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CURRICULUM VITAE (volledig) by HC12110422417


									                    THOM STUART

Address                         : Thomas Schwenckestraat 42
Zipcode and city                : 2563 BZ Den Haag
Telephonenumber                 : 31(0)70-392.1866
Mobile phone                    : 31(0)6-222.37.839
E-mail                          :
Website                         :
Date of birth                   : february 1st 1966
Place of birth                  : Heerlen, Netherlands

1970-1978                       : Private balletschool of Karin Kurris
1978-1984                       : Professional education at the Royal Conservatory, The Hague
Theachers                       : Martinette Janmaat, Marian Sarstadt, Robert Fischer, Iwan Kramer.
Danced choreographies by        : Jiri Kylian, George Balanchine, David Lichine
Studiet repetoire of            : Netherlands Dancetheater, Dutch National Ballet

1996 - 2010                     : In several productions of De Dutch Don’t Dance Division
2003                            : caracterdancer in “An American Nutcracker” by Kirk Peterson, with
                                Dance Connecticut, soloists of ABT2, principals of ABT
2002                            : principal in “Puppetmeat” by Patrizia van Roessel
1994 - 2000                     :guestsoloist in Sally Tophams ‘’Nutcracker’’, Shore Ballet, NJ, USA
1998                            : “Wonderous The Hague” journey in dance by Rinus Sprong, trough the
                                city of The Hague, to celebrate its 750 years of existence
1998                            :”Never Again” by Rinus Sprong, performed in Lumea Dansului at the
                                National Theater Boekarest on invitation by Gigi Caciuleanu, broadcasted
                                on Rumanian National Television
1997-1998                       : guestsoloist; Danceworks Rotterdam, in Ton Simons; “Grace”
1997                            : guestprincipal; Scapino Ballet, in Ed Wubbe’s; ”Perfect Skin”
1996                            : guestsoloist; Palindrome Dance Company, Neurenberg, Germany
Choreographies by               : Robert Wechsler, multi-media produktion, interactive with computers
1995                            : guestsoloist ; Bat-Dor Dance Company, Tel Aviv, Israel
Choreographies by               : Choo San Goh, Nils Christe, Ora Dror, Ania Brud
1993-1994                       : Feld Ballets, New York; leading roles in choreographies by Elliot Feld
1987-1993                       : Scapino Ballet, Amsterdam
Choreographies by               : Armando Navarro, Nils Christe, Ed Wubbe, Hans van Manen, Mats Ek,
                                Daniel Ezralow, Jan Linkens, John Wisman, Paula Vink, Kirsten Debrock,
                                Tamara Roso, Rinus Sprong
1985-1987                       : Introdans, Arnhem
Choreographies by               : Ton Wiggers, Nils Christe, Ed Wubbe, Bernd R. Bienert, Jan Hein van
                                Tol, Henriette Reesema, Kim van der Boon
1985                            :International Folkloristic Danceheater, Amsterdam
Choreographies by               : Ferenç Novak, Theodore Vacelescu

