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Albany NY Automotive Recyclers Association of New York


									                                                                                                     194 Washington Ave
                                                                                                                  Suite 305
                                                                                                            Albany NY 12210
                                                                             Second Quarter 2012

       ARANY to Start                                                        INSIDE NEWS

Membership & Recruitment Drive
                                                               Insurance Captive           CAR-NY??
Membeship is the key to any association or volunteer
organization. Active and vital members are the key to               Page 2                         Page 4
success of a group such as ARANY. While the quality            Event Calendar              Upstate Shredding
and activity of our members remains very high, the                  Page 3                         Page 4
number of members has dipped over the last several
years. This has occurred for many and varied reasons.          2012 Convention             2012 Preliminary
They include everything from the economy to a                    & Trade Show                  Draft Agenda
contraction in the industry and members selling out or              Page 3                         Page 6
closing up shop to people setting other priorities for
their businesses and their lives.
At the annual Summer Meeting ARANY Executive
Director, Jerry DeLuca, made a presentation to the
assembled board members regarding a plan to retain,
return and recruit members. The retention of current                                           Fred Knopp and Rick Wilbert
members is also key to maintaining a quality association.                                      Enjoy the Pizza and Wing
Returning former members to the rolls should also be a                                         Party to kick off the ARANY
goal of the board and finally recruiting new members by                                        Summer Meeting at the Great
                                                                                               Escape Lodge, in beautiful
informing them of the benefits of the association and                                          Lake George NY.
association membership is a must if we are going to
continue to provide the information and services
necessary to assist you in your business.
During Jerry’s presentation one of the key pieces of        For all of those who attended the ARANY annual summer
                                                            meeting they shared a lot of fun and had a very
information was the current membership number.
                                                            productive meeting of the Board of Directors. Members
Continued on Page 3                                         and their families gathered at the Great Escape Lodge in
                                                            Lake George for the annual meeting. On Friday night we
        ARANY Membership 2012                               all shared pizza and camaraderie. Those who attended
        Current Membership Standings                        shared not only pizza and a beverage, but stories and
                                                            information as we sat and talked together for nearly three
        126 Members
        109 Yards
                                                            On Saturday morning the Board of Directors met at the
        17 Associate Members                                Lodge while many family members took advantage of the
                                                            Lodge’s indoor waterpark or rode the rides at the 6 Flags
                                                            Continued on Page 5
On January 1st of this year ARANY in cooperation with              claims that were made. Unfortunately neither the
Haylor, Freyer and Coon (HFC) along with PMA insurance             ARANY Captive nor any other Worker’s Compensation
implemented a new Worker’s Compensation Program for                provider has the ability to reclassify employees. The
the benefit of ARANY members. The program is designed              Captive and all other insurers must classify employees
to provide ARANY members with highly competitive                   according to Worker’s Compensation Board Rules.
Worker’s Compensation insurance rates. The                         At the request of the ARANY Board, HFC has undertaken
competitive rates come as the result of good claims                a review of the compensation classifications used to
management and tough underwriting. HFC and PMA, who                determine the rates for auto dismantlers. They have
operate the Captive on behalf of ARANY, oversee the                reviewed the classifications as they currently stand and
adjudication of all claims , including proper reserving and        what would happen if rates were changed and what the
detection of possible fraud. They also review all applicants       impact of reclassification would be on ARANY members.
along with the ARANY Insurance Committee members to                After a thorough review by HFC the ARANY Board is
ensure that any dismantling yard that participates in the          determined to go to New York State to seek a change in
program lives up to the high quality standards necessary
                                                                   the classification system.
to keep rates low.
                                                                   ARANY with support from HFC will seek to change the
When the program started in January, HFC was able to               classifications. There are several arguments to be made.
sign up 45 ARANY members to become part of the                     The arguments include the fact that New York is one of
captive. Since that time they have worked with the                 the, if not the only state that classifies counter people as
Insurance Committee and ARANY Executive Director                   dismantlers. The industry has changed dramatically over
Jerry DeLuca to add 7 additional yards to the program.             the years. The way business is conducted in 2012 is not
Now HFC and ARANY are working to resolve one of the                the way it was done 30, 40 or 50 years ago. We should
major cost issues impacting those members who were                 not be required to pay Worker’s Compensation premi-
previously in the ESTRA/ARANY Worker’s Comp Trust.                 ums based on the way the industry operated in the 1960’s.
The trust legally had the ability to move employees into           The ARANY Board is highly satisfied with the way that the
what we know are their proper classifications. Many                Captive insurance program is working. We are now
yards were able to save money by not classifying counter           beginning discussions with HFC to develop a General
people and drivers as dismantlers. The code for disman-            Liability Captive. If you have not checked out the
tlers carries a much higher rate than those more                   program contact Mike Alexander at
appropriate for counter people or drivers. The trust was  or give him a call at
able to save members money while still guaranteeing that           800-289-1501 ext. 214
they collected enough premium revenue to cover any

                                                                    Membership & Recruitment
                                                                    Continued from Page 1
                                                                    Membership has declined over the last several years.
                                                                    While it is nowhere near a critical number, 2012 is
                                                                    definitely the time to make a concerted effort to
                                                                    bring in new members and return previous members
                                                                    to the rolls of ARANY.
                                                                    During the meeting we set a goal to increase
                                                                    membership in 2012 and 2013.

