Undergraduate Science Journal (USJ) Orientation Meeting 2006-2007 by ruQHFFI


									   Faculty Advisor:
    Dr. Tama Hasson
   Liane Dallalzadeh
           Jeffrey Lin
What is USJ?
       UCLA’s premier undergraduate science
        Annual publication showcasing original
         undergraduate research
        Exposes undergraduates to the vibrant
         UCLA research community
        Provides a new venue for interaction
         between faculty and students
        25 volumes since founding
USJ Benefits:

 Interactionwith fellow undergraduates
  passionate about science and research.
 Knowledge and skill in scientific writing
 Real experience with peer review and
  publishing an academic journal.
How can you contribute to USJ?
How can you contribute to USJ?
   Authors: submit articles for publication
   Staff:
     Managing Editors: Oversee all decisions and are
      responsible for one subdivision of the journal:
      ○ Research
      ○ Review
      ○ Layout
     Assistant Managing Editors: work with the MEs to
      ensure all deadlines are met and all staff members are on task.
     Editorial Board: Edit research and review articles for clarity
     We are recruiting for all staff positions as well as Asst.
      ME of Review, Asst. ME of Research, ME of Layout
Course Credit

 Honors       Collegium 101B
   2 units, P/NP, Honors credit for working on USJ
   Winter Quarter
   Workshops on Peer Review
          H.C. 101B is MANDATORY for USJ involvement

                  Application Deadline for USJ Staff:
                  Wednesday November 7th , 2012
 Email application to uclausj@gmail.com and turn in hard copy @ LS
              *** Everything must be turned in by 4 PM.
Our Journal:

 USJ articles are categorized into two
 Review articles (7-10 articles)
 Research articles (7-10 articles)
Review Articles
 Summary of the current state of
  understanding on a particular topic
 Analyze or discuss research published by
  others (highlighting 2-3 new key findings)
 No reporting on preliminary data or new
  experimental results
   Please adhere strictly to our submission guidelines
   Deadline: Thursday January 10th, 2013 @ 4 PM
    in Life Science Building Room 2103.
Research Articles
 Original research conducted by you, an
  undergraduate, supported by a faculty
 Article MUST be in scientific paper format
     Please adhere strictly to our submission
      guidelines (can be found online:
      http://www.ugresearchsci.ucla.edu/usj.htm )
 E-mail us, usjUCLA@gmail.com, with
  questions or concerns
 Deadline: Thursday January 10th, 2013
  @ 4 PM.
Want to publish?
   Submission Guidelines can be found on our website:

   Submission Guidelines must be STRICTLY FOLLOWED.

   E-mail us at usjUCLA@gmail.com with questions, comments,
    or concerns

   USJ cannot guarantee that all research articles submitted
    will be published
   Now to Jan. 10, 2013:
     Write and submit Research articles, Review articles
        Jan. 10, 2013: Due date for ALL articles
   Jan. 12, 2013 to March 2013:
     Editorial Board and Review Board, Writers revise article (completed
      by Spring Break)
   End of March 2013 – May 1, 2013:
     Managing Editor layout/design, final revision by faculty and editors
   May 1, 2013:
     Send to Print (4-6 Weeks)
   June - Release date for Vol. 26
   June - End of the year Banquet!!!
Contact USJ
 Website:
 E-mail: usjUCLA@gmail.com
 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uclausj
 Faculty Advisor:
     Tama Hasson, Ph.D., tama@lifesci.ucla.edu
   Program Representative:
     Menise Lyons
   Co-Editors-in-Chief:
     Jeffrey Lin
     Liane Dallalzadeh
From USJ…to you
 Thanks for attending this meeting.
  We look forward to working with
            you this year.
      Submission Deadline for Articles:
   Thursday January 10th , 2013 at 4PM
     Application Deadline for USJ Staff:
  Wednesday November 7th , 2012 at 4PM

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