysis;
choledochiarctia; choledochitis; choledocho-; choledochocholedochostomy;
choledochoduodenal junction; choledochoduodenostomy;
choledochoenterostomy; choledochography; choledochojejunostomy;
choledocholith; choledocholithiasis; choledocholithotomy;
choledocholithotripsy; choledocholithotrity; choledochoplasty;
choledochorrhaphy; choledochostomy; choledochotomy; choledochous;
choledochus; choleglobin; cholehematin; cholehemia; choleic; choleic
acids; cholelith; cholelithiasis; cholelithotomy; cholelithotripsy;
cholelithotrity; cholemesis; cholemia; cholemic nephrosis; cholenes;
cholepathia; choleperitoneum; choleperitonitis; cholepoiesis;
cholepoietic; cholera; cholera agar; cholera bacillus; choleragen;
choleraic; choleraic diarrhoea; cholera infantum; cholera morbus;
choleraphage; cholera-red reaction; cholera sicca; cholera toxin; cholera
toxin, B subunit-horseradish peroxidase; cholera vaccine; choleresis;
choleretic; cholerheic; choleric; choleric jaundice; choleriform;
cholerigenic; cholerine; choleroid; cholerrhagia; cholerrhagic;
cholescintigraphy; cholestadienes; cholestadienols; cholestane;
cholestanes; cholestanetriol 26-monooxygenase; cholestanol; cholestanols;
cholestanone; cholestanones; cholestasia; cholestasis; cholestasis,
intrahepatic; cholestatic; cholestatic hepatitis; cholestatic jaundice;
cholesteatoma; cholesteatoma, middle ear; cholesteatomatous; cholestenes;
cholestenone; cholestenone 5 beta-reductase; cholestenones;
cholesteraemia; cholesteride; cholesterin; cholesterinaemia;
cholesterinised antigen; cholesterinosis; cholesterinuria;
cholesteroderma; cholesterol; cholesterol 26-hydroxylase; cholesterol-5
alpha,6 alpha-epoxide hydrase; cholesterol 7 alpha-monooxygenase;
cholesterolaemia; cholesterol, bad; cholesterol cleft; cholesterol
dehydrogenase; cholesterol, dietary; cholesterol embolism; cholesterol
esterase; cholesterol esters; cholesterol ester storage disease;
cholesterol ester transport proteins; cholesterol, good; cholesterol,
hdl; cholesterol, ldl; cholesterol monooxygenase; cholesterologenesis;
cholesterolosis; cholesterol oxidase; cholesterol reductase; cholesterol
sulfotransferase; cholesteroluria; cholesterosis; cholesterosis cutis;
cholesteryl ester synthetase; cholestyramine; cholestyramine resin;
choleuria; choleverdin; cholic; cholic acid; cholic acids; cholicele;
choline; choline acetylase; choline acetyltransferase; choline chloride;
choline deficiency; choline dihydrogen citrate; choline esterase I;
choline esterase II; choline kinase; choline monooxygenase; choline o-
acetyltransferase; choline phosphatase; choline-phosphate
cytidylyltransferase; choline phosphokinase; cholinephosphotransferase;
cholinergic; cholinergic agent; cholinergic agents; cholinergic agonists;
cholinergic antagonists; cholinergic blockade; cholinergic fibres;
cholinergic medication; cholinergic neuron; cholinergic
parasympathomimetic agent; cholinergic receptors; cholinergic system;
cholinergic urticaria; choline salicylate; cholinester; cholinesterase;
cholinesterase inhibitor; cholinesterase reactivator; cholinesterase
reactivators; cholinesterases; choline theophyllinate; cholinoceptive;
cholinolytic; cholinomimetic; cholinoreactive; cholinoreceptors;
cholistine sulphomethate sodium; cholo-; chololith; chololithiasis;
chololithic; choloplania; cholopoiesis; cholorrhoea; choloscopy;
cholothorax; choloyl; choloylglycine hydrolase; choluria; cholyl-coenzyme
A; cholyl-coenzyme A synthetase; chondral; chondralgia; chondralloplasia;
chondrectomy; Chondrichthyes; chondrification; chondrification centre;
chondrify; chondrin; chondrin ball; chondrio-; chondriosome; chondritis;
chondro-; chondro-2-sulfatase; chondro-4-sulfatase; chondroblast;
chondroblastoma; chondrocalcin; chondrocalcinosis; chondroclast;
chondrocostal; chondrocranium; chondrocyte; chondrocytes;
chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis; chondrodynia;
chondrodysplasia; chondrodysplasia punctata; chondrodysplasia punctata,
rhizomelic; chondrodystrophia; chondrodystrophia calcificans congenita;
chondrodystrophia congenita punctata; chondrodystrophic dwarfism;
chondrodystrophy; chondroectodermal; chondroectodermal dysplasia;
chondrofibroma; chondrogenesis; chondroglossus; chondroglossus muscle;
chondroid; chondroid syringoma; chondroid tissue; chondroitin;
chondroitin 4-sulfotransferase; chondroitin 6-sulfotransferase;
chondroitin abc lyase; chondroitinases and chondroitin lyases;
chondroitin lyases; chondroitinsulfatases; chondroitin sulfate B;
chondroitin sulfate C; chondroitin sulfates; chondroitin sulphate;
chondrology; chondrolysis; chondroma; chondromalacia; chondromalacia
foetalis; chondromalacia of larynx; chondromalacia patella;
chondromalacia patellae; chondromatosis; chondromatosis, synovial;
chondromatous; chondrome; chondromere; chondromucin; chondromucoid;
chondromyxoid fibroma; chondromyxoma; chondronectin; chondro-osseous;
chondro-osteodystrophy; chondropathy; chondropharyngeal part of middle
pharyngeal constrictor; chondropharyngeus; chondrophyte; chondroplasia;
chondroplast; chondroplasty; chondroporosis; chondroprotein;
chondrosarcoma; chondrosarcoma, mesenchymal; chondrosin; chondrosis;
chondroskeleton; chondrosternal; chondrosternoplasty; chondrotome;
chondrotomy; chondrotrophic; chondroxiphoid; chondroxiphoid ligament;
chondrus; chonechondrosternon; CHOP; Chopart; chopart fracture-
dislocation; Chopart's amputation; Chopart's joint; chord-; chorda;
chorda dorsalis; chordae tendineae; chordae willisii; chordal; chorda
magna; chorda-mesoderm; chorda obliqua; chorda saliva; chorda spermatica;
chorda spinalis; chordata; chordate; chorda tympani nerve; chorda
umbilicalis; chorda vertebralis; chorda vocalis; chordee; chorditis;
chordoma; chordopoxvirinae; chordoskeleton; chordotomy; chorea; chorea-
acanthocytosis; chorea cordis; chorea dimidiata; chorea gravidarum;
choreal; chorea major; chorea minor; choreic; choreic abasia; choreic
movement; choreiform; choreo-; choreoathetoid; choreoathetosis; choreoid;
choreophrasia; chorio-; chorioadenoma; chorioallantoic; chorioallantoic
graft; chorioallantoic membrane; chorioallantoic placenta;
chorioallantois; chorioamnionic placenta; chorioamnionitis;
chorioangioma; chorioangiomatosis; chorioangiosis; chorioblastoma;
choriocapillaris; choriocapillary layer; choriocarcinoma; choriocele;
chorioepithelioma; choriogonadotropin; chorioid-; chorioma;
choriomammotropin; choriomeningitis; chorion; chorion frondosum;
chorionic; chorionic ectoderm; chorionic epithelioma; chorionic
gonadotrophic hormone; chorionic gonadotrophin; chorionic gonadotropin;
chorionic gonadotropin, beta subunit, human; chorionic gonadotropin,
human; chorionic gonadotropin unit; chorionic growth hormone-prolactin;
chorionic plate; chorionic sac; chorionic villi; chorionic villi
sampling; chorionic villus biopsy; chorionic villus sampling; chorion
laeve; Chorioptes; chorioptic mange; chorioretinal; chorioretinitis;
chorioretinopathy; choriovitelline placenta; choripetalous; chorismate
mutase; chorismate pyruvate-lyase; chorismate synthase-flavin reductase;
chorismic acid; chorista; choristoblastoma; choristoma; choroid;
choroidal; choroidal fissure; choroidal ring; choroidal vascular atrophy;
choroid branches; choroid diseases; choroidea; choroideraemia; choroid
fissure; choroid glomus; choroid haemorrhage; choroiditis; choroid
neoplasms; choroido-; choroidocyclitis; choroidopathy; choroidoretinitis;
choroidosis; choroid plexus; choroid plexus neoplasms; choroid plexus of
fourth ventricle; choroid plexus of lateral ventricle; choroid plexus of
third ventricle; choroid plexus papilloma; choroid skein; choroid tela of
fourth ventricle; choroid tela of third ventricle; choroid veins of eye;
Chotzen, F; Chotzen's syndrome; Christ; Christchurch chromosome;
Christensen; Christensen-Krabbe disease; Christian, Henry; christianity;
christian science; Christian's disease; Christian's syndrome;
Christison's formula; Christison, Sir Robert; Christmas; Christmas
disease; Christmas factor; christmas factor assay; Christ-Siemens-
Touraine syndrome; chrom-; chroma; chromaffin; chromaffin body;
chromaffin cell; chromaffin cells; chromaffin granules; chromaffinoma;
chromaffinopathy; chromaffin reaction; chromaffin system; chromaffin
tissue; chromaffin tumour; chroman; chromanol; chromans; chromaphil;
chromat-; chromate; chromate reductase; chromates; chromate stain;
chromatiaceae; chromatic; chromatic aberration; chromatic apparatus;
chromatic audition; chromatic fibre; chromatic granule; chromatic
spectrum; chromatic vision; chromatid; chromatids; chromatin; chromatin
3'-phosphatase-5'-hydroxy kinase; chromatin body; chromatin network;
chromatin nucleolus; chromatinolysis; chromatinorrhexis; chromatin
particles; chromatism; chromatium; chromato-; chromatogenous;
chromatogram; chromatograph; chromatographic; chromatography;
chromatography, affinity; chromatography, agarose; chromatography, deae-
cellulose; chromatography, gas; chromatography, gel; chromatography, high
pressure liquid; chromatography, ion exchange; chromatography, liquid;
chromatography paper; chromatography, thin layer; chromatoid;
chromatokinesis; chromatolysis; chromatolytic; chromatometer;
chromatopectic; chromatopexis; chromatophil; chromatophilia;
chromatophilic; chromatophobia; chromatophore; chromatophores;
chromatophorotropic; chromatophorotropic hormone; chromatoplasm;
chromatopsia; chromatosome; chromatotropism; chromaturia; chrome; chrome
alum; chrome alum haematoxylin-phloxine stain; chrome-cobalt alloys;
chromene; chromenol; chrome red; chromesthesia; chrome ulcer; chrome
yellow; chromhidrosis; chromic acid; chromic phosphate P 32 colloidal
suspension; chromidia; chromidial apparatus; chromidial net; chromidial
substance; chromidiation; chromidiosis; chromidium; chromidrosis;
chromium; chromium alloys; chromium compounds; chromium isotopes;
chromium radioisotopes; chromium(VI) reductase; chromo-; chromobacterium;
chromobindin; chromoblast; chromoblastomycosis; chromocenter;
chromocentre; chromocystoscopy; chromocyte; chromogen; chromogenesis;
chromogenic; chromogenic compounds; chromogenic label; chromogranins;
chromoisomerism; chromolipid; chromolysis; chromomere; chromometer;
chromomycin a3; chromomycins; chromomycosis; chromonar; chromonar
hydrochloride; chromone; chromonema; chromonychia; chromopectic;
chromopexis; chromophage; chromophanes; chromophil; chromophil adenoma;
chromophil granule; chromophilia; chromophilic; chromophil substance;
chromophobe; chromophobe adenoma; chromophobe cells of anterior lobe of
hypophysis; chromophobe granules; chromophobia; chromophobic;
chromophobic adenoma; chromophore; chromophoric; chromophototherapy;
chromoplast; chromoplastid; chromoprotein; chromosomal; chromosomal
aberration; chromosomal deletion; chromosomal gap; chromosomal
instability syndromes; chromosomal map; chromosomal mutation; chromosomal
proteins, non-histone; chromosomal region; chromosomal RNA; chromosomal
syndrome; chromosomal trait; chromosome; chromosome 10; chromosome 11;
chromosome 12; chromosome 13; chromosome 14; chromosome 15; chromosome
16; Chromosome 17; chromosome 18; chromosome 19; chromosome 20;
chromosome 21; chromosome 3p kinase; chromosome 8; chromosome 9;
chromosome aberration; chromosome aberrations; chromosome abnormalities;
chromosome band; chromosome banding; chromosome breakage; chromosome
complement; chromosome condensation; chromosome deletion; chromosome
disorder; chromosome fragile sites; chromosome map; chromosome mapping;
chromosome mosaicism; chromosome painting; chromosome pair; chromosome
pairing; chromosome puffs; chromosome rosette; chromosome rosette john
jordan; chromosomes; chromosomes, archaeal; chromosome satellite;
chromosomes, bacterial; chromosome segregation; chromosomes, fungal;
chromosomes, human; chromosomes, human, 1-3; chromosomes, human, 13-15;
chromosomes, human, 16-18; chromosomes, human, 19-20; chromosomes, human,
21-22; chromosomes, human, 4-5; chromosomes, human, 6-12; chromosomes,
human, pair 1; chromosomes, human, pair 10; chromosomes, human, pair 11;
chromosomes, human, pair 12; chromosomes, human, pair 13; chromosomes,
human, pair 14; chromosomes, human, pair 15; chromosomes, human, pair 16;
chromosomes, human, pair 17; chromosomes, human, pair 18; chromosomes,
human, pair 19; chromosomes, human, pair 2; chromosomes, human, pair 20;
chromosomes, human, pair 21; chromosomes, human, pair 22; chromosomes,
human, pair 3; chromosomes, human, pair 4; chromosomes, human, pair 5;
chromosomes, human, pair 6; chromosomes, human, pair 7; chromosomes,
human, pair 8; chromosomes, human, pair 9; chromosomes in multiple
miscarriages; chromosomes, yeast artificial; chromosome synapsis;
chromosome translocation; chromosome walking; chromotherapy; chromotoxic;
chromotrichia; chromotrichial; chromotrope; chromotrope 2R; chromotropic
acid; chronaxia; chronaxie; chronaximeter; chronaximetry; chronaxis;
chronaxy; chronic; chronic abscess; chronic absorptive arthritis; chronic
acholuric jaundice; chronic active hepatitis; chronic active
inflammation; chronic active liver disease; chronic adrenocortical
insufficiency; chronic African sleeping sickness; chronic alcoholism;
chronic allograft rejection; chronically; chronic anaphylaxis; chronic
anterior poliomyelitis; chronic appendicitis; chronic ataxia; chronic
atrophic polychondritis; chronic atrophic thyroiditis; chronic atrophic
vulvitis; chronic bacillary diarrhoea; chronic bronchitis; chronic
bullous dermatosis of childhood; chronic cholecystitis; chronic
cicatrizing enteritis; chronic conjunctivitis; chronic constrictive
pericarditis; chronic cutaneous leishmaniasis; chronic cystic mastitis;
chronic desquamative gingivitis; chronic diffuse sclerosing
osteomyelitis; chronic discoid lupus erythematosus; chronic disease;
chronic dysentery of cattle; chronic eczema; chronic eosinophilic
pneumonia; chronic familial icterus; chronic familial jaundice; chronic
familial polyneuritis; chronic fatigue syndrome; chronic fibrosing
alveolitis; chronic fibrous thyroiditis; chronic focal sclerosing
osteomyelitis; chronic follicular conjunctivitis; chronic glaucoma;
chronic glomerulonephritis; chronic granulocytic leukaemia; chronic
granulomatous disease; chronic granulomatous disease of childhood;
chronic haemorrhagic villous synovitis; chronic hepatitis; chronic
hypertensive disease; chronic hypertrophic vulvitis; chronic
hyperventilation syndrome; chronic idiopathic jaundice; chronic
idiopathic xanthomatosis; chronic illness; chronic inflammation; chronic
inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy; chronic inflammatory
polyneuropathy; chronic interstitial hepatitis; chronic interstitial
hypertrophic neuropathy; chronic interstitial salpingitis; chronicity;
chronic kidney failure; chronic leukaemia; chronic lymphadenoid
thyroiditis; chronic lymphocytic leukaemia; chronic lymphocytic
thyroiditis; chronic malaria; chronic mountain sickness; chronic myeloid
leukaemia; chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia; chronic nephritis; chronic
nonleukaemic myelosis; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; chronic
pancreatitis; chronic pancreatitis: surgical treatment; chronic
persistent hepatitis; chronic persisting hepatitis; chronic phase;
chronic pleurisy; chronic pneumonia; chronic progressive chorea; chronic
progressive external ophthalmoplegia; chronic progressive syphilitic
meningoencephalitis; chronic pyelonephritis; chronic rejection; chronic
renal failure; chronic respiratory disease; chronic rheumatism; chronic
rhinitis; chronic shock; chronic soroche; chronic subglottic laryngitis;
chronic symptomatic HIV infection; chronic tamponade; chronic toxicity;
chronic trypanosomiasis; chronic ulcer; chronic ulcerative proctitis;
chronic urticaria; chronic venous insufficiency; chronic vertigo; chrono-
; chronobiology; chronognosis; chronograph; chronologic age; chronometry;
chrono-oncology; chronopharmacology; chronophobia; chronophotograph;
