Horticulture Classification by WF3bc1F6


									 Fields of Horticulture
• Pomology - science and practice of fruit

 - Viticulture - science and practice of grape culture

   - Enology - science & art of wine making
UVM Horticulture Research Center
Shelburne farms
Created in 1886 by William Seward and Lila
Vanderbilt Webb as a model agricultural
estate. It was founded as an educational
nonprofit in 1972.
Snow Farms in Grand Isle
Joe Ibrahim - WA
 Fields of Horticulture
• Olericulture - science and practice
  of growing vegetables
World record pumpkin grown
  in New Hampshire, 2003
  How many of you are:
• Vegetarian (but will eat eggs and fish)?

• Vegan (no meat)
 Fields of Horticulture
• Ornamental Horticulture - cultivation of
  plants for aesthetics

- Arboriculture - science & art of growing
 & caring for ornamental trees

   - Floriculture - science & art of cultivating &
   arranging ornamental flowering plants
 Fields of Horticulture
• Landscape Horticulture - professional
  design, selection & installation of
  landscape plants

• NOTE: A landscape architect is often
  trained in design and development of
  “hardscape” and not in plant materials.
  Be sure to ask what their training is!

• Also: Anyone can be a “landscape
  designer”. They are not accredited...
 Fields of Horticulture
• Horticulture Therapy - using plants as
  therapy for disabled/challenged patients
  for motor skill development & stress/anger

American Horticulture
 Therapy Association
 Fields of Horticulture
• Interiorscaping - design, installation &
  maintenance of plants indoors
Fields of Horticulture

  Fruit                            Vegetable
 Culture                            Culture


 Ornamental                     Landscape
 Horticulture                  Architecture

$ Economics of Horticulture $
• A well-landscaped home increases
  the value of the property up to
  20% (“eye appeal”)
$ Economics of Horticulture $
• Landscape trees & shrubs
  increase in value as they mature
$ Economics of Horticulture $
$ Economics of Horticulture $
• Americans spent $14.6 billion on
  professional home landscaping
  services in 1997

• 22 million households have a
  professional service

• Average household spends
$ Economics of Horticulture $
• A survey by the National Gardening
  Association and Gallup Polls in
  1998 found that 69 million U.S.
  households spent $30.1 billion at
  retail lawn and garden outlets

• Home gardening is the #1 American

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