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Undergraduate Library Research Award 2010

Application Checklist

   □ Application Cover Sheet with student signature(s) that describes the project.

   □ Letter(s) of nomination from the supervising faculty member(s).

   □ Nomination form from the supervising faculty member(s).

   □ 500-750 word essay describing research strategies and application of library tools and
     resources in completion of the project.

   □ Bibliography or other appropriate listing of sources consulted.

   □ Final version of the research project:

              Written projects need to be double spaced; there is no page requirement.
              For digital projects, include a printout of the first ‘page’ of the project in
               addition to the digitally formatted version. Provide a DVD or CD copy of
               web based projects.
              For all other project formats, consult with Jennifer Nutefall c/o
               Jennifer.Nutefall@oregonstate.edu, 541-737-8527, to determine the
               appropriate format for submission.

Application deadlines: 5pm, January 31st, 2011. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
Late applications will not be considered. Applications will not be returned; please keep

When preparing your application package, please do not use staples, bind projects or put
projects in 3-ring binders. Use paper-clips, envelopes, or folders.

Deliver the complete application package to:
        Attn: Jennifer Nutefall, Associate University Librarian
        121 The Valley Library
        Corvallis, Oregon 97331

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