chronospecies; chronotaraxis; chronotherapy; chronotropic; chronotropism;
chroococcals; chrys-; chrysanthemum-carboxylic acids; chrysarobin;
chrysazine; chrysenes; chrysiasis; chrysocyanosis; chrysoderma;
chrysoidin; Chrysomyia; Chrysophyta; Chrysops; chrysosporium;
Chrysosporium parvum; chrysotherapy; chthonophagia; chunking; Churg;
churg-strauss syndrome; chutta; Chvostek; Chvostek's sign; chyl-;
chylaemia; chylangioma; chylaqueous; chyle; chyle cistern; chyle
corpuscle; chyle cyst; chyle peritonitis; chyle vessel; chylidrosis;
chylifaction; chylifactive; chyliferous; chylification; chyliform;
chyliform ascites; chylo-; chylocele; chylocyst; chyloderma;
chylomediastinum; chylomicron; chylomicronaemia; chylomicron retention
disease; chylomicrons; chylopericarditis; chylopericardium;
chyloperitoneum; chylophoric; chylopleura; chylopneumothorax;
chylopoiesis; chylopoietic; chylorrhoea; chylosis; chylothorax; chylous;
chylous arthritis; chylous ascites; chylous hydrothorax; chylous urine;
chyluria; chymase; chyme; chymification; chymopapain; chymopoiesis;
chymorrhoea; chymosin; chymosinogen; chymostatin; chymotropic pigment;
chymotrypsin; chymotrypsinogen; chymous; chymus; Ci; Ciaccio, Carmelo;
Ciaccio, Giuseppe; Ciaccio's glands; Ciaccio's stain; cialit; cibophobia;
cicatrectomy; cicatrices; cicatricial; cicatricial conjunctivitis;
cicatricial ectropion; cicatricial entropion; cicatricial horn;
cicatricial pemphigoid; cicatricotomy; cicatrisation; cicatrix; cicatrix,
hypertrophic; cicatrizant; cicatrization; cicatrization atelectasis;
ciclopirox olamine; cicutoxin; cidofovir; cigarette drain; cigarette-
paper scars; ciguatera; ciguatoxin; cilastatin; cilastatin sodium;
cilazapril; cilia; ciliary; ciliary arteries; ciliary blepharitis;
ciliary body; ciliary border of iris; ciliary canals; ciliary cartilage;
ciliary crown; ciliary disk; ciliary folds; ciliary ganglion; ciliary
ganglionic plexus; ciliary glands; ciliary ligament; ciliary margin of
iris; ciliary motility disorders; ciliary movement; ciliary muscle;
ciliary neurotrophic factor; ciliary part of retina; ciliary process;
ciliary ring; ciliary staphyloma; ciliary veins; ciliary wreath; ciliary
zone; ciliary zonule; ciliastatic; ciliata; ciliated; ciliated
epithelium; ciliates; ciliectomy; cilio-; ciliogenesis; ciliophora;
ciliophora infections; cilioretinal; cilioscleral; ciliospinal;
ciliospinal centre; ciliospinal reflex; ciliotoxicity; cilium; cillo;
Cillobacterium; cillosis; cimetidine; Cimex lectularius; cimicosis;
Cimino; cIMP; cin-; cinanesthesia; cinanserin; cinanserin hydrochloride;
cinchol; cinchona; cinchona alkaloids; cinchona bark; cinchonic;
cinchonine; cinchonism; cinchophen; cincinnus; cinclisis; cincture
sensation; cine-; cineangiocardiography; cineangiography;
cinefluorography; cinefluoroscopy; cinegastroscopy; cinematic amputation;
cinematics; cineole; cinephotomicrography; cineplastic amputation;
cineplastics; cineradiography; cinerea; cinereal; cineritious;
cineroentgenography; cinerulose reductase; cineseismography; cinetoplasm;
cingulate; cingulate convolution; cingulate herniation; cingulate sulcus;
cingulectomy; cingulin; cingulotomy; cingulum; cingulum dentis; cingulum
membri inferioris; cingulum membri superioris; cingulum of tooth;
cingulum rest; cinnabarinate synthase; cinnamaldehyde; cinnamate;
cinnamedrine; cinnamein; cinnamene; cinnamic; cinnamic acid; cinnamic
alcohol; cinnamic aldehyde; cinnamon; cinnamon oil; cinnamoyl ester
hydrolase; cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase; cinnamylic acid; cinnarizine;
cinnipirine; cinocentrum; cinoxacin; cinoxate; cin recombinase; cion;
ciona intestinalis; ciprofloxacin; ciprofloxacin hydrochloride; cirantin;
circadian; circadian clock; circadian rhythm; Circe effect; circellus;
circellus venosus hypoglossi; circhoral; circinate; circinate retinitis;
circinate retinopathy; circinnate; circle; circle absorption anaesthesia;
circle of willis; circling disease; circoviridae; circoviridae
infections; circovirus; circuit; circular amputation; circular
anastomosis; circular bandage; circular dichroism; circular DNA; circular
fibres; circular folds; circular layer of muscular coat; circular layer
of tympanic membrane; circular layers of muscular tunics; circular
reaction; circular sinus; circular sulcus of insula; circular sulcus of
Reil; circulation; circulation, foetal; circulation time; circulatory;
circulatory and respiratory physiology; circulatory arrest; circulatory
collapse; circulatory system; circulus; circulus arteriosus cerebri;
circulus arteriosus halleri; circulus arteriosus iridis major; circulus
arteriosus iridis minor; circulus articularis vasculosus; circulus
vasculosus nervi optici; circulus venosus halleri; circulus venosus
ridleyi; circulus zinnii; circum-; circumalveolar fixation; circumanal;
circumanal glands; circumarticular; circumaxillary; circumbulbar;
circumcise; circumcision; circumcision, female; circumcorneal;
circumduction; circumduction gait; circumference; circumferentia;
circumferentia articularis radii; circumferentia articularis ulnae;
circumferential cartilage; circumferential clasp; circumferential clasp
arm; circumferential fibrocartilage; circumferential implantation;
circumferential lamella; circumferential wiring; circumflex; circumflex
branch of left coronary artery; circumflex femoral arteries; circumflex
fibular artery; circumflex humeral arteries; circumflex iliac arteries;
circumflex nerve; circumflex scapular artery; circumflex veins;
circumgemmal; circumintestinal; circumlental; circummandibular;
circummandibular fixation; circumnuclear; circumocular; circumoral;
circumorbital; circumrenal; circumsciss; circumscissile; circumscribed;
circumscribed breast lesions; circumscribed craniomalacia; circumscribed
peritonitis; circumscribed pyocephalus; circumscriptus;
circumstantiality; circumvallate; circumvallate papilla; circumvascular;
circumventricular; circumventricular organs; circumvolute;
circumzygomatic fixation; circus movement; circus rhythm; cirrhogenous;
cirrhonosus; cirrhosis; cirrhotic; cirri; cirrous; cirrus; cirsectomy;
cirsocele; cirsodesis; cirsoid; cirsoid aneurysm; cirsoid varix;
cirsomphalos; cirsophthalmia; cirsotome; cirsotomy; CIS; cis-; cis-1,2-
dihydrobenzene-1,2-diol dehydrogenase; cis-3-chloroacrylic acid
dehalogenase; cis-9,trans-11-octadecadienoate reductase; cis-aconitic
acid; cis acting; cis-acting locus; cis-acting protein; cis activation;
cisA recombinase; cis configuration; cis dominance; cis-
isoprenyltransferase; cisplatin; cis-prenyl transferase; cissa; cistern;
cisterna; cisterna ambiens; cisterna basalis; cisterna caryothecae;
cisterna cerebellomedullaris; cisterna chiasmatis; cisterna chyli;
cisterna cruralis; cisternae; cisternae subarachnoideales; cisterna
fossae lateralis cerebri; cisterna interpeduncularis; cisternal;
cisternal puncture; cisterna magna; cisterna perilymphatica; cisterna
pontis; cisterna superioris; cisterna venae magnae cerebri; cistern of
chiasm; cistern of cytoplasmic reticulum; cistern of great cerebral vein;
cistern of great vein of cerebrum; cistern of lateral fossa of cerebrum;
cistern of nuclear envelope; cisternography; cis-toluene dihydrodiol
dehydrogenase; cis-trans-isomerases; cis trans test; cistron; cisvestism;
citalopram; Citellus; cities; cito disp; citraconic anhydrides;
citraconyl-aldolase; citral; citratase; citrate; citrate aldolase;
citrate cleavage enzyme; citrated; citrated calcium carbimide; citrate
intoxication; citrate lyase; citrate permease; citrate (pro-3S)-lyase;
citrate (pro-3S)-lyase deacetylase; citrate (pro-3S)-lyase ligase;
citrate (si)-synthase; citrate synthase; citric acid; citric acid cycle;
citric acid urine test; citridesmolase; citrin; citrinin; citrobacter;
Citrobacter amalonatica; Citrobacter diversus; citrobacter freundii;
Citrobacter koseri; citrogenase; citronella; citronellal; citrovorum
factor; citruline; citrullinaemia; citrulline; citrullinuria; citrus;
cittosis; city planning; Civatte, Achille; Civatte bodies; Civatte's
disease; civil defense; civil disorders; civilian health and medical
program of the uniformed services; civilization; civil rights; Civinini,
Filippo; Civinini's canal; Civinini's ligament; Civinini's process; CJD;
c-Jun amino-terminal kinase; CK; cl; cladiosis; cladistic classification;
cladode; cladophyll; Cladorchis watsoni; Clado's anastomosis; Clado's
band; Clado's ligament; Clado, Spiro; Clado's point; cladosporiosis;
cladosporium; Cladosporium bantianum; Cladosporium carrionii;
Cladosporium cladosporioides; Cladosporium werneckii; cladribine; Clagett
procedure; clairvoyance; Claisen condensation; clamoxyquin hydrochloride;
clamp; clamp connection; clamp forceps; clams; clamydia; clang
association; clap; clapotage; Clapton, Edward; Clapton's line; Clara
cell; Clara, Max; clarificant; clarification; clarifier; clarithromycin;
Clark, Alonzo; Clarke cells; Clarke-Hadfield syndrome; Clarke, Jacob;
Clark electrode; Clark, Eliot; Clarke's column; Clarke's nucleus; Clark,
Leland Jr; Clark's level; Clark's weight rule; Clark, Wallace Jr;
clasmatocyte; clasmatosis; clasp; clasp arm; clasped thumbs and mental
retardation; clasp guideline; clasping reflex; clasp-knife effect; clasp-
knife rigidity; clasp-knife spasticity; class; class aves; class i; class
I antigens; classic; classical article; classical cesarean section;
classical conditioning; classical confinement; classical diffusion;
classical epidemiology; classical genetics; classical haemophilia;
classic cervical rib syndrome; classic migraine; classifiable character;
classification; class II; class II antigens; class III; class III
antigens; class III malocclusion; class II malocclusion; class i
malocclusion; class iv; class switch; clastic; clastic anatomy;
clastogen; clastogenesis; clastogenic; clastothrix; clathrate; clathrate
crystal; clathrin; clathrin adaptor proteins; Clauberg; Clauberg test;
Claude; Claude's syndrome; claudication; claudicatory; Claudius;
Claudius' cells; Claudius' fossa; Clausen; claustra; claustral; claustral
layer; claustrophobia; claustrophobic; claustrum; claustrum oris;
claustrum virginale; clausura; clava; claval; clavaminate synthase;
clavata; clavate; clavate papillae; clavi; claviceps; clavicle; clavicle
strap; clavicula; clavicular; clavicular branch of thoracoacromial
artery; clavicular facet; clavicular notch of sternum; clavicular part of
pectoralis major muscle; clavicular percussion; claviculus; clavipectoral
fascia; clavulanic acid; clavulanic acids; clavus; clavus hystericus;
claw; clawfoot; clawhand; clay; Claybrook, Edwin; Claybrook's sign; clay
pigeon poisoning; clay shoveler's fracture; cleaning; cleaning-in-place;
clean room; cleansing cream; clearance; clear cell; clear cell acanthoma;
clear cell adenocarcinoma; clear cell carcinoma of kidney; clear cell
hidradenoma; clearcut; clearer; clearing factors; clearing medium; clear
layer of epidermis; clear liquid diet; cleavage; cleavage cavity;
cleavage cell; cleavage division; cleavage lines; cleavage product;
cleavage site; cleavage spindle; cleavage stage, ovum; cleaved cell;
cleaver; Cleemann, Richard Alsop; Cleemann's sign; cleft; cleft hand;
cleft lip; cleft nose; cleft palate; cleft spine; cleft tongue; cleft
uvula; cleidagra; cleidal; cleido-; cleidocostal; cleidocranial;
cleidocranial dysostosis; cleidocranial dysplasia; cleistogamous;
cleistogamy; cleistothecium; Cleland nomenclature; Cleland's reagent;
clemastine; clemizole; clenbuterol; clenched fist sign; cleoid;
cleptoparasite; Cleret; clerical spectacles; Clevenger; Clevenger's
fissure; click; clicking; clicking rale; clicking tinnitus; click-murmur
syndrome; click syndrome; clid-; clidal; clidinium bromide; clido-;
clidocostal; clidocranial; clidoic; client-centreed therapy;
climacophobia; climacteric; climacteric psychosis; climacteric syndrome;
climacterium; climatic; climatic bubo; climatic keratopathy; climatology;
climatotherapy; climax; climbing fibres; climograph; clindamycin; cline;
clinic; clinical; clinical anatomy; clinical burden; clinical chemistry;
clinical chemistry tests; clinical clerkship; clinical competence;
clinical conference; clinical cooperative group; clinical crown; clinical
cytogenetics; clinical depression; clinical diagnosis; clinical disease;
clinical epidemiology; clinical eruption; clinical fitness; clinical
genetics; clinical investigator; clinical laboratory information systems;
clinical lethal; clinical medicine; clinical nurse specialist; clinical
nursing research; clinical pathology; clinical pharmacy information
systems; clinical presentation; clinical protocols; clinical psychology;
clinical recording; clinical research trials; clinical root; clinical
sensitivity; clinical spectrometry; clinical spectroscopy; clinical
studies; clinical syndrome; clinical thermometer; clinical trial;
clinical trial, phase I; clinical trial, phase II; clinical trial, phase
III; clinical trial, phase IV; clinical trials; clinical trials, phase I;
clinical trials, phase II; clinical trials, phase III; clinical trials,
phase IV; clinician; clinicopathologic; clino-; clinocephalic;
clinocephaly; clinodactyly; clinography; clinoid; clinoid process;
clinoscope; clioquinol; clioxanide; clip; clip forceps; clipped speech;
clithrophobia; clition; clitoral; clitoral recession; clitoridean;
clitoridectomy; clitoriditis; clitoris; clitorism; clitoritis;
clitoromegaly; clitoroplasty; clival; clivus; clivus ocularis; Clk3
kinase; CLL; CL lead; cloaca; cloacal; cloacal exstrophy; cloacal
membrane; cloacal plate; cloacal theory; cloacin; cloacitis; clobazam;
clobetasol; clobetasol propionate; clocortolone; clodronic acid;
clofazimine; clofenamide; clofenapate; clofibrate; clofibric acid;
clofibroyl-CoA hydrolase; clogestone acetate; clomacran phosphate;
clomegestone acetate; clomiphene; clomiphene citrate; clomiphene test;
clomipramine; clomipramine hydrochloride; clonal; clonal aging; clonal
anergy; clonal deletion; clonal deletion theory; clonal expansion; clonal
selection; clonal selection theory; clonazepam; clone; clone bank; clone
cells; clones; clones, recombinant; clonic; clonic convulsion; clonicity;
clonicotonic; clonic seizure; clonic spasm; clonidine; clonidine
hydrochloride; cloning; cloning, cell; cloning, DNA; cloning, molecular;
cloning, organism; cloning vector; clonism; clonixin; clonogenic;
clonogenic assay; clonogenic cell; clonograph; clonorchiasis;
clonorchiosis; clonorchis sinensis; clonospasm; clonus; clopamide;
clopenthixol; clopidol; cloprostenol; Cloquet, Hippolyte; Cloquet, Jules;
Cloquet's canal; Cloquet's hernia; Cloquet's septum; Cloquet's space;
clorazepate; clorazepate dipotassium; clorgyline; clorprenaline
hydrochloride; close bite; close contact infection; closed anaesthesia;
closed-angle glaucoma; closed bite; closed chain compound; closed chest
massage; closed circle; closed circuit method; closed comedo; closed
dislocation; closed drainage; closed fracture; closed head injury; closed
hospital; closed-loop obstruction; closed reading frame; closed
reduction; closed reduction of fractures; closed skull fracture; closed
surgery; closed system; closing contraction; closing membranes; closing
volume; closiramine aceturate; closterovirus; clostridia; clostridial;
clostridial myonecrosis; clostridiopeptidase A; clostridiopeptidase B;
Clostridium; Clostridium bifermentans; clostridium botulinum; Clostridium
butyricum; Clostridium cadaveris; Clostridium carnis; Clostridium
chauvoei; Clostridium cochlearium; Clostridium colinum; clostridium
difficile; Clostridium fallax; Clostridium haemolyticum; Clostridium
histolyticum; Clostridium histolyticum collagenase; Clostridium
histolyticum proteinase B; clostridium infections; Clostridium
innominatum; Clostridium microsporum; Clostridium multifermentans;
Clostridium nigrificans; Clostridium novyi; Clostridium oedematiens;
Clostridium parabotulinum; Clostridium paraputrificum; clostridium
perfringens; Clostridium ramosum; Clostridium septicum; Clostridium
