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					Darin Petersen
2507 Sandi Ln                                                                         Mobile: (469) 471-4287
Sachse, TX 75048                                                                      e-mail: darin@darinpetersen.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/darinpetersen                                           www.darinpetersen.com

     To work developing software (win and/or web) in the Microsoft environment in a small to mid-size company where
     teamwork, initiative, creativity, attention to detail, and self-motivation are valued. To work for a company that is
     virtual (telecommute), and therefore located anywhere in the US, is highly preferable. My capability for remote work
     has been proven thru 8+ years of employment history in remote situations. I’m extremely passionate about software
     development, employing new technologies and learning new skills. I enjoy the type of work culture that fosters those


       17+ years of total Windows software development experience specializing in C# and .NET technologies, including:

        [C#]                               [ASP.NET (2.0, 3.5, 4.0)]         [SQL Server (2005/2008R2)]
        [Visual Studio 2008/2010]          [Javascript]                      [Object Oriented programming (OOP)]
        [WCF Web Services]                 [Entity Framework]                [JQuery]
        [CSS]                              [AJAX]                            [nHibernate (ORM)]
        [Crystal Reports]                  [HTML]                            [MS Access]
        [IIS]                              [XML]                             [C++ / MFC / Win32 ]
        [LINQ]                             [Telerik Controls]

       Source safe, Subversion and Team Foundation Server source code management experience
       Independently designed, implemented and marketed game character creation software. (www.qtipplugin.com)
       Self Starter and highly organized. (worked unsupervised in a home office for past 8+ years)
       Advanced image manipulation skills using Photoshop
       Exposure to Silverlight, JSP, PHP and Java (Android platform and J2ME) programming
       MCP Certification (Windows XP)
       Ability to dissect and understand technical issues/problems on a low level
       Excellent interpersonal skills
       DirectX / OpenGL Programming
       Extensive experience using the mathematics of 3D transformations and polygon rendering
       Hobbyist level digital electronics design experience
       Sales Presentation experience

     Senior Software Engineer (SuccessEd – Initially a 6 month contract) - (November 2011 – present)
      Built forms management system for special education programs in public schools
      Wrote stored procedures in SQL Server
      Implemented forms based user authentication
      Worked closely with program specialists to understand requirements
      Utilized ASP.NET 4.0, C#, SQL Server, LINQ, jQuery, CSS, Javascript, Entity Framework, Visual Studio 2010,
         Telerik Controls
      100% virtual company – worked from home office

        Senior Software Engineer • (kNac software / RAVE motion pictures) – (Sept 2009 – Sept 2011)
         Wrote front end and back end of movie theater gift card eCommerce sales website (website, WCF service and
            database code)
   Wrote front end and back end of movie theater management web application.
   Maintained WCF web service for gift card transaction processing and purchasing
   Worked with C-level executives for design and functionality of website
   Technologies used: IIS, ASP.NET / C# / AJAX / CSS / SQL Server 2005 & 2008/ Javascript / nHibernate / Web
    Services (WCF), Crystal Reports
   Wrote wrappers for Fed-Ex shipment & address verification web services
   nHibernate for database modeling
   Photoshop for image manipulation
   Tortoise SVN for version control
   Visual Studio 2008 & 2010
   100% virtual environment – worked from home office, travelled to Atlanta office occasionally

Senior Software Engineer • Safety Kleen Systems – Short Term Contract (December 2008 – July 2009)
 Designed and created database driven web applications in Visual Studio 2008 using C#, ASP.NET 2.0 and 3.5,
    AJAX, HTML, Web Services and Webforms
 Design document creation using MS Visio
 Maintained SQL Server 2005 database
 Source control with Team Foundation Server
 Performed code review of new implementations