Netherlands, USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Israël, Greece
and Marocco.
2011 Rodelinda, Theater an der Wien, conductor Nicolaus Harnoncourt, director Phillip Harnoncourt
       Butterfly Lovers, Festival Classique, in collaboration with The Residential Orchestra The Hague
       Finale, Dansparade Holland Dance festival
2010 Die Fledermaus, Theater an der Wien, conductor Cornelius Meister director Phillip Himmelmann
       ABDALLAH and the Gazelle of Basra, DeDDDD, Lucent Danstheater, Den Haag
2009 Arms around You, opening of manifestation World Aids Week, City Hall The Hague, together with
       visual artist Ciska den Hartog
       Death in Venice, opera at the Hamburg State Opera Germany, Theater an der Wien, Austria,
       conductor Simone Young, director Ramin Gray
       Death in Venice, Theater an der Wien, Vienna, conductor Donald Runicals, director Ramin Gray
       Silverwork, Scapino Ballet in collaboration with CoDarts University
       DansParade, Holland Dance Festival 09, with 1000 dancers
2008 Barre@theBeach, DeDDDD incollaboration with Hannah de Leeuwe and Rinus Sprong
       Icosaeder, CoDarts University of Performing Arts
2007 La Strada, in collaboration with Hannah de Leeuwe and Rinus Sprong
       Stamina, CoDarts, for the 70th birthday of Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands
       Bolero, Finale Danceparade, Holland Dance Festival 07
2006 Coriolanus, DeDDDD, Festival De Parade
       Nutcracker in The Big Church, DeDDDD in collaboration with Holland Dance festival
2005 Dance into Trance, finalchoreography of the danceparade, Holland Dance Festival, with DJ
       Antiphus and over 1000 non-professional dancers from The Hague and region.
       Long Time Women, Dancegroup Move On, commissioned by the foundation of friends of the
       Center for Arts and Culture, Zoetermeer
       Carmen, De Dutch Don’t Dance Division a.o. summerfestival de Parade ; Rotterdam, The Hague,
       Utrecht, Amsterdam, (105 performances)
       Company, solo for Henna Lee and the Doelen Kwartet Rotterdam
2004 Bats from Hell, Mateh Asher School of Performing Arts, Ga-aton Israel
       Paloma Paloma” , Highschool for Music and Dance/pre-education R’dam Danceacademy
       Abschied” , for Roche Pharmaceuticals (commissioned by Holland Dance Festival)
       Dolf Brouwers, is that me? choreography/movement for a play by Rob van Dalen
       at Theater De Regentes, director Guusje Eijbers
       Terra Teatro, concept, direction, choreography for eveninglength theaterproduction for
       foundation of visual artists Terra, in collaboration with Theatergroup Daidalos,
       ExNunc; ExNunc, Susan Laraghy (ex-NDT), Terramembers a.o.
       Misch Masch mit Mozart, 45 min. choreography for all 68 students of the pre-education of the
       Danceacademy Arnhem, for the opening of the new building of ArtEZ, University of Arts
2003 Transylvanian Lullaby, Mateh Asher School of Performing Arts, Ga-aton Israel
      Noblesse Oblige, Highschool for Music and Dance/pre-education R’dam Danceacademy
      Ballast, autobio-solo for 10 years Theater aan het Spui,
       Also the subject for a documentary of RVU Radio, by Mirella Simoncini
      Fortuna's Family, 3rd and last part of the Fortuna-trilogy, De Dutch Don't Dance Division, for
      Festival de Parade
      Orlando, eveninglenght storyballet for De Dutch Don’t Dance Division, performed in big churches,
      Holland Dance Festival and national tour
      Singular Sensations finalchoreography of danceparade, Holland Dance Festival, with 1000 non-
      professional dancers from The Hague and region.
2002 The Dropping, choreography for 6 soccerplayers of the Quickboys from
      Katwijk, for “Varnish”, a cultural program on regional television
      Blue Blood, half-evening ballet, inspired by/based on barokdance for 6 dancers and
      singer/performer Rinus Sprong, in a double-bill with Sanne van der Put, Theater aan het Spui and
      national tour