sordelli; Clostridium sphenoides; Clostridium sporogenes; Clostridium
tale; Clostridium tertium; clostridium tetani; Clostridium tetanoides;
Clostridium tetanomorphum; Clostridium thermosaccharolyticum; Clostridium
welchii; clostripain; closure; closure principle; closylate; clot; clot-
dissolving medications; clot retraction; clot retraction time;
clotrimazole; clottage; clotting factor; clotting time; clouding of
consciousness; Cloudman, Arthur; Cloudman melanoma; cloudy swelling;
cloudy urine; clove oil; clover disease; cloverleaf model; cloverleaf
skull; cloverleaf skull syndrome; cloxacillin; cloxacillin sodium;
clozapine; CLQ; clubbed digits; clubbed fingers; clubbed penis; clubbing;
clubfoot; club hair; clubhand; club moss; clump; clumping; cluneal;
clunes; clupanodonic acid; clupeine; cluster analysis; cluster headache;
clusterin; clustering; cluster of differentiation; cluster of
differentiation 2; cluster of differentiation 3; cluster of
differentiation 4; cluster of differentiation 8; cluttering; Clutton,
Henry; Clutton's joints; clycerole; clysis; clyster; cm; cmc; CM-
cellulose; CME; cme-carbodiimide; CMG; CMI; CML; CMML; CMO; CMP; CMP-
acetylneuraminate-alpha-N-acetylneuramide alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase;
CMPacetylneuraminate monooxygenase; CMP-N-acetylneuraminate-alpha-N-
acetylgalactosaminide alpha-2,6-sialyltransferase; CMP-N-acetylneuraminic
acid-monosialoganglioside sialyltransferase; CMV; CMV polyradiculopathy;
CMV retinitis; cnaemial; cnemis; cnida; cnidaria; cnidarian venoms;
cnidoblast; cnidocyst; cnidocyte; cnidosis; Cnidospora; Cnidosporidia;
CNS; CNS leukaemia; CNS lipoma; CNS prophylaxis; Co; CO2; CO2 narcosis;
CO2-withdrawal seizure test; CoA; coacervate; coacervation; coadaptation;
coagglutination; coagglutinin; coagula; coagulable; coagulant;
coagulants; coagulase; coagulate; coagulation; coagulation factor;
coagulation factor XI; coagulation necrosis; coagulation profile;
coagulation time; coagulation vitamin; coagulative; coagulopathy;
coagulum; coal; coal dust; coalescence; coal oil; coal tar; coal tar
naphtha; coal worker's pneumoconiosis; coapt; coaptation; coaptation
splint; coaptation suture; coarct; coarctate; coarctate retina;
coarctation; coarctation of the aorta; coarctectomy; coarctotomy; coarse
breast architecture; coarse dispersion; coarse tremor; CoAS-; coat;
coated pit; coated pits, cell-membrane; coated tongue; coated vesicle;
coated vesicles; coating; coat protein; CoA transferases; Coats' disease;
Coats, George; cobalamin; cobalamin (5'-phosphate)synthase; cobalamin
concentrate; cobalt; cobalt-57; cobalt-58; cobalt-60; cobalt isotopes;
cobalt machine; cobaltochelatase; cobaltous chloride; cobalt
radioisotopes; Cobb; cobbler's suture; Cobb syndrome; cob(I)alamin
adenosyltransferase; cob(II)yrinic acid a,c-diamide reductase; cobinamide
kinase; cobinamide phosphate guanylyltransferase; cobra; cobra
neurotoxins; cobra toxin; cobra venom cofactor; cobra venom factor; cobra
venoms; cobrotoxin; cobyric acid; cobyric acid synthase; cobyrinamide;
cobyrinic acid; cobyrinic acid a,c-diamide synthase; cobyrinic hexa-
amide; COC; coca; cocaine; cocaine abuse; cocaine esterase; cocaine-
related disorder; cocainization; cocarboxylase; cocarcinogen;
cocarcinogenesis; Coccaceae; coccal; cocci; coccidia; coccidial; coccidia
of cattle; coccidia of chickens; coccidia of geese; coccidia of
pheasants; coccidia of rabbits; coccidia of sheep and goats; coccidia of
swine; coccidia of turkeys; Coccidiasina; coccidioidal; coccidioidal
granuloma; coccidioides; coccidioidin; coccidioidin test; coccidioidoma;
coccidioidomycosis; coccidiosis; coccidiostat; coccidiostats; coccidium;
coccinella; coccinellin; coccobacillary; coccobacillus; coccoid;
cocculin; coccus; coccyalgia; coccycephaly; coccydynia; coccygalgia;
coccygeal; coccygeal body; coccygeal bone; coccygeal cornua; coccygeal
dimple; coccygeal fistula; coccygeal foveola; coccygeal ganglion;
coccygeal gland; coccygeal horn; coccygeal joint; coccygeal muscle;
coccygeal nerve; coccygeal part of spinal cord; coccygeal plexus;
coccygeal segments of spinal cord; coccygeal sinus; coccygeal vertebrae;
coccygeal whorl; coccygectomy; coccygeus; coccygodynia; coccygotomy;
coccyodynia; coccyx; Cochin China diarrhoea; cochineal; cochlea;
cochlear; cochlear aqueduct; cochlear area; cochlear branch of
labyrinthine artery; cochlear canal; cochlear canaliculus; cochlear
diseases; cochlear duct; cochleare; cochleare amplum; cochleare magnum;
cochleare medium; cochleare modicum; cochleare parvum; cochlear ganglion;
cochlear hair cell; cochlear hair cells; cochleariform; cochleariform
process; cochlear implant; cochlear implantation; cochlear implants;
cochlear joint; cochlear labyrinth; cochlear microphonic potentials;
cochlear nerve; cochlear nuclei; cochlear nucleus; cochlear part of
vestibulocochlear nerve; cochlear prosthesis; cochlear recess; cochlear
root of vestibulocochlear nerve; cochlear root of VIII nerve; cochlear
window; cochleate; cochleo-orbicular reflex; cochleopalpebral reflex;
cochleopupillary reflex; cochleosacculotomy; cochleostapedial reflex;
cochleovestibular; Cochliomyia; cocillana; cockade reaction; Cockayne;
Cockayne's disease; Cockayne's syndrome; cockayne syndrome; Cockett
communicating perforating veins; cockroaches; cock's comb test; cockscomb
ulcer; cocktail; COCl; cocoa; cocoa butter; coconsciousness; coconut;
coconut sound; coconversion; cocto-; coctolabile; coctostabile;
coculture; cod; code; codecarboxylase; codehydrogenase I; codeine;
codeine phosphate; codeine sulfate; codependency; Codex medicamentarius;
codfish vertebrae; coding; coding sequence; coding strand; cod liver oil;
Codman, Ernest Amory; Codman's sign; Codman's triangle; Codman's tumour;
codogenic; codominance; codominant; codominant allele; codominant gene;
codominant inheritance; codominant trait; codon; codon, initiator; codon,
nonsense; codon, terminator; coe-; coefficient; coefficient of
consanguinity; coefficient of inbreeding; coefficient of kinship;
coefficient of relationship; coefficient of variation; coefficient of
viscosity; Coelenterata; coelenterate; coeliac; coeliac artery; coeliac
axis; coeliac branches of vagus nerve; coeliac disease; coeliac disease,
adult; coeliac ganglia; coeliac glands; coeliac (lymphatic) plexus;
coeliac lymph nodes; coeliac (nervous) plexus; coeliac plexus; coeliac
plexus reflex; coeliac rickets; coeliac sprue; coeliac syndrome; coeliac
trunk; coeliagra; coelom; coelomate; coelomic metaplasia; coenesthesia;
coeno-; coenobium; coenocyte; coenocytic; coenurosis; Coenurus; Coenurus
cerebralis; Coenurus serialis; coenzyme; coenzyme A; coenzyme a ligases;
coenzyme a-transferases; coenzyme B12; coenzyme F; coenzyme F420-
dependent alcohol dehydrogenase; coenzyme F420H2 - 2,3-dimethyl-1,4-
naphthoquinone oxidoreductase; coenzyme F(420) reducing hydrogenase;
coenzyme factor; coenzyme I; coenzyme II; coenzyme M; coenzyme M-7-
merceptoheptanoylthreonine-phosphate-heterodisulfide hydrogenase;
coenzyme Q; coenzyme q10; coenzyme R; coenzymes; coercion; coeur; coeur
en sabot; Coe virus; coevolution; cofactor; coferment; coffee; coffee-
ground vomit; Coffey, Robert; Coffey suspension; Coffin, Grange; coffin
joint; Coffin-Lowry syndrome; Coffin-Siris syndrome; cofilin; coformycin;
Cogan, David; Cogan-Reese syndrome; Cogan's syndrome; cogeneration;
coglucosidase; cognate; cognition; cognition disorder; cognitive;
cognitive dissonance; cognitive dissonance theory; cognitive laterality
quotient; cognitive psychology; cognitive reappraisal; cognitive science;
cognitive symptoms; cognitive therapy; cogwheel ocular movements;
cogwheel phenomenon; cogwheel respiration; cogwheel rigidity; cohb level;
Cohen, Stanley; coherent radiation; cohesion; cohesive force; cohesive
gold; Cohnheim, Julius; Cohnheim's area; Cohnheim's field; Cohnheim's
theory; cohoba; cohort; cohort effect; cohort studies; cohort study;
coil; coiled artery of the uterus; coil gland; co-immobilised enzyme;
coincidental evolution; coin-counting; coin lesion of lungs; coin lesion,
pulmonary; coinosite; coinsurance; cointegrate; cointegrate structure;
coin test; coital; Coiter's muscle; Coiter, Volcher; coition;
coitophobia; coitus; coitus interruptus; coitus reservatus; coke; col;
cola; colcemid; colchicine; colchicum; Colchicum corm; cold; cold
abscess; cold agglutination; cold agglutination test; cold agglutinin;
cold agglutinins; cold allergy; cold antibody; cold autoantibody; cold
bend test; cold-blooded; cold-blooded animal; cold bone lesions; cold
cautery; cold chain; cold, common; cold compress; cold compresses; cold
cone biopsy; cold cream; cold cure resin; cold erythema; cold gangrene;
cold haemagglutinin disease; cold haemolysin; cold injury; cold insoluble
globulin; cold in the head; cold light; cold liver lesion; cold nodule;
cold pack; cold pressed; cold pressor test; cold processed; cold-reactive
antibody; cold-rigor point; cold sensitive enzyme; cold-sensitive mutant;
cold sore; cold spleen lesion; cold stage; cold thyroid nodule; cold
ulcer; cold urticaria; cold virus; col e1; Cole-Cecil murmur; colectasia;
colectomy; Cole, Laurent; coleo-; coleocele; coleoptera; coleoptericin;
coleoptile; coleoptosis; coleorhiza; coleotomy; Cole, Rufus; colestipol;
colet; Cole, Warren Henry; colibacillosis; colibacillus; colic; colica;
colic arteries; colic impression; colicin; colicin factors; colicinogeny;
colicins; colic intussusception; colicky; colic lymph nodes;
colicoplegia; colic sphincter; colic surface of spleen; colic teniae;
colic veins; coliform; coliform bacilli; coliform bacteria; coli
granuloma; colimycin; colinear; colinus; colipase; colipases; coliphage;
coliphages; coliplication; colipuncture; colistimethate sodium; colistin;
colistinase; colistin sulfomethate sodium; colitis; colitis, crohn's;
colitis cystica profunda; colitis cystica superficialis; colitis gravis;
colitis, ischemic; colitis, mucus; colitis, pseudomembranous; colitis,
spastic; colitis, ulcerative; colitose; colla; collacin; collagen;
collagenase; collagenase A; collagenases; collagenation; collagen
diseases; collagen fibre; collagen fibrils; collagenic; collagen
injection; collagenization; collagenolytic; collagenosis; collagenous;
collagenous colitis; collagenous pneumoconiosis; collagen telopeptidase;
collagen-vascular diseases; collapse; collapse delirium; collapse of
dental arch; collapse therapy; collapsin; collapsing pulse; collar;
collar bone; collar-button abscess; collared flagellate; collarette;
collar incision; collar of Venus; collar-stud chalazion; collastin;
collateral; collateral artery; collateral branches of posterior
intercostal arteries 3-11; collateral circulation; collateral digital
artery; collateral eminence; collateral fissure; collateral inheritance;
collateral ligament; collateral ligaments; collateral sulcus; collateral
trigone; collateral vessel; collectin; collecting tubule; collectins;
collective bargaining; collective group; collective-group name; college
admission test; collenchyma; Colles, Abraham; Colles' fascia; Colles
fracture; colles' fracture; Colles' ligament; Colles' space; Collet-
Sicard syndrome; colliculate; colliculectomy; colliculitis; colliculus;
colliculus cartilaginis arytenoideae; colliculus facialis; colliculus
inferior; colliculus of arytenoid cartilage; colliculus seminalis;
colliculus superior; colliculus urethralis; Collier, James; collier's
lung; Collier's sign; Collier's tract; Collier's tucked lid sign;
colligation; colligative; colligative properties; collimating lens;
collimation; collimator; collinearity; Collins, Edward Treacher;
colliotomy; Collip, James; colliquation; colliquative; colliquative
albuminuria; colliquative degeneration; colliquative diarrhoea;
colliquative necrosis; colliquative sweat; Collis-Belsey procedure;
collision; collision cross-section; collision frequency; collisionless
plasma model; collision theory; collision time; collision tumour; Collis,
John Leighton; collodion; collodion baby; collodion vesicans; collodium;
colloid; colloid acne; colloid adenoma; colloidal; colloidal dispersion;
colloidal gel; colloidal gold reaction; colloidal metal; colloidal
radioactive gold; colloidal silicon dioxide; colloidal silver iodide;
colloidal solution; colloid bath; colloid bodies; colloid cancer; colloid
carcinoma; colloid corpuscle; colloid cyst; colloid degeneration; colloid
goiter; colloidin; colloid milium; colloidoclasia; colloidoclastic;
colloidogen; colloid pseudomilium; colloids; colloid system; colloid
theory of narcosis; colloxylin; collum; collum anatomicum humeri; collum
chirurgicum humeri; collum costae; collum dentis; collum distortum;
collum femoris; collum fibulae; collum folliculi pili; collum glandis
penis; collum humeri; collum mallei; collum mandibulae; collum ossis
femoris; collum radii; collum scapulae; collum tali; collum vesicae
biliaris; collum vesicae felleae; collutorium; collutory; Collyriclum;
collyrium; colo-; colobinae; coloboma; coloboma iridis; coloboma lentis;
coloboma lobuli; coloboma of choroid; coloboma of optic nerve; coloboma
of vitreous; coloboma palpebrale; colobus; colocentesis;
colocholecystostomy; colocolic; colocolostomy; colocutaneous fistula;
colocynth; colocystoplasty; coloenteritis; colohepatopexy; coloileal
fistula; cololysis; colominic acid; colon; colonalgia; colon ascendens;
colon bacillus; colon cancer; colon cancer and polyps; colon cancer,
family history of; colon carcinoma; colon cutoff sign; colon descendens;
colonialism; colonic; colonic angiodysplasia; colonic diverticula;
colonic diverticular haemorrhage; colonic diverticulitis; colonic
diverticulosis; colonic fistula; colonic flora; colonic polyp; colonic
pseudo-obstruction; colonic smear; colonisation; colonisation factors;
colonization; colon obstruction; colonogram; colonometer; colonopathy;
colonorrhagia; colonorrhoea; colonoscope; colonoscopy; colon pelvinum;
colon sigmoideum; colon transversum; colony; colony counter; colony
count, microbial; colony-forming unit; colony-forming units assay; colony
hybridisation; colony-stimulating factor; colopathy; colopexostomy;
colopexotomy; colopexy; colophony; coloplication; coloproctia;
coloproctitis; coloproctostomy; coloptosis; colopuncture; Colorado tick
colorectal; colorectal cancer; colorectal surgeon; coloscopy;
colosigmoidostomy; colostomy; colostomy bag; colostration; colostric;
colostrorrhoea; colostrous; colostrum; colostrum corpuscle; colotomy;
colour; colour aberration; colourado tick fever; colourado tick fever
virus; colour agnosia; colour blindness; colour constancy; colour-
contrast microscope; colourectal; colourectal neoplasms; colourectal
neoplasms, hereditary nonpolyposis; colourectal surgery; colourectitis;
colourectostomy; coloured vision; colourimeter; colourimetric;
colourimetric caries susceptibility test; colourimetric test;
colourimetric titration; colourimetry; Colour Index; colour match; colour
perception; colour radical; colourrhagia; colourrhaphy; colourrhoea;
colour scotoma; colour sense; colour solid; colour spectrum; colour
taste; colour therapy; colour triangle; colour vision defects;
colovaginal fistula; colovesical fistula; colpate; colpatresia;
colpectasis; colpectomy; colpo-; colpocele; colpocleisis; colpocystitis;
colpocystocele; colpocystoplasty; colpocystotomy; colpocystoureterotomy;
colpodynia; colpohysterectomy; colpohysteropexy; colpohysterotomy;
colpomicroscope; colpomicroscopy; colpomycosis; colpomyomectomy;
colpopathy; colpoperineoplasty; colpoperineorrhaphy; colpopexy;
colpoplasty; colpopoiesis; colpoptosis; colporate; colporectopexy;
colporrhagia; colporrhaphy; colporrhexis; colposcope; colposcopy;
colpospasm; colpostat; colpostenosis; colpostenotomy; colpotomy;
colpoureterotomy; colpoxerosis; coltivirus; colubridae; Columbia Mental
Maturity Scale; columbia sk virus; columbium; columella; columella auris;
columella cochleae; columella nasi; column; columna; columna anterior;
columnae anales; columnae carneae; columnae griseae; columnae renales;
