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					UNIVERSITY OF PORTSMOUTH SCHOOL OF EARTH & ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES BGS367 Landslide & Slope Stability Landslide Case Study Poster Display Poster displays are an important method of rapid data dissemination and research presentation at conferences and seminars etc. Design an A1 poster based on the following theme: ‘Geological Controls on Landsliding and Mass Movement in Kent’ The poster should graphically summarise the case study as far as possible but should also include appropriate text, diagrams and references etc. detailing the work. The poster must be produced electronically using either Powerpoint or Corel Draw and colour printed via the facilities that are available in the Portland Resource Centre. Under no circumstances will a ‘cut and paste’ poster be accepted. A photo image resource (in jpeg format) from the recent Kent fieldwork will be available on The following guidelines/marking schedule should be followed: Guidelines and Marking Schedule for Poster:      Has the candidate demonstrated extensive background knowledge of the subject? Does the candidate clearly understand the context of the given case study that is the subject of the poster? Has the candidate identified the key issues within the subject of the poster Has the candidate analysed the subject of the poster critically in terms of its aims, objects, methodologies, and results? Has the candidate demonstrated suitable writing skills (i.e. is the work in a suitable academic style; is the grammar, spelling and punctuation correct; is the writing suitably concise and precise)? Has the work been well proof read (i.e. how many typographic errors etc. remain)? Has the student presented the poster in an attractive and exciting layout? Has the student chosen and reproduced illustrations that enhance the contents of the poster? Is the case study and supporting information fully referenced? DPG March 2006

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