      Fortuna’s Wedding, (a musical revue in song and dance) 2nd part of the fortuna-trilogy, for
      festival De Parade, with 14 dancers, singers and actors. After national tour also in Spanish version
      in Barcelona, festival Boulevard of Broken Dreams. (over 16000 audience!)
2001 Overture to Orpheus, De Dutch Don’t Dance Division and Annelie de Man (harpsichord)
      Combined with revival of “”Eugene & Marion” (1994) and “Trash” ( 1996)
       Pillow Talk, choreographyproject in collaboration with Rinus Sprong, for all 34 students of the 1 st
       year, of the Rotterdam Danceacademy
       Weena, Scapino Ballet, (16 dancers) in their program “Twools 4 - 75 min. non-stop dance”.
       Farewellballet for soloist Beth Bartholomew
       Devils Dances, suite of dances for 65 students of the Highschool for Music and Dance/pre-
       education R’dam Danceacademy
       Fortuna’s Follies, De Dutch Don’t Dance Division, Festival De Parade, awarded with “The
       Sparrow 2001”, price for best production of the year, on that festival
       DanceTornado, spectacular opening of the Holland Dance Festival with 600 non-professional
       dancers from The Hague and around and a show- and marchingband of 30
       Vision, choreography for 4 young boys and 3 old men, of the province of Utrecht, commissioned
       by the National Center of Amateurdance
2000   Luff!, duet on pointshoes, Rotterdam Dancecademy
       The Manson Family, an opera by John Moran, (direction, choreography, set- and
       costumedesign) De Dutch don’t Dance Division. National tour of large theaters
       Broken White, eveninglenght production on location in an old barn of a farm in the province of
       Friesland. Dancegroup Duende and the school of Grietine Molenbuur. 23 semi-professional female
       dancers in the age of 11 to 62 years and dancer/singer Rinus Sprong. Set and installation by
       visual artist Wilma Marijnissen.
       Wunderbra, cabaretperformance in collaboration with Eva Svensson.
       Sirensclub, Rubbermonkey and Slipperroom, New York City, USA
       Mass, duet with Rinus Sprong for the Winter Parade 2000, Amsterdam
1999   Flight over The Hague’, choreography and dance for a multimedia performance of/with Cor
       Gout, actor Eddie Kagie, visual artist Heiner Holtappels and musicgroup Trespassers W. Korzo
       theater production, The Hague
       Nightshade, 9 female students of the Rotterdam Danceacademy
       Hansel&Gretel, De Dutch Don’t Dance Division, Festival De Parade, Lowlands Festival, Humor
       and Cartoons Festival Eindhoven
       Dancegallery, concept, choreography and dance for a performance in the statuegarden behind
       and commissioned by the citytheatre of Eindhoven. With violinist Brynn Albanese, actress Saskia
       Krol, dancers; Rinus Sprong, Andreas Leertouwer, Marta Lopez-Garcia
       Off Side, openingperformance of the “Netherlands Dancedays” in Maastricht, for 60 soccerplayers
       between 6 to 12 years
        The Passage, openings manifestation for the Holland Dans Festival
1998   Eye, choreography and dance in colaboration with cellist Justa de Jong and composer Michel van
       der Aa for: “The evening of Michel van der Aa”. Organized by Zaal de Unie, Rotterdam
       Snakewoman / Polarbears, for the program “Piste” (circusring) of Introdance Ensemble
       for the youth
       Passo D’uomo, choreography and solodance. Mayfestival at the Royal Conservatory, The Hague,
       honoring composor Sylvano Bussotti
       Encore, workshop of Danceworks Rotterdam; farewellsolo for Joke Zijlstra (ex-NDT)
       Deadly7ins, De Dutch Don’t Dance Division for Festival De Parade
       Pull Over, (Carmen for kids) Highschool for Music and Dance/pre-education R’dam
       Danceacademy (in 2001 revived in Tel Aviv, in 2002 in Ga’aton, Israel)
       ’The Start’, openingsmanifestation of the CaDance Festival ’98 in the Big Church of the Hague.
       With Sabine Kupferberg (NDT-3/wife of Kylian), Nils Christe & Annegien Sneep, Ruby Pronk