columnae rugarum; columna fornicis; columna lateralis; columna posterior;
columnar epithelium; columnar layer; columna vertebralis; column cells;
column chromatography; columnella; column of bertin; column of fornix;
column of Spitzka-Lissauer; Col V; colypeptic; coma; coma aberration;
coma carcinomatosum; coma cast; coma scale; comatose; coma vigil; combat
disorders; combat exhaustion; combat neurosis; comb-growth test;
Combiase; combination; combination beat; combination chemotherapy;
combination oral contraceptive; combinatio novum; combination
restoration; combination studies; combinatorial; combined cycle;
combined-cycle power plant; combined fat-and carbohydrate-induced
hyperlipaemia; combined glaucoma; combined heat and power; combined
immunodeficiency; combined immunodeficiency syndrome; combined modality
therapy; combined pregnancy; combined sclerosis; combined system disease;
combined version; combining site; combining weight; comblike septum; comb
plate; combustible; combustion; combustion air; combustion analysis;
combustion efficiency; combustion equivalent; combustion gases;
combustion reaction; Comby; Comby's sign; comedo; comedocarcinoma;
comedogenic; comedonecrosis; comes; cometabolism; comet sign; comet tail
sign; comfort zone; comitance; comitant; comitant strabismus; comma
bacillus; comma bundle of Schultze; commando operation; commando
procedure; comma tract of Schultze; commemorative sign; commensal;
commensalism; commensal parasite; comment; commerce; commercial forest
land; comminuted; comminuted fracture; comminuted skull fracture;
comminution; commission on professional and hospital activities;
commissura; commissura alba; commissura anterior; commissura anterior
grisea; commissura cinerea; commissura colliculorum inferiorum;
commissura colliculorum superiorum; commissurae supraopticae; commissura
fornicis; commissura grisea; commissura habenularum; commissura
hippocampi; commissural; commissura labiorum; commissura labiorum
anterior; commissura labiorum posterior; commissural cell; commissural
cheilitis; commissural fibres; commissural myelotomy; commissura
palpebrarum lateralis; commissura palpebrarum medialis; commissura
posterior cerebri; commissura posterior grisea; commissura ventralis
alba; commissure; commissure of cerebral hemispheres; commissure of
fornix; commissure of habenulae; commissure of inferior colliculi;
commissure of lips; commissure of superior colliculus; commissure of
vestibular bulb; commissurotomy; commisural pits; commitment; commitment
of mentally ill; commodity chemical; common acute lymphoblastic
leukaemia; common antigen; common baldness; common basal vein; common
bile duct; common bile duct calculi; common bile duct diseases; common
bile duct neoplasms; common carotid artery; common carotid plexus; common
cold; common cold virus; common crus of semicircular ducts; common duct;
common facial vein; common fibular nerve; common flexor sheath; common
hepatic artery; common hepatic duct; common iliac artery; common iliac
lymph nodes; common iliac vein; common intermediate; common interosseous
artery; common ion effect; common limb of membranous semicircular ducts;
common migraine; common opsonin; common palmar digital artery; common
palmar digital nerves; common peroneal nerve; common peroneal tendon
sheath; common plantar digital artery; common plantar digital nerves;
common salt; common-source epidemic; common tendinous ring; common
variable immunodeficiency; common vehicle spread; common wart; commotio;
commotio cerebri; commotion; commotio retinae; communicable; communicable
disease; communicable disease control; communicans; communicating artery;
communicating branch; communicating branches of auriculotemporal nerve to
facial nerve; communicating branches of lingual nerve to hypoglossal
nerve; communicating branches of spinal nerves; communicating branches of
sympathetic trunk; communicating branch of chorda tympani to lingual
nerve; communicating branch of facial nerve with glossopharyngeal nerve;
communicating branch of facial nerve with tympanic plexus; communicating
branch of glossopharyngeal nerve with auricular branch of vagus nerve;
communicating branch of lacrimal nerve with zygomatic nerve;
communicating branch of median nerve with ulnar nerve; communicating
branch of otic ganglion to auriculotemporal nerve; communicating branch
of otic ganglion to chorda tympani; communicating branch of otic ganglion
with medial pterygoid nerve; communicating branch of otic ganglion with
meningeal branch of mandibular nerve; communicating branch of peroneal
artery; communicating branch of superior laryngeal nerve with recurrent
laryngeal nerve; communicating haematoma; communicating hydrocele;
communicating hydrocephalus; communicating junction; communicating rami
of spinal nerves; communicating rami of sympathetic trunk; communication;
communication aids for disabled; communication barriers; communication
disorders; communication methods, total; communications media; communism;
community; community-acquired infections; community dentistry; community
health aides; community health centres; community health nurse; community
health nursing; community health planning; community health services;
community-institutional relations; community medicine; community mental
health centre; community mental health centres; community mental health
services; community networks; community nurse; community pharmacy
services; community psychiatry; community psychology; Comolli; Comolli's
sign; comorbidity; comoros; comose; comoviridae; comovirus; compacta;
compact bone; compact disks; compact substance; compact torus; compages
thoracis; companion artery to sciatic nerve; companion cell; companion
lymph nodes of accessory nerve; companion vein; comparascope; comparative
anatomy; comparative medicine; comparative pathology; comparative
physiology; comparative psychology; comparator microscope; compartment;
compartmental model; compartmental syndrome; compartmentation;
compartment syndrome; compartment syndromes; compassionate use;
compatibility; compatibility group; compatible; compatible solute;
compensated acidosis; compensated alkalosis; compensated glaucoma;
compensated metabolic alkalosis; compensated respiratory acidosis;
compensated respiratory alkalosis; compensating curve; compensating
emphysema; compensating eyepieces; compensating ocular; compensation;
compensation neurosis; compensatory; compensatory atrophy; compensatory
circulation; compensatory hypertrophy; compensatory hypertrophy of the
heart; compensatory pause; compensatory polycythemia; competence;
competency; competency-based education; competent cell; competing risk;
competition; competition hybridisation; competitive antagonist;
competitive behaviour; competitive bidding; competitive binding assay;
competitive inhibition; competitive medical plans; competitor DNA;
complaint; complement; complement 1; complement 1 inactivators;
complement 1q; complement 1r; complement 1s; complement 2; complement 3;
complement 3a; complement 3b; complement 3b inactivators; complement 3c;
complement 3 convertase; complement 3d; complement 3 nephritic factor;
complement 4; complement 4a; complement 4b; complement 5; complement 5a;
complement 5a, des-arginine; complement 6; complement 7; complement 8;
complement 9; complement activating enzymes; complement activation;
complemental air; complementarity; complementarity determining regions;
complementary; complementary air; complementary base pairing;
complementary base pairs; complementary colours; complementary DNA;
complementary DNA cloning; complementary DNA library; complementary
hypertrophy; complementary medicine; complementary role; complementary
sequence; complementary strand; complementary strands; complementary
structures; complementation; complementation-fixation test; complement
binding assay; complement chemotactic factor; complement cytolysis
inhibitor; complement factor h; complement factor I; complement fixation;
complement-fixation reaction; complement-fixation test; complement
fixation tests; complement-fixing antibody; complement haemolytic
activity assay; complement inactivators; complement membrane attack
complex; complement pathway, alternative; complement pathway, classical;
complement system; complement unit; complete abortion; complete
achromatopsia; complete antibody; complete antigen; complete
ascertainment; complete atrioventricular dissociation; complete A-V
block; complete blood count; complete cataract; complete cleavage;
complete denture; complete denture impression; complete disinfectant;
complete endocardial cushion defect; complete fistula; complete
hemianopia; complete hernia; complete hysterectomy; complete iridoplegia;
complete medium; complete metamorphosis; complete remission; complete
response; complete tetanus; complete transduction; complex; complex
carbohydrate; complex closure; complex febrile convulsion; complexin;
complexion; complex ion; complexity; complex learning processes; complex
liver mass in kids; complex locus; complex medium; complex odontoma;
complex partial seizure; complex precipitated epilepsy; complexus;
compliance; compliance of bladder; compliance of heart; complicate;
complicated; complicated cataract; complicated fracture; complicated
migraine; complication; complications of ventriculo-peritoneal shunt;
component; component A, Rab geranylgeranyl transferase; component E,
glutamate mutase; component of complement; component of force; component
S, glutamate mutase; components of mastication; components of occlusion;
composite; composite dental cement; composite graft; composite joint;
composite resin; composite resins; composite transposon; composition;
compos mentis; compost; compound; compound 48-80; compound aneurysm;
compound articulation; compound bone fracture; compound caries; compound
character; compound cyst; compound dislocation; compound eye; compound
flap; compound fracture; compound gland; compound granule cell; compound
heterozygote; compound hyperopic astigmatism; compound joint; compound
lens; compound lipids; compound microscope; compound myopic astigmatism;
compound name; compound nevus; compound odontoma; compound pregnancy;
compound protein; compound q; compound restoration; compound skull
fracture; comprehension; comprehensive dental care; comprehensive health
care; comprehensive medical care; comprehensive wetland determination;
compress; compressed; compressed sponge; compressed tablet; compressed
yeast; compressible cavernous bodies; compression; compression
anaesthesia; compression fracture; compression molding; compression
neuropathy; compression of brain; compression of tissue; compression
paralysis; compression plating; compression retinopathy; compression
syndrome; compression thrombosis; compression wave; compressive ear
dressing; compressive myelopathy; compressive nystagmus; compressive
strength; compressor; compressorium; compressor muscle of lips;
compressor venae dorsalis penis; Compton; compton effect; Compton
scattering; compulsion; compulsive; compulsive behaviour; compulsive
idea; compulsive neurosis; compulsive personality; compulsive personality
disorder; computational biology; computational chemistry; computed
perimetry; computed radiography; computed tomography; computer; computer-
aided design; computer-assisted instruction; computer communication
networks; computer graphics; computerised axial tomography; computerised
tomography; computer literacy; computer model; computer peripherals;
computers, analog; computer security; computers, hybrid; computer
simulation; computers, mainframe; computer storage devices; computer
systems; computer terminals; computer user training; computing
methodologies; con-; Con A; Con A binding site; conalbumin; conanine; Con
A receptor; conarium; conation; conative; conatus; concameration;
Concanavalin A; concatamer; concatenate; concatener; Concato; Concato's
disease; concave; concave lens; concave mirror; concavity;
concavoconcave; concavoconcave lens; concavoconvex; concavoconvex lens;
concealed conduction; concealed haemorrhage; concealed hernia; concealed
penis; concentrated human red blood corpuscle; concentration;
concentration camps; concentration cell; concentration-effect curve;
concentration gradient; concentration-response curve; concentric;
concentric fibroma; concentric hypertrophy; concentric lamella; concept;
concept formation; concepti; conception; conceptual; conceptus; concerted
evolution; concerted model; concha; concha auriculae; concha bullosa;
conchae sphenoidales; conchal cartilage; conchal crest; conchal crest of
maxilla; conchal crest of palatine bone; concha nasalis inferior; concha
nasalis media; concha nasalis superior; concha nasalis suprema; concha of
ear; conchoidal; conchoidal bodies; c-oncogene; concolourous;
concomitance; concomitant; concomitant immunity; concomitant strabismus;
concomitant symptom; concordance; concordance rate; concordant;
concordant alternans; concordant alternation; concordant atrioventricular
connections; concrement; concrescence; concrete; concrete oils; concrete
operations; concrete thinking; concretio cordis; concretion;
concretization; concurrent disinfection; concurrent review; concurrent
validity; concussion; concussion cataract; concussion myelitis;
concussor; condensation; condensation compound; condensation polymer;
condense; condensed milk; condenser; condenser, Abbe; condenser circle;
condenser, dark field; condenser, darkfield, bispheric; condenser,
darkfield, paraboloid; condenser or condenser lens; condenser, variable-
focus; condensing, controlled extraction turbines; condensing enzyme;
condensing osteitis; condensing power; condensing turbine; condensing
vacuole; condiments; condition; conditional-lethal mutant; conditionally
lethal mutant; conditional mutation; conditional probability; conditional
use permit; conditioned haemolysis; conditioned medium; conditioned
reflex; conditioned response; conditioned stimulus; conditioning;
conditioning, eyelid; conditioning, operant; conditioning, pavlovian;
conditioning therapy; condom; conductance; conductase; conduct disorder;
conducting airway; conducting system of heart; conduction; conduction
anaesthesia; conduction analgesia; conduction aphasia; conduction block;
conductive deafness; conductive hearing loss; conductive heat;
conductivity; conductometry; conductor; conduit; conduplicate;
conduplicato corpore; condurango; condylar; condylar articulation;
condylar axis; condylar canal; condylar emissary vein; condylar fossa;
condylar guidance; condylar guidance inclination; condylar guide;
condylar hinge position; condylar joint; condylar process;
condylarthrosis; condyle; condyle cord; condylectomy; condyle of humerus;
condyle path; condylion; condyloid; condyloid process; condyloma;
condyloma acuminata; condyloma acuminatum; condyloma latum; condylomata;
condylomata acuminata; condylomatous; condylotomy; condylus; condylus
humeri; condylus lateralis; condylus lateralis femoris; condylus
lateralis tibiae; condylus medialis; condylus medialis femoris; condylus
medialis tibiae; condylus occipitalis; cone; cone biopsy; cone cell; cone
cell of retina; cone degeneration; cone disks; cone down; cone dystrophy;
cone fibre; cone granule; cone of light; conessi; conessine; cone vision;
conexus; conexus intertendineus; confabulation; confectio; confection;
confertus; confidence interval; confidence intervals; confidentiality;
configuration; confinement; confinement time; conflict; conflict of
interest; conflorescence; confluence; confluence of sinuses; confluens;
confluens sinuum; confluent; confluent and reticulate papillomatosis;
confluent articulation; confluent culture; confluent smallpox; confocal;
confocal microscope; confocal microscopy; confocal optics; conformation;
conformational change; conformational map; conformer; confounding;
confounding factor; confrontation; confrontation method; confusion;
confusional; confusion colours; congelation; congelation urticaria;