                                                                                 What is Our Goal?
                                                                               2012     5 New Yard Members
                                                                                         2 New Associates
                                                                               2013     10 New Yard Members
                                                                                         5 New Associates
                                                                                Maintain ALL Current Members

                   Events Calendar                                  Growth in membership is key to growth of the
                                                                    Association. While the board members and Executive
September 13 Conference call 10 am                                  Director must take the lead in growing membership, it
Oct 24-28 ARA Convention                                            is necessary for all members to assist. We are
                                                                    developing a brochure that can be sent to potential
November 8-10 ARANY Convention & Trade Show                         members to assist in our recruitment efforts. If you
                                                                    know of a yard that should be an ARANY member but
                   Hotel Albany
                                                                    is not ---- Please help us to recruit them. Contact
                 (formally the Crowne Plaza Albany)                 them and encourage them to become a member.
                                                                    Then get in touch with Jerry so that he can follow up.

ARANY 2012 Annual Convention and Trade Show
November 8th 9th and 10th --- Those are the dates for the          have booked one of the most exciting and best speakers
Annual ARANY Convention and Trade Show. Make your                  that we are aware of in the field of safety. John Gilstrap,
plans now to attend the Northeast’s largest automotive             Director of Safety for ISRI and a NYT Times Best Selling
recycler’s convention and trade show. This year the con-           author of numerous thrillers will highlight the Saturday’s
vention and trade show will return to downtown Albany              program. For those who attended the ARA Convention
and will be held at the Hotel Albany (formerly the Crowne          and Trade Show in Charlotte, if you saw John you will
Plaza).                                                            know what a tremendous presentation he gave on safety in
We are working to finalize an outstanding program that             the work place.
will provide information and training for owners, sales            As always our trade show will be a highlight of the event.
people and production staff. We understand the need to             Every year we draw some of the best vendors and equip-
provide training and education for all of your staff and are
                                                                   ment providers in the auto dismantling industry.
planning some outstanding seminars.
Attendees are also in for a tremendous experience. We              See Preliminary Agenda on 6

Certified Auto Recycler (CAR) is a standard that all
dismantlers should strive to meet. While not every yard
can meet that standard today, it should be one that you
desire to meet. It is clear that those dismantlers who meet
standards such as CAR or Gold Seal have safe and
profitable operations. The development of the Insurance
Captive has created a need for ARANY to establish a
standard which ARANY members can be measured by.
The establishment and utilization of the CAR-NY standard
will assist the insurance brokers and underwriters when
evaluating a potential member for insurance purposes. At
the most recent Board meeting the Insurance committee
was charged with evaluating a proposal from James
Environmental Management to oversee a CAR-NY
program. It is not envisioned at this time that all members
insured by the Captive become CAR-NY certified, but that
that the potential captive participant would meet most if
not all of the standards.
The committee will examine the proposal and make
recommendations to the Board regarding implementation
of this program for action at the convention in November.

    ARANY Members Tour Upstate Shredding
In May nearly 40 members of the ARANY toured the Upstate Shredding Facility in Owego New York.
Upstate’s facility is the largest scrap processing yard in the North East. Adam Weitsman and his staff gave the
ARANY members the full tour. Many of the ARANY members, including those who have been in the auto
dismantling business their entire life, had never seen a shredding operation in person. The members thoroughly
enjoyed the tour and got to see all aspects of the operation from the vehicles and metal being trucked in to sorting,
to shredding and final output. The tour was only topped off by a gourmet lunch of steak and lobster provided by the
folks from Upstate Shredding.