       (Dutch National Ballet), Rinus Sprong, Eduardo Pavia de Sousa, organplayer Jan Hagen, violinist
       Jeffrey Bruinsma, students of the Rotterdam Dansacademy, more than 100 non-professional
       dancers from The Hague and many other artists
1997   Frenzy, choreography for Ruby Pronk, student of the Royal Conservatory, The Hague;
        for the Prix de Lausanne Competition, (finalist)
       Ferrous, 4 Steps Forward Festival, Korzo Theatre production. Evening of choreographers from
       The Hague
       Plastic & Concrete, Rotterdam Danceacademy
       Closet Case and other short stories, De Dutch Don’t Dance Division, Theatre at the Spui, The
       Hague. Concept, choreography and dance in/of an eveninglenght production with 3 dancers and 4
       British musicians. Tour in october 1998. For this choreography Thom Stuart received in oktober
       1998 The Lucas Hoving Price by the Foundation of Theatre and Concertbuilding Directors.
1996   Trash, Netherlands/Nordrhein-Westfalen Choreographers Competition, Germany. Rewarded
       with the Audience Award
       Never Again, an evening of works by Thom Stuart & Rinus Sprong, Löss Theatre, Maastricht
       Lament for an Orchid, for DJAZZEX, Modern Jazzdance Company
       Democratic Revolution, Highschool for Music and Dance/pre-education R’dam Danceacademy
       City Mapping, CaDance festival 1996, Korzo Production. Choreography, direction and make up of
       an evening of (dance-)art in the Hague: Premiéring Rush Hour, choreography Thom Stuart, video
       Robert Benschop. With Jeanne Solan (NDT3), Job Sanders, a.o.
1995   Pd2, a DanceConcert, a duet/an evening in collaboration with composer Gene Carl
       Wiegen (rocking/cradeling), installation - performance with/by visual artist Wilma Marijnissen
       Arbeid Adelt (Noble Labour), Rotterdam Dansacademy, choreographic collaboration with Rinus
       Still Ringing, dancetheatre evening directed and choreographed for the “NewMusicGroup 3 or 4
       Composers”. Winner of the Best of the Bravest Festival, Nottingham, UK.
1994   Eugene & Marion, (on a composition by Eugene Marion Carl). Springdance festival, Utrecht and
       national tour
       Homme (choreography and dance), solo for the CaDance festival 1994, Korzo theatre, The Hague
       Torchsong, Perry Dance 2, New York
1993   Bouwval (MacBeth), Scapino Ballet and actress Margreet Blanken
1992   Come out, workshop Scapino Ballet
       Doom a Sigh, Scapino Ballet, finalist at the International Choreographers Competition, Groningen
       Gray Matter, CaDance festival 1992 at the Korzo theater, The Hague and tour.
       A multimedia production in collaboration with composer Gene Carl and visual artists Barends &
       van Noordt (video) Winner of Stimulation Grant from the A’dam Foundation for Arts
1991   Intensive Care, Scapino Ballet, Teatro Fantastico festival, Rotterdam
       Violonsolo, workshop Scapino Ballet (later taken into the repetoire)
1990   Lixo workshop Scapino Ballet (later taken into the repetoire)
1989   Not on Sundays, workshop Scapino Ballet
       Several choreographies for the production “Next!” of master-designer Keso Dekker
1988   Solitair, workshop Scapino Ballet

Maximum Dance Course, (initiator), NDT, Den Haag
Scapino Ballet, Amsterdam/Rotterdam
Bat-Dor Dance Company, Tel Aviv, Israël
Ballet Theatre Afrikan, Johannesburg, Zuid-Afrika
Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Guangdong, China
RAZ dancecompany of the south, Tilburg
DJAZZEX Modern Jazzdance Company, The Hague
Dancegroup Duende, Leeuwarden
St. Servicepunt Dans/Dansateliers, Rotterdam
Haagsche Dansetage, The Hague
Rotterdam Danceacademy, Rotterdam
Highschool for Music and Dance, Rotterdam
Artez Arnhem
Perry Dance 2, New York
Bat-Dor Summercourse, Tel Aviv Israël
Kibbutz Dance Company School. Ga –Aton, Israël
Pre-education Danceacademy, Arnhem
Center for Arts and Culture, Zoetermeer

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