congener; congenericity; congenerous; congenic; congenic strain;
congenital; congenital absence of pulmonary valve; congenital adrenal
hyperplasia; congenital afibrinogenaemia; congenital amputation;
congenital anaemia; congenital ankyloblepharon; congenital antithrombin
III deficiency; congenital aplasia of thymus; congenital aplastic
anaemia; congenital atonic pseudoparalysis; congenital baldness;
congenital bronchiectasis; congenital cardiomyopathy; congenital
cataract; congenital cerebellar atrophy; congenital cerebral aneurysm;
congenital choreoathetosis; congenital clasped thumb with mental
retardation; congenital conus; congenital defect; congenital
diaphragmatic hernia; congenital dyserythropoietic anaemia; congenital
dysphagocytosis; congenital dysplasia of the hip; congenital dysplastic
angiectasia; congenital dysplastic angiomatosis; congenital ectodermal
defect; congenital ectodermal dysplasia; congenital elephantiasis;
congenital epulis of newborn; congenital erythropoietic porphyria;
congenital facial diplegia; congenital fibrosis of the extraocular
muscles; congenital generalised fibromatosis; congenital giant pigmented
nevus; congenital glaucoma; congenital haemolytic anaemia; congenital
haemolytic icterus; congenital haemolytic jaundice; congenital heart
block; congenital heart disease; congenital hernia of the diaphragm;
congenital hip dislocation; congenital hip dysplasia; congenital
hydrocele; congenital hydrocephalus; congenital hypoplastic anaemia;
congenital hypothyroidism; congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma;
congenital infection: torchs syndrome; congenital insensitivity to pain;
congenital kidney abnormalities; congenital leukoderma; congenital lobar
emphysema; congenital lymphedema; congenitally short oesophagus;
congenital malformation; congenital megacolon; congenital
methemoglobinaemia; congenital myxoedema; congenital nevus; congenital
nonregenerative anaemia; congenital nystagmus; congenital pancytopenia;
congenital paramyotonia; congenital pneumonia; congenital protein C or s
deficiency; congenital pulmonary arteriovenous fistula; congenital
pyloric stenosis; congenital renal cysts; congenital renal
osteodystrophy; congenital rubella syndrome; congenital sebaceous
hyperplasia; congenital severe combined immunodeficiency; congenital
sinus tumour; congenital spastic paraplegia; congenital spherocytic
anaemia; congenital stridor; congenital sutural alopecia; congenital
syphilis; congenital torticollis; congenital total lipodystrophy;
congenital toxoplasmosis; congenital valve; congenital virilizing adrenal
hyperplasia; congenitus; congested; congestion; congestive; congestive
cardiomyopathy; congestive cirrhosis; congestive heart failure;
congestive splenomegaly; conglobate; conglobation; conglomerate;
conglutinant; conglutination; conglutinin; congo; Congolian red fever;
congophilic; congophilic angiopathy; congo red; congresses; congruent
points; congruous hemianopia; coni; conic; conical catheter; conical
cornea; conical papillae; conic papillae; conidia; conidial;
Conidiobolus; conidiogenous; conidiophore; conidiospore; conidium; coni
epididymidis; coniferyl alcohol dehydrogenase; coniferyl-alcohol oxidase;
coniine; coniine hydrobromide; coniofibrosis; coniolymphstasis;
coniometer; coniophage; coniosis; coniotomy; conisation; conium; coni
vasculosi; conization; conjoined anastomosis; conjoined asymmetrical
twins; conjoined equal twins; conjoined symmetrical twins; conjoined
tendon; conjoined unequal twins; conjoint tendon; conjoint therapy;
conjugal cancer; conjugant; conjugase; conjugata; conjugata diagonalis;
conjugata vera; conjugate; conjugate acid; conjugate acid-base pair;
conjugate axis; conjugated; conjugated antigen; conjugated bilirubin;
conjugated compound; conjugated double bonds; conjugate deviation of the
eyes; conjugated hapten; conjugate diameter of pelvic inlet; conjugate
diameter of pelvic outlet; conjugate division; conjugated oestrogen;
conjugated protein; conjugate foci; conjugate foramen; conjugate
ligament; conjugate movement of eyes; conjugate nystagmus; conjugate of
pelvic inlet; conjugate of pelvic outlet; conjugate planes/points;
conjugate point; conjugation; conjugation, genetic; conjugative plasmid;
conjunctiva; conjunctival; conjunctival arteries; conjunctival cul-de-
sac; conjunctival fornix; conjunctival glands; conjunctival layer of
bulb; conjunctival layer of eyelids; conjunctival reflex; conjunctival
ring; conjunctival sac; conjunctival varix; conjunctival veins;
conjunctive; conjunctiviplasty; conjunctivitis; conjunctivitis, acute
haemorrhagic; conjunctivitis, allergic; conjunctivitis, alllergic;
conjunctivitis arida; conjunctivitis, bacterial; conjunctivitis,
inclusion; conjunctivitis medicamentosa; conjunctivitis petrificans;
conjunctivitis tularensis; conjunctivitis, viral;
conjunctivodacryocystorhinostomy; conjunctivodacryocystostomy;
conjunctivoplasty; conjunctivorhinostomy; connate; connectin; connecting
cartilage; connecting peptide; connecting stalk; connecting tubule;
connectins; connection; connective; connective tissue; connective tissue
activating peptide III; connective tissue cell; connective tissue cells;
connective tissue disease; connective tissue group; connective tumour;
connector; Connell, Gregory; Connell's suture; connexin; connexin 43;
connexon; connexus; connexus intertendineus; Conn, Harold; connivent;
Conn, Jerome; Conn's syndrome; conoid; conoid ligament; conoid process;
conoid tubercle; conomyoidin; conor and bruch's disease; conoscopic
image; conoscopic observation; conquinine; Conradi, Andrew; Conradi-
Drigalski agar; Conradi, Erich; Conradi, Heinrich; Conradi's disease;
Conradi's line; consanguineous; consanguinity; conscience; conscious;
consciousness; consciousness disorders; conscious sedation; consecutive
amputation; consecutive aneurysm; consecutive angiitis; consecutive
esotropia; consensual; consensual light reflex; consensual reaction;
consensus development conference; consensus development conferences;
consensus development conferences, nih; consensus sequence; conservation;
conservation of energy; conservation of energy resources; conservation of
natural resources; conservative; conservative replication; conservative
substitution; conservative treatment; conserve; conserved sequence;
consistency principle; consolidant; consolidation; consolidation
chemotherapy; consolidation treatment; consonating rale; consortium;
conspecific; conspecificity; conspicuity; constancy; constancy
phenomenon; constant; constant coupling; constant field equation;
constant infusion pump; constant region; constellation; constipate;
constipated; constipation; constituative promoter; constituent enzyme;
constitution; constitutional; constitutional cause; constitutional
formula; constitutional hepatic dysfunction; constitutional hirsutism;
constitutional liver dysfunction; constitutional psychology;
constitutional reaction; constitutional symptom; constitutional
thrombopathy; constitutional ulcer; constitution and bylaws;
constitutive; constitutive enzyme; constitutive gene; constitutive
heterochromatin; constitutive mutant; constriction; constriction,
pathologic; constriction ring; constrictions of ureter; constrictive
bronchiolitis; constrictive endocarditis; constrictive pericarditis;
constrictor; construct; constructional agraphia; constructional apraxia;
construct validity; consultand; consultant; consultants; consultation;
consulting staff; consumer advocacy; consumer organizations; consumer
participation; consumer satisfaction; consummatory behaviour;
consumption; consumption coagulopathy; consumptive; consumptive wildlife
use; contact; contact allergy; contactant; contact area; contact ceptor;
contact cheilitis; contact dermatitis; contact following; contact
guidance; contact hypersensitivity; contact illumination; contactin;
contact induced spreading; contactinhibin; contact inhibition; contact
inhibition of growth; contact inhibition of movement; contact inhibition
of phagocytosis; contact lens; contact lenses; contact lenses, extended-
wear; contact lenses, hydrophilic; contact lens solutions; contact point;
contact rate; contact sensitivity; contact sites A; contact sites B;
contact splint; contact surface of tooth; contact tracing; contact-type
dermatitis; contagion; contagious; contagious agalactia; contagious
bovine pleuropneumonia; contagious bovine pyelonephritis; contagious
caprine pleuropneumonia; contagious disease; contagious distribution;
contagious ecthyma; contagious ecthyma virus of sheep; contagiousness;
contagious pustular dermatitis; contagious pustular stomatitis virus;
contagium; containment; containment of biohazards; containment vessel;
contaminant; contaminate; contamination; content; content analysis;
content validity; contig; contig map; contigs; contiguity; contiguous;
contiguous map; continence; continent; contingency table; contingent
negative variation; continued; continued fever; continuity; continuity of
patient care; continuous; continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis;
continuous bar retainer; continuous beam; continuous capillary;
continuous clasp; continuous culture; continuous epidural anaesthesia;
continuous loop wiring; continuous murmur; continuous passive motion;
continuous phase; continuous positive airway pressure; continuous
positive pressure breathing; continuous positive pressure ventilation;
continuous processing; continuous random variable; continuous spectrum;
continuous spinal anaesthesia; continuous suture; continuous time model;
continuous tremor; continuous variable; contour; contour lines of Owen;
contra-; contra-angle; contra-aperture; contrabevel; contraception;
contraception behaviour; contraception, immunologic; contraceptive;
contraceptive agents; contraceptive agents, female; contraceptive agents,
male; contraceptive device; contraceptive device, intrauterine;
contraceptive devices; contraceptive devices, female; contraceptive
devices, male; contraceptives, oral; contraceptives, oral, combined;
contraceptives, oral, hormonal; contraceptives, oral, sequential;
contraceptives, oral, synthetic; contraceptive sponge; contraceptives,
postcoital; contraceptives, postcoital, hormonal; contraceptives,
postcoital, synthetic; contract; contracted foot; contracted heel;
contracted kidney; contracted pelvis; contractile; contractile proteins;
contractile ring; contractile stricture; contractile vacuole;
contractility; contraction; contraction band; contraction band necrosis;
contraction stress test; contraction, uterine; contract services;
contractual psychiatry; contractual psychotherapy; contractural
diathesis; contracture; contracture deformity; contrafissura;
contraindicant; contraindication; contralateral; contralateral partner;
contralateral reflex; contralateral sign; contransformation; contrapsin;
contrast; contrast agent; contrast bath; contrast echocardiography;
contrast enema; contrast enhancement; contrastimulant; contrast material;
contrast media; contrast medium; contrast sensitivity; contrast stain;
contrast transfer function; contrasuppressor cells; contrecoup;
contrecoup injury of brain; contrectation; control; control animal;
control arm; control element; control experiment; control gene; control
group; controlled clinical trial; controlled clinical trials; controlled
hypotension; controlled mechanical ventilation; controlled respiration;
controlled substance; controlled thermonuclear fusion; controlled
thermonuclear research; controlled trial; controlled ventilation; control
limit; controlling element; Control of Communicable Diseases in Man;
control plot; control release suture; control syringe; contusion;
contusion pneumonia; conular; conus; conus arteriosus; conus elasticus;
conus medullaris; convalescence; convalescent; convalescent carrier;
convalescent serum; convallaria; convection; convective heat; convenience
form; conventional; conventional animal; conventional forest products;
conventional signs; conventional tomography; Conventional Transmission
Electron Microscopy; convergence; convergence excess; convergence
insufficiency; convergence nucleus of Perlia; convergence, ocular;
convergence-retraction nystagmus; convergent; Convergent Beam Electron
Diffraction; convergent evolution; convergent squint; convergent
strabismus; converging meniscus; conversion; conversion disorder;
conversion electron; conversion hysteria; conversion hysteria neurosis;
conversion neurosis; conversion reaction; conversive heat; convertase;
convertin; convex; convexity; convex lens; convex mirror; convexobasia;
convexoconcave; convexoconcave lens; convexoconvex; convexoconvex lens;
conveyor; convolute; convoluted; convoluted bone; convoluted gland;
convoluted part of kidney lobule; convoluted seminiferous tubule;
convoluted tubule of kidney; convolution; convulsant; convulsants;
convulsant threshold; convulsion; convulsions; convulsions, febrile;
convulsive; convulsive reflex; convulsive seizure; convulsive state;
convulsive therapy; convulsive tic; COOH-terminal signal transamidase;
cooing murmur; Cooke, A Bennett; cookery; Cooke's speculum; coolant;
cooled-knife method; Cooley's anaemia; Cooley, Thomas; Coolidge tube;
Coolidge, William; coolie itch; Coomassie blue; Coomassie brilliant blue
R-250; Coombs, Carey; Coombs murmur; coombs' reaction; Coombs, Robin;
Coombs' serum; coombs' test; coonhound paralysis; cooperative behaviour;
cooperative enzyme; cooperative phenomena; cooperativity; cooperativity
model; Cooperia; Cooperia bisonis; Cooperia curticei; Cooperia fieldingi;
Cooperia oncophora; Cooperia pectinata; Cooperia punctata; Cooperia
spatulata; Coopernail, George; Coopernail's sign; cooperos ligaments;
Cooper's fascia; Cooper's hernia; Cooper's herniotome; Cooper, Sir Astley
Paston; Cooper's ligaments; coordinate; coordinate convulsion; coordinate
covalent bond; coordinated enzyme synthesis; coordinated reflex;
coordinate regulation; coordination; co-ossification; co-ossify; CopA
ATPase; copaiba;
coparaffinate; copayment; CopB ATPase; copd; cope; copepod; Copepoda;
Cope's clamp; Cope, Sir Vincent; copia element; copia elements; coping;
copolymer; copolymer resin; copper; copper-64; copper-67; copper
arsenite; copperas; copper bichloride; copper cataract; copper chloride;
copper citrate; copper colic; copper dichloride; copperhead; copper nose;
copper pennies; copper phosphate cement; copper protein; copper
radioisotopes; copper sulfate; copper sulfate method; copper sulphate;
Coppet, Louis de; Coppet's law; coppice regeneration; copra itch;
coprecipitation; copremesis; coprinus; copro-; coproantibodies;
coprolagnia; coprolalia; coprolith; coprology; coproma; coprophagia;
coprophagous; coprophagy; coprophil; coprophile; coprophilia;
coprophobia; coprophrasia; coproplanesia; coproporphyria; coproporphyrin;
coproporphyrinogen; coproporphyrinogen oxidase; coproporphyrinogens;
coproporphyrins; coprostane; coprostanone; coprostasis; coprostenol;
coprosterin; coprosterol; coprostigmastane; coprozoa; coprozoic; coptic
lung; coptosis; copula; copula linguae; copulation; copy choice; copying
processes; copy number; copyright; CoQ; coquille; cor; coracidium;
coracoacromial; coracoacromial arch; coracoacromial ligament;
coracobrachial bursa; coracobrachialis; coracobrachial muscle;
coracoclavicular; coracoclavicular ligament; coracohumeral; coracohumeral
ligament; coracoid; coracoid process; coracoid tuberosity; cor adiposum;
coral calculus; coralliform cataract; corallin; cor biloculare; cor
bovinum; corche; cord; cordate; cordate pelvis; cord blood; cordectomy;
cord factor; cord factors; cord hydrocele; cordial; cordianine;
cordiform; cordiform uterus; cordis; cordocentesis; cord of tympanum;
cordon sanitaire; cordopexy; cordotomy; cordycepin; Cordylobia;
Cordylobia anthropophaga; cordylobiasis; cordy pulse; core; core biopsy;
corectopia; core II protein, ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase; core I
protein, ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase; corelysis; coremium;
