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					UNIVERSITY OF PORTSMOUTH SCHOOL OF EARTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES 2GS411 Engineering Geomorphology Quaternary Stratigraphy Coursework Task A major new construction project is planned in the following designated area:

Hertford, Ware and Stevenage
As part of the project brief, a detailed desk study report is required on the Geological Setting or ‘Geoframework’ of this particular area. Your report should detail the underlying solid geology and the Quaternary history of the area and the subsequent landforms, sediments and potential geological hazards that could be encountered in the region. You should also include a brief fully referenced account, using appropriate tables, plots and graphs, of the expected geotechnical parameter values of the Quaternary deposits. This desk study report should be succinct (2,500 words) and include appropriate maps, plots and diagrams together with an extensive reference list. The report should be word-processed and individually produced and should provide a detailed framework for the subsequent project ground investigation and geotechnical interpretative report. Marking Schedule Marks will be awarded for the following: 1. Report structure 2. Solid geology detail 3. Quaternary geology detail 4. Use and quality of sections, plans, maps and diagrams 5. Geotechnical detail of the Quaternary deposits 6. Reference and literature list DPG February 2006