Senior Software Engineer • Aquire (www.aquire.com) – (June 2005 – December 2008)
 Maintained multi-tier organizational charting and financial planning application (Org Publisher) with C++ and
    C#.NET with ASP.NET, AJAX using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008
 Designed front end user interfaces and supporting code for new features within Org Publisher
 Developed web services in ASP.NET and C# for remote access to charting data within OrgPublisher
 Maintained OrgPublisher’s ASAPI dll and ActiveX controls
 Worked in close contact with QA department to debug and maintain OrgPublisher
 Worked one-on-one with customers to resolve support issues and define enhancements.
 Received multiple recognitions from colleagues for superior performance
 Used Microsoft Excel, Word, Visio and Project to design program features and timelines
 Used Access, SQL Server 2005, Oracle databases for real-time chart data
 Configuration of Web-based apps including configuration of IIS, ASP.NET, Web Services, XML, HTML, JSP,
    and JavaScript.
 Extensive use of tools such as Remote Desktop, WebEx, MSN Messenger to keep close contact with 100%
    telecommuting workforce.
 Created and implemented processes to localize OrgPublisher into 6 languages
 Worked to deliver product within project timelines and specifications
 Provided leadership to colleagues working on supporting projects
 Performed code review of new implementations
 100% Virtual company – worked from home office

Senior Software Engineer • MapFrame Corporation, Dallas, TX (September 2002 – August 2004)
    Developed mobile mapping software for handheld & tablet computers using Visual C++, MFC & GDI
    Worked with on-site with customers to install and configure FieldSmart software suite
    Programmed design systems utilizing MS Access and Oracle databases using Visual C++ and MFC
    Programmed client / server update system for data-syncing within FieldSmart using C++ and FTP protocol.
    Designed and developed in-house tools for creating map symbology Visual C++, MFC & GDI
    Created map rendering technology to manipulate images.
    Worked Virtual 50% from home office
        Senior Software Engineer • Paradigm Entertainment, Carrollton, TX (December 2000-September 2002)
         Wrote and maintained 3D Studio Max and Maya plugins using Visual Studio and C++ for on Windows 2000
         Wrote and maintained plugins for Photoshop written in C++ using Visual Studio
         Created software for image optimization in Visual C++ using Visual Studio
         Created images in Photoshop for use in videogames
         Implemented and developed core technology for next generation game platforms using OpenGL
         Developed and documented top level software designs targeting application requirements
         Lead and coordinated team members to reach designated goals
         Implemented software solutions, developed algorithms and debugged software as needed

        Computer Programmer • Inland Productions Carol Stream, IL (July 1996-December 2000)
         Programmer on WCW Nitro and WCW Thunder, which reached the #1 and #2 best selling games in the nation,
           using DirectX and Visual C++
         Created various Windows GUI applications using MFC, OpenGL, GDI and C++ utilizing knowledge of graphical
           file formats, image quantization and manipulation, matrix transformations, 3D modeling hierarchies and
         Designed tool path for video game creation by collaborating with artists and programmers to understand their
           specific limitations and needs
         Worked with publishing representatives to establish goals and specifications of products.
         Created Windows NT/98 GUI applications for ‘Deer Hunt Challenge’ and ‘Bass Masters Classic’
         Created plugins for 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere with MSVC++ on Windows NT/98
         Built an application that performed custom rendering with shading and hit testing for face-mapping world models
           that was extensible by the use of a plugin API that I also designed
         Designed and implemented 3D algorithms for bitmap compression, minimization and bin-packing, matrix
           unwinding, hierarchical character animation, 3D model manipulation, 3D world element caching for efficient
           rendering, collision detection, polygon smoothing (selective elimination).
         Setup both hardware and software for company-wide LAN

     Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois
     B.S., Computer Science, May 1993

      Multiengine rated commercial pilot and flight instructor
      SSI Certified SCUBA diver
      Board member of local homeowners association

     Rave Gift Card Website: https://estore.ravecinemas.com

        Personal websites designed and built solely by me using ASP.NET/C#:

        Personal software projects:

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