coreoplasty; core particle; corepexy; core plasma; core pneumonia;
corepraxy; corepressor; Corey; coria; coriaceous; coriander; Cori, Carl;
Cori cycle; Cori ester; Cori, Gerty Theresa; coriolis force; Cori's
disease; corium; corium coronae; corium limbi; corium parietis; corium
ungulae; corkscrew oesophagus; corm; cor mobile; cormophyta; cormophyte;
corn; cornea; cornea farinata; corneal; corneal astigmatism; corneal
corpuscles; corneal diseases; corneal dystrophies, hereditary; corneal
dystrophy; corneal ectasia; corneal endothelial polymorphism; corneal
facet; corneal graft; corneal layer of epidermis; corneal lens; corneal
margin; corneal neovascularization; corneal oedema; corneal opacity;
corneal pannus; corneal reflex; corneal space; corneal spot; corneal
staphyloma; corneal stroma; corneal topography; corneal transplant;
corneal transplantation; corneal trepanation; corneal ulcer; cornea
urica; cornea verticillata; Cornelia de Lange syndrome; cornell medical
index; corneoblepharon; corneocyte; corneocyte envelope; corneosclera;
corneoscleral; corneoscleral part of trabecular reticulum; corneous;
Corner-Allen test; Corner-Allen unit; Corner, Edred; Corner, George; corn
ergot; Corner's tampon; corneum; corniculate; corniculate cartilage;
corniculate tubercle; corniculopharyngeal ligament; corniculum;
corniculum laryngis; cornification; cornified; cornified layer of nail;
cornmeal agar; cornmeal disease; cornoid lamella; corn oil; cornsilk;
corn smut; cornu; cornua; cornua coccygealia; cornual; cornual pregnancy;
cornu ammonis; cornu anterius; cornua of falciform margin of saphenous
opening; cornua of hyoid bone; cornua of lateral ventricle; cornua of
spinal cord; cornua of thyroid cartilage; cornua sacralia; cornu
cutaneum; cornu inferius; cornu inferius cartilaginis thyroideae; cornu
inferius marginalis falciformis hiatus sapheni; cornu inferius ventriculi
lateralis; cornu laterale; cornu majus ossis hyoidei; cornu minus ossis
hyoidei; cornu posterius; cornu posterius ventriculi lateralis; cornu
superius cartilaginis thyroideae; cornu superius marginalis falciformis;
cornybacteria; corolla; corona; corona capitis; corona ciliaris; corona
clinica; coronad; corona dentis; coronafacate ligase; corona glandis;
coronal; coronale; coronal epispadias; coronal hypospadias; coronalis;
coronal plane; coronal pulp; coronal section; coronal suture; corona of
glans penis; corona radiata; coronaria; coronarism; coronaritis;
coronary; coronary aneurysm; coronary angiography; coronary angioplasty;
coronary arteries; coronary arteriosclerosis; coronary arteritis;
coronary artery; coronary artery aneurysm; coronary artery anomalies;
coronary artery branches; coronary artery bypass; coronary artery bypass
graft; coronary artery calcification; coronary artery disease; coronary
artery dominance; coronary artery spasm; coronary atherectomy; coronary
band; coronary bypass; coronary bypass surgery; coronary care unit;
coronary care units; coronary cataract; coronary circulation; coronary
disease; coronary endarterectomy; coronary failure; coronary groove;
coronary insufficiency; coronary ligament of knee; coronary ligament of
liver; coronary nodal rhythm; coronary node; coronary occlusion; coronary
ostial stenosis; coronary perfusion pressure; coronary plexus; coronary-
prone behaviour; coronary sinus; coronary sinus rhythm; coronary steal;
coronary sulcus; coronary tendon; coronary thrombosis; coronary valve;
coronary vasospasm; coronary vein; coronary vessel anomalies; coronary
vessels; corona seborrheica; corona veneris; Coronaviridae; coronaviridae
infections; coronavirus; coronavirus, bovine; coronavirus, canine;
coronavirus, human; coronavirus infections; coronavirus, rat;
coronavirus, turkey; coroner; coroners and medical examiners; coronet;
coronin; coronion; coronitis; coronoid; coronoidectomy; coronoid fossa of
humerus; coronoid process; cor pendulum; corpora; corpora allata; corpora
arenacea; corpora bigemina; corpora cavernosa; corpora lutea cysts;
corpora para-aortica; corpora quadrigemina; corporeal; corporin; corpse;
corps ronds; corpulence; corpulent; cor pulmonale; corpus; corpus
adiposum; corpus adiposum buccae; corpus adiposum fossae ischiorectalis;
corpus adiposum infrapatellare; corpus adiposum orbitae; corpus albicans;
corpus amygdaloideum; corpus amylaceum; corpus aorticum; corpus arantii;
corpus atreticum; corpus callosum; corpus candicans; corpus cavernosum
clitoridis; corpus cavernosum conchae; corpus cavernosum penis; corpus
cavernosum urethrae; corpus ciliare; corpus claviculae; corpuscle; corpus
clitoridis; corpus coccygeum; corpus costae; corpuscula; corpuscula
articularia; corpuscula bulboidea; corpuscula genitalia; corpuscula
lamellosa; corpuscula nervosa terminalia; corpuscular; corpuscular lymph;
corpuscular radiation; corpusculum; corpusculum renis; corpusculum
tactus; corpus dentatum; corpus epididymidis; corpus epididymis; corpus
femoris; corpus fibrosum; corpus fibulae; corpus fimbriatum; corpus
fornicis; corpus gastricum; corpus geniculatum externum; corpus
geniculatum internum; corpus geniculatum laterale; corpus geniculatum
mediale; corpus glandulae sudoriferae; corpus haemorrhagicum; corpus
highmorianum; corpus humeri; corpus incudis; corpus linguae; corpus
luteum; corpus luteum deficiency syndrome; corpus luteum haematoma;
corpus luteum hormone; corpus luteum hormone unit; corpus luteum
maintenance; corpus luteum regression; corpus luysi; corpus mamillare;
corpus mammae; corpus mandibulae; corpus maxillae; corpus medullare
cerebelli; corpus nuclei caudati; corpus olivare; corpus ossis femoris;
corpus ossis hyoidei; corpus ossis ilii; corpus ossis ischii; corpus
ossis metacarpalis; corpus ossis pubis; corpus ossis sphenoidalis; corpus
pampiniforme; corpus pancreatis; corpus papillare; corpus paraterminale;
corpus penis; corpus phalangis; corpus pineale; corpus pontobulbare;
corpus quadrigeminum anterius; corpus quadrigeminum posterius; corpus
radii; corpus restiforme; corpus spongiosum penis; corpus sterni; corpus
striatum; corpus tali; corpus tibiae; corpus trapezoideum; corpus
triticeum; corpus ulnae; corpus unguis; corpus uteri; corpus vertebrae;
corpus vesicae biliaris; corpus vesicae felleae; corpus vesicae
urinariae; corpus vitreum; corralin yellow; corralling; corrected and
republished article; corrected dextrocardia; corrected transposition of
the great vessels; correction; correction collar; corrective; corrective
emotional experience; correlation; correlational method; correlation
coefficient; correlative differentiation; Correra's line; correspond;
correspondence; correxonuclease; corridor disease; Corrigan's disease;
Corrigan, Sir Dominic; Corrigan's pulse; Corrigan's sign; corrigent;
corrin; corrinoid; corrode; corrosion; corrosion casting; corrosion of
tissue; corrosive; corrosive of tissue; corrosive sublimate; corrosive
ulcer; corrugator; corrugator cutis muscle of anus; corrugator muscle;
corrugator supercilii; cortex; cortex cerebelli; cortex cerebri; cortex
glandulae suprarenalis; cortex lentis; cortex nodi lymphatici; cortex of
hair shaft; cortex of lens; cortex of lymph node; cortex of ovary; cortex
of thymus; cortexolone; cortexone; cortex ovarii; cortex renis; cortical;
cortical apraxia; cortical arches of kidney; cortical arteries; cortical
audiometry; cortical blindness; cortical bone; cortical cataract;
cortical convexity; cortical deafness; cortical dysplasia; cortical
epilepsy; cortical granule; cortical hormones; cortical implantation;
corticalization; cortical layer; cortical lobules of kidney; cortical
meshwork; cortical nephrocalcinosis; cortical osteitis;
corticalosteotomy; cortical part; cortical part of middle cerebral
artery; cortical reaction; cortical sensibility; cortical substance;
cortical vesicle; corticectomy; cortices; corticifugal; corticipetal;
corticoafferent; corticobulbar fibre; corticobulbar tract;
corticocerebellum; corticoefferent; corticofugal; corticoid;
corticoliberin; corticomedial; corticonuclear fibre; corticopontine
fibre; corticopontine tract; corticoreticular fibre; corticorubral fibre;
corticospinal fibres; corticospinal tract; corticostatin; corticosteroid;
corticosteroid-binding globulin; corticosteroid-binding protein;
corticosteroid cream; corticosteroid-induced acne; corticosteroid-induced
glaucoma; corticosteroid-induced striae; corticosteroids; corticosteroid
side-chain-isomerase; corticosterone; corticosterone 15alpha-hydroxylase;
corticothalamic; corticothalamic fibres; corticotroph; corticotrophic
adenoma; corticotrophin; corticotrophin releasing factor; corticotropic
hormone; corticotropin; corticotropin-like intermediate-lobe peptide;
corticotropin-releasing factor; corticotropin-releasing hormone;
corticoviridae; Corti, Marquis Alfonso; cortin; Corti's arch; Corti's
auditory teeth; Corti's canal; Corti's cells; Corti's ganglion; Corti's
membrane; cortisol; cortisol acetate; cortisol delta 4-reductase;
cortisol lyase; cortisol suppression test; cortisone; cortisone
reductase; Corti's organ; Corti's pillars; Corti's rods; Corti's tunnel;
cortodoxone; cor triatriatum; cor triloculare; cor triloculare
biatriatum; cor triloculare biventriculare; corundum; coruscation;
Corvisart des Marets; Corvisart's facies; corylophyline; corymb;
corymbiform; corymbose syphilid; Corynebacteria; corynebacteriophage;
corynebacterium; Corynebacterium acnes; Corynebacterium bovis;
corynebacterium diphtheriae; Corynebacterium enzymicum; Corynebacterium
equi; Corynebacterium haemolyticum; Corynebacterium hofmannii;
corynebacterium infections; Corynebacterium kutscheri; Corynebacterium
minutissimum; Corynebacterium murisepticum; Corynebacterium ovis;
Corynebacterium parvum; Corynebacterium phocae; Corynebacterium
pseudodiphtheriticum; corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis; corynebacterium
pyogenes; Corynebacterium renale; Corynebacterium striatum;
Corynebacterium xerosis; coryza; Coryzavirus; COS cell; cosmesis;
cosmetic; cosmetic dermatitis; cosmetics; cosmetic surgery; cosmetic
techniques; cosmic dust; cosmic radiation; cosmic rays; cosmid; cosmid
map; cosmopolitan; cos site; costa; costa cervicalis; costae fluctuantes;
costae fluitantes; costae spuriae; costae verae; costal; costal angle;
costal arch; costal arch reflex; costal cartilage; costal chondritis;
costal facets; costal fringe; costalgia; costal groove; costal groove for
subclavian artery; cost allocation; costal margin; costal notch; costal
part of diaphragm; costal pit of transverse process; costal pleura;
costal pleurisy; costal process; costal respiration; costal surface;
costal surface of lung; costal surface of scapula; costal tuberosity;
costamere; cost-benefit analysis; cost control; costectomy; cost-
effective; Costen; Costen's syndrome; costicartilage; costiform; costive;
costiveness; costo-; costoaxillary vein; costocentral; costocervical
artery; costocervical trunk; costochondral; costochondral joint;
costochondral junction; costochondral syndrome; costochondritis;
costoclavicular; costoclavicular ligament; costoclavicular line;
costoclavicular syndrome; costocolic ligament; costocoracoid;
costodiaphragmatic recess; cost of illness; costogenic; costoinferior;
costomediastinal recess; costomediastinal sinus; costopectoral reflex;
costophrenic angle; costophrenic septal lines; costophrenic sulcus;
costoscapular; costoscapularis; costosternal; costosternoplasty;
costosuperior; costotome; costotomy; costotransverse;
costotransversectomy; costotransverse foramen; costotransverse joint;
costotransverse ligament; costovertebral; costovertebral joints;
costoxiphoid; costoxiphoid ligament; costs and cost analysis; cost
savings; cost sharing; cosubstrate; cosyntropin; Cotard; Cotard's
syndrome; cotarnine; cot death; COTe; cote d'ivoire; cotinine;
cotransduction; cotranslational; cotranslational transfer;
cotranslational transport; cotransport; Cotte, Gaston; Cotte's operation;
cotton; cotton-dust asthma; Cotton effect; cotton-fibre embolism; Cotton,
Frank; cotton-mill fever; cottonpox; cotton-root bark; cottonseed oil;
cotton-wool patches; cotton-wool spots; Cotunnius' aqueduct; Cotunnius'
canal; Cotunnius disease; Cotunnius, Domenico; Cotunnius' liquid;
Cotunnius' space; coturnix; cotyle; cotyledon; cotyledonary placenta;
Cotylogonimus; cotyloid; cotyloid cavity; cotyloid joint; cotyloid
ligament; cotyloid notch; cotype; couching; couching needle; cough; cough
fracture; cough reflex; cough suppressant; coulomb; coulomb collision;
coulomb ionisation; coulomb's force; coulomb's law; Coulter counter;
coumaphos; coumaranone; coumaric acids; coumaric anhydride; coumarin;
coumarin hydroxylase; coumarins; Coumel's tachycardia; coumestrol;
coumetarol; Councilman body; Councilmania; Councilman's lesion;
Councilman, William; counseling; counseling psychology; counselling;
count; count density; counter-; counterbalancing; counterconditioning;
countercurrent; countercurrent distribution; countercurrent exchanger;
countercurrent mechanism; countercurrent multiplier; counterdie;
counterextension; counterimmunoelectrophoresis; counterincision;
counterinvestment; counterirritant; counterirritation; counteropening;
counterphobic; counterpulsation; counterpuncture; countershock;
counterstain; counterstimulation; countertraction; countertransference;
countertransport; coup de sabre; coup injury of brain; couple; coupled
beats; coupled pulse; coupled reaction; coupled rhythm; coupled
transport; couples therapy; coupling; coupling defect; coupling factor;
coupling factors; coupling interval; coupling phase; Cournand's dip;
course; courtship; Courvoisier; courvoisier phenomenon; Courvoisier's
gallbladder; Courvoisier's law; Courvoisier's sign; cousin marriage;
couvade; Couvelaire; Couvelaire uterus; couvercle; covalent; covalent
bond; covalently closed circular DNA; cove plane; cover; coverage; cover
class; cover glass; covering; coverslip; cover test; covert
sensitization; cover-uncover test; cow; Cowden; Cowden's disease; cowden
syndrome; cowdria; Cowdria ruminantium; cowdriosis; Cowdry; Cowdry's type
A inclusion bodies; Cowdry's type B inclusion bodies; cow face; cow
kidney; cowl; Cowling's rule; cowl muscle; cow milk anaemia; cowperian;
cowperitis; Cowper's cyst; Cowper's gland; cowper's glands; Cowper's
ligament; Cowper, William; cowpox; cowpox virus; coxa; coxa adducta;
coxal bone; coxalgia; coxa plana; coxa valga; coxiella; coxiella
burnetii; coxitic scoliosis; coxitis; coxodynia; coxofemoral; coxotomy;
coxotuberculosis; Coxsackie encephalitis; Coxsackie virus; cozymase;
CPAP; CPCRA; CPEO; c-peptide; CpG island; cpg islands; cpg-rich island;
CPK; cpm; C polysaccharide; CPPB; CPPD; CPPV; CPR; C protein; cps; Cr;
crab; crab hand; crabs; Crabtree effect; Crabtree, Herbert; crab yaws;
crack; crack cocaine; cracked heel; cracked-pot resonance; cracked-pot
sound; cracked tooth syndrome; crackle; crackling jaw; crackling rale;
cradle; cradle cap; Crafoord clamp; Crafoord, Clarence; craft palsy;
Craigia; Cramer, Friedrich; Cramer wire splint; cramp; Crampton, Charles;
Crampton, Sir Philip; Crampton's line; Crampton's muscle; Crampton test;
cramp,writer's; Crandall's syndrome; crania; craniad; cranial; cranial
arteritis; cranial base; cranial bones; cranial capacity; cranial cavity;
cranial dystonia; cranial epidural space; cranial flexure; cranial
fontanels; cranial fossa, posterior; cranial index; cranial irradiation;
cranialis; cranial mononeuropathy III; cranial mononeuropathy vi; cranial
mononeuropathy vii; cranial nerve I; cranial nerve II; cranial nerve III;
cranial nerve IV; cranial nerve IX; cranial nerve neoplasms; cranial
nerves; cranial nerve V; cranial nerve VI; cranial nerve VII; cranial
nerve VIII; cranial nerve X; cranial nerve XI; cranial nerve XII; cranial
neuropore; cranial root of accessory nerve; cranial roots; cranial
sinuses; cranial sutures; cranial synchondroses; cranial vault; cranial
vertebra; craniamphitomy; Craniata; craniectomy; cranio-; cranio-aural;