Summer Fun                  Continued from page 1

Great Escape amusement park. During the course of the         program is the desire to reclassify counter people and
nearly four hour meeting the Board addressed many issues.     other non-dismantling staff from the currently
Among the issues addressed were the benefits of ARANY         required dismantler code to a less expensive code.
membership, the impact of other industry groups on            This effort is ongoing and ARANY and HFC are
member participation, the ARANY Insurance Captive, the        working diligently to make this happen.
2012 Convention and Trade Show and recruitment and            While the Board meeting is the reason we have a
retention of members.                                         summer meeting, the fun and camaraderie that take
ARANY President Steve Barkwell presented the Board            place are the best reason to attend a summer meeting.
with a budget for 2012. This is the first time in recent      Over the years family friendships develop and you
memory that the association has adopted a budget to guide     definitely get to know the people that you share an
its operations. The ARANY remains financially sound, but      industry with. If you have never attended the summer
the Executive Committee felt that it was important to help    meeting, make your plans to do so next year. We are
ensure continued solvency by adopting a budget frame-         already looking for a fun place for families to gather. If
work. The Budget plans for annual revenue of                  you have a suggestion for a meeting place please let
approximately $91,000 and expenditures of $87,000. If we      Cathy know. She can be reached at the ARANY office
operate within this budget we will continue to remain in      or at It is a lot of fun and where
the black as we have 5 of the last 6 years.                   else could you see two Past-President’s and an
Two key elements for generating revenue for ARANY are         Executive Director in a tube together on a water
membership dues and convention revenue. These two             slide?
items along with marketing revenue from the ARANY
Insurance program are the primary revenue sources used
to operate ARANY. During the meeting there was
extensive discussion of need to bring back former
members and recruit new members to the ARANY.
ARANY Executive Director, Jerry DeLuca, made a
presentation regarding membership and recruitment.
There was also discussion of what impact other industry
organizations have on ARANY. Are people participating in
groups such as URG and PRP to the exclusion of ARANY?
                                                              Joe Simon, Fred Knopp and Jerry DeLuca after the tube ride!!
It was pointed out that while these other groups are
important and provide training and information
opportunities they cannot and do not provide the
legislative and regulatory functions that ARANY provides.      ARANY President
The ARANY insurance captive is another program                 Steve Barkwell with
exclusively offered to ARANY members. While everyone           his wife Jamie at the
has limited time and resources there are benefits to all of     Summer Picnic.
the industry groups and members should be encouraged to
participate to the fullest extent possible.
The meeting also focused on the status of the ARANY
Captive Insurance Program. Chuck Lacomb of Haylor,
Freyer and Coon (HFC) was at the meeting to give the
Board a status report on the program. Chuck told the                                                  Gary Beagell and
assembled members that the program is doing very well.                                                Vince Surace at the
We started the program with a total of 45 participants and                                            Friday night Pizza
have now grown to 52. HFC is aggressively marketing the                                               and wing Party.
program to ARANY members and will also start to look to
market to non-members who will then be required to
become ARANY members. One major issue facing the

  2012 Annual Convention & Trade Show
                     Preliminary Draft Agenda
Friday November 9th                                        9-10:15–
8:30 -9:30 Annual Meeting -- Election of Officers          Session A: John Gilstrap Director of Safety Programs
9:45-10:45 Human Resources -- What you need to                          for ISRI
         know to protect your business from employee                   Is Safety a part of your every day operation
       suits and government regulators                Session B: Sales Panel Discussion – improving and
11:-12 Insurance Issues Impacting You and Your Yard        increasing sales at full service and U-Pull it yards
        – An Update on The ARANY Captive
                                                           Rob Rainwater – Bob Ferneld
        Insurance Program, including reclassification
        and what is happening with the closing of the 10:15-10:30 Break
        trust. What is the Impact of Affordable       10:30- 11:30 Session A – Storm Water Permits
        Health Care Act on you, your business and             2012 What are the impacts of the new DEC
        employees?                                            Storm Water Permit for New York
12:00 -1:00 Lunch -- With ARA Speaker                         Recyclers? DEC and Mike James
                                                      Session B – Warrantees – How to make them work
                                                              for you— Panel Discussion led by Matt Fink
Session A : Rob Rainwater How to hire and manage a            Jim Stone Larry From Don’s
        sales staff to increase your profits.         Session C – Preventing Credit Card Fraud – How to
Session B: Planning-- How to ensure the future of             protect yourself from accepting fraudulent or
         your business and family                             stolen credit cards. Jerry DeLuca
2:30-5:30 Trade Show                                       11:30-12:30
4:30-5:30 Cocktails on Trade Show                          Session A – Internet Sales– Rob Rainwater
6:00     Dine Around Downtown Albany                       Session B -- U-Pullit – BMP’s How do they improve
Saturday November 10                                                   your operation and profit – Steve Barkwell
8-9:00          Yard Management System Training –          Session C – Coding your inventory –
         What is new and improved in your computer                     Panel Discussion Greg Beagell Including
                Hollander                                              Car-Part and APU
                Pinnacle                                   1:00-4:30        Trade Show
                Car-Part                                          Lunch on the Trade Show Floor
                Crush                                      4:30 – 6:00      Cocktails and Auction
                                                           6:30   Banquet
                                                                  DJ and Dancing

       Make Your Reservations NOW. Hotel Albany (formally Crowne Plaza, soon to be Hilton)
               Group Rate $107++ Toll-Free: 1-800-445-8667 or Group code 1FBD

ARANY Summer 2012
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