craniocardiac reflex; craniocarpotarsal dysplasia; craniocarpotarsal
dystrophy; craniocele; craniocerebral; cranioclasia; cranioclast;
craniocleidodysostosis; craniodiaphysial dysplasia; craniodidymus;
craniofacial; craniofacial abnormalities; craniofacial angle;
craniofacial appliance; craniofacial axis; craniofacial dysjunction
fracture; craniofacial dysostosis; craniofacial fixation; craniofacial
notch; craniofacial surgery; craniofacial suspension wiring;
craniofenestria; craniognomy; craniograph; craniography; craniolacunia;
craniology; craniomalacia; craniomandibular disorders; craniomeningocele;
craniometaphysial dysplasia; craniometer; craniometric; craniometric
points; craniometry; craniopagus; craniopagus occipitalis; craniopagus
parasiticus; craniopathy; craniopharyngeal; craniopharyngeal canal;
craniopharyngeal duct; craniopharyngioma; craniophore; cranioplasty;
craniopuncture; craniorrhachidian; craniorrhachischisis; craniosacral;
craniosacral system; cranioschisis; craniosclerosis; cranioscopy;
craniospinal; craniospinal ganglia; craniospinalia ganglia;
craniostenosis; craniostosis; craniosynostoses; craniosynostosis;
craniotabes; craniotome; craniotomy; craniotonoscopy; craniotrypesis;
craniotympanic; cranium; cranium cerebrale; cranium viscerale; crapulent;
crasement; craseur; crash cart; crassamentum; Crassulacean acid
metabolism; crater; crater arc; crateriform; craterization; cravat
bandage; craw-craw; Crawford, Brian; crayfish; crazing; crazy chick
disease; CRD; C-reactive protein; cream; cream of tartar; crease; crease
wound; creatinaemia; creatinase; creatine; creatine kinase; creatine
kinase isoenzymes; creatine phosphate; creatine phosphokinase;
creatininase; creatinine; creatinine clearance; creatinine clearance
test; creatinine coefficient; creatinine deiminase; creatinuria;
creativeness; Crede, Karl; credentialing; Crede's manoeuvres; Crede's
methods; creek; creep; creeping eruption; creeping myiasis; creeping
palsy; creeping thrombosis; creeping ulcer; creep recovery; C region;
cremaster; cremasteric; cremasteric artery; cremasteric fascia;
cremasteric reflex; cremnocele; cremnophobia; crena; crena ani; crena
clunium; crena cordis; crenarchaeota; crenate; crenation; crenocyte;
crenocytosis; Crenosoma vulpis; crenulate; creola bodies; creophagy;
creosol; creosote; crepitant; crepitant rale; crepitation; crepitus;
crepuscular; Cre recombinase; crescendo angina; crescendo murmur;
crescendo sleep; crescent; crescent cell; crescent cell anaemia;
crescentic; crescentic glomerulonephritis; crescentic lobules of the
cerebellum; crescograph; cresol; cresolase; cresol red; crest; cresta;
crest of alveolar ridge; crest of cochlear opening; crest of fenestrae
cochleae; crest of greater tubercle; crest of head of rib; crest of
lesser tubercle; crest of neck of rib; crest of palatine bone; crest of
petrous part of temporal bone; crest of scapular spine; crests of nail
bed; CREST syndrome; cresylate; cresyl blue; cresyl echt; cresyl violet
acetate; creta; cretin; cretinism; cretinistic; cretinoid; cretinous;
Creutzfeld Jacob disease; Creutzfeldt, Hans Gerhard; creutzfeldt-jakob
disease; creutzfeldt-jakob syndrome; crevice; crevicular; crevicular
epithelium; crevicular fluid; CRF; CRH; cribber; crib-biting; crib death;
cribra; cribrate; cribration; cribriform; cribriform area of the renal
papilla; cribriform fascia; cribriform hymen; cribriform plate of ethmoid
bone; cribrous lamina; cribrum; Cricetinae; cricetulus; Cricetus;
Crichton-Browne; Crichton-Browne's sign; Crick; Crick, Francis;
cricoarytenoid; cricoarytenoid articular capsule; cricoarytenoid
articulation; cricoarytenoideus; cricoarytenoid joint; cricoesophageal
tendon; cricoid; cricoid cartilage; cricoidynia; cricopharyngeal;
cricopharyngeal ligament; cricopharyngeal myotomy; cricopharyngeal part
of inferior pharyngeal constrictor; cricopharyngeus muscle;
cricosantorinian ligament; cricothyroid; cricothyroid artery;
cricothyroid articular capsule; cricothyroid articulation;
cricothyroideus; cricothyroid joint; cricothyroid ligament; cricothyroid
membrane; cricothyroidotomy; cricothyrotomy; cricotomy; cricotracheal
ligament; cricotracheal membrane; cricovocal membrane; cri-du-chat
syndrome; Crigler; Crigler-Najjar disease; Crigler-Najjar syndrome;
Crile; Crile's clamp; crime; Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever; Crimean-
Congo haemorrhagic fever virus; Crimean fever; crime victims; criminal
abortion; criminal anthropology; criminal hygiene; criminal insanity;
criminal law; criminal psychology; criminology; crinin; crinis;
crinogenic; crinophagy; crippled; crippled strain; crisis; crisis
intervention; crisis period; crispation; crisscross heart; crista; crista
ampullaris; crista arcuata cartilaginis arytenoideae; crista basilaris
ductus cochlearis; crista buccinatoria; crista capitis costae; crista
colli costae; crista conchalis; crista conchalis maxillae; crista
conchalis ossis palatini; crista dentalis; crista dividens; cristae;
cristae cutis; cristae matricis unguis; cristae of mitochondria; cristae
sacrales intermediae; cristae sacrales laterales; crista ethmoidalis;
crista ethmoidalis maxillae; crista ethmoidalis ossis palatini; crista
fenestrae cochleae; crista frontalis; crista galli; crista glutea; crista
helicis; crista iliaca; crista infratemporalis; crista
intertrochanterica; crista lacrimalis anterior; crista lacrimalis
posterior; crista marginalis; crista medialis fibulae; crista musculi
supinatoris; crista nasalis; crista obturatoria; crista occipitalis
externa; crista occipitalis interna; crista palatina; crista phallica;
crista pubica; crista quarta; crista sacralis; crista sacralis mediana;
crista sphenoidalis; crista spiralis; crista supracondylaris lateralis;
crista supracondylaris medialis; crista supramastoidea; crista
supraventricularis; crista terminalis; crista transversa; crista
transversalis; crista triangularis; crista tuberculi majoris; crista
tuberculi minoris; crista urethralis; crista urethralis femininae; crista
urethralis masculinae; crista vestibuli; criterion; criterion-related
validity; crithidia; crithidia fasciculata; critical; critical angle;
critical care; critical care unit; critical concentration; critical
dissolved oxygen concentration; critical flicker fusion frequency;
critical gradient; critical habitat; critical illness; critical illness
polyneuropathy; critical mass; critical micelle concentration; critical
organ; critical pathway; critical period; critical pH; critical point;
critical point drying; critical pressure; critical rate; critical
temperature; critical velocity; crk; CRK4 protein kinase; CRL; CR lead;
CRM; cRNA; CRO; croatia; crocidismus; crocodile tears; crocodile tears
syndrome; Crocq, Jean; Crocq's disease; crocus; Crohn, Burrill; crohn
disease; crohn disease: extraintestinal manifestations; crohn disease:
phases; crohn disease: sites; crohn disease vs ulcerative colitis;
crohn's colitis; Crohn's disease; crohn's enteris; crohn's enterocolitis;
crohn's ileocolitis; cromakalim; cromolyn sodium; cronkhite-canada
syndrome; Cronkhite, Leonard Jr; Crooke, Arthur; Crookes' glass; Crooke's
granules; Crookes-Hittorf tube; Crooke's hyaline change; Crooke's hyaline
degeneration; Crookes, Sir William; crop gland; crop milk; cro protein;
crops, agricultural; crop tree; Crosby capsule; Crosby, William Holmes
Jr; cross; cross agglutination; crossallergy; crossbite; crossbite teeth;
crossbreed; crossbreeding; cross circulation; cross contamination; cross-
cultural comparison; cross-cultural psychiatry; cross-cut bur; cross-
dressing; crossed adductor jerk; crossed adductor reflex; crossed
anaesthesia; crossed aphasia; crossed cylinders; crossed embolism;
crossed extension reflex; crossed eyes; crossed fixation; crossed
hemianesthesia; crossed hemianopia; crossed hemiplegia; crossed
immunoelectrophoresis; crossed jerk; crossed knee jerk; crossed knee
reflex; crossed paralysis; crossed phrenic phenomenon; crossed pyramidal
tract; crossed reflex; crossed reflex of pelvis; crossed renal ectopia;
crossed spino-adductor reflex; crossed testicular ectopia; cross-eye;
cross flap; cross-hybridisation; cross hybridization; cross infection;
crossing over; cross-link; cross linking; cross-linking reagent; cross-
matching; crossover fixation; crossover study; cross-pollination; cross-
reacting agglutinin; cross-reacting antibody; cross-reacting material;
cross reaction; cross-reactive antibody; cross-resistance; cross-section;
cross-sectional echocardiography; cross-sectional method; cross-sectional
study; cross-table lateral projection; cross tolerance; crossway; Crosti,
A; crotalaria poisoning; crotalase; crotalid; Crotalidae; crotalid venom;
crotalin; crotaline; crotalism; crotalus; Crotalus antitoxin; Crotalus
toxin; crotamiton; crotaphion; crotonase; crotonic acids; crotonobetaine
reductase; croton oil; crotonyl-ACP reductase; crotoxin; crottle; croup;
croup-associated virus; croupous; croupous bronchitis; croupous
laryngitis; croupous lymph; croupous membrane; croupy; Crouzon, Octave;
crouzon's disease; Crouzon's syndrome; crouzon syndrome; crowding; Crowe,
Samuel; crowing inspiration; crown; crown angulation; crown cavity; crown
flask; crown gall; crown gall plasmid; crown gall tumour; crown glass;
crown-heel length; crown inclination; crowning; crown lengthening; crown
of head; crown of tooth; crown of Venus; crown-rump length; crowns; crown
tubercle; crp; Crp kinase; CRS; CR-serpinase; CRT; cruces; cruces
pilorum; crucial bandage; crucial ligament; cruciate; cruciate
anastomosis; cruciate eminence; cruciate ligament of leg; cruciate
ligament of the atlas; cruciate ligaments of knee; cruciate muscle;
crucible; cruciferae; cruciform eminence; cruciform ligament of atlas;
cruciform loops; cruciform part of fibrous digital sheath; cruciform part
of fibrous sheath; cruciform pulley; cruciform structure; crude birth
rate; crude calcium sulfide; crude death rate; crude drug; crude fibre;
crude protein; crude urine; crufomate; crumbs; cruor; crura; crural;
crural arch; crural fascia; crural fossa; crural hernia; crural
interosseous nerve; cruralis posterior; crural ring; crural septum;
crural sheath; crural triangle; crura membranacea ampullaria ductus
semicircularis; crura of bony semicircular canals; crura ossea canalium
semicircularium; crureus; crus; crus anterius capsulae internae; crus
anterius stapedis; crus anthelicis; crus breve incudis; crus cerebri;
crus clitoridis; crus corporis cavernosi penis; crus dextrum
diaphragmatis; crus dextrum fasciculi atrioventricularis; crus fornicis;
crush; crus helicis; crush kidney; crush syndrome; crus I; crus II; crus
laterale; crus laterale anuli inguinalis superficialis; crus laterale
cartilaginis alaris majoris; crus longum incudis; crus mediale; crus
mediale annuli inguinalis superficialis; crus mediale cartilaginis alaris
majoris; crus membranaceum commune ductus semicircularis; crus
membranaceum simplex ductus semicircularis; crus of antihelix; crus of
clitoris; crus of fornix; crus of helix; crus of penis; crusotomy; crus
penis; crus posterius capsulae internae; crus posterius stapedis; crus
sinistrum diaphragmatis; crus sinistrum fasciculi atrioventricularis;
crust; crusta; crustacea; crustacean; crustaceous; crusta inflammatoria;
crusta lactea; crusta phlogistica; crustecdysone; crusted ringworm;
crusted tetter; crutch; crutches; crutch palsy; crutch paralysis;
Cruveilhier-Baumgarten disease; Cruveilhier-Baumgarten murmur;
Cruveilhier-Baumgarten sign; Cruveilhier-Baumgarten syndrome;
Cruveilhier, Jean; Cruveilhier's disease; Cruveilhier's fascia;
Cruveilhier's fossa; Cruveilhier's joint; Cruveilhier's ligaments;
Cruveilhier's plexus; crux; crux of heart; Cruz, Oswaldo; Cruz
trypanosomiasis; cryalgesia; cryanesthesia; cryesthesia; cry for help;
crying; crymo-; crymodynia; crymophilic; crymophylactic; cryo-;
cryoablation; cryoanesthesia; cryobiology; cryocautery; cryoconization;
cryoextraction; cryoextractor; cryofibrinogen; cryofibrinogenaemia;
cryofixation; cryofluorane; cryogen; cryogenic; cryogenics; cryoglobulin;
cryoglobulinaemia; cryoglobulins; cryohydrate; cryohypophysectomy;
cryolysis; cryometer; cryonics; cryopallidectomy; cryopathy; cryopexy;
cryophilic; cryophilous; cryophylactic; cryoprecipitate;
cryoprecipitation; cryopreservation; cryoprobe; cryoprostatectomy;
cryoprotectant; cryoprotective; cryoprotective agents; cryoprotein;
cryopulvinectomy; cryoscope; cryoscopy; cryospasm; cryostat; cryosurgery;
cryothalamectomy; cryotherapy; cryotolerant; cryoultramicrotomy; crypt;
crypta; crypt abscesses; crypta tonsillaris; cryptectomy; cryptenamine
acetates; cryptic; cryptic plasmid; cryptitis; crypto-; cryptococcal
meningitis; cryptococcoma; cryptococcosis; Cryptococcus; cryptococcus
neoformans; cryptocrystalline; Cryptocystis trichodectis; cryptodidymus;
cryptogam; Cryptogamia; cryptogenic; cryptogenic cirrhosis; cryptogenic
epilepsy; cryptogenic infection; cryptogenic pyaemia; cryptogenic
septicaemia; cryptolith; cryptomenorrhoea; cryptophthalmus;
cryptophthalmus syndrome; cryptopodia; cryptopyrrole; cryptorchid;
cryptorchidism; cryptorchidopexy; cryptorchid testis; cryptorchism;
cryptoscope; cryptosporidiosis; cryptosporidium; cryptosporidium parvum;
Cryptostroma corticale; cryptotia; cryptoxanthin; cryptozoite;
cryptozygous; crypts of iris; cry reflex; crystal; crystal, birefringent;
crystallin; crystalline; crystalline capsule; crystalline cataract;
crystalline digitalin; crystalline insulin zinc suspension; crystalline
interface; crystalline lens; crystalline protein; crystallins;
crystallised trypsin; crystallization; crystallogram; crystallography;
crystallography, X-ray; crystalloid; crystallophobia; crystalluria;
crystal rash; crystals; crystal structure; crystal violet; crystal violet
vaccine; crytotetany; Cs; CS2 secondary
alkylsulfohydrolase; CSBP kinase; C-section; CSF; CSF leak; CSF
rhinorrhoea; CSI; Csillag; Csillag's disease; Csk-like protein-tyrosine
kinase; C sliding osteotomy; c strand; C subfibre; CT; CTD;
Ctenocephalides; C-terminal leucine protein methyltransferase; C-
terminus; CTL; CT number; CTP; CTP-CMP-3-deoxynonulosonate
cytidyltransferase; CTP-RNA cytidylyltransferase; CT scan; CT unit; CT
value; C type lectin; C type virus; Cu; cuba; Cuban itch; cubeb; cube
pessary; cubic niter; cubital; cubital bone; cubital fossa; cubital
joint; cubital lymph nodes; cubital nerve; cubitus; cubitus valgus;
cubitus varus; cuboid; cuboidal articular surface of calcaneus; cuboidal
epithelium; cuboid bone; cuboideonavicular joint; cuboideonavicular
ligaments; cuboidodigital reflex; cucullate; cucumber mosaic virus
satellite; cucumbers; cucumovirus; cucurbitaceae; cucurbitacin delta 23-
reductase; cudbear; cue; cues; cuff; cuffing; cuirass; cuirass
respirator; cul-de-sac; cul-de-sac smear; culdocentesis; culdoplasty;
culdoscope; culdoscopy; culdotomy; culex; culicidae; culicidal; culicide;
culicifuge; Culicoides; Culicoides austeni; Culicoides furens; Culicoides
milnei; Culicoides variipennis; culicosis; Culiseta melanura; cull;
Cullen's sign; Cullen, Thomas; cull section; cull tree; culm; culmen;
Culp, Ormond; Culp pyeloplasty; cult; cultigen; cultivated yeast;
cultivation; cultural anthropology; cultural characteristics; cultural
deprivation; cultural diversity; cultural evolution; cultural shock;
culture; culture collections; cultured; culture media; culture media,
conditioned; culture media, serum-free; culture medium; Culver's root;
cum; cumarin; cumetharol; cumethoxaethane; Cummer's classification;
Cummer's guideline; Cummer, William; cUMP; cumulative; cumulative action;
cumulative dose; cumulative effect; cumulative effects; Cumulative Index
Medicus; cumulative trauma disorders; cumulus; cumulus oophorus; cumulus
ovaricus; cuneate; cuneate fasciculus; cuneate funiculus; cuneate
nucleus; cuneiform; cuneiform bone; cuneiform cartilage; cuneiform
cataract; cuneiform lobe; cuneiform tubercle; cuneocerebellar tract;
cuneocuboid; cuneocuboid joint; cuneocuboid ligaments; cuneometatarsal
joints; cuneonavicular; cuneonavicular articulation; cuneonavicular
joint; cuneonavicular ligaments; cuneoscaphoid; cuneus; cuniculus;
cunnilinction; cunnilingus; Cunninghamella elegans; cunnus; cup; cup
biopsy forceps; cup of palm; cupola; cupped; cupping; cupping glass;
cupric; cupric acetate; cupric arsenite; cupric chloride; cupric citrate;
cupric sulfate; cupriuresis; cuprizone; cupula; cupula cochleae; cupula
cristae ampullaris; cupula of cochlea; cupula pleurae; cupular; cupular
blind sac; cupular caecum of the cochlear duct; cupular part of
epitympanic recess; cupulate; cupule; cupuliform; cupuliform cataract;
cupulogram; cupulolithiasis; curage; curare; curariform; curarimimetic;
curarine; curarization; curarize; curative; curative dose; curb; curb
tenotomy; curby hock; curcumin; curd; curdy pus; cure; curet; curetment;
curettage; curette; curettement; Curie; curing; curing light; curium;
curlicue ureter; Curling's ulcer; Curling, Thomas; currant jelly clot;
current; current density; current drive; current of injury; curriculum;
Curschmann, Heinrich; Curschmann's disease; curse; Curtis, Arthur;
curvatura; curvatura ventriculi major; curvatura ventriculi minor;
curvature; curvature aberration; curvature hyperopia; curvature of field;
curve; curve of occlusion; curve of Spee; curvinerved; Curvularia;
cushing disease; Cushing effect; Cushing, Harvey; Cushing, Hayward;
cushingoid; Cushing phenomenon; Cushing response; Cushing's basophilism;
Cushing's disease; Cushing's pituitary basophilism; Cushing's suture;
Cushing's syndrome; Cushing's syndrome medicamentosus; cushing syndrome;
cushion; cushion of epiglottis; cusp; cuspad; cuspal; cuspal
interference; cusp angle; cusped geometry; cusp height; cuspid;
cuspidate; cuspid tooth; cuspis; cuspis anterior valvae
atrioventricularis dextrae/sinistrae; cuspis coronae; cuspis dentis;
cuspis posterior valvae atrioventricularis dextrae/sinistrae; cuspis
septalis valvae atrioventricularis dextrae; cuspless tooth; cusp of
Carabelli; cusp of tooth; custodial care; cusum; cut;
cutaneomeningospinal angiomatosis; cutaneomucosal; cutaneomucous muscle;
cutaneomucouveal syndrome; cutaneous; cutaneous absorption; cutaneous
albinism; cutaneous ancylostomiasis; cutaneous anthrax; cutaneous
apoplexy; cutaneous blastomycosis; cutaneous branch of obturator nerve;
cutaneous cervical nerve; cutaneous diphtheria; cutaneous emphysema;
cutaneous fistula; cutaneous focal mucinosis; cutaneous gangrene;
cutaneous glands; cutaneous graft versus host reaction; cutaneous
habronaemiasis; cutaneous haemorrhoids; cutaneous horn; cutaneous larva
migrans; cutaneous layer of tympanic membrane; cutaneous leishmaniasis;
cutaneous loop ureterostomy; cutaneous lupus erythematosus; cutaneous
meningioma; cutaneous muscle; cutaneous myiasis; cutaneous nerve;
cutaneous pupil reflex; cutaneous reaction; cutaneous reflex; cutaneous
schistosomiasis japonica; cutaneous T-cell lymphoma; cutaneous test;
cutaneous tuberculosis; cutaneous ureterostomy; cutaneous vasculitis;
cutaneous vein; cutch; cutdown; Cuterebra; cuticle; cuticle of hair;
cuticle of nail; cuticle of root sheath; cuticula; cuticula dentis;
cuticula pili; cuticularization; cutin; cutinase; cutireaction;
cutireaction test; cutis; cutis anserina; cutisector; cutis graft; cutis
laxa; cutis marmorata; cutis plate; cutis rhomboidalis nuchae; cutis
unctuosa; cutis vera; cutis verticis gyrata; cutization; cuts; cutting;
cutting edge; cutting forceps; cutting needle; cutting teeth; cuttlefish
disk; cuvet; cuvette; cuvette oximeter; Cuvier; Cuvier's ducts; Cuvier's
veins; CV; CV-1 SPase; CVA; C value; C value paradox; cvniti; CVP; CVS; C
wave; CX; cyamemazine; cyan-; cyanaemia; cyanalcohols; cyanamide;
cyanate; cyanate permease; cyanates; cyanidase; cyanide; cyanide
dihydratase; cyanide hydratase; cyanide methemoglobin; cyanide-
nitroprusside test; cyanidenon; cyanide poisoning; cyanides; cyanidol;
cyanine green G base; cyanmethemoglobin; cyano-; cyanoacrylates;
Cyanobacteria; cyanobacterium-like bodies; cyanochroic; cyanocobalamin;
cyanocobalamin beta-ligand transferase; cyanogen; cyanogen bromide;
cyanogenic; cyanohydrins; cyanoketone; cyanophil; cyanophilous;
Cyanophyceae; Cyanophyta; cyanopia; cyanopsia; cyanosed; cyanosis;
cyanosis retinae; cyanotic; cyanotic asphyxia; cyanotic atrophy; cyanotic
atrophy of the liver; cyanotic induration; cyanuria; cyanuric acid;
cyanuric acid amidohydrolase; cyathium; Cyathostoma; Cyathostomum;
cybernetics; cybrid; cycasin; cycl-; cyclacillin; cyclamate; cyclamates;
cyclamic acid; cyclamide; cyclandelate; cyclarbamate; cyclarthrodial;
cyclarthrosis; cyclase; cyclazocine; cycle; cyclectomy; cyclencephaly;
cycles per second; cyclic; cyclic 2,3-diphosphoglycerate synthetase;
cyclic adenylic acid; cyclic albuminuria; cyclic AMP; cyclic AMP-
dependent protein kinase; cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinases; cyclic
AMP receptor protein; cyclic cmp; cyclic compound; cyclic esotropia;
cyclic GMP; cyclic GMP-dependent protein kinases; cyclic GMP sensitive
3'-exoribonuclease; cyclic guanosine monophosphate; cyclic
haematopoiesis; cyclic imp; cyclic inositol phosphate; cyclic
neutropenia; cyclic nucleotide; cyclic nucleotide-regulated protein
kinases; cyclic peptide; cyclic phosphate; cyclic phosphoric acid; cyclic
phosphorylation; cyclic photophosphorylation; cyclic strabismus; cyclic
uridine 3',5'-monophosphate; cyclin; cyclin a; cyclin b; cyclin d1;
cyclin-dependent kinases; cyclin e; cyclin E-dependent kinase; cyclins;
cyclitis; cyclization; cyclizine; cyclizine hydrochloride; cyclizine
lactate; cyclo-; cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride; cyclocephaly;
cyclochoroiditis; cyclocryotherapy; cyclocumarol; cyclodestructive;
cyclodextrin; cyclodextrin glucoamylase; cyclodextrins; cyclodialysis;
cyclodiathermy; cycloduction; cycloelectrolysis; cycloeucalenol-obtusifol
isomerase; cyclofenil; cycloguanil pamoate; cyclohexadienyl dehydratase;
cyclohexanes; cyclohexanesulfamic acid; cyclohexanols; cyclohexanone
oxygenase; cyclohexanones; cyclohexatriene; cycloheximide; cyclohexitol;
cyclohexylamines; cyclohexylideneacetyl-CoA hydratase; cyclohexylsulfamic
acid; cycloid; cycloinulo-oligosaccharide fructanotransferase;
cycloisomaltooligosaccharide glucanotransferase; cyclol; cycloleucine;
cyclolysin; cyclonamine; cyclone separator; cyclooxygenase;
cyclooxygenase inhibitor; cycloparaffins; cyclopea; cyclopean;
cyclopentamine hydrochloride; cyclopentane; cyclopentanone monooxygenase;
cyclopenta phenanthrene; cyclopentaphene; cyclopenthiazide;
cyclopentolate; cyclopentolate hydrochloride; cyclopeptide; cyclopeptide
synthetase; cyclophenazine hydrochloride; cyclophilin; cyclophorases;
cyclophoria; cyclophosphamide; cyclophotocoagulation; cyclophrenia;
Cyclophyllidae; cyclopia; cyclopian; cyclopian eye; cyclopiazonic acid;
cycloplegia; cycloplegic; cyclopropane; cyclopropane synthetase; cyclops;
cycloserine; cyclosis; Cyclospora; cyclospora cayetanensis; cyclosporin;
cyclosporin A; cyclosporin A synthetase; cyclosporine; cyclosporins;
cyclosteroids; cyclothiazide; cyclothymia; cyclothymiac; cyclothymic
disorder; cyclothymic personality; cyclothymic personality disorder;
cyclotomy; cyclotorsion; cyclotron; cyclotron frequency; cyclotron
radius; cyclotron resonance; cyclotrons; cyclotropia; cyclozoonosis;
cycrimine hydrochloride; Cyd; cyesis; cyheptamide; cylinder; cylinder
retinoscopy; cylindraxis; cylindrical; cylindrical bronchiectasis;
cylindrical epithelium; cylindrical lens; cylindroadenoma; cylindroid;
cylindroid aneurysm; cylindroma; cylindromatous carcinoma;
cylindrosarcoma; cylindruria; cyllosoma; cymA hydroxylase reductase;
cymarin; cymarine; cymba conchae; cymbocephalic; cymbocephaly; cyme;
cymose; cymule; cynanthropy; cynic; cynic spasm; cynocephaly; cynodont;
cynophobia; Cyon, Elie de; Cyon's nerve; cypridophobia; cyprinidae;
cypriniformes; cyprinodontiformes; cyproheptadine; cyproheptadine
hydrochloride; cyproterone; cyproterone acetate; cyprus; cypsela; Cys;
cyst; cystacanth; cystadenocarcinoma; cystadenocarcinoma, mucinous;
cystadenocarcinoma, papillary; cystadenocarcinoma, serous; cystadenoma;
cystadenoma, mucinous; cystadenoma, papillary; cystadenoma, serous;
cystalgia; cystamine; cystaphos; cystathionase; cystathionine;
cystathionine beta-lyase; cystathionine beta-synthase; cystathionine
gamma-lyase; cystathionine gamma-synthase; cystathioninuria; cystatin;
cystatins; cyst, baker's; cysteamine; cystectasia; cystectasy;
cystectomy; cysteic acid; cysteine; cysteine aminopeptidase; cysteine
carboxypeptidase; cysteine conjugate S-oxidase; cysteine conjugate
transaminase; cysteine desulfhydrase; cysteine desulfurase; cysteine
proteinase; cysteine proteinase inhibitors; cysteine proteinases;
cysteine S-conjugate N-acetyltransferase; cysteine string protein;
cysteine sulfinate desulfinase; cysteine sulfinic acid; cysteine
synthase; cysteinyl; cysteinyldopa; cysteinyl-tRNA synthetase; cystic;
cystic acne; cystic adenomatoid malformation of lung; cystic adenomatoid
malformation of lung, congenital; cystic adnexal masses; cystic artery;
cystic bronchiectasis; cystic carcinoma; cystic diathesis; cystic disease
of renal medulla; cystic duct; cystic duct cholangiography; cysticercoid;
cysticercosis; cysticercus; Cysticercus bovis; Cysticercus cellulosae;
cysticercus disease; Cysticercus fasciolaris; Cysticercus pisiformis;
Cysticercus tenuicollis; cystic fibrosis; cystic fibrosis antigen; cystic
fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator; cystic gall duct; cystic
goiter; cystic hygroma; cystic hyperplasia; cystic hyperplasia of the
breast; cystic kidney; cystic liver metastases; cystic lymphangiectasis;
cystic lymph node; cystic medial necrosis; cystic mole; cystic node;
cystic papillomatous craniopharyngioma; cystic pelvic mass; cystic polyp;
cystic sellar mass; cystic vein; cystides; cystifelleotomy; cystiform;
cystigerous; cystinaemia; cystine; cystine bridge; cystine calculus;
cystine desulfhydrase; cystine disease; cystine lyase; cystine storage
disease; cystinosis; cystinotic leukocyte; cystinuria; cystinyl;
cystiphorous; cystis; cystis fellea; cystistaxis; cystis urinaria;
cystitis; cystitis colli; cystitis cystica; cystitis glandularis;
cystitis, interstitial; cyst, meibomian; cysto-; cystoadenoma;
cystoblast; cystocarcinoma; cystocele; cystochromoscopy; cystocolostomy;
cystocyte; cystoduodenal ligament; cystoduodenostomy; cystoenterocele;
cystoenterostomy; cystoepiplocele; cystoepithelioma; cystofibroma;
cystogastrostomy; cystogram; cystography; cystoid; cystoid macular
oedema; cystoid maculopathy; cystojejunostomy; cystolith;
cystolithalopaxy; cystolithiasis; cystolithic; cystolithotomy; cystoma;
cystometer; cystometrogram; cystometrography; cystometry; cystomorphous;
cystomyoma; cystomyxoadenoma; cystomyxoma; cystopanendoscopy;
cystoparalysis; cystopexy; cystopherous; cystophotography; cystoplasty;
cystoplegia; cystoprostatectomy; cystopyelitis; cystopyelonephritis;
cystoradiogram; cystoradiography; cystorrhaphy; cystorrhoea;
cystosarcoma; cystoscope; cystoscopic urography; cystoscopy; cystospasm;
cystostomy; cystotome; cystotomy; cystoureteritis; cystoureterogram;
cystoureterography; cystourethritis; cystourethrocele; cystourethrogram;
cystourethrography; cystourethroscope; cystourethroscopy; cystous;
cystoviridae; cyst, pilonidal; cysts; cysts by ultrasound; cyst,
sebaceous; cyst, synovial, of the popliteal space; cyst, tarsal; cyst
thyroglossal; cyst, thyrolingual; cystyl-aminopeptidase; Cyt;
cytapheresis; cytarabine; cytase; Cytauxzoon; Cytauxzoon felis;
cytauxzoonosis; cythemolytic icterus; cytidine; cytidine 5'-diphosphate;
cytidine 5'-monophosphatase; cytidine 5'-triphosphate; cytidine
deaminase; cytidine diphosphate; cytidine diphosphate choline; cytidine
diphosphate diglycerides; cytidine diphosphocholine; cytidine
diphosphoglyceride; cytidine diphosphosugar; cytidine monophosphate;
cytidine monophosphate n-acetylneuraminic acid; cytidine phosphate;
cytidine triphosphate; cytidylic acid; cytisine; cyto-; cytoanalyzer;
cytoarchitectonics; cytoarchitectural; cytoarchitecture; cytobiology;
cytobiosis; cytobiotaxis; cytocalbins; cytocentrum; cytochalasin;
cytochalasin b; cytochalasin d; cytochalasins; cytochemistry; cytochrome;
cytochrome a; cytochrome aa3; cytochrome b; cytochrome b5; cytochrome b5
reductase; cytochrome b(5) reductase; cytochrome C; cytochrome c1;
cytochrome C1 haem lyase; cytochrome c2 reductase; cytochrome c3
hydrogenase; cytochrome C553 peroxidase; cytochrome cd; cytochrome C
hydrolase; cytochrome C-methionine methyltransferase; cytochrome C
methyltransferase; cytochrome-c oxidase; cytochrome-c peroxidase;
cytochrome c reductase; cytochrome C synthetase; cytochrome d; cytochrome
oxidase; cytochrome p-450; cytochrome p-450 cyp11b2; cytochrome p-450
cyp1a1; cytochrome p-450 cyp1a2; cytochrome p-450 cyp2b1; cytochrome p-
450 cyp2d6; cytochrome p-450 cyp2e1; cytochrome P-450-dependent digitoxin
12beta-hydroxylase; cytochrome P-450 oxidase; cytochrome P-450SCC;
cytochrome peroxidase; cytochrome reductase; cytochrome reductases;
cytochromes; cytochrome system; cytochylema; cytocidal; cytocide;
cytoclasis; cytoclastic; cytoclesis; cytocrine gland; cytocrine
secretion; cytocuprein; cytocyst; cytodiagnosis; cytodieresis;
cytodifferentiation; cytofluorometry; cytogene; cytogenesis;
cytogeneticist; cytogenetic map; cytogenetics; cytogenetics, clinical;
cytogenic; cytogenic reproduction; cytogenous; cytoglucopenia; cytohet;
cytohyaloplasm; cytoid; cytoid bodies; cytokeratin; cytokeratin
filaments; cytokeratins; cytokine; cytokines; cytokinesis; cytokinin;
cytokinin oxidase; cytokinins; cytolemma; cytolipin; cytologic; cytologic
examination; cytologic screening; cytologic smear; cytologic specimen;
cytologist; cytology; cytology brush; cytolymph; cytolysin; cytolysis;
cytolysosome; cytolytic; cytoma; cytomatrix; cytomegalic; cytomegalic
cells; cytomegalic inclusion disease; cytomegalovirus; cytomegalovirus
disease; cytomegalovirus infections; cytomegalovirus polyradiculopathy;
cytomegalovirus retinitis; cytomembrane; cytomere; cytometaplasia;
cytometer; cytometry; cytometry, flow; cytomicrosome; cytomorphology;
cytomorphosis; cyton; cytopathic; cytopathic effect; cytopathogenic;
cytopathogenic effect, viral; cytopathogenic virus; cytopathologic;
cytopathologist; cytopathology; cytopathy; cytopempsis; cytopenia;
cytophaga; cytophagaceae; cytophagales; cytophagous; cytophagy;
cytophanere; cytopharynx; cytophil group; cytophilic; cytophilic
antibody; cytophotometry; cytophylactic; cytophylaxis; cytophyletic;
cytopipette; cytoplasm; cytoplasmic; cytoplasmic antiproteinase;
cytoplasmic bridge; cytoplasmic bridges; cytoplasmic gene; cytoplasmic
granules; cytoplasmic inclusion bodies; cytoplasmic inheritance;
cytoplasmic matrix; cytoplasmic membrane; cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus
group; cytoplasmic streaming; cytoplasmon; cytoplast; cytopoiesis;
cytopreparation; cytoproct; cytoprotection; cytopyge; cytoreductive
therapy; cytoryctes; cytosides; cytosine; cytosine arabinoside; cytosine-
DNA glycosidase; cytosine ribonucleoside; cytosine-UDP-
glucuronosyltransferase; cytosis; cytoskeletal proteins; cytoskeleton;
cytosmear; cytosol; cytosolic; cytosol non-specific dipeptidase;
cytosome; cytostasis; cytostatic; cytostome; cytotactic; cytotactin;
cytotaxis; cytothesis; cytotoxic; cytotoxic cell; cytotoxic drugs;
cytotoxicity; cytotoxicity, immunologic; cytotoxicity tests, immunologic;
cytotoxic reaction; cytotoxic T-cell; cytotoxic t-lymphocyte; cytotoxic T
lymphocyte-specific serine protease; cytotoxin; cytotoxins;
cytotrophoblast; cytotrophoblastic cells; cytotrophoblastic shell;
cytotropic; cytotropic antibody; cytotropic antibody test; cytotropism;
cytozoic; cytozoon; cytozyme; cyturia; Czapek; Czapek-Dox medium;
Czapek's medium; Czapek's solution agar; CZE; czechoslovakia; czech
republic; Czerny; Czerny-Lembert suture; Czerny's suture;

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